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Celine Dion Has an Eye on Ireland

Celine Dion Has an Eye on Ireland

Celine Dion continues her “Taking Chances” World Tour at the Croke Park Stadium in Dublin, Ireland on Friday.

The 40-year-old singer has been getting a lot of pressure for her 9,800-square-foot estate that guzzled 6.5 million gallons of water last year according to Ecorazzi.

The catch is that she hasn’t even moved into the place yet! The water usage is approximately 100 times of the average resident.

“‘People are pretty much permitted to use as much water as they want. [The district] has allowed people to over-water,’ said the Sierra Club’s Drew Martin. ‘If someone like Celine Dion planted natural plants and used ‘zeroscaping,’ then she probably wouldn’t need to use so much water. … The state’s basically going to run out of water because we do not restrict what people use in the first place.’”

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Credit: Big Pictures; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • the dq

    All I have to say to this ugly B**** is “GO BACK TO CANADA!!!!!”

  • b


  • Louise

    wow – celine is in ireland. good for her, I hope she enjoys a guiness!

  • wow

    That’s crazy!! 6.5 million gallons of water last year? Imagine if every celebrity used that much..

  • Yada

    She should be educated by someone that there might be a shortage of water everywhere in the world because of people like her..

  • zack

    I hate her music, she can stay in Ireland, there’s plenty of water there.

  • zoe

    that is a lot of water! celine is retiring soon so i guess they had to make it as grand as possible. nonetheless, i like her and her music. but why is she always wearing those short short dresses? what happened to the classy celine dion?

  • paddies are the best

    I don’t want her in Ireland!!! We don’t need her or her music here, thanks









  • 007

    It’s a shame people can’t acknowledge her great music just because she doesn’t look as great as other celebrities.

  • The Boy Next Door


  • jared doesn’t like me

    These “green preaching” celebrities are so full of shit!
    They’ll do fundraisers to save the Amazon jungle in Brazil while chopping down whole forests to build their obscenely big mansions.
    Or they’ll drive a Prius to save gas, but go everywhere in a private jet.
    Full of shit as I said.

  • MARY

    What are you talking about??? Celine looks great, just look at her body, nobody of celebrities could boast that kind of body, I can give her 30 years old, She is a legend she is a great singer on our Planet, Celine, you are the best, I adore you forever and ever!!!



  • XXX!

    Noooo dont stay in Ireland,thats where i live haha

  • eddie jones

    I don’t understand this defense, it looks like it only makes things worse for her. If she owns the property, then it’s her problem.

  • http://msn lips,tits and angie’s angels.

    Her eye might be on Ireland, but her damn crotch is in my face. Picture #2.

    Shouldn’t you be working on trying to get us Hallie baby picture? instead of Celine’s crotch.


    Celine is a good singer….

    interesting article! :)

  • remember da truth

    I know it’s just the seam of the back of her dress, but in that up-her-skirt shot, it looks like a p en is hanging down between her legs!

  • Ceci

    Where did my messages go?

  • Ceci

    Heeeeee heee here it comes

  • US voter

    Please Celine, lower the hemlines of all those short dresses. You are at the age where you should be dressing more appropriate, which is lower hemlines. Nothing looks worse than an old-ass woman with a short dress on.

  • fr

    This “woman” embodies everything that is UNCOOL and embarrassing.

  • MIMi

    Sh*t The Fuck Up Haters… She deserves the hard work she does…and all you have to do is to criticize her? What do you do? Can You Sing Like Her? Do you have Grammies and Oscars? NO? Ha LOSERS!!!! HAhahhaha… You Haters make me laugh…and Please Look at yourself in the mirror before judging her looks… Do you think you have a Celebrity APPEAL? *lol* And Please… How could it possible she’s using that gallons of water in every foru minutes??? She Wasn’t Even In Florida… She was In VEGAS for Five years and Doin’ the Taking Chances Tour since Febraury… To all the Irish-Celine’s Haters… You Better stay at home, cuz’ Celine doesn’t need you ANYWAY… Who NEeds You??? Are You Famous? HAhahahahha… LOSERS!!!!

  • sunnykidstyle

    Wow, that’s some crazy story about her using so much water like a small village. Maybe if not only gas prices should be rising in the States, but also water prices. In Europe, it’s so expensive, one certainly doesn’t want waist a whole lot of resources. But then, she could probably afford to pay a couple thousand dollars per day for her horrendous waste of energy and not care about it. Like she doesn’t seem to care about cutting her boys hair (ok, different topic).

    But I think this story may seriously undermine her popularity, now that going green is becoming fashionable in America, well, at least among celebrities.

    Though I’m wondering about her behaviour, if she treats the environment like that, just makes me think her recent trip to Africa for humanitarian efforts was just a pure publicity stunts. I guess there aren’t that many celebs that truly want to set an example, an not just when the media is watching.

    Oh, and by the way, if you have a second to spare, please visit my new blog about stylish design for kids and feel free to give me some feedback. I’d really appreciate it :):)

  • jenn

    adorable dress, who is she wearing?

  • chantall

    OMG think of all they people dying of thirst in Africa AND america!! stupid idiot only thinks about herself…
    stay in ireland! your dress is to short to be on an elevated stage with, the people under u can see up ur dress!

