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Jennifer Aniston to John Mayer: Meet Courteney Cox!

Jennifer Aniston to John Mayer: Meet Courteney Cox!

Jennifer Aniston takes musician boyfriend John Mayer to visit BFF and former Friends costar Courteney Cox at her gated beach home in Malibu, California on Sunday.

Aniston, 39, and Mayer, 30, drove together in his Porsche Cayenne Turbo and spent the afternoon with Cox, 43, and her husband David Arquette, 36. Aniston and Cox definitely like their men younger — fresh meat!

John was also seen walking the stairs up to the main house holding Jen‘s waist.

20+ pictures inside of Janiston‘s Sunday with Cox

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Credit: MAT/JRI/JOY/SA/CB/Friolo, Butterworth, Thompsett; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline, Bauergriffinonline
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207 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston to John Mayer: Meet Courteney Cox!”

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  1. 26
    Just passing ... Says:

    # 3,

    Thankfully, there is one more astrologer on this site and that’s me. All I can say is that I find your use of astrology a horrible example of abuse of a very noble science, which was not elaborated over the centuries to serve cheap fanatics trying to defend the morally indefensible (the adulterers Jolie and Pitt, who exercised little if no damage control after getting together so soon after his split).

    Astrology’s purpose is not to sully people by talking about their supposed weaknesses. A birth chart is a picture of the heavens at the moment of your birth and applies to absolutely everything born at that moment – including a question or a blade of grass. There is no such things as a good or bad chart – every one has its strengths and flaws.

    But since you like to look at one side of the question, let me give you the other side and come what it may:

    At the time of Ms Jolie’s birth, the planet Venus was in the 12th house of her birth chart. The 12th house deals with scandals, sorrow and disgrace. A Venus in the 12the house can indicate an altruist but it can also show a person who likes to be involved in clandestine affairs. Does that speak of someone to you? She may be the first or the second or maybe both. Most likely, both. Besides, the ruler of her 7th house (marriage) is Saturn, which keeps Venus company in the same house. A marriage after a behind-the-scenes affair or a huge scandal? You choose.

    At the time of Mr Pitt’s birth, his Sun was in the 1st house and received no aspects whatsoever from any other planet in his chart. This is something he shares with the Sun King of France. Perhaps he considers himself the Sun King of America or of the female sex. In any case, many astrologers are concerned that an unaspected Sun sometimes means a basic character that finds it hard to integrate itself into the rest of the personality. Is that why he always takes on characteristics and styles from all the women he is with? I leave the answer to you.

    His 2nd house has a stellium (a group) of planets like his Moon (feelings), Mercury (what he thinks and talks about) and Venus (love). The 2nd house is about possessions and how we deal with them. Saturn (common sense, self-discipline) is there, too, but makes no contact to any of his planets in the chart, except Neptune (self-delusion). I hope that gives his rose-coloured glasses one glass only, so that he sees at least half of the reality around.

    Isn’t it strange that his Venus is in the house of possessions and trined by Pluto (power)? Does that sound like someone who discards someone or something he doesn’t need anymore like possession in the public eye?

    He has his Pluto and Uranus (sudden surprises) in the 9th house, which rules (among other things) legal matters. He may be involved in some pretty awkward legal situations in the unforeseeable future.

    His Ceres (the asteroid responsible for nurturing the others) is in the 12th house. No need to say that anything that falls in that house has a grave problem expressing itself. He may not be a great nurturer on spiritual level but he may like to be nurtured.

    Jennifer Aniston’s Sun is in the 4th house of home and family, so home and family were important to her when he said that he wanted out. As for him, a first-house Sun seems to be concerned only with its own shine.

    Want more? Just tell me and I’ll shower you with more reflections on astrology. As you see, it goes both ways. But the truth is that we are more than our charts and everyone can get better over time. What I’m doing is observing the world around to see who chooses to live his birth chart as if it will never change and who will confirm it to the last detail.


  2. 27
    Tina Says:

    She is a pretty & successful woman….leave her alone..atleast she is not a media ***** like the brangelinas. Do people seriously think she cares a damn about what hey have to say about her personal life…carry on Jen you rock.

  3. 28
    gabriel Says:

    why is john so thin???
    drugs cause the courtneys and the hubby knows alot of druggy friends like heath ledger

    jen is druggy too

  4. 29
    layla Says:

    She is gorgeous and talented!
    All you people are just jealous..
    They look happy. Good for them!

  5. 30
    Don Corleone Says:

    I wonder how old are the people posting against Jennifer all the time. It’s the only thing that stops me from replying to their stupid posts. I’m almost in my 30′s, I wouldn’t want to abuse little stupid kids. Besides, maybe one day they’ll grow up.

    Anyway, Jennifer looks amazing. She’s too good for that guy though.

  6. 31
    ayla Says:

    They’re so so cute together. Thanks Jared for the pics.

  7. 32
    ... Says:

    Her new nose look better than her old nose but with all those botox and plastic surgeries,she still her age 40. John Mayer look like her son.

  8. 33
    lovely lovely Says:

    jen does read this website in particular. it was yersterday some were saying why she meet him at the hotel instead of her home, now they are together at court’s house what a shock here they are in public likefor real hahahahaha………… really??????????

  9. 34
    spfxgirl Says:

    Good luck to them both. All i can say is i can’t stand John Meyer. The guy is a d**k head.

