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Reese Witherspoon is Kid Krazy

Reese Witherspoon is Kid Krazy

Reese Witherspoon attends the 2008 Kidstock Music and Art Festival at the Greystone Mansion on Sunday in Beverly Hills, California.

Reese and Jake Gyllenhaal were reportedly at Tom Cruise and Katie Holmeshousewarming party on Sunday.

Jake, 27, and Reese, 32 have been thinking about marriage and kids lately, and according to friends, Jake even considers Reese‘s kids as his own.

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Photos: Frederick M. Brown/Getty
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  • guste


  • guste


  • guste

    she looks cute though.

  • cam

    Reese kids have a father who’s very involved. OK said Jake’ll spend Father’s Day with the kids, it’s more likely they’ll spend it with their real dad.

  • Stefanie

    she’s adorable!!
    the kids have two daddies.. aw

  • PardyHardy

    she looks really bad…

  • hello

    new hairdo

  • Sherylsp

    This chick makes millions of dollars per movie, yet she shows up to an event dressed like THAT? Like a frumpy Daisy Mae going off to pick up some groceries at the country store?? Oh Reese…you’re so dang disappointing in so many ways for such a so-called “movie star”…at least do yourself some favors and put some cute heels on those stumps you call legs there, half-pint!

  • legs

    she looks very happy but i’m still undecided about the hair.

  • Suzy q

    wow to post #8 – guess you’re not a fan! HA!

    Love Reece’s new hair!

  • Anon

    Reese’s ex, Ryan is tottally into his kids! If Jake thinks of her kids as his own, then he is a fool! I don’t think Jake is a fool. He seems pretty sensible to me. I think the magazines are just printing garbage to have something to write about. I think Jake gets along really good with her kids or they wouldn’t be together. I like her hair. I don’t like that top!

  • pinkydoo

    I love her new hairstyle, I really think it suits her face. I do think though that she should get her teeth whitened. Her teeth seem a little yellow to me.

  • Nika

    She looks like in “Sweet Home Alabama”… Cute!

  • misty

    This is one fugly woman , why jake would go with baggage reese is beyond me. This woman is too old to be called cute, garner and reese are two fugly woman playing the cutest role of girl next door, and down to earth good moms they are both old and fool of crap!

  • Jaded

    I love her. Cute! And I don’t think you should wear a gown for a kiddie event.

  • Halli

    Her smile reminds me of Matt Damon’s. Also, not loving the cut. She has a really good head of hair that didn’t need to be chopped off – it makes her look older.

  • cm

    she’s adorable! the new hair looks cute, too!
    it’s really amazing that she’s 32. she could totally pass for 22.

  • Ivana

    So sweat…… :-)

  • Ivana

    OMG so sweet….. :-)

  • Ivana

    # 18 MISTAKE , sorry guys my english is bad…..

  • Lilly-May

    She’s been looking so pregnant lately, hiding her stomach and wearing lots of black.

    Her and Jake make a cute couple though, she’s adorable.

  • Chris

    cute cute cute cute, don’t you dumbasses have any other word in your vocabulary? Brain dead morons. By the way, she is smiling because she’s got her makeup on. When she is photographed without her makeup she isn’t happy and doesn’t smile. I wonder where Ryan what’s his name comes into the picture if Jake is now the father of her kids. Poor Ryan, shoved completely out of the picture.

  • Meredith

    I love the new hair….and I totally have that shirt!


    You shoud listen to her interviews – Reese Witherspoon is a LOUSY MOTHER.

  • Ewww…

    Reese is fake, stupid and fugy as hell.

  • lousta

    she looks beautiful!!

    Love her short hair…it looks so fresh and cute!!
    Glad to see her look so happy

  • totallydotcom

    I agree most with #8 and #14. Yuck!

  • bella

    Why doesn’t anybody ever mention her weird chin?? it is not as noticeable in this picture because of the bright sun, her and Jennifer Aniston have chins that look really strange!!!

  • [~I n F a m o u s~]

    cranium looks like a man.

    is her chin getting pointier ?

  • +++

    You think she gives a fuck about some of the negative comments?She lives the life you all can only dream of. lolz

  • Rse

    during her whole life, she has not done anything that was unfair to anybody. go on, keep doing what you are doing. let the haters go to hell.

    love reese.

  • sunnykidstyle

    Reese and Jake are just so cute together, really hope things are working out for them. And she and Ryan really seem to be able to have it figured out with being divorced but still being there for the children, so rare. I think Bruce Willis and Demi Moore are the only other ex couple in Hollywood that succeed in this. So, I wish them all the best, and maybe in a year or so, seeing a little Gillenspoon baby would be really sweet!

