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Nicole Richie is a Traffic School Slave

Nicole Richie is a Traffic School Slave

Nicole Richie continues to get her life back on track by returning to her 18-month program of group counseling, one-on-one meetings and alcohol education on Wednesday in Van Nuys, Calif.

Two months down, 16 months to go!!!

Reminder to general public: Never drive on the wrong side of the highway. Please and thank you!

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  • Sophie

    WHY is this girl famous??? What is her talent?

  • steffi

    oh my gosh! she’s so thin again! :(

  • http://msn lips,tits George like da penis

    Good for her.

  • bejeebus

    she should wear this outfit every single day. she looks alive and cute. that is good.

  • :0


  • Megan fox rocks

    yay , Nicole is thin again love you girl

    lookin cute

  • http://,., claire

    she looks so cute.

  • skankyHO

    Wow 18 months is a LONG time. Remind me never to drive on the wrong side of the highway.

  • Emmy

    She’s so pretty! And not too thin at all!

  • Beach Vacations

    She is so adorable. I love her style :)

    ¦== ==¦

  • Shonathan Hilton

    Im so proud of her.

    She’s being a good mom.

    I love her.

  • Moviewatcher

    Glad she is taking positive steps with her life

  • olsenfan

    Nicole is the ugliest anorexic I’ve ever seen. In fact, she’s so ugly that I can’t understand her motivation. Ribs showing, cheekbones jutting, hair thinning…none of this works to her advantage. And, let’s be honest: she’s not naturally a classic beauty. So, I just don’t get it. I thought everybody knew that if you’re ugly, your best bet is to be the “tomboy” slut, who gets tons of guys because you can “hang” with them, not some anorexic socialite. That’s for women who actually start out pretty…they’re trying to be perfect. Duh, Nicole.

  • veisner

    Jeez, she better not drive wrong again or theyll just take her off the road.

    i saw this on too.

  • barbie

    She actually looks fine, and not too skinny at all. In my part of the world, her slim figure and the way she dresses is normal for young girls.

  • nice

    i love her new style she used to be so gross now she’s cute (YES KATE MOSS WANNABEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE)but whatever i think rachel zoe changed her in a good way

  • oakling

    now if only some of that program DID involve traffic school….

  • nice

    you sound hung up and kinda crazy ( she’s the ugliest anorexic i’ve ever see) being anorexic isn’t suposed to be good or sexy!!!!!!!!!! your arguments are sooooo stupid
    plus nicole looks more beautiful than you’ll never be she’s cute and not ANOREXIC yes she’s thin but not anorexic she’s making some efforts and trying to be a good mom i didn’t use to like her before because i thought she was just GROSS but know i think she’s changing in a good way I WISH HER ALL THE BEST

  • Alex

    She’so fat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lilyanne

    # 12 Moviewatcher @ 05/28/2008 at 4:28 pm
    Glad she is taking positive steps with her life

    I thought it was court ordered. She doesn’t have a choice in the matter.

  • rae

    She looks so cute. I love the ponytail. 18 months is definitely a long time but it’s good that she’s sticking with it.

  • Here’s The Deal

    She’s petite, not anorexic. She’s short and has a small frame……….of course she’s going to look tiny. She seems perfectly healthy to me.

  • sushi

    how did she get skinny so fast

  • sushi

    how did she get skinny so fast

  • laura

    alex and olsenfan are sick…leev her alone…get a life!

  • love richie


  • wondering

    for the person who calls herself olsenfan, hmm, if you are a fan of the Olsens you surely must like the anorexic look…so why the hate toward Nicole? Just asking. I agree that she has allowed her weight to slip below healthy prior to her getting pregnant, but she seems to be a tad bit heavier now…hopefully she’ll keep it on, as she looks much prettier..I suggest you read a book or two on eating disorders before you lash out next time.

  • banana

    omg she looks loveeeely love it! i hope she is being a great mom to lil harlow she looks sooo cute and tiny great thinsporation. hope her and her family are doing good!!!

  • b

    i think she looks incredible here, not too skinny at all. but i hope she won’t lose anymore weight. last year around this time she looked absolutely horrible and i never want to see her looking like that again.
    she always looks so freaking fabulous these days. yes, a bit like a kate moss wannabe, but still great. of course she will never be as fabulous as kate but she’s still one of the best in hollywood.

  • kobri

    totally loving her whole look today! What a cute top and fab sunnies!

  • http://justjared Victoria

    I’m glad she is taking responsibility and finishing her group counseling and meetings. She could have tried to bolt like her weird friend Paris, who is out trying to find a new BFF, even as we all type. I think she looks great, and it seems she is a great mother to Harlow. Giving birth and becoming a mom, was a life saver for her, as she herself has said.

  • cp

    her sunglasses are so cute.

  • chantall

    i <3 nicole! shes so thin though and scince the camara adds ten pounds she must b REALLY skinny in person!! she is doing a good job i havent seen her in any modeling latley though…

  • eddie jones

    Any celebrity found violating the rules of the road should have their license taken for good. Honest hardworking people do NOT get the breaks these celebrities get, it’s all ashame. Not to mention the majority of these celebs are busted while under the influence of drugs/alcohol/pills. She could of killed someone.

  • poopface

    yep her style is amazing
    but she is really thin, you cant say thats natural
    but then again, she has always been slim until ofcourse she came back from rehab

    she isnt amazingly pretty, but she gives ugly girls the hope of looking fabulous
    ahaha and i love her for that.

  • Hulla

    Agree with #1.
    Why is she famous again?

  • cgy

    if she’s got boobs, she’s not anorexic….and she’s got boobs. Breastfeeding makes you lose weight.

  • The Boy Next Door


  • Earl Poopsquat

    She’s still a talentless whore, right?

  • Tara

    Where did she get that top, I love it and have to have it!

  • Liverpoolladiesleague

    Glad to see the tits are still present but may soon drop off due to the weight loss. Hate to see her get s(t)ickly again she looked so good with a little weight on her frame. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the way she looked the first 2 seasons of Simple Life.

  • ashley

    Another one Im over seeing pictures of…but I will say she has come a long way from the fat cow she was lol

  • dr jube

    i hate those jeans.

  • Sheerilee

    I love Nicole Ritchie’s look. If you’ve looked at pictures of her when she was about three you can see she was a natural beauty. Go Nickie you’ll make it.

  • kkcc

    she is wearing the heck outta those jeans! not that i blame her, i looooove paige jeans!

  • mila

    I don’t understand why people are bitching about her?

    She is naturally very pretty and moving away from the likes of Rachel Zoe, lindsay lohan and samantha ronson is probarbly the best thing that has ever happened to her!

    She looks absolutely FANTASTIC, her hair in that messy carefree ponytail, the white summer top, those paige jeans and those large SUNGLASSES make her look so BEAUTIFUL.

    hope her relationship works out and she stays on this good path…LOVE YOU NICOLE!!