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Victoria Beckham Has a Nice Pink Taco

Victoria Beckham Has a Nice Pink Taco

Victoria Beckham spends some more time with her youngest son, Cruz, 3, and grabs lunch together on Tuesday at Pink Taco in Century City, Calif.

Does Cruz have a fish or a tidal wave on his shirt??

Hermes Ostrich Birkin Bag in Pink, Versace Platform Pumps, Shades From Her own DVB line.

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10+ pictures inside of Pink-Taco-pretty Victoria Beckham

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victoria beckham pink taco 01
victoria beckham pink taco 02
victoria beckham pink taco 03
victoria beckham pink taco 04
victoria beckham pink taco 05
victoria beckham pink taco 06
victoria beckham pink taco 07
victoria beckham pink taco 08
victoria beckham pink taco 09
victoria beckham pink taco 10
victoria beckham pink taco 11
victoria beckham pink taco 12
victoria beckham pink taco 13
victoria beckham pink taco 14
victoria beckham pink taco 15
victoria beckham pink taco 16
victoria beckham pink taco 17
victoria beckham pink taco 18
victoria beckham pink taco 19
victoria beckham pink taco 20
victoria beckham pink taco 21
victoria beckham pink taco 22

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  • hannahh

    i think that’s a shark on his shirt

  • Sophie


  • Sophie

    Can you go lower than whoring your kids out to the paparazzi? I think not -_-.

  • Sophie

    P.S. Is that Romeo is the background of pic #5?

  • wondering

    Another person who seems to never wear the same thing twice. It must be fun to browse around in her closets. Imagine the inventory. Something tells me she’s still not happy tho’, all the money, all the designer clothes..I feel she works so hard at maintaining her skinny figure that it’s taken it’s toll on her. I know from experience that a restricted diet makes for a moody person..and it becomes ones most important thing in life. I’d love to see her relax about her diet and smile more. Plus the extra few pounds would soften her up. She’s very manly to me.

  • halli

    10lbs would do a lot to soften up her weathered looking skin and body. She actually looks dehydrated.

  • susan

    love the bag and such a cute son. lol, funny fish.

  • I Like Posh!

    i don’t think she is whoring her kids out. she is always pretty mellow w/ the paps & has security w/ her. kids need to go places w/ their parents & have a somewhat normal life. you know those boys are full of mischief so they can’t be kept in all day. relative to the comment about her being unhappy, i think she is actually really shy. that is how she comes across in every interview i have seen her in & she was that way on project runway although i thought she was so nice & funny too. i know she does have a restrictive diet but she can’t be totally self consumed w/ herself or she wouldn’t have had 3 kids & want another. i think she really wants to be relevant since she is no longer a pop star so fashion & the way she looks is important to her. that is fine w/ me as i like her style but it must be exhausting to look like that everyday. i wear a suit & pumps to work & i hate it. there is no way i would dress up everday if i didn’t have to but again that is kind of what posh sees as her job – looking major.

  • zulu

    its a shark dumbass.

    @wondering, yeah, I agree completely with you!!!

  • Lee

    Cruz is too cute!!

  • wondering

    Thanks zulu, glad you agree!

  • 007

    Hey it’s mini-beckham =). Cute!

  • Helena

    Can this woman ever dress casual?

    What’s next? A trip to the park in a floor-length dress?

  • zoe

    her outfit is fine. i think its the heels. they are not practical at all. victoria is in love with those birkin hermes bags…she’s always carrying them around. cruz is very cute!

  • UGLY


  • jescy

    Brooklyn & Romeo was there too.
    Vic pick them up at school after photoshoot for a magazine.
    Pink taco is her boys favourite restaurant.

  • Ellie

    nice heels, not practical but they are hot!

    cruz is a cuuutiee!

  • iw

    Cruz is such a cute little thing!

  • kathastic

    i like her hair colour, it looks better that light brown colour!

  • nikomilinko
  • lol!

