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Liam McDermott Prefers Pink

Liam McDermott Prefers Pink

Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott and their son Liam promote their new Oxygen reality series Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood at Pink’s hot dog stand in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

Liam is now 14 months and looks to be loving those fries!

The 35-year-old daughter of TV mogul Aaron Spelling has signed up for at least three episodes of the new 90210 spin-off. Tori‘s character will be the owner of one of the most popular stores in Beverly Hills.

30+ pictures of Liam McDermott prefers pink…

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liam mcdermott pink 01
liam mcdermott pink 02
liam mcdermott pink 03
liam mcdermott pink 04
liam mcdermott pink 05
liam mcdermott pink 06
liam mcdermott pink 07
liam mcdermott pink 08
liam mcdermott pink 09
liam mcdermott pink 10
liam mcdermott pink 11
liam mcdermott pink 12
liam mcdermott pink 13
liam mcdermott pink 14
liam mcdermott pink 15
liam mcdermott pink 16
liam mcdermott pink 17
liam mcdermott pink 18
liam mcdermott pink 19
liam mcdermott pink 20
liam mcdermott pink 21
liam mcdermott pink 22
liam mcdermott pink 23
liam mcdermott pink 24
liam mcdermott pink 25
liam mcdermott pink 26
liam mcdermott pink 27
liam mcdermott pink 28
liam mcdermott pink 29
liam mcdermott pink 30

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  • Shiloh’s Lonely World

    Tori Spelling is soooooooooooooooooo gross

  • Zula

    1 bitches

  • Zula

    First byaches

  • Ceci

    She looks Super YUCK!!!

  • 007

    Hmm. I got nothing positive to say about them..

  • Red ginger

    I like her and her family. No reason for me to hate.

  • http://msn lips,tits George like da penis

    AWWWWW. He’s looks like a little old man, in a cute way. I just love them.

  • sarah

    not the best looking family ive seen. not the ugliest though.

  • Miapocca

    1:The kid looks like Tori Bro! and he looked like her dad earlier, but then we never say Aaron spelling young, and I will wager he looks like his son

    2: Tori is not the most beautiful in a room, but she has a great personality..

    3: They both cheated adn hurt some good people, so I guess their Karma willbe following them ..Tori better have her assest as seperate as possibble….If it works great for them???

  • sarah

    they’re pretty ugly people

  • Beach Vacations

    She is so bewitching,

    ¦== ==¦

  • brenda

    Is she a trannie, I’ve seen better looking. I can’t believe he left his ex-gorgeous wife for she/he spelling.

  • Hahaha

    This chick is hideous. They look like bums without jobs.
    This man needs to be in the unemployment line looking for a job. Oh I forgot he has a job leaching off of women who he thinks got money.

  • Carried

    My guess – it’s a girl?!

  • Sinna

    I like her dress. I think it’s cute. The baby is cute also. I don’t think it would hurt for her to wear a bra to pick those cow breast off the floor. It wouldn’t have looked so bad if they wasn’t so deformed looking.

  • Some chick

    They seem happy enough. But I can’t stand her cutesy little girl act. That kid is adorable and I think Dean is a hottie. I am not into the scruffy man look either, but he is handsome. It looks like her baby has dropped. Wonder when she’s due?

  • Sandbitch

    What’s with the red rug out on the sidewalk? All those pics and not one with TS shoving one of those huge sausages in her mouth – I’m so disappointed! Does anyone know how much the hot dog joint paid the good lookin’ couple? My guess is about $15,000.

  • diane

    It would be nice if their baby was a girl

  • jared doesn’t like me

    She is such an unattractive woman—even after plastic surgery.
    Look at those weird boobs. I’d ask the surgeon for a refund!!

  • sunny

    very ugly child

  • isis lara

    Kid is too young to start on those greasy sticks. Poor kid, his mom doesn’t cook a decent meal by the way she would rather munch on that garbage. He doesn’t even have a decent starting chance. Having his mom’s ugly genes and a dietary of fast foods.. oh well maybe his mom might collect on her inheritance unless his dad munches on them first.

  • June

    Tori has found a man who really loves her, and she loves him. Are you haters jealous.

  • Irishgirl

    Liam is cute. He is going to be a spoilt Hollywood brat when he grows up though. La La land is not the place to rear children. It’s fake fake fake!!!!!

    What is it with reality shows? I hate them. Guess Tori & Dean had to resort to doing one since their acting careers aren’t exactly going well!

    I wish Tori wasn’t going to be in some episodes of the 90210 spin off – she can’t act!!! I watched 90210 for the whole 10 seasons, her acting was just awful.

  • legs

    Tori is fug but that kid sure is cute!

  • V

    #22 – you mean she found a man who loves her money.

    Tori is gross and the kid is ugly.

  • Ellie

    ive never seen her on any tv or movie but i seriosuly just hate the look of her!

    i wish she would just step out of them spot light

  • nola

    that kid and sadie sandler should totallyprocreate

  • princesscarrielynn

    She has dropped!!!!!!!!!! That baby is coming any minute now!! Make my words!!

  • Kathleen

    Brenda #12 – You sound just like Mary-Jo :)

  • Alena

    she’ s a toilet with legs…I wonder how her husband could fuck her

  • mel b

    GO Tori! I’m so happy that you bounced back. It goes to show that you dont need your dad’s wealth to be a star. I’m sooo proud & much success in 2008!!!!!

  • yAZ

    she’s a wannabe

  • tracy

    i like watching tori and dean show . i think they have a nice family.i loking forwARD to watching new espoises of their show i cant wait.