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Reese Witherspoon is a Queen B

Reese Witherspoon is a Queen B

Reese Witherspoon heads out with a white “B” cap while running some errands in Brentwood, Calif. on Thursday.

Boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal reportedly has grown so close to Reese, that he considers her kids like his own!

“He knows he might be jumping the gun thinking of kids, but he knows that Reese is the one,” a pal of Jake tells OK!. “He laughs and says he needs to propose and do this the right way. It really is first comes love, then comes marriage – cheesy as that sounds, it’s the way he thinks!”

10+ pictures of Reese Witherspoon – the Queen B…

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Credit: DS-ISM; Photos: Flynetonline
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  • Daniela

    i believe the B is for Brooklyn. Dodgers.

  • _nika

    she got out of a marriage like what, a year ago, 2 years?

  • Val

    She’s so plain and boring.

  • Mike

    Val your plain and boring…shes so cute!

  • Mike


  • marisa

    love her too : )
    i think they should make a legally blonde 3. who agrees?

  • http://justjared marie

    she’s lucky she had the money to leave an unfaithful husband, and then bounce back and land someone like Jake. Most women stay in marriages because financially they can’t afford to leave.

  • lizzie

    Oh please – Jake is gay, she is controlling. This is a marriage made in Holloywood.

  • kermit

    What is up with her constantly flared nostrals? I hate her face because of that.

  • Chan

    That is a Boston Red Sox Hat

  • rse

    I think she tries to be plain and fit in with the people around.

  • rse

    kermit, i don’t like it either, but it’s funny. :)

  • laa

    Jake is NOT GAY!! he just play one in A MOVIE.
    damn he must be a really good actor.

  • lamedotcom

    gawd she’s boring.

  • suellen

    POOR JAKE ! He lives under pressure! He is too young, let him leave his life in peace without marriage for while!

  • hgfhgfh

    Suellen and suddenly you know exactly what Jake wants? Jake has always wanted a family of his own idiot. He wanted to be married to Kirsten years ago if that says anything. He wants a family, and to be settled. Not all 27 year olds want to be out partying and having a good time.

  • courtney

    IF they do get married, it will not last. Guarantee it. Just another Hollyweird romance. Wait and see.

  • dolores

    duh! she was not in her marriage to ryan because she needed to be taken care of it was probably she loved her man, she is a top money maker and was the real bread winner in her family,it was over when she found out he was a CHEATER! HER AND JAKE MAKE A BEAUTIFUL COUPLE, good luck to you both!

  • weeee

    that is not a boston red sox hat…but it should be

    R.S.N. <3

  • lulu

    Queen Bitch is what the headline should read.

  • princesscarrielynn

    I have always loved Reece! But what these celebrities need to think about is as unfair as paparazzi hounding them is- it is their fans that are viewing this. She used to be so sweet and smile and just say hi and act as though they weren’t there. Covering their face and frowning/growling makes they seem bitchy and rude to they fans that made them rich and popular. Something to think about?? Same with Alba. I think it is shows a lot more class when they greet the paparazzi and say hi and keep moving. If the paps say something inappropriate- ignore it and move on. You still have your mansions, vacations and rolls of dough. Smile for your fans- Reece??!!

  • Rse

    I think a good explanation for her flared nostrils: she is sweating. The sunglasses are sliding. She has to make her tiny nose bigger and tilt up her head in order to hold the da*n thing in place. She didn’t intend to please her audiences. You got your right, Reese.

  • claire

    that would be awesome,perfect couple.


    Reese Witherspoon is a fake-nice FAG HAG.



    Reese Witherspoon and Jake MAKE A BORING FAUXMANCE couple.

