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Christian Bale Gets Milk Mustache

Christian Bale Gets Milk Mustache

Billionaire by day, Caped Crusader by night!

Wearing the famous milk mustache for a second time, Batman’s Christian Bale from The Dark Knight is the latest hero to support the “Body by Milk” campaign, created to encourage teens to drink three glasses of lowfat or fat free milk everyday, eat right and be active to stay lean and healthy.

Batman’s ad copy reads: “Others reload. Batman refuels. Research suggests that milk’s unique mix of nutrients can help athletes recover after exercise. And its protein can help build muscle. So train hard and drink lowfat or fat free milk, because the Batmobile isn’t the only thing that needs to refuel.”

The ad launches on June 1. The Dark Knight opens everywhere on July 18.

For more an opportunity to be drawn into a Batman comic book, visit Bigger Bale ad here.

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24 Responses to “Christian Bale Gets Milk Mustache”

  1. 1
    Beach Vacations Says:

    He is the hottest guy I’ve ever seen. :)

    ¦== ==¦

  2. 2
    Titolia Says:

    Milk? I thought tough guys drink cranberry juice :)

  3. 3
    whoot Says:

    thats sexy, lol

  4. 4
    Ceci Says:

    yes he is absolutely SEXY!

  5. 5
    Maria Says:

    This ad’s cool

  6. 6
    anna Says:

    Ohh… I really like this man!!!
    Chris is amazing!!

  7. 7
    kk Says:

    we’ll see if Batman can take down the powerful effect of Downey’s Iron Man and Indy 4. It will be embarassing if they dont since their movie is so hyped, Batman is more known than Iron Man and add the hyped over Ledger’s death.

  8. 8
    Ali Says:

    amazing! :D so hot!

  9. 9
    shoes4life Says:

    MMMMMMMMM, Batman!!

  10. 10
    parisgirl Says:

    @ #7
    I wouldn’t have mentioned Indiana Jones cause that movie sucks and the ratings aren’t that good (at least over here lol, I don’t know about the US). But you’re right, I wonder how well it will do compared to Iron Man. Iron Man was somewhat “low key” and BAM it became a huge success whereas The Dark Knight is very anticipated.
    Anyway the ad made me laugh

  11. 11
    pinkydoo Says:

    Now I really want some milk.

  12. 12
    lips,tits and batman penis. Says:

    Just got to have me some of that. I want to see batman Naked.

  13. 13
    angel Says:

    But critics and the public are more endeared towards Robert Downey’s Tony Sark citing he is more fun,charismatic and full of life, a versatile actor.

    They find Bale always brooding and boring.

    Downey will also showcase his comedy chops on Tropic Thunder.

  14. 14
    shannon Says:

    hottest hot milk poster ever!! sexi

  15. 15
    [☆I n F a m o u s☆] Says:

    i hate that suit. way to much going on – on it.

  16. 16
    oakling Says:

    bleecch. that is a killer ad campaign and they should totally just keep riding it, but one of these days it’d be nice if someone called them out on their fake scientifical claims.

  17. 17
    Andrea Says:

    @ # 10 paris girl

    Cyristal Skull brought in $150 million in three days. (It cost $185 million to make) Not bad for a movie that “sucked”. Obviously not every one agrees with you in fact a whole bunch don’t.

    Since it opened 4 weeks ago Iron Man brough in 258 Million which is good. (It cost $140million to make)

    These are world wide figures.

  18. 18
    Freak Says:

    BATMAN & Spiderman R Rock !

    Spiderman has much agility and intensity but Batman has a closely more provocative and thoughtful character being. The sleekness of Spiderman means his bright colours suit his moves (away from the darkness) onto smooth and grooved surfaces so his climb is superb and his swing is snappy.

    BAtman hovers from edges into shadows and skies of darkness. His eyes are his brightness and his fight is armoured and winged. So no weapon can beat him in action, and no scene can hold catch him.

  19. 19

    i hope this one is as good as the first one……


  20. 20
    Aerodynamic Says:

    Freak has an amazing written style. This is good writing. Those are difficult descriptions. Their bodies are like biomechanical beacause they are superhuman. You really have developed an understanding of THAT even. You must be like them. Super. The use of Language is Astounding. I’ve decided this page is good quality. It’s a really good combination of Politics studies and something newer like Sociology, I think. Only Better. COME in to my place Freak and they’ll be lots of weed for you.

  21. 21
    Bruce Wayne Begins Says:

    * “Fear before crime. We’ll go to Gotham and I’ll fight men like this but I won’t become an executioner’

    * “This symbol is a persona to protect those you care about”

    * “I don’t have the luxury of friends…. ”

    * “I’m Batman, nIce going”
    TRAMP: “Thanks”

    *ACTOR : “You’ve been gone 7 years haven’t you been declared dead?”

    *FREEMAN : “…all prototypes now in production whatsoever”

  22. 22
    Freak Says:

    We shouldn’t baby. I’m not exactly available but I’ll chat to a mother ****** who like my music on the page. But it’s funny how these contacts make me ruin my rep on these pages just having to meet skagging mans who aren’t as talented or who can’t catch my wave, They’re like clones, who make me write self ass stories about myself and not hardcore fiction central to good subjects. Thats how it goes. But hey Bale’s alright.

  23. 23
    The Dark Knight Says:

    Live Superman, Batman was clamoured for as sights of the caped crusader have been flagging the Hong Kong Film Industry.

    Christopher Nolan / Director say it’s ‘Interesting Entertainment to have an American character and put him somewhere else in the world’.
    A cosmopolitan place. Batman in Hong Kong for the first time.

    Christian Bale “…And I look forward to er jumping some of the highest buildings as Batman”.

    An ITN Exclusive

  24. 24
    Limp Bizzie Says:

    see page ‘Ewan McGregor’ for Velvet Goldmine stuff on JJ!

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