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Angelina Jolie's Toil and Tears

Angelina Jolie's Toil and Tears

Check out the new trailer below for Wanted, the new action-packed thriller featuring Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy. The film opens everywhere on Friday, June 27.

In other Jolie-Pitt news, Angie‘s attorneys on Monday warned that someone posing as her personal assistant, Holly Goline, had sent out false information about the movie star giving birth. The source for the Entertainment Tonight report was an e-mail supposedly from Goline. An executive at the show said Monday that she wanted to “see how this story plays out” before retracting a report that the twins had been born, despite a claim of an imposter and a denial from partner Brad Pitt‘s manager.

As for the bidding war for Brad & Angie‘s twins, the pics will fetch at least $15 million, reports TMZ. People and OK! are the only glossies left standing.

”This is an absolutely huge, huge story for us,” said Sarah Ivens, editor in chief of OK! ”Essentially you have two of the most beautiful, famous people in the world. We’ve all seen they’ve had one baby, Shiloh, and it is the coolest, most adorable baby on the planet. And this time they’re having two? It can’t get any better.”

Wanted trailer featuring Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy
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  • pwee

    this movie looks soooooooooooooo good, I am dying to see it.

  • G550

    Just amazing trail of who said, who didn’t, who saw, whose servers crashed, etc. They should give the kids techno names, cause there are going to be some serious server and switch problems when they finally do show up.

    Yes, I’m kidding.

  • wow

    Love you Angelina Jolie.

  • maggie mae

    Hey Babe you look Amazing,But of course you have Brad Pitt.

  • reny

    interesting trailer

  • goodness dirty people

    #4 regina ake Trina is here with her potty mouth,i guess reginas mom was blood sucker tramp,so she likes to jump on all mothers,regina’s mom is not worth a shit like her daughter regina aka trina .

  • maggie mae

    This lady is making millions of dollars.i say more power to you baby.

  • kingkong

    can’t wait for this movie…La Jolie is so freaking hot!!!!!

  • Serena

    her arms look ridiculously skinny in that picture

  • maggie mae

    I’m so Happy for you and Brad he is wonderful Man ,He loves helping you with family and he loves you and babies.

  • lila

    Angelina and Brad make such a great couple,very proud of you too..

  • alia

    This movie looks BOMB!
    can’t wait to see it…

    AND it comes out on my b-day! :D

    thanks for the thread, jj

  • ©-!
    Shiloh looks beautifullllllll

  • ©-!

    I can’t wait wait to see this movie.

  • gie

    don’t want to miss this! its gonna be fun!

  • alia

    ” We’ve all seen they’ve had one baby, Shiloh, and it is the coolest, most adorable baby on the planet. And this time they’re having two? It can’t get any better.”

    I cannot stand when people call babies or children “it”…
    they’re people?! Shiloh is a little GIRL…

  • passing through

    From the previous thread…

    # 621 vickifromtexas @ 06/03/2008 at 12:33 pm

    pt, if you are still here i thought of two more names michael from dlisted says that are so funny. tom cruise is tommy girl but the funniest is for paris hilton is wonky mcvaltrex. too funny


    Michael K comes up with the best nicknames EVER. The first time I read “Wonky McValtrex” I was at work eating lunch and had a mouthful of turkey sandwich. I choked on my damned sandwich, then almost gagged myself with water trying to get the turkey down my throat! Never, ever read Dlisted while you’re eating!

    Some of my other favorite Dlisted names -

    1. Rojo Caliente = Cynthia Nixon’s girlfriend

    2. Lezzy Lohan & Hohan = Lindsey Lohan

    3. Chestica = Jessica Simpson

    4. Hayden Panatroll = Hayden Panettiere

    5. Eva LongWHORIA (and he always spells it like that!) = Eva Longoria

    6. Blaaaaaake = Amy Winehouse’s husband

    7. The Olsen Trolls = Olsen Twins

    8. MiserAlba = Jessica Alba

    9. AngieJo = Angelina Jolie

    10. Vanessa ManilaFolders = Vanessa Manillo

    11. Courteney Coxsuka = Courteney Cox

    12. My Little Pony Parker – Sarah Jessica Parker

    13. Gayken = Clay Aiken

    …and last but not least…

    14. White Oprah – Dina Lohan ( I swear I see this one all over the web now!)

  • are you all blind?

    Her arms are skeletal. Not attractive or sexy at all.

  • maggie mae

    # 2 The kids belong to the Jolie-Pitts,not to you,Name your kid what you want,I know, no one will give a damn.

  • Mike

    I love her…shes is beautiful…and that movie looks great…

  • julie

    Hey Baby girl keep making all these good movies,and make lots of money.You deserve everything for your kindness.

  • tabitha

    I can’t wait to see this movie. It looks like it is going to kick a s s .

  • dalida

    she’s the hottest momma on earth :)
    i was lucky to see her during the cannes film festival!!

  • Miapocca

    I think Jolie has a different definition for cheating for different folks..its fine that she is happy but she might want to shut for now about her relationship, since nothing lasts in hollywierd anyway…Karma will be on he-ell of abit-ch on wheels when it makes a move for her…with those children its going to get Nasty!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • alia
  • Neil

    Looks okay but I like the Russian version better.

  • maggie mae

    Regina what is wrong that you come on here and talk about vajayjay?DO you feel better Clown.

  • Miapocca

    The woman is just a stick with a pretty face attached to it..that about it..she spews crap about being a maverick in interviews and it buys her crazy fan who will be out spewing thier venom and defending her any minute now..