  • s

    Jake Gyllenhaal…at first you are lover of this troll lot of years. When Reese Witherspoon used the dress of Kirsten Dunst in Golden Globe 2006 he was lover of her. I wouldn’t know what happend between you Ryan Phillipe AND THE PROSTITUTE REESE WITHERSPOON. Even if you after or for Jake Gyllenhaal worked out with Ryan Phillipe.
    Jake Gyllenhaal must try to have his own basthard not take the children of another men.
    Perhaps Reese Witherspoon can put a egg. Lance Armstrong said in a show that Jake Gyllenhaal like anal sex.
    Jake Gyllenhaal is a gay son of bitch and if he didn’t put something in his anus or butt put a feather duster and say everybody that he would like to be peacock…


    Reese’s brother was arrested for sexual battery

    On October 5, 2002, Reese Witherspoon’s older brother, John, was arrested after he entered a Nashville neighbor’s home and tried to undress and kiss a woman while she slept. John, 34, pled guilty to lesser charges, and according to his attorney, he “took her word for it,” because he was drunk and blacked out on the night in question. Reese, 31, helped her brother after he finished his two years on probation by making him her personal assistant on the ironically titled and never filmed movie Our Family Trouble.

  • s

    After an argument with a paparazzi called Todd Walance in a Disney Park in USA the police found him death in a Motel in Brentwood.
    Reese Witherspoon is a studio prostitute and her lovers, the leathers of Hollywood industry are very violents for people to be afraid.
    It is America if you have a little money you can buy every authority that you want.
    Woody Allen abused of his 2 adoctive daughter and the “american justice” let him maried with one of them. Dirty county….
    Here in Europe we don’t need prominent garbage and bad exemple!
    Please americans throw away your garbage in your own country!

  • s

    Resese Witherspoon had a argument with a paparazzi called Todd Walance and after that he would be found by police death in a Motel in Brentwood!

  • remember da truth

    The comments about Ryan Phillipe show a distinct lack of understanding about relationships. You all must be very naive people.

    If you are in love and committed to your relationship, such as in a marriage, you don’t cheat, nothing could make you cheat. People look outside their relationships when it is no longer fulfilling.
    Like Marie #7 said, a lot of people stay in dead marriages, not just for financial reasons, but if you have kids, or family or fan pressure, it makes it difficult to leave. Look how beloved Reese was while married, and how her fans turned on her when she left Ryan.

    Reese didn’t leave Ryan because he cheated. The marriage was LOOONNNGGG over. That was just the way out. If they weren’t celebs, would you think two people who married at age 22, when the woman was already pregnant, were going to last??? of course not! They grew up, and grew apart, like anyone in their 20′s would.

  • s

    Hollywood with this women and Roman Polansky whose abuse of a 13 years old girl and the police had suspect that he would be involved with death of his own women Sharon Tate represent the under point of society in USA…

  • kari

    OMG ok i no that this is random but i have those pants they’re from american eagle’s arie collection

  • Rse

    You know what, most murderers don’t consider his murder a crime. Their need to justify his action is too strong to think straight.

    A marriage equals a promise to be faithful to your spouse within the marriage.
    A romantic relationship equals a promise to be faithful to your partner within a relationship. They are like a holy contract.
    When one partner wants out, he has to inform his partner “I want to end this” in an appropriate way BEFORE he goes after the other woman. That is No cheating.

    However, when he goes after the other woman before he informs her, he is cheating on her. In that way, he is saying: the other woman is better than you; I want to dump you for her. It does not matter if he has cruel intention or not.

    An affair on set first, then split announcement clearly indicates “I want to end this” after the cheating.
    I don’t want to say much against Ryan. He is the past. If he does one bad thing but ten good things, he still is a good person.

  • loli

    She and Jake are one of the most pretentious couples in Hollywood.

    I wouldn’t be too sad if she falls off the A-List!

  • Chris

    Yeah, I bet Reese is just dying to have more children and interrupt her movie career. Or will Jakey give up any idea of his own kids and make do with his adopted kids? Maybe he couldn’t have any of his own, in any case, so Reese and her ready made kids are a real blessing. I wonder what their real father (Ryan Somebody) thinks of Jake taking his place? Well Ryan Somebody really screwed up to drive away Ms. Moneybags and more so when she landed with his kids in the lap of Jakeypoo. Ryan=LOSER.

