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Tyra Banks Covers New York Times Magazine

Tyra Banks Covers New York Times Magazine

Supermodel-turned-talk-show-host Tyra Banks takes the cover of the latest issue of The New York Times Magazine.

The cover story profiles Tyra‘s “275 smiles from ‘angry but still smiling’ to ‘flirting with boyfriend.’”

There’s Martha. There’s Oprah. And now there’s Tyra.

Is Ms. Banks the next big female branded self?

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  • steffi

    whats up with her hips

  • #21

    yea right !!

  • fergus


  • Stephany

    I LOVE TYRA!! Yay!

  • yily

    Her talk show sucks! Tyra think she’s so important and influential when she really isn’t. She’s always conveying that she want to change the world by doing what? Talking about her fat a*SS?

  • booboo

    2ND! tyra seems like a bitch these days, but still love her

  • trish.

    are you people on crack? she’s a talkhost.
    you people act like other show host people havent done what she’sdone.

    she’s great.
    so shut up!!

  • yikes

    That’s a crazy photoshopped picture of Ms TyTy. Does she think she’s the new Oprah? If you watch her talk show ever, you’ll see that she tries to act just like her. Worse is her model show. I say she’d pretty hard to stomach.

  • liss

    as hypocritical and narcissistic as tyra is, i can’t help but love her. i don’t know why.

    as for the next oprah… god i hope not. one is already too much to stomach.

  • zoe

    cool cover. she is kind of into herself nowadays….its obvious on ANTM but i think she’s a good role model in general.

  • Amber

    HIPS! It’s like it’s something attached to her, that’s not even a part of her frame.. they must have cinched her waist til it hurt and she couldn’t breathe.

  • Ralu

    why are her hands in the back?

  • sillyTyra

    Anyone see her silly show called the Fiercy awards…that had to be the lamest thing ever on television. How did she convince her producers to make that show is beyond me.

  • solaris

    Somehow she looks like Cleopatra that I imagined….

    or may be even Nefertiti…..

  • solaris

    Somehow she looks like Cleopatra that I imagined……or even Nefertiti….

  • solaris

    Somehow she looks like Cleopatra that I imagine….or even Nefertiti….

  • jealous much

    I love a chameleon, instead’ve bitching maybe you could learn something, like being resourceful with natural talents, she didn’t get where she is by coming to places like Just Jared to rip other people apart to feel better about herself, how about you spend your time doing something constructive instead.

    Tyra is a fab role model and deserves all the success she’s had and to come!

  • stellastar

    OMG i fucking love her!

  • Titolia

    She looks like Beyonce here.

  • Helena

    Well, she’s very popular. Why not?

  • Beach Vacations

    She is pregnancy really suits her!

    ¦== ==¦

  • nikomilinko
  • anon

    Tyra is gorgeous and has been since she was a child modeling on paris runways

    But..her shows are getting tired. America’s next Top Model has jumped the shark and her Tyra show seems juvenile. We like you Tyra but pull back some, make us miss you a little bit.

  • legs

    she looks pretty in the photo but her hips looks odd.

  • michelle

    I dont like the photo but Tyra is AWESOME! I think she is so great!

  • J

    love TYRA make that money baby!

  • Mimi

    HELL NO, shes annoying and obnoxious.
    i dont get how she”s still on air!

  • Sinna

    #9 I agree with your comment on Oprah. #13 yeah I saw the last 15 mins of the Fiercee Awards show…what a joke, and waste of air time. She’s not that hard to stomach when she tones it down, but those times when she’s so over-the-top I can’t stand it. Yes, sometimes she’s pretty obnoxious, and self-obsorb.

  • mrdjh

    go off tyra! this is the ovah-shakovah nasteeee!!!

  • Ladymoonstone

    I love Tyra…all what she had today she got thru hard work.

    There is something odd with the picture but then if they tinker on it a little bit…who cares? Everybody is tinkering with their photos nowadays that it is sometimes hard to believe it is the same person.

  • lisa

    there is no doubt she is a hard worker, but her show is lame. I have only seen bits and pieces of a couple shows, and I was embarrassed for her. she is a horrible interviewer and the topics that I have seen have all been stupid and insignificant. She is so incredibly narcissistic as well, which makes it difficult to relate to her.

  • forrealdotcom

    I guarantee that #7 and #17 is Tyra herself.

  • Ely

    For a second or two I was truly confused. I thought it was Beyonce…

  • The Boy Next Door


  • jasmine

    they sooo could have made her hipps smaller they look bigger then usual

  • Diana

    haha her hair

  • rae

    God I hope not.

  • Mousey

    It is funny how people are writing ridiculous attacking comments about Tyra, and probably haven’t watched her shows more than once. I assume its a weak minded attempt despise anything above-average and mainstream as some weak-minded defense mechanism.

    I enjoy both of her shows, as do many of my friends, co-workers, and family. I love America’s next top model, and it is the only show I have seen as of yet where the competition between models, and the industry are displayed in a believable manner for the viewing audience. The girls tend to be of many different ethnicities and come from a variety backgrounds. Something Tyra seems to push for.

    If you don’t like Tyra, chances are you don’t like Martha Stewart or Oprah either. If you have watched Tyra’s talk show, it would be relieving to know that she has done shows talking about real-world issues (racism, abuse, ect), and other people as well as herself having dealt with problems. However, she can also jump to a less serious topic like skin care.

  • celebrity trailers

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