    Enjoy your debates and Ciao!!..ahhahah

  • http://justjared Felinelilly

    Thank you Jared for the new thread. :) Looks like a great movie.

  • http://yahoo gemini16

    Your just sick #7 Can’t wait to see the movie and Happy Birthday Angelina!

  • jessica

    i am so sick of them

  • Neil

    ©-! @ 06/03/2008 at 3:48 pm

    Thanks. That’s the best one yet.

  • maggie mae

    I will love this woman for always because of her being such a beautiful kind person.

  • Regina

    I never talked about her vajajay. I said it looked like someone was sucking hers.

    Don’t like my comments? DON’T READ THEM.


    She sure got a good movie,i will go see it.

  • Miapocca

    Stupid celbrities have this story from vanity fair———

    “Angelina also said she had never been able to view her father’s oscar-winning performance in Coming Home.

    “Because that was when my father left my mom, and the woman who he cheated on her with is in the film,” Jolie says.

    I wonder if Shylo will ever watch Mr and Mrs Smith..what an arse of a woman!

  • Benjers

    This movie has been talked and written about for so long that I don’t think I will want to see it. Sometimes talking about something too much before the premiere is overkill. I’d rather get a good book and have a quiet evening reading it at home. People forget how to read books … they give so much more than action movies.

    James McAvoy. is a good actor, though. If you didn’t see Atonement yet, go see it. A real quality movie!

  • maggie mae

    She is very good with James in this Movie,I remenber when Angie and Brad were overseas And Angie was making this Movie.

  • veisner

    Can’t wait for this movie. Read about it at

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    biggest and best pr machine roud.

  • the woman is gorgeous !!!

    That trailer is sick !

    I predict it will be huge !

  • Yawn

    Miapocca @ 06/03/2008 at 3:56 pm The woman is just a stick with a pretty face attached to it..that about it

    That’s all you need. most people don’t even have those

  • the real tita

    #4: Regina, you know what your problem is? You’re a perv. You’re so freaking sex-starved, all you see is Angie’s vaj and Brad’s tool. You should invest in a motorized device and stock up on batteries so you are always “plugged in”.

    What do you do with your itch? Scratch your vaj on every door knob?

    You are one sick…gag inducing…skin crawling… HORNY MAGGOT!

    a freaking nympho without any takers…how pitiful is that?

  • yolly

    I think her weight is proportioned to the movie, you can’t be a heavy set woman & play the role as an assassin. She keep herself trimmed & let’s not concentrate on her weight in the movie but rather the quality of the movie & besides, she gained her weight back so the present is the most important aspect .
    Regina just get lost.

  • the real tita

    #7: Hey, tommy boy…I’ve got just the cure for what ails ya…Regina!

    She needs you and you need her. I hope you brought plenty of penicillin for both of ya!

  • krystal

    #26 why come here with your dark gloom and sadness ,you don’t know any thing about Angelina,why don’t you go visit Xnew boyfriend he has a thread.He would love to talk to you.I think you and Mayer are alike,you to would have alot in common.A dark deep sick mind.

  • WOW

    I remember that she made this movie after her mother just died; so she was mourning and lost so much weight. She said that she had to do something that she could express herself like let her inner feelings come out. So she did this action movie.

    She is so skinny at the time she made this movie, but looks like she wasn’t frail at all! She can kick butt. She’s a “Tomb Raider” girl. And while she was filming this “Wanted” movie, at the same time, we saw pictures of her carrying two of her kids (Pax & Zahara) when she was dropping them to their school. And there was also a time that she was carrying Z & Shiloh in both her hips. So people, don’t underestimate her in her most skinny days. Angelina is always a tough girl!

  • WOW

    don’t jump all over me, I’m a fan who has posted only good things about them but; but she does look hellaciously skinny in that pic

  • OT

    Bill clinton slams Vanity Fair “writer”


    Bill Clinton: Purdum a “Sleazy” “Slimy” “Scumbag”

    MILBANK, S.D. — Former President Bill Clinton today unleashed a salty stream of epithets to describe former New York Times reporter and current Vanity Fair writer Todd Purdum, calling him “sleazy,” “dishonest,” “slimy” and a “scumbag.”

    “[He's] sleazy,” he said referring to Purdum. “He’s a really dishonest reporter. And one of our guys talked to him . . . And I haven’t read [the article]. But he told me there’s five or six just blatant lies in there. But he’s a real slimy guy,” the former president said.

    When I reminded him that Purdum was married to his former press spokesperson Myers, Clinton was undeterred.

    “That’s all right– he’s still a scumbag,” Clinton said. ” Let me tell ya– he’s one of the guys — he’s one of the guys that propagated all those lies about Whitewater to Kenneth Starr. He’s just a dishonest guy– can’t help it.”

    The former president’s tirade continued:

    “The editor of Esquire– he sent us an email yesterday and said it was the single sleaziest piece of journalism he’d seen in decades. He said it made him want to go take a shower and he was embarrassed to be a journalist when he read it.”

    “You know he didn’t use a single name, cite a single source in all those things he said. It’s just slimy.

    “Anytime you read a story that slimes a public figure with anonymous quotes, it oughta make the bells go off in your head.

  • LORA

    #26…..what did your kids do to you,that you are so ANGRY.Let me Guess your Husband left you.And you started drinking and left your kids,your new man,kicked you to curb,now your kids on drugs,man you do have bad karma,Waiting on angie for bad karma will never come because she helps everyone she has GOOD SOUL,not black one like yours.