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Miley Cyrus's "Breakout" Album Cover -- NEW!

Miley Cyrus's

Check out the CD cover for Miley Cyrus‘s sophomore album, “Breakout“.

Breakout” drops in stores everywhere on Tuesday, July 22.

The album’s first single, “7 Things”, debuted on Radio Disney earlier this month.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Miley Cyrus’ new album artwork?

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miley cyrus breakout album cover 01
miley cyrus breakout album cover 02

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  • keysee


  • joss


  • jennie

    nick jonas should have sung 7 things……. wrote all about FUGLY MILEY

  • sophie.

    she’s just too cool :]

  • Ayda

    pretty cute for a pirate hooker.
    i like her top

  • Diana

    another album? the only reason shes gonna sell is because of the fame freakin disney has gotten her! uhhh this is a waste!

  • sweets

    ew why would you want to hear a jonass sing #3?

    she looks really pretty there

  • Moviewatcher

    It is a pretty nice cover. She looks nice on it. It must be hard to be a successful teenager

  • MILEY’S #1 FAN

    whao thanks! i am soo happy!! whoa! wow!! thanks soo much!

  • Joanne

    I like it

  • yeahhh

    that is so cute!!!

  • bing

    i wonder how much they payed her to keep her top on…

  • Katie


  • tonya

    I LOVE IT!

  • tonya

    I LOVE IT!


    ehh i guess its a cute cover but i dont like her the way she talks is annoying and those nasty pictures of her are so degrading for a 15 year old girl


  • jason lover

    yaya, i cant wait for her cd.

  • mel

    im surprised the cover isnt a picture of her topless…hahaha

  • katie

    i can’t wait to hear all the songs!!!

  • yAZ

    exactly, i also wonder how much they payed her to keep that top on, screw her, that album’s going to the drain, yOu tHiNk wE CaRe MsS cYrUs???

  • http://msn penny

    aah luv herr

  • paige

    I LOVE IT :D

  • vahnumba1fan

    hmm.. not a fan of these pics, or 7 Things. i personally think she could have done much better.

  • Miley hater

    Wow, this really does show how low and classless our society has become. She has absolutely no talent, and is clearly a pot smoking whore, who happens to be adored by small children everywhere. What kind of an influence is that!

    It also looks like her armpit is singing into the microphone.

  • Helena

    I heard her song on the radio and it is so boring. Typical bubblegum pop. YAWN.

  • Ingrid

    Isn’t it a crying shame that some talented singers struggle to get record deals, but it’s all wasted on annoying girls like this who only got a record deal because she’s in this terrible Disney programme. How downhill has Disney gone? It used to be good in the 90′s.

  • trish.

    I think Miley is OK, she’s not “great”
    the young teenagers dont know what they want.
    if i were in the age of 4-11.
    PROBABLY i’d like her.

    as long as she doesnt end up like Lindsay lohan, she’s fine.

    Her dad should keep her grounded. cause if he doesnt, she’s going to be lindsay.

  • Oh SNap!

    miley the wh*re

  • Jonas Fan

    ok wtf is she holding? and she has some crap in her hair like food or something. i think i only like 1 song that she ever sang. And people get over her and nick jonas…miley and nick have moved on and so has EVERYONE ELSE SO LET IT GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is the summer of Jonas
    Miley aint gonna sell ANYTHING’
    Jonas brothers are gonna dominate

  • sam

    that’s a really cute picture and i love 7 things

  • Michi from SD

    wow! she looks 2 cute in there! have fun miley!

  • lola

    gosh i hate that girl GROSS YUCK STUPID NO SENSE OF STYLE
    no more of herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Louise

    Love her and the pic :) she’s beautiful

  • karen

    Love the cover I saw it in myspace first, She looks really cute, and her voice is really nice actually, and you can keep on saying that Miley’s fame is all thanks to Disney,
    1st. She works for them,

    2nd. at least she DOES have talent, adn her voice is really good, you can ask the fact that you don’t like it does not mean she is a bad singer

    3rd. So do the Jonas, Demetria lovato, and Slutena Gomez( if you can call her famous)

    4.- Nick Jonas is not a very good singer, he sings from his troath all of the time, adn that is not really good for his voice, Joe> He forces his voice at singing, which sounds bad, at least Miley’s knows how to sing…

    5.- Why should Nick sing 7 things? It wouldn’t fit him, cause he broke up with her, and he is the one who probably likes some one else, besides Nick Jonas is over rated along with his brothers, joe Jonas could atleast be a better actor than the “singer” he is

    6.- If you are not mature enought to read an article about Miley, without been rude (to her) Then I really feel sorry for you, cause your life must be so pathetic that you feel the urge to critise a girl who is already down, and is trying to get Up, again. I hope no one does that to you, cause it really sucks… You Miley haters are so inmature and really pathethic, ot to mention lame cause Miley is shown she is a whole lot better than you by not giving up…. your little brains must be fill with nuts, if you can’t get the fact that What’s done is done adn you have to get over it, there’s gonna be worse things , and Hate makes you Ugly( Like you can get any UGLIER

  • owen

    When can we start the countdown of her movie?

  • maddy_luvs_zac

    she looks amazing!
    love her

  • maddy_luvs_zac

    she looks amazing!
    love her

  • tyler

    pretty suggestive pose… look at how she’s holding that tube-shaped microphone… looks like a penis.

  • http://vanashbrenique amy

    awesome! :D really pretty album cover! lovee mileys gorge hair and fashion sense !! =]
    can’t wait for her new album!!
    lovee miley!

  • Helen

    shut up all you hatrers :s

    what is she holding?

    she looks really nice

    im in california when it comes out :)

  • ClaireBabyGirl

    Bitch was probably told that she was holding a cóck, hence her eyes being closed.

  • mileysupporter

    i really like this picture!
    i cant wait for the cd

  • Luvn_Miley

    She looks so BEAUTIFUL I cant wait for the CD to come out keep on rockin Miley :)

  • michelle

    She looks very pretty in that picture! Can’t wait till her new cd comes out. I am definitely gonna go buy it.

  • allie

    i love miley and i am really excited b/c i loved loved loved her single 7 things i thought it was great better then any of the other songs she has. it is more relatable and less childish.

  • tyler

    OMG! Goddess! Love her! Breakout is going to be amazing. I cannot wait!

  • kRYSTY


    Nick Jonas can’t sing, and it’s a fact, he supports to much on his troath, and that’s not healthy, onas is a better actor than he a singer, and Kevin well he is adorable and talented

    7 THINGS would so suck if Nick sang it,

    #6 “another album? the only reason shes gonna sell is because of the fame freakin disney has gotten her! uhhh this is a waste!” well in that case, look at the Jonas they are not even 2x Platinum and they too own their fame to Disney, the diference is they are boys so they have it easier since more than 50% of this planets population is the FEMALE audience ,and you can add the gay comunity,(aka Perez Suck*r hilton) But Miley has actually work really hard this year, and ahs show more atittude than the Jonas I met them backstage at the best of both worlds tour in November and Nick wasn’t really nice at all, Just Kevin and Miley was really nice too just FYI,

    and # 20, they probably paid her, a whole lot more than the $ 2 dollars you’d get for taking off all of your clothes.


  • michelle

    I like the cover alot!

  • Megan fox rocks

    cute girl

  • Nat

    Did she break her hand or something?
    Hahah wtf.
    And what is up with that HUGE thing by her eye?!


    Mileys a slutt, the cover should be just like her vanity fair picture to show the REAL Miley.