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Rachel Bilson's Doggy Dog World

Rachel Bilson's Doggy Dog World

Rachel Bilson takes a walk with a friend and her dog in Los Angeles on Friday.

Where’s Thurmen Murmen? Seemed like a perfect time for a double doggy date!

RB, 26, recently stopped by the Chanel New Concept Boutique in Los Angeles along with Leighton Meester, Nicollette Sheridan, Emma Roberts, Michelle Trachtenberg, Maria Menounos, Kirsty Hume and Amber Valletta. Hit me.

15+ pictures of Rachel Bilson‘s doggy dog world…

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rachel bilson doggy dog world 01
rachel bilson doggy dog world 02
rachel bilson doggy dog world 03
rachel bilson doggy dog world 04
rachel bilson doggy dog world 05
rachel bilson doggy dog world 06
rachel bilson doggy dog world 07
rachel bilson doggy dog world 08
rachel bilson doggy dog world 09
rachel bilson doggy dog world 10
rachel bilson doggy dog world 11
rachel bilson doggy dog world 12
rachel bilson doggy dog world 13
rachel bilson doggy dog world 14
rachel bilson doggy dog world 15

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  • 007

    FIRST! cool dog.

  • LM

    She is just beyond charming and adorable.

  • trish.

    rachel bilsonnnnnnnnnnnn.

    i freakin’ love her.

  • lexi.

    whoa she’s beautiful.

  • kara

    It’s Hayden Christenssen younger sister and her dog!

  • Irishdreams

    There is no proof that is his sister that is rumors being circulated by Rayden fans..

  • Angie

    Yes, that’s Kaylen.

  • kara

    Not a Rayden fan!! But this girl is HC’s sister.
    But if you want to convince yourself that she’s not and that Rachel and Hayden aren’t a couple, fine by me, I don’t care.

  • Lea

    Kaylen is as tall as her brothers. Rachel looks so petite next to her. It’s cute that they get along.

  • click

    its Seems like everyday we get NEW pics of RB… I LOVE YOU JARED!!!!

  • Raven

    Kaylen is tall and gorgeous! Rachel look’s like a shrimp next to her! :lol: :lol: :lol:
    Oh well. Hayden must love short woman or he must think Rachel is the next best thing to Natalie Portman. Poor man is confused under Rachel’s spell. Best of luck to the two then! :roll:

  • Marie


  • Britt

    she is sooo pretty and down to earth, love her !

  • voice of reason

    That’s not Kaylen, simple as that, not one facial feature even looks like her.

  • yearight

    Thats not Haydens sister Kaylen

  • V

    looks like lots of people are looking through their Rachel-hate glasses. only reason they can’t see it’s Kaylen

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    which one is the dog?

  • umm

    it sort of looks like her but i would guess sinse Kaylen met her during the filming of Jumper in Toronto they could have become friends, it does happen
    Weird Rachel has been seen with all these people and out at a Fashion event all while her “bf” or as JJ says “bff” is in town you would think she would have went out with him atleast 1 time if they were “so inlove” and “came out” at the MET Gala

  • toni

    It does look like Kaylen. Is she an actress?

    Where is Hayden? Maybe Kaylen will be going with him to the MTV awards tomorrow.

  • it’s definitely her
  • Raven

    It is her! You can tell by a large mole in the upper center of her chest. Look at her pictures at the Jumper Premiere after party and you can tell it is her. She probably is going out to the MTV movie awards too. She does model and is getting into to acting. Some exposure for her.

    To me. I think Kaylen is the one who look’s pregnant to me and NO WAY Rachel is! Rachel’s tummy is flat and look at her in the skinny jeans. Nope! If anything Kaylen is pregnant and not Rach. There you go!

  • umm

    I agree with Raven if anyone is pregnant looks like Kaylen

  • voice of reason

    If that’s Kaylen I’m the Queen of England it’s just not her. Give you a heads up Kaylen is not married, but does have a boyfriend, could someone explain why the lady is wearing a wedding ring?

