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John Mayer Covers Rolling Stone

John Mayer Covers Rolling Stone

John Mayer is on the cover of the latest issue of Rolling Stone‘s “100 Greatest Guitar Songs of All Time” issue.

Well, not exactly the cover. He’s on the inside flap of the cover.

This is the second year in a row Rolling Stone has featured Mayer on the cover of their now annual “Guitar” issue. Both May 2008′s “Living Guitar Legends” issue and February 2007′s “Guitar Heroes” round-up have paired Mayer with peers and icons alike.

Also on this cover and pictured below: Kirk Hammett, Carlos Santana, Buddy Guy, Eddie Van Halen, Jimmy Page, B.B. King and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez.

For the behind-the-scenes video of the cover shoot, check out

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john mayer rolling stone cover 02
john mayer rolling stone cover 03
john mayer rolling stone cover 04

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  • fresh

    Yawn. Im so tired of him. Next.

  • tayler (miley cyrus fan 4eva)

    Ur not the only one..BTW Nice Tattoo! >;D

  • Hannah

    Hes GORGEOUS!!!
    I am so not tired of him

  • Tdani

    Rolling Stone cover? Not bad at all!

  • Mike


  • Silvia

    It be great to see a female as one of the best guitarists one day.
    Maybe is i push my self i can get my self on there one day.
    I’m tired of there not being many respected female guitarists
    alright i’m out

  • andrea

    Rolling Stone has no cred anymore they put reality stars on their cover instead of real musicians wft is up with that. John Mayer is is NOT one of the greatest guitar players of all time.

  • Ceci

    WTF! The more I see this fool the more I get irritated…he always has an idiotic look on his face so disgusting.
    Didn’t they put Slash, Dave Mustain on the cover?

  • mixorr

    Obviously ANdrea has not seen him live

  • Dome

    Legend, hero, god…RS has got it right.

    One thing though, John Clayton Mayer, shame on you! Sneaking into Hawai’i without so much as a squeak. I expect a concert stop here in the future. NOT a private set like this time. HI fans need some love too! We need the Mayer here!

  • andrea

    i wouldn’t waist my money to see john mayer(just go to you-tube to see his boringness)…i agree they could have put slash instead of this fool.

  • boring

    John Mayer should not be in this group with those other guys.

    Rolling Stone has jump the shark

  • isabella

    OMG I’m thrilled for him.
    He’s turning into one of the greatest guitarists ever.
    Go John….love ya!

  • wow

    JJ put his picture because his fuciing thatt jenny woman who made her carrier off of divorce’

  • boo(real)

    Where is Jennypoo? Never so many posts of peeboy before jennypoo. Timing for pics of Jenmayer surface around the time of a Brangie birthing announcement????


    He’s fucking Lance Bass.


    He’s ‘sexing’ Lance Bass…

  • sharon


  • Love em

    Waaaaay Too much jealousy in here petaining to a very classy women who was not sexing ur husband, not breaking up your home, and only minding her own freakin’ business!

    John and Jen make a fine couple, whether you approve or not!

  • sharon

    Cutie pie!

  • ayla

    oh, always a cutie John. his talent put him on the cover

  • AnYmOuS

    jonny-pee-boy is not goodlooking. he is ugly. although, he has a great voice. i see he got rid of his baggage! TheChin was too clingy and needy. he isn’t a one woman kind of guy. their pictures were “the real” PR stunt. bet they are going to make jon into the bad guy now. as TheChin will cry to everyone, again. and some poor innocent woman will be labeled “homewrecker.” lol, and again, there wasn’t even a home to wreck (snicker.) do we see a pattern playing out?

  • http://deleted v wtf are ya smokin?

    don’t be fooled by rolling stone AKA joke of the last five years

    and also

    don’t underestimate the power of huvaniston. ;)

  • http://deleted ha!

    handsome? I see much better looking guys on the streets of brooklyn.

    talented? I listen to much better subway musicians in union square.

    pee boy got lucky only AFTER he dated jessica simpson.

  • Helena

    WTF he made the list? Just like last month’s cover of The Hills, proof that Rolling Stones has lost quite a bit of credibility.

  • told you so

    John and Jen broke up already? We knew it that after Cannes festival they won’t be a couple anymore. That was very predictable. What a sorry life. Aniston needs to grow the **** up.

  • amanda


  • malzo

    He looks like the love-child of Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp!

  • bek

    where do you get those shirts?! miley and nick jonas wear them and i want one!!!!

  • dragonfly

    OMG!! He has no business standing up there with the likes of Santana and and BB King! Metallica’s Hammet can play cirlces around Mayer in his sleep, and Eddie Van Halen has more innovation in his big toe than Mayer has in his whole body. Led Zep’s Jimmy Page is a MASTER of soundscapes and a musical virtuoso, and Mayer should be happy he is even allowed to share air space with him. Mayer cannot hang with these Priests of Rock, period. He sticks out like a boil on the azz of rock and roll. He should be lanced so he can go away and pee on Jennifer Aniston some more. Those of you praising him need to brush up on your rock history if you don’t know who these other guys are, then you will see how misplaced your admiration is. His talent is microscopic compared to these guys.

