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Audrina Patridge - MTV Movie Awards 2008

Reality TV star Audrina Patridge is bangin’ in Lloyd Klein on the gold carpet at the 2008 MTV Movie Awards held at the Gibson Amphitheatre on Sunday in Universal City, Calif.

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Photos: Frazer Harrison/Getty, INFdaily
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  • lola


  • lLisa

    She is GORGEOUS!! The bangs look amazing on her

  • Audrina fan

    prettiest girl on the HIlls

  • rolling eyes

    what’s her purpose?

    blah sums it up #1

  • ew

    She is a pretty girl but that doesnt save her horrible personality.

  • gomiley!

    she’s gorgeous! i love the bangs!!
    my jaw literally dropped when i saw her lol

  • blah blah blah

    9:59 what are you talking about? She is the sweetest girl on that show! And she is the only one who hasn’t fallen into that fake LA trap, Lauren and Lo think they’re so much better than the rest of the world. The judgemental crap they spew rots my braincells! It’s nice to see a normal girl in the midst of all the snarky gossipy drama.

  • Lori

    she look great
    but i really need some zanessa pictures though

  • Kia

    I love Audrina too. I like that she’s honest and isn’t taking any more of Lo’s crap. she keeps things real. And Justin with his short hair is flipping hot!

  • tangerinedream

    Amazing transformation. I gotta know did she really cut her hair? or is it a wig or extensions?

  • 007

    She looks great. I see some glimpse of Vanessa Bryant in her.

  • michelle


  • jen

    what is up with her eyes? she often looks like she’s looking up or like they’re heavy. and i think by horrible personality #5 meant she’s as smart as a moth. bunny teefs needs some skool.

  • Not So Much

    the girl looks like a chipmunk & i can’t get past her lazy gaze. she is ok but by no means gorgeous. she also has no fashion sense. she manages to have at least one thing on that trash up her outfit – like those shoes. maybe she is nice but anyone that would take those dirty pics & date JB has no class.

  • hannah

    I think she looks wayyyyyyyy better without the bangs. Ummmm, They aren’t working for me. But she’s gorgeous anyway!

  • kicking a**

    oh please she has way more class than lauren, anyone who dates a violent racist drug addict needs lots and lots of therapy!!

    i like jb, he marches to the beat of his own drummer and he is hot hot hot

    almost forget these pics of audrina are to die for

  • Gorgeous!!

    She looks AMAZING
    and what is up w/ all you haters?
    Audrina is a nice girl and you have no idea how smart she is or isn’t. youy’ve never met her! The fact that she’s the only one on that damn show to hold a real job says a lot about her. And she’s got a body that doesn’t stop, i love her looks and I love that she is not a little puppet to lauren. She’s smart enough to have her own friends and her own life separate from that LC idiot.

  • anais

    I LOVE how she looks! =)
    Very pretty!

  • zel

    the fringe or bangs or whatever ya call them look great on her.
    She’s so pretty.

  • jade

    she’s much better than that fake ass ho lauren but why does she always look up?

  • love the Hills

    AMAZING!! Is this permanent or extensions?

  • brynn

    i think it’s called lazy eye or something like that – there is a proper medical term for it. i don’t know tho -it’s kind of what i like about her, she’s not the typical perfect LA blonde bimbo. Mind yuou I think she’s beautiful but in an offbeat quiet way, I also like that she’s dark and a rocker chick and that she rocks vintage wear. Team Audrina!

  • randomgurl

    Audrina fan here too. I am sick of Lauren and all of her bitching and whining. WE NEED MORE AUDRINA ON THE HILLS!!!!!!!!!!

  • Degrassigirl

    She looks hot! Totally the prettiest girl on that show.

  • Gia

    I seriously want her body and her hair!
    She looks phenomenal but did she take the plunge and really cut it or are these quickie extensions?

  • Team Audrina

    she is gorgeous. i love her dark hair and her body is perfection.

  • shannon

    loving the hair,dress and shoes HOT!! she looks so good

  • Evan


  • CJ

    she looks great!! Amazing face and what a body.

  • Hillsfan

    She’s super pretty. Love her hair like this.

  • jen

    She is so beautiful. She is my favorite on The Hills also, I wish her all the best.


