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Shia Labeouf is a Smart Red Bull

Shia Labeouf is a Smart Red Bull

Shia Labeouf bulges out of his skintight shirt and pencil jeans while buying a can of Red Bull, Smart Water and Duracell batteries on Monday in Burbank, Calif.

Looks like Shia, 21, will be able to buy a whole lot more as Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull brought in an estimated $151.1 million dollars over its opening Memorial Day weekend!

After some early shaky reviews, Indy No.4 has improved to 79% on as of Tuesday.

WHAT DID YOU THINK of Indiana Jones and the King of the Crystal Skull — YAY or NAY?

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Credit: Rayne-Mena; Photos: JFXonline
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  • deb

    Loved the movie!!

  • Hmm

    It was very entertaining and the first two acts were lots of fun. The end got to be a bit absurd as it went into a different theme than Indy usually deals with. But that’s what happens when you let George Lucas co-write I guess.

    It’s definitely worth a watch though because, as I said, it’s a fun ride before you get to the end of the road.

  • luchi

    like it!!

  • Helena

    I agree, the end nearly ruined it.

  • lisset

    so he did an amazing job
    in indy. i loved the movie bc of him.

    and im falling more and more
    into like with this guyy.. any
    shia fans, pick up gq this month.
    not only does he look hooot.
    he has quite a sense of humor.

  • jane

    i loved the movie, it was just a bit of fun which is what you expect from an indiana jones movie

  • courtney
  • Ashleeey

    Yope, first ;p

  • Lovecat

    I loved the movie, I saw it opening day. I want to see it again and again.

  • kayla

    whoooo hoo oo shia you are so cute!!

  • Melis

    terrible terrible terrible the things he does to me!
    so yummy…. please grow your curls out just a bit.

  • Mike

    loved the movie…loved him!!!

  • Nicolette

    Loved the movie. It’s even better the second time. Not any more absurd than the first 3 imo.

    Holy Hell, he is RIPPED again. Ready to take on TF2 I see.

  • hannah

    Loved the movie and love him.

  • Some chick

    I love this kid. He’s so funny. I can’t wait to see the movie.

    Did anybody see him on Letterman a week or so ago? He gave the story behind the Walgreen’s arrest and it was so hilarious. It had me rolling. He’s so likeable.


    LOVE him.

  • Troy

    You can add me along to the others who loved the movie and Shia’s role. I can understand the criticism of the end to an extent but I look at it this way: All of the movies are about Indy going going after some object of untold power (the ark, the Sankara Stones and the Holy Grail) where he is also skeptical only to discover the objects can indeed do what they are said to do. It was the same thing here the only difference is the explanation behind it.

    I’m definitely seeing it again and I’ll probably see it more then twice by the time summer is over.

  • veisner

    I thought the movie was really sloppy. Everything about it – the action segments, the dialogue, the new characters, and the relationships were messy, lazily written, and barely came off the page. And then they just made it as loud and explosive as possible to try to cover all the problems. But anyway, I guess Shia was good in it. They talked about it at

  • tess malloy

    i love him. i had a crush on him when i was younger and watched even stevens. lol. indiana jones was great. i loved shia as mutt. and to all the people who though the alien thing was weird, it’s kinda an indiana jones thing. like the first one where they opened it and all the spirits came out. it was just so freakin indiana jones. it was kinda weird that indy got married though. i hope they make a fifth one.

  • nicola

    I loved the movie and shia was great in it he is a great actor with a great body and face i Love him so so so so so so much x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

  • sara

    he is not supe hot ! but he is so adorable, funny and charming! i loved the movie.

  • klimky

    I loved the movie, I love Shia, but who I really love is Harrison Ford :-)
    Indy forever!

  • nikomilinko
  • I’m betting on Alice.

    Nay. The movie was ridiculous. Sci Fi just doesn’t fit in with Indiana Jones. It was well done, just the plot was horrible.

  • the_boyfriend

    oOo he looks good enough to eat here.

  • pishkot

    ever since Disturbia, I had a crush on this boy. Even though he is not the usual “hot looking” -type, he has charisma and..uf…he drives me craaaazy :))))

  • pretty_green_girl

    Nay. I really didn’t want to see it, but since I got the idea to go the movies at 10pm on Saturday night and it was the only thing playing, I decided to give it a go. I couldn’t believe how uninteresting it was. On a positive note, Shia did look really hot in it (save the time he was swinging from vines like Tarzan!!)

  • http://jj Barbie

    George Lucas can not write. Remember he’s the one that came up with Jar Jar Binx. Blak

    Caspian Rules

  • The-homo

    Indy 4 sucked, poor Shia. They had him swinging thru the trees like he was a monkey.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    dude was great in indi. i’m sure his first indi film with him as the lead will be even bigger than this one.

  • Mary

    Shia Labeouf is so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • aida

    i loved the movie

  • jessed

    love the hell out of him!

  • Mika

    Love, love & more love for this boy!!! <3 <3 <3

  • O.M.G.

    HE IS SO FLIPPING HOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • igotyou

    seriously can he get any hotter :D

  • g

    is it me or has he got like tooth paste at the corner of his mouth ahahahaha
    love him though

  • lalalove

    Shia is pretty ugly. He just has a hot bod.

    I heard the movie was a waste of time and a huge disappointment!
    I’m not fan. So, no reviews here.

  • alina

    this boy is hawt. HAWT.

  • Lady Di

    What a waste of $12 and 2+ hours. I’m a fan of Indy I & III–thought II was shrieky and dark, but still okay. This time Indy def jumped the shark. The special effects were too lengthy & labored, Mr. Ford relied a little too much on his schtick and Shia–who’s a terrific actor–swinging from the vines a la Johnny Weismuller? Please!!! I rate this one WEAK and annoying as hell. I am majorly disappointed.

  • Shia

    every time i see this boy i love him that much more! hahahah GO SHIA!!!! snl was soo funny with him.

  • Sara

    listen wenches, i totally have dibs…. we’ve already discussed how we’re getting married on top of the exact replica of the crystal skull aliens spaceship…and we are set to honeymoon in Pisa to take clever pictures of the tower and how it is resting on our backs. it will be very romantic, get over it :)

  • shia’swife

    i LOVED it it was exactly the way it was supposed to be. that was all indy.

  • Mia

    Did we just wake up boo, we got a little something on the side of the face!!

  • zark

    what brand of jeans are those?

  • lolabella

    thank you Jared. :***

    SHIA ! < 333

  • victoria+

    i agree. him swinging the the trees was ridiculous
    but i overall, i liked the movie


    i ♥ shia

  • Loren


  • Rachel