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Clay Aiken is Having a Son

Clay Aiken is Having a Son

Clay Aiken and his mother Faye Parker take a stroll in Washington, D.C. on Sunday. The 29-year-old American Idol is in town to perform for the President and the First Lady at the annual Ford’s Theater Gala.

Last week, it was reported that the Clay will be a father! He has given his sperm by artificial insemination to Jaymes Foster, sister of David Foster and Clay‘s producer.

And now TMZ says he’s expecting a boy! Congrats!!!

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Credit: Gene Young; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Shoops

    Oh my…. (FIRST!!!!)

  • krispy

    Yay! First!

  • Tdani

    He looks weird

  • dedaas

    any new hugh jackman and his son and daughter pics? I love Ava. she is so cute

  • Helena

    He annoys me so much. All I have to do is look at this face!

  • eileen

    “He annoys me so much. All I have to do is look at this face!”

    So what are you doing here? Go look at somebody else.

  • jj

    why in the world would anyone want his sperm? Oh, music producer’s relative…

  • Kerry

    Check this out. Clay Aiken punches annoying paparazzi.

  • 1.-

    Who would want breed with THAT!!! EW…
    and even if ti was artificial insemination! YUCK!!! there can’t be two of him in the world… or it will explode!!

    URGH, he’s disgusting!


  • me

    That is so sick.

  • jenna

    1.- @ 06/02/2008 at 2:11 pm – Who wanted to breed with your mother? Was he drunk or just out of his mind?

  • lisset

    i thought he was gay
    and never wanted to be
    in a relationship…

    i read that a while back…

    hes so weird.
    he creeps me out.

  • bejeebus

    a son? are we sure about that? i’ll grant him the fact that his sperm can make a baby….but a male baby? i don’t think so….for some reason (can’t imagine why) i think he can only produce feminine offspring.

  • April

    He is such a freak. It is just nasty thinking about this topic at all. There is definantly something deeply wrong with him. Gross.

  • eileen

    There’s nothing gross about having a baby. What’s wrong with all of you, assholes?

  • nikomilinko
  • nikomilinko
  • Shonathan Hilton

    Thats something really really really hard to believe.
    and eww he is so fuckin ugly lol

  • JD

    You commenters are so rude. Your comments about Clay are based on preconceived ideas. Clay is not at all like you make him out to be. You sound like a bunch of school age bullies. Only difference is, those bullies were just kids and still hadn’t grown up. You are adults and still haven’t grown up.

    And read this: There has been no confirmation from Clay or the Foster family. Only the low life tabloid TMZ has “confirmed” it (yeah right). And we know that they are alwys right (NOT!).

    Yall learn some manners and grow up.


    WELL as usual the haters are here in force. Clay you certainly are a superstar when you have this response from people. They follow your every move even claiming to hate you. You go clay. I’m proud of you.

  • erin

    even if he was gay why donate his thing to a 50 year old who is too old to be a mother…is he that desprate to prove something to the world…
    if he wants to prove anything at all, why didn’t he shove it the natural way …sick really…

  • shannon

    eww he became a caricature of himself he needs to dye his hair to that colour aint working

  • rs

    There certainly are some immature people reading this site. If you don’t like Clay move on, no need to take immature swipes at a person you’ve never met. Let’s put your picture up there and let all the immature people have at it on the way you look.

  • veisner

    Yikes, I saw this on last Friday too!

  • mc

    Whoa, he looks so hot, handsome and HAPPY!

  • Edith

    It is a very sad day when the SAME person uses several different e-mail addeses to post hateful comments about a celebrity they know nothing about. And to say that about a women who maybe wanted a child but could not conceive one until now, I am sure you Mom is so proud of you. Oh and who knows if it is even true. But if so CONGRATULATIONS to them both.

  • ashlee

    I could care less about the man but after seeing this headline I just had to come in here. What was that woman thinking? That kid should and will be embarrassed that clay is his father. just ewwww!