    That’s the NANNY in green shirt– LOL! This woman can do NOTHING on her own including being with/raising her own bloody children!
    She is a complete waste… Cruz’s shirt is from babygap, btw…

  • MicrochipHo

    Pink taco is the nastiest name for a restaurant I have ever heard.

  • Bebes

    Can’t she EVER smile?? She always looks so pouty and prim. She sure does not seem to be the motherly type. I bet she wanted all girls.

  • Bebes

    She has a bodyguard and a nanny???And look who is carrying her own son?Maybe if she dreesed in jeans and gym shoes she could carry her own kid and people wouldn;t be gawking. Who goes to lunch is 5′ heels? She looks like she is going to a premier–I think she wants this to be all about HER so the sake of the camera. She isn;t paying any attention to the older boys. She loves the drama –its all about HER !

  • Beach Vacations

    She is not good looking very-well :)

    ¦== ==¦

  • Ceci

    She is a bogus.

    Cruz is a cutie baby.

  • Ula

    This pretty much sums up the Beckhams’ parenting “skills” or lack thereof… everyone knows that in the privacy of their household, the nannies/family members (other than the parents’) are the ones who are “in charge” of the kids, once they venture out publicly- it’s quick, quick, put the kid down so I (mommy) can hold their hand, give them a quick cuddle, etc… to “pretend” to the public that we are “hands-on” with our children… this family is so utterly FAKE- it is disgusting! She only had the kiddies to add to her collection of “accessories”! nothing more nothing less from these overrated, talentless so-called “celebs”… really wish that she would take “parenting” and “protecting” her offspring more seriously… maybe then we would be spared from her constant over-exposure! If these two really cared about their kids, they would not parade them around in public, but provide them with a private and less intrusive upbringing i.e.: Johnny Depp, Paul MCartney, Usher for that matter, etc… these “celeb” parents’ know that the privacy and protection of their children must come first in order to provide them with as normal an upbringing as possible… not in the case of the Beckhams’ that’s for d*** sure! Disgusting couple/family inside and out!

  • sunny

    what an ugly family

  • Taylor blue

    LOL on the title…can’t believe you actually published that… :)

  • youwillmissme

    Cruz is super cute. Victoria looks beautiful too. Love her bag!

  • boringdotcom

    I find her utterly boring. Sure she never wears the same thing twice but her clothes are always the same thing. Dress, stilletos, kid in tow. Also, sick of that haircut that everyone and their dog’s mother has copied.

  • Victoriarocks

    Victoria looks gorgeous, and she’s been looking more so lately. She doesnt whore out her children, she just happens to be spending quality time with them, and the paps just happen to be their. If she left her kids at home all the time all you people with “whoring out her kids comments, would be complaining that “shes never at home with them”. After her kids births how often did you see them on the cover of magazines?

  • boringdotcom

    So sick of her. Sick of her dumb outfits, poses, kids in tow, and dumb a.s.s haircut that now everyone and their dog’s mother has.

  • sad

    that kid’s expressions sum it all up. he looks miserable with her as usual.

  • pica

    I would absolutely LOVE for one of her boys’ whilst out with their “vacation mummy” to pick up a pound of dirt and just rub it into one of her high-priced desinger duds that she insists on wearing whilst out with her boys’! Anyone with boys’ can tell you how squirmy, energetic, and into everything they can be… for once I would LOVE to see that narcissistic, “I’m better than the world” smug expression wiped clear off her frozen face! Can’t stand her or her ultra-fake “family”! Go back to the UK where ppl. actually like you!

    Also- I agree with you *sad*, # 34… how many high end retail shops can one 3-yr. old take? Why don’t you take your kid to the park or DisneyLand Ms. Priss? There’s a novel idea- engage in some kid-friendly activites without your street-walker clothes and “perfect” ensembles… no wonder you are HATED all over the world! SNOB!

  • b

    Why do people troll these celebrity gossip sites if they hate the celebrity lifestyle? So what if Posh dresses up and they have a nanny or a bodyguard? The Beckhams seem to handle their celebrity the right way.. they obviously have fun with it, but watch an interview with them.. they seem quite family oriented and grounded. I’d rather see this cute family than a lot of others out there.