  • s

    divorce means poverty. Lot of man let their families and they haven’t money for support their old family nor the other new family.
    Divorce is the cause of poverty worldwide. It isn’t good the press show all these failure marriage for the people.
    Nowaday the father figure is very bad and with all these bad example the small man of our 21 century would like to follow and make the same of all these idiots of Hollywood!
    Poor modern society. Charles Darwin can’t imagine that the human beings would be decadent in our century.

  • Tina

    On a lighter note (geez people………) I love her pants

  • s

    I would give children for adoption for these dirty people of hOLLYWOOD. Look at Woody Allen. He abused 2 adoptive daughter and he is living with one of them. Poor children. Their misery grow up when they go to all dammed marriages of Hollyweird.

  • Shut the f*#k up already!

    You all are so interested about her life. You call her boring what the hell do you call it when you spend your time wasted on the internet sitting behind you computers making people think you have more than sex appeal?Wow!

    I’ll take the time to say Ryan is a B*tch! Notice he tries to spend more time with the kids now that the rumors are out that he cheated.(which he denied!) Those kids are basically his ticket to his next meal. Because he doesn’t want people to know he was out partying and f*#king teenage girls all the time. Believe what you hear but I’m sticking to my theory. She wasn’t bossy he was just a little cry baby b*tch! Even if she was so what?

    She had every reason to be because he still wanted to act like an immature a$$ when he already had kids. I don’t give a damn what anyone says WOMEN ARE ALWAYS GOING TO BE B*tCHY AT SOME POINTS OF TIME! Even if some of you think your too good enough to say it. Thinking your the perfect girlfriend or wife. And if your not at least a little bit b*Tchy then your getting controlled by your men and beat upside the head with a glass bottle!

    Men are always trying to be the one in authority. My guess she wasn’t having it. That’s one thing I cannot stand – a dumb b*tch.
    I read in this article somewhere (when I find it I’ll let you know) where someone was asking Ryans rep was one of the reasons that they spilt was because of Ryans drinking or partying and that Ryan got away with alot and he knows it. And his rep said” Look he went out she went out blah,blah,blah” Yeah he went out to clubs and she went to Mommy and me get togethers.

    He tries to play it slick in the public eye and he worked some of his magic on some of you hot in the pu$$y dumb a$$ whores. My husband can tell you that I’m abit b*tchy at times but we don’t argue most of the times and I do what I need to do to keep him happy. Ryan said him and Reese were spending time apart and that was a big part of it. He said it like the fact that they were spending time apart was the reson he cheated but what many people don’t know is that he’s been cheating.

    Reese was dumb to let him do it over and over again. If it were me his a$$ would have been gone down the drain. I think if he only cheated one time Reese would have given him a second chance for the kids sake but sadly this wasn’t the first time duh. Oh and he tried to get her back? The only reason he did was so she could put up with more of his sh*t, so he could live off of her money, and so he could still cheat because she was going to allow it.

    She’s happy with Jake and at first Ryan couldn’t stand it. I think he loves his kids but not that much if he said he was ready to end his life. Who the f*#k admits that in public? A dumb a$$ who’s looking for sympathy. I credit Reese for moving on (finally!) and not stooping down to his level of stupidity! Hey Ryan Jake makes a better father than you’ll ever be. And he hates that too! LOL

  • s

    I don’t like the personal of Hollywood industry at present. Hollywood is a very bad example for society too.
    Robert Dorney is a very danger men for society and he was lot of years in prison. there are 3 pedophiles directors Woond Allen, Victor Salva and Roman Polanski. Angolina Jolie and her drug story …I have wish to vomit!!!

