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The Truth Be Told About Jennifer Garner

The Truth Be Told About Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner takes a break from shooting movies and takes a nice, long stroll with her daughter Violet, 2 1/2, in Cambridge, Massachusetts on Friday.

Jen, 36, was also spotted on the the set of her latest movie, This Side of Truth, in Lowell, Massachusetts.

This Side of the Truth is a comedy set on an alternate Earth where no-one has ever lied, and stars Ricky Gervais (UK’s The Office) as a performer who tells the world’s first, coming to wield its power for personal gain.

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jennifer garner this side of the truth 01
jennifer garner this side of the truth 02
jennifer garner this side of the truth 03
jennifer garner this side of the truth 04
jennifer garner this side of the truth 05
jennifer garner this side of the truth 06
jennifer garner this side of the truth 07
jennifer garner this side of the truth 08

Credit: Jay Thornton; Photos: INFdaily
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  • sunny

    The little one is cute, dont like her parents, but she is a cutie pie!!

  • yeah

    she’s growing up well!

  • joss

    she so cute!


    How DARE she bring her child on location with her. She should be in pre-school. Where’s Ben and why is he not watching her…blah, blah….

  • pwee

    Violet is sooo cute

  • Janie

    Michele, she’s 2. I love there family!

  • Paula

    Violet is sooo adorable! I love her :)

  • Ha!

    Cute little girl. Always looks happy.

  • aww

    Violet is soooooooo cute! :)
    Love Jen, can’t wait for her movies to come out, hope they’ll have more cute babies :P

  • Whatshisname

    I wonder if she misses Ben…

  • b

    Jen is really starting to look like her mom in the face. Kinda sad. Sorry!

  • CelebrityFanChat Raph

    violet is so cute. :)

  • i love them

    pics of them lately are so rare…
    I love that violet is so happy all the time she is so different from the other celebrity babies

  • meamelia

    violet grows up cuter than ever!!..
    I adore her..awww…
    I hope she get a bro or sis soon!..

  • [~I n F a m o u s~]

    um, is violation ok? i mean.. seriously, is she ok?

    poor thing got to much of mommys genes

  • Kiki

    Genetics are interesting….she looks a cross between her mommy and daddy! She’s going to be lovely just like her mom!




  • I really hope so


    I love the pics JJ

  • vi

    oh my god
    she’s soooooooooooo cute
    she become cuter every time i see her
    i miss seeing photos of her

  • nikomilinko

    this girl looks like her mother

  • Shonathan Hilton

    I like Jennifer Garner.

    i think shes a good actress.

  • http://wowonsheverypretty chen

    wow i happly l love jennifer and viotel

  • sunnykidstyle

    Thanks so much for these gorgeous pics :):) Just a few days i’ve been wondering what happened to Jen and Violet, they always look so sweet together. And I still can’t figure out whether Violet favors more her mom or her dad, she’s such a good combination of the both of them. And her light hair is so unbelievable, considering Ben and Jennifer both have really dark brown hair. But then, it will probably darken as she hits puberty and by the time she’s of age, I suppose she’ll have their color.

    And a huge thanks to everyone who has been visiting my new children’s design blog about stylish design for kids; especially thanking those of you who have already given me some feedback :):):) After yesterdays focus on some great Swedish design, today I’ve been posting about some sweet felt accessories: bags, gift tags and hair clips.

    By the way, Jared, what’s up with the posting today? Are there some server issues? Or is it just me that things are going so slowly?

  • jade

    I like Jennifer. Little Violet is such a cutie.

  • Val

    Awwww, so cute!

  • misty

    #25 i would never ever go into your site this woman has no sense of style and it’s ashame that they have millions and always manage to look like shit, this is not a good looking child or mother so stop with the crap! are you blind look at the way she dresses her violet ,and yes the child has rather unusual features. Jen take a note from angie and katie they know how to dress a child, stop the girl next door bull and down to earth mom , We know you are full of shit and so is your Fugly ben!

  • Adoring Fan

    Poor Misty #28. You are so consumed with your hatred and jealousy of this beautiful family. People of substance don’t flaunt their wealth. That is so tacky. They are real folks in their every day life. No need to put on airs and dress to impress the likes of people like you. Learn to appreciate the differences in people. Try not painting everybody with the same brush. Broaden your horizons. You may discover life has more to offer you. Good luck honey.

  • Adoring Fan

    Little Miss Violet is soooooo cute. Her mom is a living doll and her dad is a hunk.

  • me

    Love me that adorable tyke violet! She is always so happy. Mommy and daddy are doing somehting (everything) right!

