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Heidi Montag - MTV Movie Awards 2008

The Hills‘ feminist hero Heidi Montag (in Herve Leger) and future fiance Spencer Pratt arrive at the 2008 MTV Movie Awards held at the Gibson Amphitheatre on Sunday in Universal City, Calif.

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Photos: Frazer Harrison/Getty
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  • helen

    she has pimples yuk!!!

  • Jonas Fan

    She looks fake and stupid.


    she looks like the fakest blonde bimbo i have ever seen in my entire life.

  • joss

    she looks so plastic…

  • irene

    i think they actually look good for once.

  • naty

    She looks horible as always but I like that dress, not for her.

  • Nick J Is Mine

    Ok i think she did waaaayy too much spray tanning.

    She looks like a carrot

  • the shiznack

    isnt this the movie awards

    just cus they work for MTV doesnt mean they should go to everything

  • anais

    I love the dress and shoes, but not really on her.

  • michelle

    Im not a fan of her or spencer, but I actually think she looks good.

  • ZanessaFan4Lyfe!!

    meh……zac and vanessa are there dont u have any pics of them?? Heidi is so BORING ;)…lol

  • vanessa

    she is gorgeous i love her and i love her sense of style

  • peggy

    I dont really like her, but she actually looks pretty today. i like the dress! not the shoes…

  • tonya

    They look cute….young to get married…but cute

  • kay

    she WOULD look good if she was walking down the street looking for someone to pay her for sex. HOOKER. ps. ZANESSA IS THERE. did they walk the red carpet!?

  • weddingobsession

    I’m surprised. Although she looks like a fake barbie doll, she looks better than normal.

  • PardyHardy

    She’s turning into the poor man’s Lindsay Lohan…

  • Ellen


  • tonya


  • andre

    i don’t like her.. but i think she’s very, very hot! :D

  • Rasta girl

    plastic cow

  • cng

    those jimmy choos shoes are on sale

  • rolling eyes


    your incessant need to include “feminist hero” along side Heidi’s name is an absolute insult to women, who actually gave their life, careers, and acceptance by their peers, to make sure women were recognized as equals, To say she is anything close to a feminist is not only insulting to those who truly are, but also degrading to women in general.

    smartin your a#s up!

  • Hil

    She looks gorgeous!!! Spencer looks great too. They are both so attractive!!

  • mililikies

    Her toes look really ghetto.

  • team lauren

    no matter how u dress her up…she’ll always b horsefaced. plastic, plastic,plastic.

  • jess

    I f*ckin hate this b*tch waste of space platic surgery addicted sl*t….I mean its sad that I have honestly seen better looking hookers and eeek yes , even transvestites that look better than this waste of oxygen !!! GET A BETTER PLASTIC SURGEN HEIDI! YOUR GONNA NEED MORE THAN YOU GET9 PAID FOR YOUR MTV BULLSH*T REALITY SHOW TO PAY FOR THAT UN HUMAN FACE OF YOURS!

    P.s. I really hope she hops on the next train on the way to hell …because of the fact she always looks like hell…and she has a face only a mom or the devil (spencer) could love!

  • Bea

    she looks like a 45 year old woman who has had too much work done…
    and why does she insist in getting those cheap looking nails done?!?

  • heyme

    she looks very pretty, i don’t know why you guys are hating on her, she is a better person than Lauren, thats for sure. She also looks way better than Lauren

  • Alexandra

    She’s pretty in this pic but she is SOOOOO fake!!!!

    Love the dress and shoes…and i kinda like her hair…but like i said…
    she is sooo fake!!..Everything about her is fake!..LOL

  • FAKE

    she would be pretty if she didn’t get all that work done. those extensions make her look even more trashy. spencer’s pants are too long & his shoes are not dressy enough for the look – they are like driving moccasins & not loafers. he is so cheese. it is like he tucked his pants in the shoes so you could see the ferragamo logo. those 2 need to go away.

  • FAKE

    she would be pretty if she didn’t get all that work done. those extensions make her look even more trashy. spencer’s pants are too long & his shoes are not dressy enough for the look – they are like driving moccasins & not loafers. he is so cheese. it is like he tucked his pants in the shoes so you could see the ferragamo logo. those 2 need to go away.

  • lo

    I may not like her but she has killer taste in shoes

  • cupcake

    ummm HOT !!!!!!!!!! she looks amazing
    people are just bitter and jealous. It’s funny because i bet half the people saying this stuff are so ugly themselves. I’m sick of people only saying bad stuff about her.

  • cupcake

    and by the way EVERYONE HAS PIMPLES

  • nina

    One word: eww.
    She looks fake.
    But deff not barbie material.

  • Jessica

    Jared, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop calling Heidi “the Hills feminist hero”. She’s anything but that, and frankly calling her that is a bit offensive.

  • alee


  • alice

    she used to be pretty until she effed it up and injected plastic everywhere.she is the farthest person from a feminist hero. ohhh she works a job…yells at her boyfriend…wow real ground breaking stuff right there.

  • Bob a. booey

    Yuk look at all them zits on her face, she’s caked in makeup but a camera never lies, especially when magnified!!!

  • riz

    her skin looks AWFUL. it is a pure testament to how fake she is – it’s all makeup acne. you’d think she could afford some bare minerals or something that wouldn’t be SO bad for her face if she insists on wearing it all day every day. good lord.

    and to everyone commenting that she has great “style” and “taste” in shoes:
    NOBODY in hollywood does a damn thing without a stylist. it’s not her style. it’s somebody she paid to continue to have style and to pawn it off on her.
    regardless, a sheath dress is not that stylish anyway.

  • bejeebus

    ewww….her face is rough as h*ll in those close ups. i just want to take a brillo pad to it.

  • brenda

    From the fake boobs to the fake hair and fake teeth and the contacts. Is there anything natural about this little bimbo.

  • shut the hell up u all

    You guys need to stop hating on them.. okay because i love heidi and spencer.. lauren is the sneaky b*tch in all this shit.. she is the fakest sl*t i’ve ever seen… heidi is real down to the core whereas lauren is fame hungry and doesn’t know how to treat her friends.. i love how cute spencer and heidi are together.. their so made for each other

  • celebaddict

    I don;t particularly like the Barbie look, but Heidi has a fabulous figure, and seriously beautiful eyes ……. and more importantly I don’t think she has a bad bone in her body.
    She seems like a sweet young girl, who deserves to be treated by her friends better than Lauren Conrad treated her.

  • Moviewatcher

    they look nice

  • Candi

    She is sooo stupid…and fake. She needs to get over it.

  • ashley

    could she have any more work done? She looks like a f ing barbie..sucked and tucked

  • ….

    lips done.
    nose done.
    boobs done.



  • Brody

    I want to stick my dick in her ass and fuck her til i tear the part between her snatch and butthole.