  • postwatcher


    Rolling Stone you suck!!! There is no reason to put John Mayer on the cover. They are trying to go after the younger demo…oh please!!

    What about Jeff BecK?
    What about The Edge?
    What about Eric Clapton?

    I am sorry, John Mayer is an ass and I hope nobody buys this magazine!

  • barbie

    I agree with a few of the comments above. John Mayer is okay-ish, but he is NOT A PATCH on the greatness of people like Santana. Maybe one day, but not with his repertoire as at present…..definitely misplaced. And probably just there because of his ‘celebrity’ status, rather than sheer, raw talent.

  • cissa

    aww i love him :]

  • Amy

    He’s so gross looking. Like one of those guys who never bathes.

  • Shelly

    Mayer is such a phony and hyped up. He does not belong next to someone like BB King, Buddy Guy, Santana Those who have walk the walk and paid their dues.
    John Mayer brought his way in with money and manipulation. Mayer is a fake. It’s time to hype him up because he needs to sell his summer tour tickets and push his merchandise. Plus puff himself up to Jennifer Aniston and her people. Due to what ever mental illness JA has she is looking for a man with a big career-it could be any man but this so call someone has to be bigger than life and he is trying to fake it now. So disappointed in that article. It shows John Mayer can buy his way in and thats an insult to the others
    His web sites are setup to brainwash people into thinking he is more than he really is.
    Mystupidmouth and Tryjm have comments but you are not allowed to say anything that is not kissing up to Mayer. Totally phony
    So obvious that the posters making comments have been on MSM for just about the duration of his career-they sure post like paid employees put there to hype up his career to new fans.
    They say things like “I can’t wait go get tickets to all his stops” to push fans to buy lots of tickets. Mayer’s whole image is so overrated.

    People need to see him for what he is “a very weak man” with money floating to hype him up more than he needs to be. I think Jennifer Aniston sure brought into his game.

    IF he was all that he would let his career stand on it’s own without all the malnipulation.
    The song “say” is a very stupid song but I believe stations are paid to play that dumb song.
    Heres to hoping karma bits Jennifer and John in the behind.

  • Bill

    This douche bag go get a tattoo, hook up with lame chicks pay for a spot next to the greatest guys in the universe and this jerk thinks he belongs. Just because he is flairing up to some hobag. Oh he l l no!. I call foul this stinks! it’s an outrage.
    I’m so writing rolling stone they have become such a joke.

  • RJ

    This is so Pathetic. I will give him alright player but nothing amazine. NO WAY that cat belong there. He is not worthy.
    The Rolling Stones are a big joke like this clown. Jenny and her peeps can buy this garbage all they want but the rest of the world know better and are laughing at this jerk. Come on Mayer can’t be that delusional. These are the symptons of a too big ego with money to spend.

  • lovethekid

    wow. i’m totally in the minority. i totally LOVE john mayer <3<3<3

  • RJ

    Mayer is a douche bag that can fool women and aparently Rolling stone.
    He is the king of manipulation. I don’t feel sorry for the people he trick. These days people need to due some research and stop relying on this phony jerk to bluff his way in.
    Jennifer has all the information in front of her, his past is no secret. She thinks she can change him well she get what she get. I’m not going to feel sorry for her.

  • bet

    Ye this the man, He is young and consider to be the greatest with the all this amazing and accomplished people. It is a big thing. that is jen man.

  • bet

    the funny thing is the the person who post at first is the one who is tired of him. that is one delutional person.

  • Ali

    I do feel sorry for Buddy Guy because John is trying to ride his coat tail all the way up the ladder.

  • Jill

    bet @ 05/31/2008 at 12:28 pm
    that is jen man.

    LOL you still think so? Jen is another notch on his bed post. He’s looking around for her replacement already.

  • Just saying

    Time to get the paid workers up. Got to hype-hype-hype.

  • mel

    ew ew ew. he’s gross.

  • Mini

    I heard the parting of the ways are already in the works.
    I think Jen was smart this time.

  • Shelly

    That tattoo is so ugly and why on 1 arm. So stupid.

  • AnYmOuS

    TheChin didn’t break-up with Jon-pee-boy, LOL! Jon-pee-boy left TheChin (snicker.) In all the PR pictures, TheChin was clinging to an indifferent Jon-pee-boy. DUH #46!

  • Cathy

    That shows desperation on Jens part. Jessica Simpson does that to. Cling to men for fear that they can’t get a better one. Surprise how no one said any thing about how the airbrushed his face to hide the real fugly mug.

  • jade

    Whatever John does in his private life,has nothing to do with the fact that he is a gifted guitarist! Eric Clapton invited John to play in Eric”s
    “Crossroads Guitar Festival 2007″ It was a great concert.

    What, John isn’t supposed to be with these gifted guitarists because he is young? They ALL started out when they were young.

    I like John’s music and wish him well. Jimmy Page has always been special to me,too.