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Ashley Tisdale: Heaven is a Place on Earth!

Ashley Tisdale: Heaven is a Place on Earth!

High School Musical actress Ashley Tisdale has given us a little blast from the past, recording exclusive cover songs from the 80′s for Degree Girl anti-perspirant and deodorant.

Beginning this month, specially marked packages of Degree Girl will include a music download card which fans can use to download the songs. Each Degree Girl scent will feature a different song and when fans enter the code they will unlock each of the four hit songs.

Previews the cover songs now at Or if you already have a code, enter it here!

The songs include:
Cathy Dennis – “Too Many Walls”
Whitney Houston – “I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)”
Rick Astley – “Never Gonna Give You Up”
Cyndi Lauper – “Time After Time”
Belinda Carlisle – “Heaven is a Place on Earth”

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  • Mina

    FIRST!!wow i love ashley…!!!she sooo pretty!!

  • Mina

    FIRST!!wow i love ashley…!!!she sooo pretty!!

  • Regina

    Manley Jizzdale is going to butcher these songs like she butchered Last Christmas. What a fakeass!

  • marty

    gooooo ashhhhh youre the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ClaireBabyGirl

    This cúnt can’t even write her own music, so she decides to copy 80′s classic songs! She can’t sing, write music or act. Perfect woman! Fug, too!

  • jennie

    love ashley she rock

    and i love her versions of the songs :)

  • Edward’s lover

    wait wait! i dont get it!!! someone explain it to me plz!!!


    this outfit is so cute i love it….


  • hotstuff

    I luv her, and i also love those songs, the best ones are Time aftere time, never gonna give you up and too many walls

  • kk
  • kk

    Ashley’s a fucken sluttttt and a horrible singer.

    Those INCREDIBLY STUPID songs that she sings about her being so “hott” that all the guys wanna do her and all the girls don’t like her or whatever just makes me want to SLAP her!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Helena

    Talentless girl with a bad nose job.

  • Baby.V

    Time after time and Heaven is a place on earth are on youtube

  • Shonathan Hilton
  • viv the meanest honest person

    this will be one of the worst cds ever fu*ck you ashley your not a singer

  • tb

    so basically she is gonna take great classic songs that are awesome and turn them into crap! Jesus, this is the last person that needs to touch these songs. I mean why the hell can’t this girl go away. Go get another new nose and hide again. talentless mickey ears.

  • the real lola

    YAY! COOL! ;)

  • merk

    oh hell no! she’s doing a WHITNEY HOUSTON SONG!11 if if was the other songs, fine i wouldn’t care. But a Whitney houston song no this bum needs to learn that NO ONE and i mean NO ONE can sing a song better than Whitney!!!!!!!!!

  • rebecca

    i love all those songs! they are almost as great as ashley! please add her in that yellow box jared!

  • charlene

    i cant wait to hear these songs i heard time after time and heaen is a palce on earth does anyone have a download link to the full version of the othrer songs pr somewhere else i can hear them without buying the deodarant cause i cant fidn them anywhere? thanks

    also wow i am APPALED by some of these comments and feel as a loyal ashley fan I must address these htaeful comments. First if you dont like Ashley than why the hell are you posting on here? Just leave the girl alone. She will not butcher these songs. she is a very talented singer and will do them justice. she is singing these songs as part of a campaign she is doing and i dont think she is trying to copm-pare to whinet shes just taking the songs and makingt them her own and shes doing a mighty fine job at in. she coudl not sound horrible if she tried and i dont appreciate you calling her a slut? why do you figure shes a slut? anyway just shut the hell up and leave her alone peace

  • sara

    Charlene- Totally agree with you. I think Ashley is fantastic- and may I remind everyone her album debuted on Billboard’s charts at the #5 position- that is no small accomplishment AND Vanashbrenique is reporting it went Gold!

    For all those saying ugly, awful things, multiply those sentiments by about…. hmmm a million and then turn them right back on yourselves.

    You hate a girl you don’t know? It’s her nose- why are you concerned with what she did with it? Go read a book or educate yourself because the intelligence in this particular thread is MAJORLY lacking.

  • stephie

    she is the best

  • http://nowebsite sabrina

    Why won’t you shut the hell up charlene..

  • Babiieeblondie

    What is the point of hatin on Ashley?
    She is awesome the way she is so just stop what your sayin cos
    there is no point of sayin that she’s stupid and ugly,
    COS SHE ISN’T!!!!

  • Anais

    i love her!