    And a huge thanks to everyone who has been visiting my new children’s design blog about stylish design for kids; especially thanking those of you who have already given me some feedback :):):) After yesterdays focus on some great Swedish design, today I’ve been posting about some sweet felt accessories: bags, gift tags and hair clips.

  • s

    Jake Gyllenhaal haven’t any function with these two children. He will never deside what scholl the chidren go. If the children will be ill or they will need a surgery in hospital he can’t decide. When the children will get married in the parents will write the documents and the parents will represent the children…By the justice the parents represent their children.
    Jake Gyllenhaal function of Jake Gyllenhaal is to be a circus clowns at home and he can tame his dogs and bitches at home too.
    I hope that his future basthard will not go to work like a parasite and practice nepotism like the father whose need help of director Stephan Gyllenhaal…It is a terror!

  • s

    The bluse that Reese Witherspoon is using imitate another bluse that Kirsten Dunst used in the past. Reese Witherspoon used the same dress of Kirsten Dunst in Golden Globes and the same kind of bluse of Kirsten Dunst too.
    This women is very negative. The religios sect that she go are terrible!

  • effie


  • madonna


  • j66

    what happened to her? the hair is awful. The teeth are crooked. chin is terrible.

  • Chris

    cute cute cute cute cute the only word lots of these idiot posters know. Give it a rest, dumbasses. Find some other word for Jesus sake.

    Yeah she looks great when she has all her makeup on. without it she is just plain Jane.

  • princesscarrielynn

    I think she is adorable. I love the short hair she looks so young!

  • lulu

    Oh my god, she looks so BAD!!! Can she possibly get any worse looking? She looks old and frumpy with that haircut and outfit on. As for Jake and her kids? GIVE ME A BREAK!! OK is so full of it. Her kids mean everything to Ryan and I can promise you they will spend the entire day with THEIR DAD RYAN, NOT JAKE. I am sure RYan will have 100% to say about that. If Jake wants kids so bad of his own, he should have his own with another woman other than Reese. Stupid couple!

  • reg

    S, you are completely disgusting and insane. Get a life sicko.

    I like Reese and Jake a lot. The haters are idiots.

  • Knimble

    What were Jake and Reese doing at Tom and Katey’s house bash? Alot of the guests that were invited like Tom and Rita Hanks, Prince, Oprah, Steven Spielberg, etc. are true A-List stars, but I don’t belive that Reese and Jake even fit into that category. I am very surprised they had the nerve to even invite them.

  • Andrea 2

    Her shorter hair suits her very well. She looks good.

  • caroline

    I adore Reese and her and jake are the most sweet couple, don’t really like this new hair though, I prefer her hair long with the fringe and what the hell are people saying shes a lousy mother for, what the f**k would you all know, saddos!!!

  • zoe

    reese is cute but i dont like what she’s done to her hair!! it doesnt work for her. also, the shirt is very strange…but i like her red flats. i want those long locks back…and those aviators to come off.

  • kkcc

    hmm i usually love reese all the time, but she isn’t looking the greatest here

  • Chris

    the best you can say about her is that it is unlikely she will ever be arrested for buying crack on the street like Tatum O’Neal recently. Reese is not what Tatum is cracked up to be. LOL.

  • s

    Reese Witherspoon is a studio prostitute. Jake Gyllenhaal is a prostitute men. He has very bad friends. Robert Dorwey Jr was arrested for possession of heroin, cocaine,crack and an unloaded 357- caliber Magnun. He had to spend nearly a year in a state prison in Cordoban, California…Health Ledge died for drug overdosis. Now this studio prostitute and he take part od scientology!!!

    Tatum O’Neal wrote a book about the sexual orgies and drug in Hollywood. Melanie Cliffith was lover of her father and she invited Tatum to go in a orgy when she was very young…

  • s

    I know what kind of person you are!
    You are very poor…and you have taste and mentality of poor people.
    The value that you give for the people grow up when they have more money…
    This is a strong characteristic of people with a very, very, very poor or the origin of family is poor too!
    It happen when your family is poor. Normany this family haven’t money to buy something to eat because is very spensive to buy, then their children can’t some types of food. It the same situation in several situation in life. A poor people are kind of humen being that don’t now what happen in world and they haven’t vision for nothing and they can’t the real value of things.
    You are stupid!

    Look of the friendship of Jake Gyllenhaal. The money of Tom Cruise that he payed this house (35 millions!) is the money of another naives.

  • hgfhgfh

    S you are such a idiot. STOP POSTING!