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Elijah Wood Has the Bleues

Elijah Wood Has the Bleues

Elijah Woods and longtime girlfriend Pamela Racine, grab lunch at celeb hotspot L’Orange Bleue on Thursday in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood.

Yesterday at the 2008 MTV Movie Awards, Elijah made a cameo in a short comedy spoof along with the host of the awards, Mike Myers and Iron Man director Jon Favreau. If anyone has the video, please share it in the comments!

10+ pictures inside of Elijah and Pam having the Bleues…

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elijah wood lorange bleue 04
elijah wood lorange bleue 05
elijah wood lorange bleue 06
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47 Responses to “Elijah Wood Has the Bleues”

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  1. 1
    urgh Says:

    She is so plain. and he looks 14

  2. 2
    hahah Says:

    More set ups? God he is getting so obvious after all who is interested in this kid lookalike- he only has middle aged women who are interested, and he seems like he doesnt give a damn about her,

  3. 3
    Emma Says:


  4. 4
    penny Says:

    wow who gives a ****

  5. 5
    Mike Says:

    love him!

  6. 6
    lisset Says:

    he has lost soooo much weight
    and hes gotten taller.

    hes lookin goood.

    and that spoof at the mtv awards
    was kinda random.. was he even
    at the award show??

    my favorite was the one with jack black, ben stiller, and robert downey jr.. omg that was hilarous. nut checkkkk. lmaoo.

  7. 7
    rolling eyes Says:

    everybody with a brain gives shi*t

    this guy is underrated talent of the highest degree!

    I’ve seen his girlfriend, and she is hot when she cares to be. In other words she not a fake 24/7 betch like hollywoods finest (i,e, lohan, paris, megan fox etc…)

  8. 8
    nikomilinko Says:

    yes, he looks younger

  9. 9
    tanisha Says:

    I agree, she is not plain. She seems to have a self-confidence that doesn’t need any heavy makeup

  10. 10
    Shonathan Hilton Says:

    He is kinda sexy lol

  11. 11
    ~ Says:

    she’s not his “long time girlfriend” –it’s only been 3 years. I know her ex.

    She’s not “fake hollywood” b/c she’s not hollywood at all, lucked into meeting EW via the singer of her band.

  12. 12
    j. sULLIVAN Says:

    Don’t really care either way, at least re: gay/straight, but, jeez, I have NEVER seen a picture of them together where he looks even remotely happy. She, on the other hand, never fails to look quite smirky and self-satisfied. Friends – okay, f***buddies – probably, lovers – no way in hell. Someone is being used in this situation, big time, probably just before being kicked to the curb when something better or more famous comes along, and it ain’t the band dancer..

  13. 13
    ed Says:

    She’s lovely when she makes an effort, but she just doesn’t! She looks a mess but then again, so does he of late!

  14. 14
    j. sullivan Says:

    Also, whatever happened to “I never go to those so-called celeb hot spots – it’s not really my style.” Now it is?? Meh.

  15. 15
    pr Says:

    pr,so called in who wants a photo of him?: NOBODY but saddos on elijah_finds… I so wouldnt dare, how can they not see the obviousness?

    Must get the PR pics in before she goes on tour in a few days eh???

  16. 16
    WHAt Says:


    they seem really happy!

  17. 17
    the pics Says:

    HA SHE seems really happy- I think elijah looks more than fed up, and I dont think its the paps either, he looks like a guy ready to do some “Its not you its me talk”

  18. 18
    joey Says:

    I really dont think that their unhappy to be with each other bcuz mind u they have been together for a while now three years (I think) so if they werent happy it would have ended a while ago now and I think the reason y they look so miserable is bcuz they kno their photo is being taken and their privacy is being invaded and I wouldnt blame them u wanna go out and have a nice sit down lunch with ur bf/gf and u cant bcuz ur photo is being taken and ur privacy is shot out the window yes obvisoiusly hes an actor so hes supposed to expect this sorta thing but on the other hand he is entitled to his privacy regardless of who he is or what he does and in regards to Pam I dont think she looks that bad she is dressed casual but I dont think she cares and mind u their only going out to lunch its not like their going to a gala or to the oscars where she has to dress to impress Im not going to lie I think shes ugly but hey each to their own right I just think that every1 should stop judging their relationship based on a bunch of photos bcuz assumptions like that are never right and Elijah is a very talented and beautiful person and I think that he deserves every bit of hapiness that he is entitled too =)

  19. 19
    @joey Says:

    you forget sweetpea that this place is a pap hot spot, celebs know where those hot spots are, so in other words, they knew the paps would be there.

    Also after 3 years esp a very long distance relationship with no commitment, can get tiresome after a while, I think if he splits with Pam then whatever- I just dont think he loves her, I think they get on, but I see no love there, but when you are young, who needs love in a relationship?

  20. 20
    Sara Says:

    I love Elijah and he’s obviously not shallow at all! Cool :p

  21. 21
    Sara Says:


  22. 22
    Sara Says:

    @ 19- How can you see anything? I’m a year younger than him and ppl our age only date ppl they’re crazy about, esp ones with means. He could date any girl probably but he’s chosen her instead. Three yrs is very long so he obviously chooses to be with her and loves her. Get a life and focus on your own bf/husband if you have one.

  23. 23
    Jen Says:

    She’s so cute! What is she doing with HIM?

  24. 24
    Halli Says:

    First off. He is a very talented actor who has had a steady career since he was a very young boy and hasn’t become some loser on the Surreal Life, SO props to him.

    I also wonder who is the same sad cow that keep writing that she is a mess, only looks good when she makes an effort and is plain looking. Green is not your colour. The girl looks like she has nice, clear and even toned skin, a good body and a pretty face.

  25. 25
    sam Says:

    are you people seriously duscussing the relationship between 2 people you’ve never met? how can you know ANYTHING about their relationship?

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