    And more important why is she walking a dog in LA that does not belong to Rachel, while she lives in Canada–Maybe she needs the money LOL

  • it’s definitely her

    Well then “voice of reason”, I guess you’re the Queen of England. Go back and look at the pictures I posted, as well as the other picture a few posts above mine. As Raven and I said, the moles give her away. Are you saying that Rachel just so happens to be hanging out with another tall, blond girl who looks like Kaylen and coincidentally has the exact same spots on her skin in the exact same places as Hayden’s little sister? And what “wedding ring” are you talking about? I don’t see a ring on her finger.

  • Isis

    I guess Kaylen enjoys the company of brainless talentless actresses, as does her brother. I understand if the pap photos are exposure for Kaylen, but if it was one would think that Jared would have mentioned that the tall woman next to Rachel is Hayden’s sister Kaylen. We haven’t seen scruffy hide nor dirty hair of Hayden, so this is the most we’re going to get until tomorrow I guess.

    Obviously it’s Kaylen’s dog. Maybe she’s living in LA now, idk.

  • umm

    She doesnt have a ring on and your forgetting Tove lives in LA she visits him and I’m sure his mom is in town to. Hayden will most likely return to Toronto after the awards are over. The dog could be Kaylens or Toves, Kaylen is a model/actress so she does go to LA for that as well.

  • Luv RB

    is that a puggle or a jug? the dog is in really good shape if it is a puggle – super cute. thanks for all the rachel posts jared. she is so cute. i love her turquoise coach bag. i have been really wanting a turquoise balanciaga bag & the more you are posting these pics w/ rachel & that bag the more i want to go get one like now.

  • sweetauntie

    jared is rachel the only one you chase around for pics because you have her on here eveyday man you must not have a life.

  • umm

    jared gets paid somewhere for her posts

  • sweetauntie

    hey jared is rachel the only one you can get pics of because you have her on here everyday man you need to get a life.

  • jade

    LOVE THAT BAG, and she is a sweet girl

  • sweetauntie

    I know i have posted some comments but reading this quote from rachel recently in playboy confirmed to me that she is arrogant and a attention getter here goes. In those Star Wars movies i thought other people- people who are successful and Oscar – nominated came off looking much worse than he did ( HAYDEN) .The roles i want usually go to Kristen Dunst,Keira Knightly , Scarlett J ohanson, Natalie Portman or Kate Bosworth – even though i look younger or older than a few of them, i understand they were once where i am now , and my ultimate goal is to get to that point ,Hopefully i’ll achieve it, but you never know.

  • ATlqueen

    Yall the girl looks just like Hayden and the moles are in the same spot…….. I say yay. All in favor?

  • CEW

    That is Kaylen, no doubt about it.

  • zack

    Hummmm Pretty girls. I would like a girlfriend like this Kaylen, but she’s probably as tall as me, this is annoying. LOL I hope her brother would give me a lightsaber.

  • anna

    She’s sooo cute

  • Andhra

    Stupid and boring haters

    Thank you Jared :)

  • Gwen

    Rachel is beautiful and her friend too

  • tessa

    I love her

  • hc

    She is Kaylen 100%

  • http://google nanna

    she is so beutiful, love her!

  • http://google nanna

    she is so beutiful, love her!

  • SomeRachel’sFans

    If this girl is really The Filthy’s sister (I doubt,she’s clean…but same nose/same hands = bad premonition), please, dear Rachel, get out of this boring and rustic canadian family. You’re too nice and sophisticated for them.

  • Thurmen Murmen

    Rachel,woof, why have you forsaken me?

  • lina

    Rachel is so sweet

  • irina

    she looks cute

  • desi

    awwww so cute! They are both lovely!! I’m a freakin’ Rachel Fan :) She is my idol.

    Go away haters.

  • Katie

    I like her white jacket and love her bag

  • kkcc

    Lol she looks so small next to her friend!

    She looks cute! This outfit is much better than some of her other recent outfits.

  • voice of reason

    Geez some trolls on this board need glasses. Keep posting that is Kaylen and all you do is validate that Hayden and Rachel must be together. Because that is 3 people from his family that seem to like her.

    As for the links it’s the same pictures from here-do I need to reply to 14 year old kids? or older people with mental problems.