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Reese Witherspoon's Still Legally Blonde

Reese Witherspoon's Still Legally Blonde

Reese Witherspoon channels her inner Legally Blonde character and texts on her pink Blackberry Curve while in Brentwood, Calif. on Tuesday.

Gyllenspoon was seen holding hands on Sunday as they picked up some drinks at Caffe Luxxe.

Reese, 31, produced the recent movie, Penelope, starring Christina Ricci and James McAvoy. Unfortunately, the film has been disappointing at the box office and has only brought in $9m to date.

10+ pictures of Reese Witherspoon channeling her inner Legally Blonde character…

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reese witherspoon legally blonde 01
reese witherspoon legally blonde 02
reese witherspoon legally blonde 03
reese witherspoon legally blonde 04
reese witherspoon legally blonde 05
reese witherspoon legally blonde 06
reese witherspoon legally blonde 07
reese witherspoon legally blonde 08
reese witherspoon legally blonde 09
reese witherspoon legally blonde 10

Credit: Kristian; Photos: Flynetonline
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  • Willa

    She does NOT look happy. I thought being in lust made you happy?

  • Idril

    I love her outfit. She’s really pretty.
    Penelope was a really nice movie!

  • bejeebus

    she looks cute!

  • Beach Vacations

    She is great and she looks wonderful!.

    ¦== ==¦

  • Helena

    I’m sorry, but the clothes she wears age her dramatically.

  • 007

    #1, do you think she’s human? Do YOU smile 24/7 in public and private? Do YOU look happy 24/7. Take note that she may have no idea that she’s being photographed.

  • jim

    She looks like she would cut you in your sleep. I still like her though…

  • Helena

    Well, she does notice the photographers and if I were her, I’d look unhappy, too.

  • Maria (Shorty)

    # 1 Willa @ 05/28/2008 at 10:00 am She does NOT look happy. I thought being in lust made you happy?

    Being in Lust is one thing — having those bloody papps hunting you down is another. LOL

  • sushi

    she’s lovely

  • Rse

    during 12 years she has only dated two men. Does she really know how to pick the right one? Just hope she’s found her match.

  • Blondie

    Where are her kids? She’s either pictured alone or with Jake Gyllenhaal!

  • alana

    She is so fugly! EWWWWW, how can you find this over rated woman cute PLeasSSe, go to tmz and see the horrendous bod on this woman. How can she wear a bikini is beyond me. Just because her fans find her cute doesn’t make it so , with all the money she has she should be able to get a personal trainer and scalp that awful bod. What seperates a movie star from the general public is that they should be georgeous, talented and exciting, not down to earth, gee my neighbors and friends are down to earth, not exciting. A movie star should be exciting and gergeous like angie.

  • trish.

    She’s pretty. I like Reese. She’s an amazing actress also.
    Ryan is a Moron, but he’s a hot moron.

    i dont like Jake much. But if he makes her happy. then YAY!
    she might not always be with her kids, but atleast she isnt pulling a britney on them.

    i’m sure she’s an amazing mother.

  • trish.


    they cant always be gorgeous, wth?
    they ARE normal people also. If they want to roam around LA/wherever with no make up on, then they should be allowed to.

    Just because they are actors, they cant be on such high pedestal.

  • cARRIE

    ALANA, I assume when you say Angie, you are referring to Angelina? Oh yeah, because that’s exactly what a celebrity should be right? A former druggie, who looks anorexic, and breaks up marriages? Is that someone you look up to? Give me Reese over that hag Jolie anyday.

  • bbqueen

    That’s a BB Pearl not a Curve.

  • amle

    Reese, 31, produced the recent movie, Penelope, starring Christina Ricci and James McAvoy. Unfortunately, the film has been disappointing at the box office and has only brought in $9m to date.
    I would guess some razzi is probably asking her questions about this movie. that is the kind of stuff they do to get a reaction.
    I dont care for her but she seems ok.

  • claire

    cARRIE @ 05/28/2008 at 12:19 pm ALANA, I assume when you say Angie, you are referring to Angelina? Oh yeah, because that’s exactly what a celebrity should be right? A former druggie, who looks anorexic, and breaks up marriages? Is that someone you look up to? Give me Reese over that hag Jolie anyday.