  10. 35
    ~~&~~ Says:

    Her face looks BOTOX.
    Mother and Son.

  11. 36
    angel Says:

    they make a beautiful couple together , i love them tegether.

  12. 37
    layla Says:

    #30 – I completely agree with you.
    I think she’ s too good for him too. John’s a lucky dude..
    Maybe it’s because his body is a wonderland….

  13. 38
    angel Says:

    wooooooooooooooooooow jen look like teenager, she has baby face.

  14. 39
    acki Says:

    wow i love them together she is a sweetheart…and he is better looking than mr. oldboy pittiy pitt

  15. 40
    Pookie2002 Says:

    Lost my last post – so here goes..short and sweet somwhat…BE HAPPY YOU HATERS – You know you all would love a younger man – just like her BFF Courtney – I mean – 43 / 36 is good – and they have madfe it work – sure – I am possitive there were bumps in the road – but TRUE LOVE always prevails. I am truly happy for Jen is this is the one – But Yet…early stages and I will not hold my breadth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – Its stil mucj to early – Let them enjoy thier romance period in bliss – as GOD knows she totally deserves it with the last 2 – 3 yrs her life is and has truly ben in turmois – and she is one of the bigggest philanthropists that I know of….she gives away a BUT of $$$ all the time – sure -hear of the GOOD ones and perhaps even the largest conribution ones! – But dont forget – the SMALL ONES TOO! – I thing its terrific that finally SHE IS HAPPY – I truly think THIS IS NOT PUBLICITY – as GOD KNOWS – neither one of them NEED it – they dont even need MGR’s at thispoint in their movies careers as their names alone carries them in this incidious movie BIZ!!! – Jenn definitly, JM, I am not so sure – he still has to work at it a little bit harder than her….I think its cute…..PPL…In Pic ONc – what is it that Jm passing to CC. It looks like a key from one of those Hide a Key stones places in the property…hmmmm – NOT SO SAFE exspecially in the RITZY area in affluent area of MALIBU – Just my oppinion. And one more question, WHO THE HELL IS THE CHICK IN PICS 17.,18 and 19!!! – I cannot figure out who the hell it is – and I look truly very closely – NO RESBLENCE TO JEN in ANY WAY! = Just some thoughts – could someone let me know who this mysteriois woman is please – Muchas Gracias!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have Gread Day all – P.S. On another note – I NEED MORE TOMKAT pics from their House WArming Party SAt Night – posted – I mean ….10??? is this all they could get from her hovering Helicopter! – I mean – the world i therioyster up there – SKY IS THE LIMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE LEMME KNOW – Thanks (Certainly -NOT FIRST!!!!

  16. 41
    Reality Check Says:

    Brad left Jennifer. Jennifer had no choice in the matter because Brad did not want to be married to her. Go read Aniston interview in VF. She wanted to the marriage to continue . You Jen hens can pretend to remake history but the facts will not changes. Read Aniston;s own words.

  17. 42
    boring Says:

    Damn the girl does the same thing with every so call real relationship. She is so boring. I guess a trip to Mexico is next. Thank goodness Brad left this boring woman.

  18. 43
    boring Says:

    All those operations and she still looks like a man with a big nose.

  19. 44
    Jojo Says:

    Jennifer Aniston – talented????? How, can she sing?

  20. 45
    see how easy Says:

    I want privacy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,OK go to the Beverly Hills hotel where all the paps hag out

    I want privacy……………OK have the party at my Malibu home where the paps have free access to the beach.

    Aniston is so good at the PR sh*t.

  21. 46
    Jojo Says:

    All I can say is – Jennifer is still really mad for Brad. Hell, she even got herself a male version of Angelina (wild, wild, wild!) If Angie kissed her brother, John kissed what’s-his-name. He’s a pee-boy, and Angie was a bit outspoken too when she was younger about her sexuality. Pretty much even-steven.

  22. 47
    Jojo Says:

    It was probably true that she left Brad, only after Brad told her that he fell in love with Angie. I mean, if your husband tell you that he’s in love with another woman, wouldn’t you leave too even if you don’t want to? Or maybe it’s better if you kick him out instead of leaving. Better for the pride

  23. 48
    something not quite right Says:

    the whole thing smells fishy……..dunno…….it all seems for publicity

  24. 49
    Mediterranean Says:

    How happy John looked in these photos :(

    When he even smiled, as if he was in pain.

    Cox was another person who was overjoyed around…..

    I don’t even like to say anyting about her husband.

  25. 50
    izzie, the soccer mom Says:

    cookie @ 06/02/2008 at 3:37 am Jennifer you are so beautiful and so normal, its a very rare combination now!
    Definition of normal, being????

    None of these people on this site are normal…they make money from their private lives, and shilling products and some from their talent, but that’s where it stops for Aniston – no talent.

    Do you realize that no one would care at all about her, except for the fact that she is the ex-wife of Brad Pitt. Need I say more?

    Everyone she dates adds to the list of the coat tails of the JoliePitt phenom, plain and simple.

    Let’s see how long little John likes Aniston’s laid back life in LA – tanning, drinking, tanning, walking dogs, tanning, and now back with her lovers, the Coxettes…..B O R I N G

    Why do you think Brad got the hell out?

    Run, John, Run!

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