    Anyway, VB’s hair looks good pulled back.

  • n

    I agree with #8 on Posh being shy not bitchy! But I like to dress up in heels everyday and I have 2 small children, but hat’s cause I feel very feminine in them. If you can handle walking in them then why not?? Isn’t that what they are made for? Why must everyone make comments as to when she should wear heels or not? If you are comfortable and look great in them then wear them! I’m sure the people who manufacture them do not think it’s inapropropriate to wear them daily!! Just cause you wouldn’t wear them doesn’t mean it’s right??? I personally can’t stand the look of gym shoes! Not flattering to anyone! But I don’t care when I see peole wearing them! Nor do I blog that thtey must be bad parents cause they have on gym shoes! That’s how stupid those comments sound!

  • http://justjared Victoria

    Cruz is cute. No comment on stiff Victoria.

  • oakling

    ha! funny headline.

  • Amanda

    It’s clear that she can’t smile, but she could, at least, make a plastic surgery to change that boring expression. LOL

  • Liz

    I agree with #8&37.
    I wear heels everyday because I like how it looks, it works on our posture and it’s so feminine.
    And to #35, you’re wrong by saying that all boys are squirmy and energetic. I have 2 boys of my own and it’s all about how you bring them up, if you don’t input limit and if you act all squirmy with them then that’s how they’ll grow up to be cos kids learn from their parents. I’ve always been strict with my boys and they have never been inapropriate or rude while we’re out shopping or at a friends house.
    I don’t understand what all you with negative comments want from these celebs. If they go out by themselves you say they are ‘horrible parents that don’t care about their kids’ and when they go out with their kids you say ‘what terrible parents showing off their kids for publicity.’
    so what should they do???
    I was watching tv the other day and all of a sudden starts this gossip program and they show these paps on a helicopter flying over the Beckhams house trying to get a glimpse of Victoria and her boys lounging by the pool. Now I mean come on they can’t even relax in their own backyard so what should they do, prison their kids inside the house and never let them out???
    And for all of you that say she never repeats clothes, think again, if you check the outfits she’s worn over the last 2yrs you’ll see she has worn some outfits more than once.

    If they are good parents or not, who are we to judge? who defines what a good parenting is? what’s good for you may not be good for them and vice-versa.

  • Lola

    Seems like the most aloof mother ever!

  • Amelia

    I agree Cruz is too cute!! Really a mini

  • Davis

    She is not a hands on mother, stop fooling yourselves Posh Fans. Why on earth does she need to take the nanny out with 2 of her kids when they are going for some dinner? Can she not handle them on her own?

    I can’t stand these celebs that act all family and motherly when in reality its the nanny that looks after the kids, while she is too busy looking and making sure she looks good for the Papz.

    Its not normal for a mother to take their kids out for a small meal wearing sh*t like that. Fair enough if she was out with Becks in the evening, but during the day, after school. Its totally inappropriate, and it shows just how desperate she is for media attention.

  • n

    She’s wearing a dress and heels!! What’s inapropriate Davis is wearing dirty grungy sweats and taking your kids out in public looking gross! That she does not!!! Who are you to judge what’s inapropriate for her to wear when she heads out with her kids? She looks like a woman should! Are you also forgetting that she is a celebrity who is known for fashion ( that’s her job to look fashionable at all times! That’s what her image is based on idiot!)?? She’s not the average mother sitting at home car pooling in gross sweats!! She does need the nanny with! She is in the public eye 24/7 and is constanlty running into fans, celebs etc.. There needs to be extra people to help her out when she’s in public! Sorry no one cares what you look like Davis and therefor you wouldn’t need the extra help!! Sounds like your just a very jealous person!!!

  • small kitchen hutch

    Must be tough to be that kid.

  • random funny stuff

    @B because I guess some people get a kick out of trash talking celebrities I guess.

  • Jared

    For the best celebrity tacos