    I Agree with cARRIE…i like Angelina Jolie,she’s very beautiful,talented and generous,but extremely overrated…why do people hate jennifer aniston while she’s been the one who’s been cheated on?jen deserves compassion,exactly like reese does.saying that ryan cheated on her because she was fugly,or dumb,or anything else is,reese is cute in a girl-next-door way,she’s not angelina nor miranda kerr.she’s a normal woman.,and i’m glad she found jake cuz he’s really really hot.

  • Helena

    Alana, grow up.

  • Shibohn

    I don’t see all the hype about her. She is very unattractive and dresses horribly and looks over her age. We rarely see her with her kids anymore, its all Jake. I don’t think she is a good mother. If she is so mad all of the time that the paps take pictures of her, then she should seriously seek another career. This is what Hollywood is all about and its her job. Why can’t she get that through her stupid thick fugly head?

  • methinks

    she’s preggers!

  • Chris

    supposedly in Hollyweird you are as good as your last picture. So if her last picture was a bomb her quote may not be as high next time. She has a couple more pictures coming out. She needs at least one of them to be a big money maker. She looks okay and she behaves better than 99% of movie stars, so I would not diss her much.

  • Ivana

    She must be tired, it’s not that easy to control Jake all the time, what he’s doing, does he looking other girls…….
    And to watch kids, what they doing, do they eat, do their homework….
    She must be egsosting….. ;-)

  • s

    There are people whose became older earlier and other latter…Reese Witherspoon became older every year quikly.
    Como on Hollywood it is time to update. There are so many beautiful and competent actresses at present.
    Reese Witherspoon must go to retired with her Toyboy. I would like to watch another actress not this dirty women or Angelina Jolie or Kate Hudson etc…

  • oakling

    $9 mill to date?! you mean it’s still in theatres somewhere??

  • truthteller

    How much did Penelope make in international sales? I think the figure was $15,000,000 or more. So the film has grossed more than $20 million at the box office. It cost $15 million to make.

    Can you idiots even add and subtract?

    You realize she PRODUCED the film, it wasn’t a starring vehicle for her. She had literally one scene. So a movie she produces turns a profit and hasn’t even been released on DVD yet and this is a bad thing how exactly?

    When was the last time a film Angelina Jolie starred in turned a profit? What? 2004? 2003?

    Stop being haters. You sound stupid.

  • clem

    Truthteller… isn’t it true that films have to make double their production costs to break even.. don’t forget that distributors and cinema owners do need to be paid.

    On your reckoning.. Reese is still showing quite a loss on Penelope, she certainly won’t have managed her ‘usual’ $15 million pay check.

  • rse

    Doesn’t it exactly mean that she is a strong woman? Let’s see: an quite openly cheating husband, divorce with two little kids in the public eyes, a few not so successful movies, all the insults from her haters…have you ever seen her being drunk or doing any other self-destructed behaviors ? NO. Never once. No one is ever winner. In the end, every one is a loser no matter how hard you fight. The big difference is how you face it. Reese is a great wonder. If you are too busy in being jealous and hating, you can’t learn anything from her, except getting a possible illness physically and spiritually.

  • Chris

    You don’t need to be a Hater to be frank and honest. Penelope has made about 20 million, half in the US, half elsewhere. The budget or cost is not known. 20 million is not a lot for a movie that has been out for some time. It obviously is no success. Not perhaps a complete bomb either.

  • Anon

    I read on another blog that she is wearing her man’s shirt!!! Jake is SO hot! They probably have lots of hot sex!!! Jealous?

  • Chris

    Rendition, regarded as a failure, has made about 26 million, about two thirds outside the USA. In contrast Sweet Home Alabama made about 180 million. It is movies like that that gave Reese her big paychecks. If her movies keep on making paltry sums like 20-30 million those paychecks will shrink. Don’t doubt it.

  • we

    any woman in her 30′s! who wears her boyfriends clothes is an immature arrested development head case

    How stupid is that?? LOL what a loser!!