    She’s fuggs! She has that Lazy, wonky eye thingy going on… yucks.. Total turn off!

  • hayley

    Audrina looks great – i luv her hair

  • Lissa

    LOVE the bangs on Audrina. Huge fan too. I’m so over Lauren and her being bitchy comments and eyerolling about Justin. Um hello get over yourself LC you dated Jason Wahlor aka the biggest scum bag on the planet and you’re judging Audrina’s taste in men??? Yeah, I didn’t think so!! The truth hurts.. oh and btw LC – stop chasing guys while you’re at it. They’re supposed to chase you! Duh!!

  • anon

    good to see a pretty girl staying brunette and not going blonde like 99% of LA.

  • peach


  • Hills Fan


  • nina

    She looks really pretty.
    The bangs work for her, too;

  • misty

    MY goodness this girl is so freaking fugly, her mouth looks like it has bad breath, you people must be reallyreally ugly to find fugly pretty,all those girls on the show are fugly.

  • frannie

    IA Lissa
    I’m on team audrina with the whole justin bobby thing. weird as he is, lauren and lo act immature around him, giggling and making snide remarks. I don’t think he’s rude to them, he just clearly doesn’t want to be bothered with their crap anymore. lauren claims she’s learned her lesson from making heidi choose but she always find the need to say something snarky. she just needs to shut up as far as JB is concerned. audrina is a grown a** woman who can decide for herself what she wants. besides why does Lauren thinks she’s qualified to give advice? she allows guys (Stephen Brody & Jason) to treat her like crap and walk all over her. Isn’t that a whole lot hypocritical??

  • katrina

    Beautiful as always!

  • Kyleigh

    I used to think she was gorgeous too, but she does have some what of big teeth and her top lip is thin. Plus, I don’t have as much respect for her since her ‘nude’ pictures surfaced. Oh and those who say she isn’t all Hollywood now. The only reason she is “FAMOUS” is because of Lauren and now she’s going to an actress? haha.

  • Carla


    Audina ALWAYS wanted to be an actress, that why she moved to LA in the first place! She is not famous because of Lauren! Adam Divello the shows creator saw her lying out by the pool and liked her look -He NOT Lauren hired her to be on the show so any “fame” (such as it is) that she has aquired she earned on her own with a nod to Adam for “discovering” her.
    And why judge her on the nekkid’ pics? She was 18 and made a mistake. We all make mistakes we just aren’t judged publiclly for them!!

  • k

    she always look upon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ira&me

    She looks so good. I love that dress and her hair looks great like this.

  • Thom


  • Leana

    I really like Audrina, and i think she looks amazing in these pics. However, just in general i ‘m really curious to see how she looks w/o makeup. I’ve never seen her w/o it. Not talking about the mtv awards, becasue of course she was going to wear makeup here. Just saying in general. Like i’ve seen Whitney and LC w/o it.

  • Di

    She looks phenomenal. I’m loving her hair and I would cut off my right arm to have her body! She’s also my fave girl on the Hills. She is the only who isn’t catty (and bratty!!)

  • Di

    There’ are a couple of episodes where she doesn’t have make-up on, one is where she and Lauren are working out in the gym w/ Jared and there’s a couple more when she and Lauren are just hanging out at the apt having breakfast. Sorry I don’t know which season they’re from cuz i don’t have the dvd’s but i remember thinking at the time that she looked cute all natural.
    ps i think she didn’t have makeup on at the beach where jb wore his combat boots either lol but i’m not sure

  • Laura

    Carla #43
    sorry but she is famous because of LC. adam may have asked her to be on the show but only because she lived in the same complex as LC & heidi. at the end of the day it is LC’s show & all the people on it are famous & making money because of her. none of them have a career in hollywood independant of her. just wait & see what happens when the hills is over. LC is their meal ticket. there was just something special about laguna beach & LC was really lucky to have ridden that wave. don’t get me wrong, LC has lost some of her charm because of lo being mean to audrina & LC not putting her in her place. i don’t think audrina is gorgeous but i think she is cute & seems like a really nice non judgmental person. those naked pics of audrina did tarnish my view of her. they were just dirty. i kind of feel sorry for her – what kind of parents does she have that at 18 she would take those pics? i wish her the best but highly doubt her career will ever last beyond the hills.