  • ywt2004

    I cannot believe the homophobic remarks from people! Clay has stated twice that he is NOT gay ….it is dispicable some of the comments I see here by what people only “PERCIEVE” this man to be!!! You are passing judgement on the way someone looks ……which one of you attains to perfection? How do you all know that this baby was not attempted to be conceived the reg. way but just could not be ,simply because of the age of the mother…….and it was INVETRO FERTILIZATION by the way…….a lot of parents have gone this route . I have met both Clay’s Mom and Jaymes who are warm , loving and caring people . Clay & Jaymes have been loving and devoted friends for years …….they BOTH wanted children ..what a gift he has given this woman ! If you knew Clay at all you would see the phenominal good he has done with UNICEF raising millions of $$$$$ for children in Indonesia & Afganistan , plus his tireless work for his own BUBEL/AIKEN foundation for autistic children.
    TMZ is nothing but a trash TV show that cares nothing about a human being or whom they are hurting as long as it is $$$$$$$$ for them. This is NONE of their business , but it is between two responsible & caring adults who chose to raise a child in love & respect …….A word that is lacking in this trash media nowadays!!!

  • Lj

    He is so creepy…..#29 ywt2004 shut up

  • hannah

    He isnt kreepy looking, I think he is a nice humble guy.

  • Skeezix

    There’s something about being ANONYMOUS that brings out the worst in some people. It’s rude to bash people. Some of you are the rudest, meanest people every. Make your comments relevant, truthful and kind. You can voice your opinion without the cruelty and hate. I say you rude people need to grow up…and become better people.

  • Sue

    ewwwww that lady is old, clay!!! gross.

  • Jes

    He is really creepy looking. He looked far better in his American Idol days. But as long as he is happy with how he looks…I suppose that’s all that matters.



    OK, has it occured to anyone that this entire story is a fabricated HOAX for that new show Ashton Kutcher is doing to get back at the paps, & Clay & everyone involved are in on it??

    Makes as much sense as this ‘rumour’!

  • Tdani

    Jared is a joker!!! XD

  • Art Chic

    Why would you want the sperm of a homosexual to father your child? The child will never have a chance of being normal.


    Yep, you’ve all been majorly PAP PUNK’D. SUCKERS!!


    After the way the media’s treated Clay for years, it’s about time he gets his revenge.

  • Lollyblogster

    Gay or not he is still one UGLY GUY!

  • dominick

    Thats something really really really hard to believe.
    and eww he is so ****** ugly lol

    Why don’t you show us your picture, bitch. Or better yet how about a family picture so we can all see what imbred looks like.

  • mindy

    how can clay aiken be a good father when he has not resolved his own issues with his own decased biological father who he has trashed on national tv after AI2…he even refused to go and make peace with him before the old man died and did not even go to his father’s funeral….

    that woman is a nut for wanting his sperm to produce a child…she is crazy and selfish enough to want to have a child at age 50…

  • tammy

    Clay seems to spend a lot of time at the beauty salon, but hopefully he’ll do his bit for the baby.

  • er

    I take it that Jaymes Foster is a lesbian.

  • 123

    What’s the average age of the commentors on this site 10? Idiots

  • Stacey e

    Actually, Clay is not creepy at all. He’s a very kind man, who did a very kind thing for a close friend of his. It’s a lot more disgusting when teenagers breed; and people breed with scumbag losers that leave them as soon as a pregnancy shows up.
    Of course, people with 5th grade mentalities will never understand common decency.
    She chose him because he’s someone she cares about and trusts. They didn’t have conception in the biblical way, because they aren’t dating.
    Tons of people are artificially inseminated with complete strangers sperm all the time, this is a whole hell of a lot less gross than that.

  • Pella

    I feel sorry for the whole Aiken family and for Clay, being used by this 50-year old hag and grandstander. Totally gross.

  • Kelluma

    He is taking the injectable female hormones – not a good idea thought. He told Letterman that he was taking the injectable estrogen.

  • Kelluma

    Jaymes Foster is a 50 year old old hag, this has to be a horrible joke! No one would want such a hag!

  • Acts

    I agree, the 50 year old hag is using him and his poor family.

  • Archaeops

    Man, she is OLD looking! Really disgusting.

    SAD for the child to have a 70 year old mom at his high school graduation. How selfish of her to think of her own needs first.

  • Healo

    Yes, I saw that thing on Letterman where Clay said he was taking the hormones -what’s up with that? Crazy.