  • kevin

    Oh gyllenbabble heads have any of you had sex this century? People are not jelous of these two fame whores. Trust.

  • Jill

    She doesn’t look happy I wonder if Ryan is getting ready for marriage again. Penelope is a good movie and I am sure it will have strong DVD sales and rentals.

  • diane

    Reese is such a pretty girl but she looks so cross about something

  • lily

    Love her

    As for the box office failure it does NOT mean that the movie sucked. I watched it and I thought it was a great little movie with great actors acting well and with a good message. The humor was there when it needed to be and it was also so serious appropriately.

  • lily

    Penelope that is. I recommend it.

  • courtney

    She looks like she is wearing Jake’s button down shirt and sweater. Those are both too big for her. Can’t she wear something more appropriate for her age?

  • babytee

    Why did she agree to the sham relationship with a known homosexual?

  • Anon

    I see wicked and special k are on the warpath again.

  • s

    Reese Witherspoon give lot of loss for Hollywood film industry. Their films are failures. The prizes that she becam without prestige. Everybody whose watch she in a film would like to repeat the torture!
    Ther are lot of good and beautiful actress in Hollywood. It is time tto update.

  • Manc

    Holy shit people, she’s only 32. Last time I checked that was young. She’s still young enough to be a leading lady, to have a relationship, to have more kids. In fact, she’s in her prime. Hell Lauren Bacall is nearly 80 and she’s still making movies.

    Regarding her paycheck, Reese rarely gets $15million. Rendition was an ensemble cast and I highly doubt Reese would earn that kind of money. She produced Penelope, so probably didn’t recieve much for that. And for Walk the Line, she got £3million. So her last 3 movies didn’t command her that much.

  • laa

    Jake is NOT GAY!! he just play one in A MOVIE.
    damn he must be a really good actor.

  • s

    Ther is people whose became older earlier and Reese Witherspoon is one of them. Her face was always older the her age and now is older. There are lot of actresses with beautiful body and face in Hollywood with lot of competence. Reese Witherspoon can have children with her several lovers and man in her own brothel home. It is a horror when we watch the face of this women at cinema!
    Hollywood must update!

  • Shut the f*#k up already!

    If you don’t want to watch her face in cinemas anymore then stop going to see it. You act like someone is making you. Her fans are the ones who put her at the top of the list b*tch. Not every movie they do has to be a big box office. #40 Why are you a homosexual is more the question. She’s not ugly at all and believe me I know ugly when I see it.

    I’m not digging her outfit either but I won’t trash it. I hope some of you alls kids come out looking like monkeys and act like goons like you all do. Ya’ll sprang into action like the gorgoyles you are when something is posted about her.I know for a fact that most of you look extremely bad! You don’t continue to look someone up and talk about them unless you have some insecurities.

    She doesn’t look old. If you think she looks old I can’t imagine what you think of Angelina! Now that b*tch looks old! Doesn’t matter how many beautiful actresses out their who you think should be on the screens. If they can’t act who the f*#k wants to spend their money on that sh*t? Not me I can assure you. And to s: your mother is a horror to look at isn’t she?LOL

  • kkcc

    LOVE her!!!! Her short hair is cuter I think. She looks great!!

  • matthew bramwell

    i can’t believe people are knocking reese, i still think she is very talented and equally as beautiful. don’t forget she’s recently got devorced which is a difficult time for anybody, even celeb’s, except they never get the chance to recover from any difficulties they face in life without being hound by paps (camera men) or the press. she’s smiling to keep her posture, but i know deep inside she’s hurt, i no exactly how she feels. who cares what the kids wearing, end of the day his parents are seperating and as fans we should be supporting them all through this difficult time instead of critisising them over pathetic things. reese i’m a fan of yours, keep your chin up love, i’m with you every step of the way.

  • Jenilly

    My gosh, some of you are crazy!! if you don’t like her, what makes you watch those pictures? and do you seriously think that she’s happy to be followed around everywhere she goes? and what’s wrong in being down to earth and normal? Hollywood need more people like her!!!
    You haters are just freaking jealous but that’s your problem!!!

    I love Reese!!!!!