  • Mellymelpa

    Awww… favourite Mum and daughter team, love them. Violet’s growing up so fast, such a sweetie.

    Misty sending you a hug, you must be really hurting.

  • shammy

    Violet is a sweet little doll that appears to be a happy girl. As for Jen, I think she looks just like her Mother. Especially in these photos they have a striking resemblance with facial expressions. I hope to see a mini me of Ben soon going to baseball games with him eating some NUTS.

    Also, Ben and Jen or Matt have to see the Celtics play in Boston against the Lakers or they are not true Celtics fans.


    was like justjared better without all the Violet Affleck pics

  • minime

    She would have been better off not trading up her ex hubbie for Ben. Mind you these two met on the set of Daredevil while she was MARRIED and she was at her peak. Karma is a beotch. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ben turns around within a year or so and trades her up for an incredible hottie like Megan Fox because he can. I could so see Ben with Megan as the next super couple like Angie and Brad. Granted Megan has a boyfriend but so did JLo before Ben came along. What comes around goes around.

  • minime

    She should really stop plumping up those lips. They were not that big during Alias. It doesn’t give her a sexy effect. She is looking more like flipper the dolphin with all that surgery.

  • haters go away

    Amazing…………………………that some have nothing better to do then wait for pics of Jen and V. to be posted and WHAM!!!!!!! There are the rude comments.

    They dress down to earth and there is a comment about they don’t dress “rich enough”. If they would dress to the nines……….there would be comments that they are “snobs”.

    Just want to be haters is all. Why???? So you can have attention? Then people will give a respose to your post? You must really crave attention.

    Great pics, JJ, thanks for sharing.

  • june

    Violet !! I love them.

  • Khaj

    misty… What exactly is wrong with the way Violet is dressed… it looks like she’s in her “play-clothes”. I wish more celebs would put their kids in normal “play” attire when they’re out playing instead of really expensive “dressy” type things that will get ruined and never be worn again. Kids tend to get attached to clothes, even little ones. My little sister had a shirt she loved so much, mom incorporated it into a couple of larger shirts and then a pair of pants as she grew up.

    I don’t get all the fuss over what celebrity children wear. So they’re dressed in comfortable clothes and not wearing dresses and suits. Sure, the dresses and suits are adorable, but they’ve got their occasions and shouldn’t be normal every day wear. I don’t even get the fuss over what celebs wear as normal every day clothes either. So Jen’s not wearing Chanel at the moment… who gives a rats arse, she’s walking down the street, not on a red carpet, at a fancy restaurant, or even working.

  • Art Chic

    Why does Jen continue to pimp out her child to the pappies? Just sickening…..

  • Adoring Fan

    I wish there were a test to rule out idiot so that the majority of us wouldn’t have to wade thru all their comments. I’m not calling any one out, you people know who you are. Some ill informed people with bogas gossip and stupid assumptions without any validation whatsoever. Pick up a book or something and get off this blog. That being said, Jen is doing a scene in that photo. Who else would she look like if not her mother? . GEEZ…. IGNORAMOUS!

  • Khaj

    Art Chic… Huh? There’s pics of Violet how often exactly? Why is it that whenever a celebrity leaves their house with their child/ren, they’re pimping their kids out to the paps?? I don’t get it. What, celebrities aren’t allowed to walk around the block like normal families do every day/night across the world?

  • #39 art chic IS AN IDIOT

    nuff said

  • kasey

    i was wondering why vio looks interbred , cheney just said it Jen is from west virginia the state of interbreeding , her child has her family’s interbreeding genes, that is why she looks strange. Stop pumping up those fugly lips you will never be the georgeous Angie!

  • Fuck the haters!!!!

    that kid has the most beautiful face, I love her eyes!
    and Jen looks angry.
    can’t wait for them to go back to LA we need more pics!!!

  • Nini

    Violet looks soooo cute!!! Good Girl

  • zoe

    violet is so cute. i like jennifer but i wish she could dress better…im not dissing but i guess she’s just like everyone else. she gorgeous and looks pretty on the set pictureS!

  • #47

    for the Alias days :P

  • paige

    This child ugly she looks like a monkey and her ears are too big I hope their next child looks like Ben

  • Ally

    Bennifer look like siblings, so this poor little girl has no hope. Enough of wh*ring this kid out!

  • Adoring Fan

    I love seeing pictures of this beautiful little girl. She is so adorable. Such a sweetheart. Just like her mommy and daddy. Pics of her never fail to bring a smile to my face. Thanks Jared for these. Love my little Violet. xoxoxo