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Devendra Banhart Wears Short Shorts

Devendra Banhart Wears Short Shorts

Folk rock singer-songwriter Devendra Banhart squeezes into a hot pair of short shorts while out and about with girlfriend Natalie Portman in Jaffa, Israel.

Even Nat‘s capri pants are below the knee!

DO YOU THINK Devendra has the legs to wear such short shorts?

15+ pictures of Devendra Banhart wearing his cute short shorts…

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devendra banhart short shorts 01
devendra banhart short shorts 02
devendra banhart short shorts 03
devendra banhart short shorts 04
devendra banhart short shorts 05
devendra banhart short shorts 06
devendra banhart short shorts 07
devendra banhart short shorts 08
devendra banhart short shorts 09
devendra banhart short shorts 10
devendra banhart short shorts 11
devendra banhart short shorts 12
devendra banhart short shorts 13
devendra banhart short shorts 14
devendra banhart short shorts 15

Credit: Eliot; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
Posted to: Devendra Banhart, Natalie Portman

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  • pwee

    I just threw up, that is nassssty

  • raye

    I know the guy’s face looks nice but he looks like he hasnt taken a bath and smelly! What happened to Natalie, how could you got with someone like that, and he is a nobody I believe. Never heard of him, I guess im not into folk rock thing.

  • Ceci

    LOL @ legs

  • james

    oh dear :-l how embarrassing! she looks cute tho

  • sez

    ewww!! put those pasty whites away

  • lol

    lmao that guy is talented! a shame he looks so ridiculously funny loooooooool and i don’t even think he care about what anybody would say

  • Here’s The Deal

    Lmao! I don’t think short-shorts were intended for men……….


    wow on those shots they r very short….


  • lizzie

    eeewwwwww! HE HAS TALENT so shamefull to see him like that lol
    he looks ugly and needs a good shave ! i mean king kong would have less hair! he looks like a bum in the street!

  • ra

    EWWWWWWWW…………..nasty. For several reasons. Ack. Ick. Phooey.

  • toni

    he’s a very talented guy. not everyone needs to look like a cheesy, manufactured cliche in order to be of interest.

  • mouche

    No man – absolutely NO man should EVER wear that kind of ridiculous shorts! Horrible! Natalie must really really love him ROTFLMAO!

  • ana


  • lisa

    I thought Richard Simmons was the only one left on the planet still wearing dolphin shorts.

  • Shonathan Hilton

    lol No he doesnt have nice legs to wear short shorts.

    But he does have a small penis to wear something so short and so tight lol

  • CH

    Minus the hair, those legs are quite feminine. I believe that is what disturbs me the most. Ah yes, and the fact that he appears quite… bulging. Dearest Devendra, I adore you. But even classic OPs were more breathable.

  • bejeebus

    No NO NOOOOOO!!!!!!
    i don’t care who you are and how hot you may be……NO ONE should be wearing these nut hugger pedophile gym teacher shorts!!!!!!! i think he just made me go gay… am i going to tell my husband that i am no longer attracted to men???? this is going to be very awkward…..

  • Diana

    I think they should trade pants.

  • Rayt

    omg where’s his penis?

  • l

    he has the legs for it but clearly no one here ever stepped inside barneys new york , balenciaga has a whole rack of these shorts in cotton linen material and yess for men . not my taste but if would of been slightly better if he trimmed his facial hairs .

  • kira

    OH DANG! I would be absolutely MORTIFIED if my boyfriend wore daisy dukes like that!!

  • suitable

    Natalie looks so cute and sexy.
    I love her <3.

  • loli

    Her nose job is pretty obvious to me! Her bf”s legs are gross.

  • drey

    Haha, I kinda like the way he dresses.

  • Helena

    Cute. People, they’re in Israel, it’s a very hot country. Stop judging him by the way he looks, too!

  • Flippo

    My goodness he is HOT! Love him & his shorts!

  • tom c

    That guy is just gross. No nice way to put it.

  • lilyanne

    I think my dad was wearing those same shorts in his High School yearbook basketball team photo!

  • leonor

    WHAT THE HELL!!?? so nasty….how is it possible??? forget it, i don’t even know what to say


    Hubba Hubba! Davendra has hot long leg’s! Love the beard. He is lickable. Can’t blame her!

    Natalie is dressed smart and classic. She is beautiful and cute as a button. She always looks just perfect! :D

  • Raven

    @ Stupid Fool’s!

    Love your name btw! I agree with you 100%. I’m a leg woman too and I love beards. Devendra may want to clip his beard a little closer but yes he is hot!

  • Flippo

    ^ Yep the beard is very hot!

  • sweetauntie

    hey natalie if you read this just wanted you to know that jared has the major hots for rachel bilson , so if hayden is single hook up with him yall make a better couple.

  • Lalita

    Shit, fashionistas, take a breath. He looks fine. It’s Israel, folks, which I might remind you, is like 12 inches from the sun. I’ve been there and would have run around in his outfit, too.

  • theRadge

    she needs a real man … like me

  • Raven

    @ #33!
    I wish!! I hope but I don’t think that is going to happen but yes! Natalie and Hayden would be the perfect couple!

  • YUCK

    that guy is so gross-to the point i don’t even like natalie anymore. sorry but why would someone w/ any class date someone that looks like that. we can’t all be gorgeous but we can all bathe, keap ourselves groomed & dress appropriately.

  • t

    Wow love it d8 me.

  • SANdals??

    devendra’s an artist and totally out there. hell, he wears more make up than some of my female friends, so i’m not shocked by this. he’s cool.

    DOES anyone know who Natalie’s SANDALS are by??

  • onthefence

    hmm, I’m not sure if I’m turned on or off by his shorty shorts…he’s sexy in a 70′s sort of way…and guys wore these hideous things back then, so I’ll cut him some slack. Nat on the other hand is soooooo conservative, an odd match if you ask me..I would be a far better bet for Devendra the way I dress and think…and the fact that I dig his whole vibe, music and all…
    so, I’ll just have to be envious!

  • not me

    his legs are good for those shorts. long and lean. and it is a hot country and may be he had to wear them. I hope these shorts are not coming into fashion again.

  • dt

    he seems like a yogi/behomian kind of a guy, so it fits him perfectly. And yeah, his legs are quite nice!

  • dt

    he seems like a yogi/behomian kind of a guy, so it fits him perfectly. And yeah, his legs are quite nice!

  • reba


    Natalie’s sandals are by…….Natalie (for Te Casan)

  • BritBoy

    He looks perfectly fine. People are so uptight. But Raye, may i ask, Who are you?

  • Vfan

    Does he want to look like a girl or wat?Seriously in the plctures it looks like he’s trying to be a girl.Im surprised that he even has a girlfriend.

  • Vfan

    There r lots of people other than them that are living in Isreal and i dont see them wearing mini shorts.

  • P

    I thought Richard Simmons was the only one left on the planet still wearing dolphin shorts.

    Sorry, but that made me laugh. He’s a cute guy though.

  • Kai-Man

    They are just gym shorts for Christ’s sakes! What’s the big deal?

    If that bothers you, don’t go to the the Riviera or South American beaches where the swim suits are even skimpier.

  • lili

    they’re too darn cute!!!
    i love this couple <3