  • ki

    Can you please not post pictures of her ? My eyes hurt, she must be the ugliest thing since Jabba the hut.

  • MIMi

    @ chantall… OMG… Think Of Million Of Dollars Celine Donate For Africa!!! Idiot! KI… Sh*t Up!

  • MIMi

    @ chantall… OMG… Think Of Million Of Dollars Celine Donate For Africa!!! Idiot! KI… Sh*t Up!

  • http://justjared Victoria

    Celine is a great singer, but she needs to pay attention to her estate, and less on her career at the moment. Maybe some less friendly waterless plants would be nice, but that amount of watering is a disgrace, no matter what kind of money you have. Especially when you are not living there alot. Maybe she needs a “for sale” sign in the front yard, and look for a place that they will live in most of the time. I have never understood, these celebrities and their need, for 4 to 5 homes, all over the earth,.Then they get thereand stay in real fancy, posh hotels. Who over sees these homes, and what do they get paid? Maybe these caretakers at Celine’s home are running her water bill up by throwing parties, or connecting hoses up to their homes and neighboring homes. Who knowes. It is still a disgrace. Water is getting scarce. Move out of there Celine.

  • resource whore

    Celine — Please curl up and roll back under the rock from whence you came. Not only were you blowing though OUR resources at a rate befitting Marie Antoinette at a house you don’t even occupy, but you’re probably blowing through even more to keep your hideous grass green in the desert of Las Vegas (as dimwit MImi pointed out). You should be in jail for such abuse of wealth.

  • frenchie

    celine is beyond what my drumears can bear. to sing is not about shouting the highest notes. I can’t bear her poor lyrics, I can’t bear what she does on scene. as a french girl I can’t bear her accent either.

  • Chuck

    TOTOALY AGREE WITH MIMi, some ppl just don’t have the taste for world class talent.

    The only Irish singer i can stand is Sinead O’Connor. The rest of the famous Irish singers are working hard abroad.

    Whether you like her there or not, she’s there, and probably took a dump there as well. LOL

  • Chuck

    Ireland or Jupiter Island, she took a dump at both places. EAT THEM UP!

  • celine is lame

    That bitch is straight up ridiculous! I don’t care how many awards she has, it doesn’t justify the amount of water she uses.

  • MelliSa

    sShe lOokss niCce 4 herr aGe…iM suRe sheshxzZz oldD!…
    Mellii Ellii!

  • John

    Why is there so many retards on this site???? Celine didn’t even live in Florida so obviously something ‘s up with that crazy figure. And since so many people think they are “cool” (well they think they are cool and that Celine is uncool… so they feel superior… stupid but…whatever…), they can just bash Celine for whatever reason. Interesting that the media doesn’t mention anything positive about Celine when she donates millions in the US, Canada, South Africa, etc. and gives earnings from some of her shows to different organizations… Much nicer to say something nasty like this water use that is probably blown out of proportion. I’m sure there are tons of other rich people in the US who use way more water but it seems to be cool to bash Celine since she’s not American… Americans won’t say much about big American stars. The first story about the water thing also mentioned Tiger Woods (Celine’s neighbor ) but for some reason now the media have focused on Celine!!! Why single her out??? By the way, I think Celine looks hot with her short skirts. With legs like that, she can wear short skirts as long as she wants!!

  • http://justjared Victoria

    John, I love Celine Dion, and her outfit, and I have most of her C.D.’s, but, she did live in Florida, in West Palm Beach, for a few years. Their mansion was beautiful. People magazine did a spread on it, when they brought home their son Rene-Charles who was born in West Palm Beach, Florida { biography of Celine} on January 25, 2001. They had him in a beautiful gown on their terrace outside overlooking their pool. They moved when Celine took the Las Vegas show job.

  • Shut your faces

    People should learn to keep their faces shut. Even if you don’t like her, at least respect her – she has accomplished far much more in this lifetime than you ever would in 5000 lifetimes. Learn to **** off.

  • felyx


  • The_Swimmer

    CELINE IS THE BEST!!!!! :-)

  • Silvcz

    Disculpenme, pero realmente Celine Dion es la mejor, aunque ustd digan lo contrario, su GRAN VOZ Y SU GRAN VIDA es FANTASTICA asi que dejen la ENVIDIA….!!!!

  • wendy

    Celine is a fantastic singer, I love her to bits, she does so much for charity, and always speaks her mind on world issues, and most people are believing she used that much water are thick as ……
    and why cant she wear short skirts when she is on stage, its up to her.
    nobody else

  • Jennifer

    She’s The Greatest Singer Ever And if She Wants To Use The Water Let Her What Harm is it Doing Seriously? You Guys Are Just Jelous An Don’t Appreciate Good Music When You Hear it. Celine Dion is The Best. (:

  • Mary

    Celine’s the best, She is the only one, I love her songs, her family and all that connected with her, Celine Dion has the most beautiful voice in the world! She definitely cares about it!

  • http://google natasha

    hang on one min i went to see her that day i’m a huge fan of hers nd i’m irish i love all her songs she one hell off a singer i’d love to have a voice like hers. wants shes doing i think is great. so plz before you start saying all irish people hate her you need to get your facts rite cos they dont lol

  • ayo