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Wentworth Miller is a Pasadena Prince

Wentworth Miller is a Pasadena Prince

Prison Break hottie Wentworth Miller takes a quick coffee break on the Pasadena, California set of his hit TV drama on Thursday.

Costars Dominic Purcell and Sarah Wayne Callies were also spotted on set.

Purcell was seen sitting. shirtless. sweating. SWC had a Pyrex bowl filled with, what looks like mac and cheese!

10+ pictures inside of Pasadena prince Wentworth Miller

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wentworth miller pasadena 01
wentworth miller pasadena 02
wentworth miller pasadena 03
wentworth miller pasadena 04
wentworth miller pasadena 05
wentworth miller pasadena 06
wentworth miller pasadena 07
wentworth miller pasadena 08
wentworth miller pasadena 09
wentworth miller pasadena 10
wentworth miller pasadena 11
wentworth miller pasadena 12

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  • LadyN

    FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WENT I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anon

    Went’s got man-boobs…ewwww.

    SWC looks a mess.

    Dom….the HULK.

  • LadyN

    Wait, i was so worried about saying i was first i didn’t see the pics…
    Awww he looks happy.


    *gasp* who said that?

  • AJJ

    yeah went definetly has “man boobs” on that 170-200lb frame.
    are you f-ing kidding me?
    He’s skinny, BTW their called pecs idiot

  • m

    I can’t wait to see the scene when he realizes that she is still alive!!


    SHES BACK!!!!

  • ????


  • Ladymoonstone

    Nice to see pics of MISA….am just so excited for Season 4.

  • Anon

    He does not and has never looked like a man with abs and muscular defined chest…he’s tall, but he is not toned..those are man-boobs.

  • lionna

    cant wait to see MISA in S4

  • lionna

    can’t wait to see MISA in S4.

  • wAPO

    The big forehead fugly woman is back what a bad show!!!!!

  • Scofield_girl

    OMG.. he is sooo nice <333 I love Went :)

  • susan

    Went’s looking great as ever. looking forward to season 4.

  • laura

    i love wentworth and p.b.

    i love reading your blog cus i know youre gonna post stuff about them!

  • Ina

    OMG!!! Thanks Jared!!! I love SWC and it’s good to see her back!


  • sabrina

    went looks great. SWC not so great (must be tough with the new baby). Dominic not so good either. haha still look forward to next season though.

  • Darlene

    Dom looks odd on that picture :S

    SWC looks amazing as usual.

    Went *sigh* the man can never look ugly. Gah he is so handsome!

  • RC

    Sarah looks adorable with that Mac and Cheese LOL. It’s good to see her back.

    Thanks Jared for sharing these images ;)

  • prison break stinks

    Just Jared why don’t you also describe what these D-List actors also had for drinks how boring. SWC looks as ugly as ever she doesn’t even look like his love interest on the show she looks like his mother or aunt that’s how old she looks.

  • just me…

    Oooooh Wentworth…I am speechless amazing man and actor!!

    The perfect man ;)

    I cant wait to see this new season!!!! :D

  • drea

    any idea where in Pasadena since I live here!!?

  • Angie

    Oh! New pics. this is so exciting!!! So nice to be able to follow them on set with new pics. nearly every day! Went looks great!! Love it!!!

  • michelle

    MISA….MISA…MISA…so glad to see them back. Gosh, can’t wait…so impatient already.

  • MiHay

    Thank you Jared for posting that sexy pic of a topless Dominic!! HOT STUFF!!!

  • Ralu

    God HE’s so beautiful, Went is sooooooooooo BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • synthia

    it’s great more and more
    25 august i’m happyyyyyyyyyyy

    i love him more more more

  • parisgirl

    I must be blind cause I don’t see man boobs, people, smh
    but moving on, I was one of those who were G-L-A-D that the Tancredi mess was gone so her return doesn’t make me happy at all lol
    but Prison Break is my show so I’ll give her a chance

  • cherry.

    all i know is this… he is papalicious!

  • Nora

    oh my god he is sooo cute . I love him sooo much

  • Nora

    oh my god he is sooo cute . I love him sooo much

  • faraday

    Is that tattoo on Dominic old, or new? I don’t recall him having it before.

    Is it a new plotty tattoo, and will Michael’s tattoo return for season 4?

  • Raichill

    The character, Sara, has been through an ordeal. I don’t think she’s supposed to look like she’s just finished a fashion shoot. PB is a stretch of the imagination at the best of times so it would be ridiculous to see Sara running around with full make up and glamorous clothes. Dom looks as though he’s beefed up again. As for Went, he has a chest and it’s not sunken.

  • Nickey

    He’s pregnant!!! Awesome!

  • Giulia

    awwwww We/Sah is back!! <3

  • stella

    Gorgeous as usual……..equal to himself :-)

    “Man boobs” LMAO He’s not perfect and he knows it, that’s why he’s perfect to us…..but I don’t see the same thing you see “man boobs, pregnant….), I enjoy seing different things. Lucky me…….;-)

    Can’t wait to see S4 :-)

  • spectator

    Finally ! It’s time (35 yo).

  • Kiara

    Great, she’s back. I stopped watching the show when they ‘killed’ her but now I guess I’ll have to catch up :)

  • Casey

    I am sooo mad that they are bringing Sara back!!! How stupid!!! UGH!

  • sunny

    Thanks, Jared!! It’s so great that they’re filming PB in LA this season–we’ll get lots of pics!!! Keep ‘em coming!!

    Went has always had a nice set of pecs, even at the beginning of PB when he was kinda skinny. He looks very fit and athletic, IMO.

    Sarah looks lovely…it’s so wonderful to have her back!!!

    Is that a real tattoo on Dom? He’s lookin’ gooood!!!

  • GAGA

    Thanks Jared for the pictures.

    I am in an eager to know how they managed to make Sarah’s return credible.

    I am fan of the show but at a moment the MISA relationship was boring… Sorry for those who don’t agree.

  • zack

    No, you don’t understand. She comes back as a zombie. PB S4 becomes a magic show.

  • Jane

    Another day of set seeing!!!
    How great it is to know what Went’s doing everyday without stalking!
    Doesn’t he look all handsome and charming!
    It’s getting really hot lately :)
    Thanks a lot~~

  • Jess

    Of course Sara (the character) is gunna look awful…she’s just be kidnapped for the past gosh knows how long, was “beheaded” and know she’s on the run…again.

    I think SWC looks so pretty – so glad to see her character is back! I love her hair…:)

    Wentworth is hot! There ain’t any man boobs, seriously can you not tell when a man has a bit of muscle? Obviously, from that comment, no.

    Dom’s angry face makes me giggle. He’s such a real softie at heart.

    - – - – - – - -

    Thanks for posting these JustJared – I can’t wait! :D

  • Molly

    Went looks hot. He is in great shape. I’d do him!

  • mayle

    this is the reason i go to this site every single day

  • GAGA

    Thanks zack. You’re right. I didn’t understand that PB was turning supernatural! lol

  • leah

    Indeed, Sarah looks great! She is so beautiful. I am so happy to see her back.

  • Weight Looser

    SWC is trying to lose weight. Her Pyrex bowl is very small.

  • Jennifer W

    wentworth is hot and im so glad to see sarah back on set again