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Angelina Jolie - "Vanity Fair" July 2008

Angelina Jolie -

Angelina Jolie looks lip-smackingly good on the the July 2008 cover issue of Vanity Fair, out next week. Here’s a preview:

On being pregnant with twins: “I love it. It makes me feel like a woman. It makes me feel that all the things about my body are suddenly there for a reason. It makes you feel round and supple, and to have a little life inside you is amazing. Also, I’m fortunate. I think some women have a different experience depend-ing on their partner. I think that affects it. I happen to be with somebody who finds pregnancy very sexy. So that makes me feel very sexy.”

On her international family: “When I was growing up I wanted to adopt, because I was aware there were kids that didn’t have parents. It’s not a humanitarian thing, because I don’t see it as a sacrifice. It’s a gift. We’re all lucky to have each other. I look at Shiloh�”because, obviously, physically, she is the one that looks like Brad and I when we were little�”and say, ‘If these were our brothers and sisters, how much would we have known by the time we were six that it took into our 30s and 40s to figure out?’ I suppose I’m giving them the childhood I always wished I had.”

On daughter Shiloh’s birth: “We were in this little hospital in Africa when Shi was born. I don’t think there was anybody else in the hospital. It was just a little cottage, the three of us. It ended up being the greatest thing…. I had a C-section and I found it fascinating. I didn’t find it a sacrifice and I didn’t find it a painful experience. I found it a fascinating miracle of what a body can do.”

On nannies never sleeping over: “We don’t ever have anybody spend the night. We may have to adjust that when the next one comes. But we do have ladies that work with us, and they’re also from different cultures and back-grounds. One lady’s a Vietnamese teacher�”wonderful. One is of Congolese descent from Bel-gium. Another is from the States and is really creative and does art programs.”

On artists as parents: “Artists raise their kids differently,” she said. “We communicate to the point where we probably annoy our children. We have art around the house, we have books, we go to plays, we talk. Our focus is art and painting and dress-up and singing. It’s what we love. So I think you can see how artists in some way raise other artists.”

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  • LIZ

    eww i’m sorry i think she’s kinda ugly-anyone else?

  • Dancer

    gorgeous as usual.

  • olga


  • Helena

    Fúck the lips, look at those chichis!

  • suzy86

    she looks like Jessie Spano in that picture

  • suzy86

    she looks like Jessie Spano in that picture

  • Heather

    is it the most important thing she has told about Brad??he finds pregnancy sexy???how many times is she going to say same thing?

    be more emotional and lovely on your comments about Brad.please!!

    she needs to come out with something new,girl!!can’t even come out with something new.

  • Sooo gorgeous!!!!!!!!!

  • angie fan

    angelina is always stunningly gorgeous even when pregnant

  • adri

    Wooow, she’s just HOT and BEAUTIFUL!!!<3

  • Regina

    Jared, since you’re going Brangelina crazy here’s the trailer for Brad Pitt’s new movie, Burn After Reading:

  • Heather

    at least she has confessed about having triple nannies.

  • LINA


  • angie fan

    you really are blessed angie

  • paige

    She’s so beautiful I just love her It amazes me on how much she loves being pregnant I can’t wait to buy this magazine I do love how much she talks about lil Shi

  • Janie

    She’s just incredible! She does so much good it’s insane, and she has really grown up from her image. I love her! Can’t wait to get a copy!


    funny she looks like a cheap hooker to me lol


  • pwee
  • Nausicaa

    Is there words for how much I love this woman? She’s stunningly gorgeous inside and out!! I can’t get enough of her! Must buy Vanity Fair! Must buy Vanity Fair!! Must…buy….!!!!!!

  • Ingrid

    I must say I find Angelina pregnant ‘sexy’, too. I never really found the woman appealing and she looks incredibly thin and not healthy recently, so being pregnant gives the chance for her to bloom.

  • ana

    Angelina is has matured as a person and mother.

  • senior

    Hi everyone, well jared when you’re hot your hot. thanks for the threads.

  • lol

    the best ever and it’s always a pleasure to know a bit about tje jolie-pitt

  • dana

    I adore her but that is a TERRIBLE cover. I don’t know what they did to her. She looks photoshopped all to hell, and dead-eyed to boot! And Angelina NEVER looks dead eyed. God, the inside photos better be amazing to make up for this.

  • bdj

    Wow Mama Angie day!!! I knew I should have taken the day off. Best wishes to AJ on a happy, private and healthy delivery of the twins. Thanks for the interview and picture. Mama Angie is one sexy pregnant woman.

  • Shell

    shell @ 05/30/2008 at 10:09 am
    Saw this in the morning thread. Just wanted to say that’s not me. Looks like this troll is stealing other posters’ names.

    Angelina looks beautiful!

  • sharon

    Angie is goddess. She is so beautiful and gorgeous. The most beautiful woman ever.

  • angel

    this face is unique,love her

  • jing

    wow. what a pic!

  • ana

    angelina is the only preganant actress in hollywood who still look sexy and beautiful even when pregnant

  • annie

    She looks so hot! Vavaboom Angie! Thats how pregnant women should look, sexy and sultry!

  • null

    Angie can’t be ugly – ever – but not my favorite cover. Too much makeup.

  • Ya



    I don’t get it

  • Love

    I definitely buy a copy .

  • Ameena

    Oh my God, Angie is so gorgeous, I can’t wait to read the rest of the interview.

  • corie

    angie can still look hot and sexy even when pregnant and all covered up not like some middle aged sitcom starlet who has to wear a bikini and still not look sexy

  • angel

    trolls can hate all they want and still the names of fans,all we can do is just laugh at them,they are desperate cowards

  • beautiful

    Angie looks so hot and sexy.

  • showers of Blessings

    God Bless the Jolie-Pitts

    God Bless the Jolie-Pitts

    God Bless the Jolie-Pitts

    God Bless the Jolie-Pitts

    God Bless the Jolie-Pitts

    God Bless the Jolie-Pitts

  • Besane

    Jared, Jared Jared!!!

    Thank you soooo much!!!

    You truly are the BEST (and CORRECT!!), and you KNOW it!! We DO!!!

    Great interview; I like the part she talks about how they are raising the kids with a lot of art. Shiloh already debuted in a film, but I won’t be surprised if many Jolie-Pitt kids end up in the field of art of some kind.

  • sharon

    I love the picture and love the interview. I will definitely buy this one.

  • nancy

    protect angie and her twins from brad’s bitter X and her fans

  • Pendejas

    She looks great but I think she should stop giving interviews and tell the media to F off already.

  • angel

    some people are born sexy,and angie is one of them,she is sexxxy

  • T&L

    I can’t wait to read this interview in its entirety. Angie’s face is gorgeous. The hair is a little too puffed for my taste but nonetheless, she looks like a vision of beauty! :-)

  • hmm

    Angie is the most beautiful woman and pregnant woman ever.

  • Shar

    Hate the hairstyle, Love the face and boobs, lol!!!!!!!!!

  • estelle

    Thank You JJ…so many new threads today, but this one take the cake….Wow!, beautiful, sexy, gorgeous…. can’t wait to get this issue of VF. Happy Friday everyone!

  • raye

    The picture has less airbrushing, in fact they left her mole. She looks sexy pregnant with just her stunning face and big hair and of course the boobs and not even showing her belly.I cant wait to see the other pics inside and read the full interview.