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Gisele Bundchen Meets the Parents

Gisele Bundchen Meets the Parents

Gisele Bundchen takes a stroll with boyfriend Tom Brady‘s parents on the streets of Manhattan and stop for lunch at Extra Virgin in the West Village on Sunday.

Ms. Bundchen has been getting along just fine after recently leaving Victoria’s Secret. She continues to model for Olang, which is the G2B Ipanema sandal line and recently came out with a new set of ads.

The 27-year-old model might be looking at a new boss as former Yahoo! and Warner Bros. Entertainment CEO Terry Semel is looking to possibly acquire IMG marketing and talent agency, currently servicing Tiger Woods and Gisele Bundchen.

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  • Anonymous


  • Newport beach, 92660

    Aw CUTE.

  • martin

    She is a very beautiful woman. I’m her greatest fan!!!
    Gisele rocks!

  • i love pink

    The restraunt is called ”Extra Virgin” but as we all know Gisele isnt a virgin.
    And Her boyfriend is whipped like a horse on a race track.

  • Bridget

    Olang is the G2B Ipanema sandal line that Gisele has been doing since 02′. I don’t think she is looking for more work..If anything she is trying to do less.

  • Bridget

    ilove need help.

  • astrid

    Nice pictures. I guess they are planiing Tom and Gisele’s engagement that will take place soon at her compound in Costa Rica! Gisele looks so happy!

  • i love pink

    Bridget, no i dont need help.

  • Shrink

    She’s a fool. Any woman who would hook up with Brady after how gallantly he handled his last relationship is a either as morally corrupt as he or stupid or both.

  • Too funny!

    This is too funny – the Brady’s may be stuck with Gislut as a daughter-in-law!!! Best thing to happen to this sanctimonious family!

  • Girl

    I swear it’s a transexual!

  • krissy

    to i love pink, that `extra virgin` comment was totally unnecessary and distasteful whether you need help or not

  • barbie

    Gisele looks lovely. Very healthy and slim. I hope her relationship with Brady works out, they’ve been dating already for over a year now and so far so good. No-one knows about what really happened with his ex….probably no saint herself. But he did publicly say that he would support his son no matter what…

  • :)

    i absolutely love giselle for wearing this outfit! it makes me happy when i see ppl with good style

  • kelly

    She looks like a man.

    That is a proof that so many of the top designers are gay, so they choose woman that look like man.

  • yuck!

    Sorry, but she looks like a boy.

    She has ugly face and masculine body.

  • Tara

    Tom is using her for her money. When he gets tired he will move on to something else he always does.

  • http://JUSTJARED.BUZZNET.COM Karma for the brady’s

    The Brady’s SOOOOOOOOOO deserve Gislut as a daughter-in-law and the Pats fans SOOOOOOOOO deserve Gislut as their QB-in-law. Remember the havoc she caused during the Super Bowl? Geez, Brady couldn’t keep his concentration – kept looking up toward her box. Imagine having Gislut with Brady 24×7. The NFL would love it!!!

  • hello

    What I don’t get is why the Brady family is not out in LA seeing their grandson/nephew instead of this loser. Hey Brady family, the baby is way more important than Gisele and should be of a higher priority to you than her!

  • daisy

    Can someone tell me why bloggers keep on calling her Gislut? What has she done that is so slutty? ( Just curious) Also, no.16, how the hell does she have a masculine body? – she has huge breasts! – esp. in proportion to the rest of her body. I for one would kill to have a body like hers.

  • janie

    Tom and Gi truly deserve each other!!! both self-absorb in lacking in morals…I hope they have a happy life…I mean it

  • stoner

    I knew of Giselle back when she was with Leo thru some friends…according to my friend, Giselle was a real snooty b*tch and would sit around on her ass smoking pot all day long. Leo on the other hand was always sweet and generous, helping others in need. I was glad when I heard they broke up for good, as I always wanted to see Leo with somebody sweet like Bar.

  • Tina

    I LOOOVE GISELE. She is so REAL when interviewed. She’s not shy and quiet at all. And I love her nose. I’ve never seen her be rude like Cameron Diaz. They both have cheery attitudes, but Gisele is smart enough not to get easily pissed off by the photogs so she can end up looking like a total ditz like now ugly Cameron Diaz, who is losing her blonde status and now has an ugly nose.

    Sorry… I promised myself i would not lower my standards and slander these celebs… but I just wanted to make a point! Cause Cameron… really is ANNOYING! ugh!

  • Kat

    If Giselle got high off of pot so much, then how come she didn’t get fat from the munchies? Or… did she do one of those things where you eat first and then smoke up, to lose weight? (Smoking pot actually can make you lose weight if you do it the right way).
    Anyway, I don’t care for pot or drugs. Wine’s my thing.
    And how did she get so successful as a hard-working supermodel, if she was smokin pot? She never looked high. Isn’t she the richest supermodel, according to rankings, now? That’s someone who gets high? I think she would have failed at her career if she smoked too much pot.

  • Kik’s

    Gisele looks like a man? OMFG…I wish I looked like that man!!

    I know Gisele and she’s probably the MOST sweet person I know….she’s real…she helps her friends…and her MORALS are great!
    Her family is in 1st place for her…no matter what…

    She doesn’t smoke pot! She’s very concerned about health…the only unhealthy thing she does is eating french fries twice at week!

  • luvvy

    I think those are Paige Jeans – they are SO cute!