  • cj

    these are not for a new CD, they are for degree girl….. get a clue people. Ash rocks! sounds great ……

  • Kat

    do i get comment 30? 1st page? hmm hop[efully well whatever ashley does she rox at. Picture this preveiw looks awsome and funny lol x

  • http://nowebsite sabrina

    She is soooooooooooo ugly

  • http://nowebsite christen

    this so lame and who the hell is this ugly girl..

  • Criss

    sweet, ive heard “i wanna dance with somebody” “heaven is a place on earth” and “time after time” and they are all good covers. love em.

  • Natalie

    if you dont know what a cover song is, figure it out. maybe it will make a litle more sense to you and you can stop posting such rude and hateful comments about a talented girl whom you dont know and has done nothing to do.

  • chantall

    Ashely is crazy she is so fresh lol

  • Sarah

    what the heck is wrong with all u ppl who r bagging on Ashley!?! Shes an awesome person! so if u have bad things 2 say keep it 2 urself! and if u hate her so much why r u reading this ?? :)

  • nina

    Ashley is beautiful and TALENTED, and she has alot going for her.
    Just because you’re jealous and probably have the voice of a dying rat doesn’t give you the right to hate on her.

    Go read a book, smoke, cut, do whatever else you do, but don’t put someone else down because you don’t amount up.

  • Ingrid

    If you tween girls think this is music, please shoot yourselves in the head!

    Or just listen to Fiona Apple.

  • hsm fan

    Why do some people have to be so mean to these young actors, especially HSM casts. All these talented kids are just living their dreams and doing something they love and enjoy doing. Please haters just leave the HSM casts along.

    Great work Ashley, keep it up.

  • charlene

    hey criss do you have the link so i can listen to i wanna dance with somebody? also i have some deodarants from degree girl and they are supposed to have codes on them so you can download the new songs from ashley but i cant find the codes do you know where the codes are?

  • hello

    make her go away

  • Caz

    I love all of the covers they’re fab, she sounds great :D

  • char

    Her voice is terrible, no range or power. These talentless people need to fade away.

  • Rebekah

    Wow. If you people hate Ashley so much, then why do you feel the need to write on anything linked to her? She’s a great singer, otherwise she wouldn’t be in High School Musical 1, 2, or 3. Just because you’re jealous doesn’t give you the right to bash someone who’s famous for their singing ability.

  • http://nowebsite sabrina

    I’m not jealous i have a real nose i don’t smoke i don’t cut my long smooth dirty blonde hair,and i’m 16 so get over it i have a boyfriend i have a lot of friends come and meet me and i’d prove it to you so don’t you dare call me jealous..Also you’re probably ugly so you think the hideous girl is beautiful or you’re the typical blind…Or original medically retarded…HA..Oh and nina you probably don’t know what talented is let me explain it to you,talented is when something or someone has something very special that people truly love of the person so they’re talented,unlike ashley who’s in my book not even close to that shes useless and she can’t sing (no really)..She can not sing for her life like what a disgusting girl like seriously..When will she
    just go away…

  • ALy

    hey people heres one of her new songs heaven on earth.
    ask for the dowload on a comment the user will give it too u
    the song is in the backround

  • hannah

    whitney huston is an artist. ashley’s barely an entertainer. she shouldnt be allowed to even listen to that song, let alone rerecord it. her heaven on earth remake was crap, and i dont doubt the rest will be too. god, why cant she just disappear from the music world and stick to acting!!!

  • melissa

    okkkkk…. all the haters here, have you actually listened to the songs??? no i dont think so..all you keep saying is how she is “”GOING TOO”" suck… i just listened to the songs and they are really good.. i didnt like ashleys music before becuz she sounded bad i think becuz of her deviated symptom.. butshe sounds amazing now that she got her nose fixed. and for those who said that she couldnt even write her own songs…the company made her sing these songs AND… on her first cd she co-produced some of her songs AND co-wrote them…. i think its funny how none of you can do a little research before you come to hate on someone…vif you dont like them then dont look or post a comment on the article…. its simple.. get lives and stop being jealous… and i dont love ashley either i think that she is okay…and im the one being supportive AND LOGICAL about this whole thing… and im the one failing 8th grade algebra and im only 14.

  • Allyt

    i have heard heaven and time… i loved them.. i would have to say that these comments are horrible… however they are going to release a cd of all five songs sometime this month… as for the other songs for full dl i am also looking for them…

  • OSama

    she is so amazin the best singer and gr8 entertainer!!!!!!!! keep it up those covers ar amazin

  • http://nowebsite haylie

    Shes freaking ugly..

  • http://nowebsite sabrina

    I know right