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David Beckham is Bandaged

David Beckham is Bandaged

Sporting a bandaged right wrist, David Beckham takes wife Victoria for an afternoon out and about in New York City on Monday.

Becks, 33, just came from the Port of Spain, where he battled for the soccer ball with a group of children during a soccer clinic held at Marvin Lee stadium.

10+ pictures inside of bandaged David Beckham

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david beckham wrist bandage 01
david beckham wrist bandage 02
david beckham wrist bandage 03
david beckham wrist bandage 04
david beckham wrist bandage 05
david beckham wrist bandage 06
david beckham wrist bandage 07
david beckham wrist bandage 08
david beckham wrist bandage 09
david beckham wrist bandage 10

Credit: Dara Kushner; Photos: INFdaily
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  • clem

    aww ow i hope it doesnt hurt!

  • STEF


    such a hot couple.

  • Bob

    What? A bunch of children hurt his wrist? What a weenie!

  • jnjmom

    Hey Jared, David was in Trinidad to play a soccer match with the Trinidad and Tobago national team. He played at 8p.m. on Sunday night and was not involved in any “soccer clinic ” with children. After the match his wrist was fine, maybe something happened after leaving Trinidad and meeting his wife.

  • Beckham tha bomb!

    Bob, you douchebag! He played in the game (England) against Trinidad & Tobago and probably hurt his wrist during the game. The soccer clinic with the children was the day before the game. During the game he wasn’t wearing a bandage.

  • Beckham tha bomb!

    To jnjmom: he DID do a clinic with the kids. It was after the last England training. Like i said, he wasn’t wearing a bandage then. So, he must have hurt his wrist during the game or after (in another training or something like that).

  • luchi

    he is so so so so HOT!!!!! hahahaha!!!
    cute couple!

  • pass the sick bag…

    Aww how cute it’s FUGLY and SQEAKY! What a lovely sight- pass the sick bag!

  • b

    Love the Beckhams! They both look great here. David has had a really great couple of weeks on the field, hope he’s alright. I love Vicky’s skirt!

  • Mike

    Wow #8 do you pay attention to all the fucking pictures of them with their kids…and YOU are the horrible and HIDEOUS human being…wishing someone death like that…your nothing but scum…and they have more talent than you ever will…so don’t hate because they are more than you’ll ever amount too…

  • snooze…

    Of course all the pics. of them with their kids are for PUBLICITY “genious”… they only had kids to ACCESSORIZE their “IMAGE”! And you tell me what oh what do these two TWATS bring to the table to improve the world we live in, hmmm? You KNOW NOTHING about me, so you KNOW NOTHING of what contributions I PERSONALLY, PROFESSIONALLY, & FINANCIALLY have made… so I don’t like the Beckhams’- well arrest me then, and yes I believe that the world would be a better place without these two narcissistic, greedy, superficial, hideous, and vile human being polluting our sacred earth!

    Shove that up your Beckham worshipping arse Mike!

  • O.M.G.


  • snooze is pathetic

    Snooze is one pathetic nobody. how can you be so jealous of people you dont even know? I suggest you get off your fat ass and try to make something of your life. The Beckhams are a loving couple, adore their kids and very rich, successful and good looking. You obviously have a problem with the fact that you are a nobody and can’t stand the fact that you are a loser and always will be.

  • hahahaha

    hahahahaha America’s latest britixh imports can only generate 12+ comments… hahahahahaha- ya, they are SOOOO RELEVANT!


  • wtf!

    snooze what the fuck is ur problem why would u even be responding on this thread if u didnt give a shit about them they probably look a whole hell of alot better than u ever will p.s. they look sooo ahdorable.awww!!!!

  • snooze…

    YOU beckham-loving WANNABEES are the LOSERS!

    My life is better than F-I-N-E! But thank you soooo much for being soooo concerned- it’s quite touching, really :)

    So funny that when a commenter you KNOW is “right on”- others must go into attack mode and verbally attack such posters without looking into the issue that I have presented: WHAT EXACTLY DO THEY (THE VILE BECKHAMS’ CONTRIBUTE TO THIS WORLD OF OURS?) Hmmm? I’m still WAITING on that all-important ANSWER!

  • ilovethekid

    uggggggggggggggh. he totally could have been used at the Galaxy game…both him and Landon Donovan! it was a sorrrrrrrrrrrry game.

  • TJ

    they looks good!

  • TJ

    they looks good!

  • snooze…

    Re: wtf: Mike brazenly responded to my post concerning this smug, vile couple… it is my right as a citizen of this fine country to respond in kind.. why should it matter sooo much to all of you who have NEVER met these two twats what anyone else thinks of them… Geez it’s not like you are related or close personal friends… so what if I don’t like them or talk smack about them- what’s it to you? You are the fool(s) for “defending” these ppl. whom you only know through the media, etc… you HAVE NO CLUE WHO THEY ACTUALLY ARE- so you chill out! Last I checked this was still a Free Country where I can speak my mind freely… so I have just as much right to speak down of these two twats as you do to raise them up on golden pedestals- Deal With Differing Opinions!

  • BT


  • pinkydoo

    I just love them, they’re so sexy and they are always holding hands. It’s so sweet to see. They also love their children and they have tons of money. What more could you ask for in Hollyweird.

  • Love them

    Love them!

    They’ve benn 2gether for over 10 years…have beatiful kids…and I don’t know why people are so hard on them!

  • Daisy

    Hey snooze…I think it’s time for you to refill your prescription for whatever drugs you’re supposed to take to maintain your sanity.

  • Cam

    Gosh… she is beyond unattractive looking- she’s pathetically UGLY!

  • posh
  • poshandbecks4ever

    Thats a hot couple, I love her skirt and that bag. It doesnt get any better.

  • Priya07

    I have a correction……Beckham just returned from Trinidad……it’s a Caribbean Island…..Port of Spain is its capital

  • zhaoyang


  • trinigirl

    Just to clear a few things up
    Becks came with England to England against the Trinidad and Tobago national team “The Soca Warriors” Port of spain is the capital of Trinidad where the england team was.
    On Friday not Saturday after the England training session Beckham went to a “football” we call it football not soccer. He was really great with them.
    Sunday they had the match and he did not have that bandage on. Neither when leaving Trinidad he had it afterwards.

    Trust me i know i was at the match and got to see him

  • mariya

    wat a hot couple!!
    just look at them!!

  • Marta

    great skirt

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    becks is stupid fresh.

    sticktoria is garbage.

  • kas

    only beckham could pull off that metro look. if a regular wore that kind of a scarf, it looks gay, not metro

  • gsoed

    Lovely Couple!!!
    They’ll celebrate their 9th wedding anniversary on July.

  • Sadam

    Yes, American is free country. Free to speak what they want & free to attach person also free to attack other country?????

  • Sadam

    Yes, American is free country. Free to speak what they want & free to attack person also free to attack other country?????

  • jesica

    They’ve been together for 11 years & they maried for 9 years.
    They’re famous, rich, gorgeous but they have happy family.
    Sweet Couple!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • benjo italiano

    I love them. Nice & hot couple!!!!

  • celebrity

    i LOVE THEM SO MUUUCCCHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • zoe

    they look really hot together. i like what posh’s wearing here.

  • torene

    Daivd Beckham is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo hottie.

  • Mrsbeckham237

    Noo !!!!!!!!! someone twiist my arm !!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3


  • carol

    they are always together! this is just great!!!!!!!
    cause that they are my favorite couples!