  • s

    I don’t like the personal of Hollywood industry at present. Hollywood is a very bad example for society too.
    Robert Dorney is a very danger men for society and he was lot of years in prison. there are 3 pedophiles directors Woond Allen, Victor Salva and Roman Polanski. Angelina Jolie and her drug story …I have wish to vomit!!! Reese Witherspoo with her crazy brother and a paparazzi whose was found by police in Brentwood after an argument with her…
    Jake Gyllenhaal and Ashton Kutcher are prostitutes man. It is a big list of dirty people and mediocres too.
    It is time for Hollywopod update. Every enterprise of world select their employee. It is time for the directors of Hollywood film industry go out of this brothel and isoleted guetho to find everything in the world.
    It is time to decided to go to pornography or films of art.
    It is time to stop!

  • haha!

    Well sh*t if you want a Hollywood update why don’t you go on strike and shut the hell up already you dim wit! Pornography hon? Wow you don’t get out much because its all around you sicko!
    I agree Hollywood is a very bad example of society. Hell the world is. Nothing or noone is going to change just as long as the money keeps rolling. I for one hate Hollyweird and will never go there.Too much drama in one.

  • alyssa

    Thats a Red Sox hat… love it!!!!!

  • Ivana

    Curse of th Oscars!!!
    When actresses win Oscar, their so called “good an blissful marriages” comes to end, because of jealousy of their lovely husbands….
    Ryan was obviously jealous, he couldn’t stand it…
    Same thing was with Hillary Swank and her husband Chad…

  • Ivana

    * of the Oscars!!!

  • s

    Come on. This Oscar Reese Witherspoon become withou prestige. At this time Jake Gyllenhaal was the her Boy Toy. Ryan phillippe went with her in Golden Globe 2006 but she used the same dress of Kirsten Dunst .
    Now Jake Gyllenhaal let the gay charater with show with anal sex to play a film of video game player another industry whose is competidor of Hollywood film too. Like Angelina Jolie too.
    Hollywood is a bad circus or a bad brothel!
    Let’s see how long they will survive with all those garbage…The people avoid to go to the cinema more and more every year!

  • foafoal

    #39 Your entire post is based on reading tabloids, sitting on the internet and imagining what went on between two people you don’t know.

    You are a hypocrite and a fool to attack other people who are doing the same things. You post these same diatribes on several other sites and seem to be losing your grip lately.

    In addition, your conclusions are completely incorrect.

    What happened in your life that makes you fixate on this so much and with so much emotion? You might want to think about that a bit. I bet if you find an answer you’ll be a happier person.

  • shut the f*#k up already!

    By the way. The only reason you’ll know that my conclusion is incorrect as you wholeheartedly put it. That only says one thing. Your Ryan Phillippe or one of his friends posting as different users on the internet because you feel outnumbered. If your not either one of those two choices then you don’t know the conclusion your damn self.

  • remember da truth

    I didn’t even read the long post from someone obviously too emotionally invested in Reese’s life to be rational.
    I also don’t read S or Bet or whatever that sick person goes by these days. That poster shouldn’t be talked to or encouraged because they are obviously pitiable and probably in an institution.

    Rse #33 You make good points, but the fact remains that if someone is cheating, they have long since checked out of the relationship, and you don’t think the other person (Reese in this case) doesn’t realize that something isn’t right? Usually two people stay together for the kids, and think they can muddle through, until one finds someone else they really feel for, then either they take your recommended method, which by all accounts Brad did, informing spouse that the charade of a marriage can go on no longer, and quitting the relationship before pursuing the other person, or someone cheats.
    But two people aren’t rosy and happy, and then BOOM! someone is with someone else. It just doesn’t work that way. Ryan and Reese were not on the same page and hadn’t been for so long that not a single person in Hollywood who actually knew their relationship was surprised at the split.

  • Ivana

    Hollywood is Vanity Fair….
    No one in that lousy business is not clear enough, they live with everyday gossip and they produce everyday gossip…
    Why even bordered with that…..
    Jake and Reese are one simply OK couple…