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Rumer Willis - MTV Movie Awards 2008

The House Bunny actress Rumer Willis stays classic in black on the gold carpet at the 2008 MTV Movie Awards held at the Gibson Amphitheatre on Sunday in Universal City, Calif.

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Photos: Frazer Harrison/Getty
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  • vanessa_fan


  • http://pasteimageurlhere carioca girl

    Where’s Amy Adams?

  • ana


  • gomiley!


  • girl

    gross. all of them.

  • jen

    I’m so surprised with a mom as hot as hers she’s so homely. I hate to be mean but she’s putting herself out there for it. I can see Demi in her face but I think her dads genes just mixed poorly with hers. So tragic.

  • Can’t Stand Her

    she is the weirdest looking person i have ever seen. for someone that homely she should not be so stuck up & have a major attitude. she really needs to go away.

  • shoegal421

    jen, her mom’s hot because of the plastic surgery.

  • not as bad

    I’m beginning to see this weird mixture of Elvira (hair) and Jennifer Tilly (face). Those hair extensions have got to go. She’s not totally ugly, just um, not so easy on the eyes. I don’t know why all children of actors think they’re entitled to an acting career…and honestly her gene pool isn’t doing her any favors with either the looks or acting ability/talent….

  • jared doesn’t like me

    I can’t stand looking at all those moles on her face.
    Why can’t she disappear?

  • mytake

    I have no words for this person, she has far too much confidence for being a nobody. (oh excuse me, she’s an actress..) As far as her looks go, not great, not even mediocre.

  • malene

    why is everyone so surprised that she is so ugly?
    without all the cosmetic “help” demi would not look like she does.
    as for bruce willis…he is a fcuking ugly dog.

    so it actaully makes sense that their kids are so unfortunate looking, especially this one.

    but she has incredible self confidence for someone so ugly. good for her and good for demi and bruce for nurturing that in her. i guess it is the least they could have done for her after passing on their ugly genes.

  • humpty dumpty

    The Willis daughters must curse their father daily for their egg-heads and man faces.

    I can just imagine it….”fcuk dad and his fcukin bald egg-head. fcukin a*shole passing on his fcukin ugly genes”

  • Ashley

    Um, her mom isn’t hot because of plastic surgery….. she’s still hot at her age because of it. Well that and a great start to begin with, she’s always been pretty. Her daughter, not so much.

  • Andrea 2

    At this age (20?) Demi Moore was a fresh beautiful face. Her daughter pales in comparison to mother at the same age. However, the close up of her eyes show a warm beautiful golden brown color that is jaw dropping. The rest, not so much.

    Has Rumer (very cool name) been in anything? A movie, a play, drama school, TV show? What?

  • Andrea-E

    A truly genetically disadvantaged girl ~ She could easily be mistaken for a tranny and really looks a lot like Jay Leno in drag.

  • WayToBad

    Poor girl looks like one of those Conan O’Brien “What If These Two Mated” combined pictures. And the sad part is that she has already had plenty of plastic surgery to try to make her look more attractive. . Not enough cause it sure hasn’t worked…/139

  • BabyD

    Without their name and lots of behind the scene help from her A-list parents this girl would be just another homey girl hanging out at the mall. She’s simply another celebrity trust-fund baby riding her parents gravy train. Celebrity children sometimes make it but more often than not don’t. She will probably get a few roles etc because of her parents but in the end she will actually need some kind of talent. One thing that’s not in her favor is that she is not particulally attractive. it’s hard to get past that face. Hollywood accepts many that are talentless and beautriful. . . But it’s a harder for the talentless and homely. I believe she has had plastic surgery to improve her huge chin. But that’s a hard one to fix. She has a man chin and no amount of plastic surgery will be able to fix it entirely.

  • bailey

    shes so ugly, i dont know how she was one of people’s most sexiest people… just look at her… chills

  • Ally

    She desperately needs to stop smoking. In the close-up you can see tiny vertical wrinkles all around her lip and laugh lines and she’s what 19? 20?

  • Ally

    She desperately needs to stop smoking. In the close-up you can see tiny vertical wrinkles all around her lip and laugh lines and she’s what 19? 20?

  • AtomicFireBall

    I’m wondering how much money Bruce Willis had to pay (under the table) the editors of People Magazine so they would put his oldest and by far the ugliest daughter in the 100 Most Beautiful People Issue?

    Even by unconventional stands she is still very, very unattractive. People Magazine has lost my vote for objectivity . . . “You can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still just a pig”, as the old saying goes . . ..

    Sorry, People Magazine, I’m not buying it.

  • Yily

    why da fu**ck is she here! She’s a nobody. She’s not talented and ugly. Overrated bii*tch.

  • alessandro

    Her dress is beautiful… Come on people… she is not *that* ugly… Her eyes are beautiful… the only problem is the chin…

    Oh, and Dad Bruce is(or rather was) H – O – T !!

  • ZzaRaZza

    Rumer looks her best in ages, very good.

  • Sandbitch

    There’s no quick fix for large jaw – cranio-facial surgery, think having your jaw broken….yeeeeeeaoucha. Let’s hope Rumer finds a fella with no chin like Jordan Bratman otherwise Demi’s gran-kiddies are gonna be shockers.

  • Jaded

    I like her

  • doie

    she got beautiful eyes and for me, the rest of her doesn’t matter..

  • siupinys

    rumer has to realise that she just wasn’t born to be a star..i still can’t believe how come she was put in a list of 100 most beautiful people

  • Hamitaf la B.

    I think Rumer is very very pretty….

  • chick

    She is normal looking, not pretty or ugly.

    I don’t se how it’s ‘tragic’ not to look prety though, like someone posted here.

    Most of women in this world don’t look anything special. There are tragic things, like to be born blind or with some deformity that make your life complicated and difficult. And then even most of these people don’t consider ‘tragic’ to be born that way.



  • bluemelatonin

    If, she were not the child of famous people she wouldn’t get a look in..nepotism sure pays off especially when you have the head of a potato

  • bejeebus

    please go the f away.

    what has anna faris done to her face? those lips look horrible. she should have just been happy with her natural cute look instead of trying to transform herself into “miss generic california 2008″.

  • de Cosmos

    Ugh!! Gag!

    PLEASE —

    No more Rumer posts. Nothing short of a miracle can ever make a silk purse out of this sow’s ear.

  • Shrink

    She is very difficult to look at. What is so perplexing is that she struts and strikes poses like she is gorgeous. Her non-verbal behavior is totally incongruent with her looks. Get some glasses and start reading sweetie. A starlet you are not.

  • SHAR


  • jennie

    She has beautiful skin and eyes. I like her brows too. Her hair looks bettter like this.

  • mark

    Have they invented face reduction surgery yet?

    If they have this girl needs to push all the other candidates out of the way ASAP!

    From the nose up…passable
    From the nose down…pass the brown bag!

  • bella

    ok so not to be mean or anything, but her face is so weird! its just…wow. just really weird!

  • Art Chic

    I feel so sorry for Rumer……she is so ugly it frightens people.