  • yuck!

    He jaw line, her nose, her bone structure, her lack of hips or waistline.

    She is more of boy or a man than a feminine lady.


    I have no idea about her private life, other than the fact she got together with a guy who got his girlfriend pregnant.

    She should have stepped back and let them focus on their family and baby.


    she is just beautiful! G2B IPANEMA shoes line is own by giselle herself! her family is managing her business! i heard it last year when i was in madrid!

  • susan

    Brady was in Los Angeles this past weekend. He was seen at a golf event. How do you people know he did not see his son?

  • krissy

    Smoking pot the whole day? LOL! If Leo is so great and Giselle is a pot smoking why was Leo dating her for 5 years and kept going back to her and was like shocked when Giselle finally gave him the boot?
    #22, so you knew Giselle or knew her `according to your friend`? And do you know Bar or you heard that she is sweet `according to` someone?

  • Kim

    They look like they cant stand her sleazy butt.

  • http://justjared Victoria

    Self absorbs, deserves each other. Tom, what goes around comes around. Giselle, don’t get pregnant he will run. Why didn’t you run before?

  • anon

    What the hell is wrong with this family?

  • inga

    She is so beautiful. But not so beautiful when she speaks.

  • anon

    Her engagement ring looks really small, I thought Tom would have given her monster rock!!!

    They had lunch together, Tom’s parent’s probably spent the whole meal saying pardon me?! pardon me?!, What did she just say?!?!?

    Yes Gislut!! just could not miss this pap opportunity to be seen with the parents!! I give the marriage 2 years max and I’m being generous. The only way it will survive longer than my prediction is because they are busy working projects, and he football almost 8months of a year, That leaves 4 months together.

  • krissy

    anon, is it your job to talk trash about Giselle all over the internet? It is getting really annoying. How do you know what Tom`s parents probably said at the lunch? You sound stupid and ridiculous. You have this hatred towards Giselle and you come up with your conspiracy theories what a she is. Do you know her? Did she do anything to you that you have this personal vendetta against her? You should chill and don`t get all worked up all the time, just let her be.

  • lauren

    I didn’t know Tom and Gis were engaged, I think they will get married and it seems like she has a much more stable relationship w/Tom than Leo. It also seems like he treats her a lot better than Leo did. Those two were always breaking up because of his cheating and then he’d win her back. Leo’s relationship w/Bar is as unstable as the one he had with Giselle.

  • Bond

    I LOVE Tom and Gisele. What a great couple. Tom’s Mom is very attractive. It is serious!!!!! Gisele looks so completely in love and so does Tom. I am so happy he finally found someone worth of his greatness/hotness. Tom Brady Rocks my World and apparently Gisele’s.

  • Annie

    Tom was ‘seen’ but not pictured (so it seems) walking his son with Sam Harris and his son. No Bridget, of course. Two babies, one baby stroller, Tom was carrying John. The “Z Report” said Tom and Sam were very friendly and hugged when they said goodbye. Can’t be that bad of blood there since Sam and Bridget are BFF’s.

  • Holly

    anon, you loser, engagment rings are worn on the left hand, not the right as shown in the pics above L O S E R!!!!

  • hello


    I feel so sorry for you if you think that “greatness” and “hotness” are the two most important qualities one could have. Being a good person (something Tom Brady evidently is not) is what matters, not being “great” or “hot.”

  • it’s a joke

    Brady’s parents tolerate Gislut because they will do anything to please their son. I love that they are stuck with this homewrecking ho! Tom will rue the day that he get engaged to or marries this Brazilian bimbo. I hope he is utterly miserable! He will never have time for his clone of a son – he has shown that already. One week in all his off time for John. He is such a deadbeat loser!

  • Sad, very sad!

    I can’t believe that Tom Brady’s parents – Mr. Catholic Brady Sr. – are bonding with Gislut, the Brazilian bimbo, instead of their little grandson, John Moynahan! They chose the girlfriend instead of the grandson. Sad, very sad!

  • Whatever

    Style – jeans and a white t-shirt? Ok whatever. At least it looks like a clean white t-shirt and GiSlut is wearing clothes. She looks like a trannie and is a total has been at this point who needs to get married. I don’t know if going to lunch with your botfriends family means marriage or engagement but I too hope they get married, can’t wait to see the misery they bring to each other. They totally deserve each other.

  • Kelly

    I can’t stand her. I have no respect for any woman who would do what she did during Bridgets pregnancy. Everytime I see her I just want to smack her. The Brady’s are no better if they are accepting her. I am sure they are only doing it because of Tom. Body language says they can’t stand the bitch.

  • Sad

    Brady’s parents accept her because they are the epitome of Catholic hypocrites. They travel the country preaching faith and family values, yet they support what their son did to his child’s mother. THEY ARE ALL DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!

  • krissy

    Kelly, what did Giselle exactly do during Bridget`s pregnancy? Please, enlighten me ( with one more fictional theory ).

  • She’s a ho

    She sent out the message months before her and Brady got together that she wanted him. They were seen together once in NYC a couple of months before he broke it off with Bridget. She has always said that she wanted to marry an all american athlete or movie star. I guess she didn’t care who got in her way. She is a pig.

  • Drugs and sex

    I read that she not only used to get high, but her former agent said she basically slept her way to the top.

  • huh

    I read that she not only used to get high but her former agent said she basically slept her way to the top.