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Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: Housewarming Party This Saturday! And You're Not Invited!

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: Housewarming Party This Saturday! And You're Not Invited!

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes‘s housewarming party for their new Beverly Hills mansion is this weekend, reports Life & Style.

The fancy invitation, which requests that guests wear cocktail attire, reads:

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise invite you to share an evening in their new home, Saturday, May 31, 8:30 p.m., at home, Beverly Hills.”

Check back here Saturday for pictures from what is sure to be a star-studded event!

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  • The Boy Next Door

    can they just go away?

  • Janie

    Aww, good for them! Hope they have lots of fun! They’re great people!

  • mickey

    Yes, with Katie’s ever present glazed eyed look she looks like she is having “lots of fun.”

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    only the most important who’s who will be there.

    everyone loves tom. katie, not so much.

  • Mike

    I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People are just haters and don’t like them…

  • Shonathan Hilton

    Thats hot.
    It may look simple to do a party like that but trust me.
    It is kinda stressful lol.

  • tom c

    What happened to Tom’s petname for Katie: “Kate” reinvented?

    Go away, Katie. No one likes you.

  • crazyunicorns

    I don’t think I would want to be there. I would love it if it was just Katie.

  • crazyunicorns

    hate him.

  • Justin

    I LOVE Katie.

  • Adoring Fan

    Sorry, I have a prior commitment.

  • Locfo

    Life and Style lies about everybody! Jared if I wanted to hear fake stories from you, it’d be like going to Nordstrom’s to buy 99cent store products! I don’t do that shiz, So if you are gonna post stories here, I’d rather you quote People, cause they 9.899999999999 % of the time get it right!

  • owen

    In Tom Cruise, We Trust!!

  • lilyanne

    They actually have the word “home” twice in the invitation? In case you were all wondering where it’s going to be: It’s in their new home at their home!!!!!!

    Sorry, I can’t come. I’m washing my hair.

  • Kylegotgame

    I didn’t know Connor Cruise was my cousin’s friend, until I got to meet him a few weeks ago. He is pretty cool.We went with Will Smith’s son Willard Christopher to the Arclight theatre and two other friends and Willard’s bodyguard. We saw Indiana Jones and I think we laughed the hardest in the theatre. I blame in on Willard, he kept cracked us up really hard with some funny as hell jokes before we got there.


    They invited Lies and no style weekly rag to their home? So they can right about them ? Can this Waco get any more cheap in his PR ways?

  • anonymous

    It is house time for Tomkat too .Talk about for real following in one footstep. muahhahaha

  • k

    Famous use use your real name we know it is you who use both famous and infamou. kuku

  • me

    I’d rather have a colonoscopy AND a gynecological exam than to go to a party thrown by these two cult worshippers .

  • Daniela

    that guy is a fag*ot and shes freaking weird.

  • NONO

    wtf, not interested. I am busy.,

  • Fame

    Great, I hope the Beckhams go.

  • [☆ incognito☆]

    Gosh they are annoying. When will they ever lead a purpose driving life? house warming? To show off their home no doubt. I hope they arent expecting gifts.

  • Rodi

    SO Tom wants to rub the fact that he can afford a $35 million dollar mansion in your face. Its like Ha! Ha! ha! Look at me I am Tom Cruise and look what I can afford and you can’t. Tom’s shallow arrogance is sickening….

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    k @ 05/29/2008 at 6:35 pm Famous use use your real name we know it is you who use both famous and infamou. kuku


    of course i’m the poster formally known as “Famous”, stupid! lmaoo did you think it was some kind of secret? haha.. moron.

    i refer to my self as Famous. wake up, loonie.

  • lane

    my god! they look like identical twins!

  • bill

    There are three homes in the invitation if you include Katie Holmes. Clearly Tom wrote that gem of an invite.

    I hear the original invitation read,

    “Katie Homes and Tom Cruise invite you and your homies to share an evening in their new home, Saturday, May 31, 8:30 p.m., at home, Beverly Hills, Calihomeia, Home.”

  • rossy40

    Check out TC’s new website that features a video of clips from his 25 years in film. I’ve got to hand it to him, though, about the music that BURSTS forth while the video plays…

    Same instrumental that featured prominently in the movie, 2001: A Space Odyssey!

  • cindyjean

    For those that are criticising the wording on the invitation, don’t you think maybe the actual invitation said the address instead of , at home, Beverly Hills? As much as I don’t care for these two, I think they have a little more professional help than to send out invitations with wording this stupid. Use your head before criticising or else you look just as silly as this mini-man and his robot wife.

  • Piper

    pics and more news pls.Jared!

  • chessa

    Love them and cant wait for the photos of the family
    and their guests.

  • Emma

    My dear fellow cult friends!

    Welcome to my house warming party! My stepford wife and I will be happy to entertain you. There will be couch jumping, satanic laughter, yummy cupcakes made by our cult friends, and lots of Kool-Aid. KatE will wear her red ,flashy dress and blue shoes for you, and her funniest hairdo. Of course our proud and strong woman Suri will be there if we allow her to come out from under the staircase.

  • American

    That’s not how it is at all, #@=24. Why must you always spin things with this couple?

  • Matthew

    Tom Cruise is the next MKULTRA… this time its relevant to Scientology. Gosh!

  • Julie to american

    Oh, American, here you go again. Not only can we NOT get rid of TC and his GF, but we CANNOT get rid of YOU either.
    Please, you are all sickening.

  • pr person

    So are Momma Cruisazy and the Sister’s Cruisazy also moving in?

    Star-studded event? One would think that the other celebs would want to stay as far away from the Cruise ‘stink’ as possible.

  • Anon7

    I’m glad to not be invited. I’ll have my sanity

  • concerned mom

    I hope they print out the entire guest list, we can see who all the other nut cases are. Bravo to those who don’t go to the cult mansion.

  • bella

    Katie Holmes is now supposed to be some style icon, what a load of BS, she looks like a middle aged matron, bland and boring!

  • God Bless TomKat

    were you invited JJ?

  • Manette

    That’s a cute old pic of Katie and Tom. Is this party for real?

    If so, looking forward to the scoop and lots of pictures of Tom,Katie,

    Suri,the kids and their lucky guests.

  • bill

    Uhhh….cindyjean. It’s a joke. No doy.

  • bill

    Did you know that Katie’s hairstylist is the cat with the melon on its head?

  • bill

    Did you know that Katie’s hairstylist is the cat with the melon on its head?

  • k

    In famous, you worse because you love this of clut spreading , ass kissing sh*t midget who needs to disappear with his xenu.

  • macor

    Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn…

  • http://foxfire vikki dearment

    I have got to say, Katie is awesome and naive and an incredible actress and wife, by all accounts,,, her personality and acting in the movie with Diane Keaton was wonderful, only reason I watched it twice!

    She is cute, funny, and a real lady, with so many charming attributes — the fact that she is under Tom’s umbrella is her choice…however, I think she outdoes anyone in HOLLY-TOWN in vim, vigor and vitality, not to mention she is graceful at an age where others are just learning to quit chewing gum!

    LEAVE HER ALONE; she is a great mom…she has been supportive to a person who needs prozac at the very least; and she has style and grace!

  • http://foxfire vikki dearment

    p.s.: If you don’t like ‘em; quite paying money to them — like movies, etc… you are only helping them go to the bank happier!

  • susan

    Well la di da! haha. They’re cute together and all, but i think Katie could do better. She’s young and deserves to be w/ someone who isn’t so controlling. Wasn’t she gonna separate from him?

  • ruby

    Very exciting……