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Lauren Conrad's Got Talent

Lauren Conrad's Got Talent

The Hills star Lauren Conrad makes a short stop at the United Talent Agency office in Beverly Hills on Tuesday morning.

Lauren‘s former BFF Audrina Patridge ditched UTA earlier this year. “Lauren was getting all the big offers, all the endorsements, the appearances,” a source told E! “And Audrina thinks she should be just as big of a star.”

“We no longer represent Audrina,” Hayley Lozitsky from UTA said. “We still represent everyone else, though. We still represent Whitney, Lauren Conrad and Lo (Bosworth).”

10+ pictures inside of Lauren Conrad‘s UTA visit…

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Credit: Gabo; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Regina

    No she doesn’t. She’s a fugly z-lister, nothing more.

  • Mike

    Regina you are such a bitch…you must live a low existence becasue all you do is make fun of other people when your probably just some ugly girl that hides behind her computer talking shit about others…anyways…LOVE her!!!

  • bashful

    true that mike!

  • Mike

    love her!!!!!!!!!! so TALENTED!!!!!!!!


    very pretty dress i love it:)


  • marisa

    okay, some of you are RIDICULOUS. how in the world does SHE have TALENT? Are you kidding me? Answer me this- how?
    She doesn’t sing, she participate charitable events, she definitley cannot act like we’ve all seen on her show, and her fashion line bombed, and on top of that, she didn’t even design the clothes under her fashion lable. “Lauren Conrad is a Talentless Hack” would be more suitable as a title. In 5 years, The Hills reality show will be over, and she’ll fade away along with her drama loving friends. 2 words- Reality Check.

  • ashley

    Talent? What F ing talent?? These girls are products of a fake reality show? Why the hell do any of them think they deserve to be a star? What is this world coming to? These girls are the biggest jokes ever!

  • jozi

    i love u

  • Scottish Move

    She is a great actress like Lana Turner. I can see her playing Lana on the big screen.

  • i lovee her purse!! oh nd her is really cute

  • Yum!

    Talent? These a-holes are useless spoiled brats who are part of a phony and awful TV show. Lo is a cross-eyed, thunder thigh wench to top it off. Anyone or any company that would pay to be associated with any of these losers is as bad as them.

    Sad that this is what celebrity has become.

  • rae

    She looks beautiful! Audrina’s problem isn’t Lauren it’s that she’s not talented or special in looks.

  • jessica

    Lauren is gorgeous, with natural beauty, style, and class!

    Lauren works, volunteers, has her clothing line, and does the Hills.

    Heidi works on herself and has plastic surgery.

    Spencer and Heidi post all the hateful comments on this site. They are negative, sad and pathetic. Most of all they are jealous of Lauren.

    Grow Up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lauren, stay kind. . . it will take you where you want to go.

  • Cindy

    She’s so ugly, there is something so off about her face (like her ugly mouth) and so mean about her personality. All the Hills girls are TRASH.

  • bashful

    talent isnt just about acting and dancing ffs. its also about gift/skill.
    and she does have that skill (smart enough) in starting her own business and taking that opportunity.
    and to marisa and some: howd you know exactly if her fashion line bombed? any proof? numbers? research? gief!!! itl be all over the news by then but where is it huh?!!
    if you dont like her no need to comment. move on!!
    what a slinger.

  • nsn

    You dumb douches! The UTA helps stars get endorcements. and FYI, Lauren did design and draw out every piece from her own line. And it didn’t bomb, its selling out at many venues.

  • notbusy

    Yeah, looks like Heidi and Spencer are posting on this thread. Those two are so discusting. I hope MTV does give Heidi and Spencer their own show so i don’t have to see them anymore. There is no way I would ever watch their show and then I won’t have to watch them on the Hills either. Spencers’ own sister can’t stand him.

  • Kate

    Pathetic Audrina should be greatful on how famous she is already.. she should be glad Lauren made HER famous.. because without her being Laurens friend noone would know who Audrina was..

  • Nicole Wannabe

    First I want to say I like LC. I think she is really pretty & wears great clothes & has some great looks. It is called a talent agency – it doesn’t mean anything – it is her management. She is a tv personalty & more props to her as people want to pay her to show up places & endorse their products. Ofcourse she is going to be booked over Audrina – they get a bigger cut w/ lauren because she is a bigger name. Audrina would never get her own show because nobody would watch. We watch The Hills ultimately because we fell in love w/ LB season 1 & LC has played off the success of LB very well. I must say though that LC is a Nicole Richie wannabe. There are so many things to point out why but most recently is the wavy hair parted down the middle. It took me to realize that is how Nicole wears her hair down. The piled on jewelry is another thing but where LC looks trashy it just goes w/ Nicole’s look & she is always wearing unique edgy pieces. Still love LC though.

  • LuckyL


  • Regina

    2, 3, 4. She has no talent and you are deluded if you think this reality tv star HACK is talented. She’s no Meryl Streep, that’s for sure. She’s probably a slág. We’ve seen how many men she dates on that show. Oh wait, I forgot, that show is so fake.

  • Helena

    Business? You have got to be kidding me. Somehow starring in a scripted reality TV show and being approached to do a clothing line is NOT starting a business.

  • mememem

    who designed that purse??????

  • toni

    Regina “and” Ingrid… you are the same person Don’t be so pathetic.

    If you’re going to pretend to be two different people, at least make sure you don’t have tick marks all over your vowels.

    LOL. douchebag.

  • calm down

    everyone’s blowing this whole “talent” thing out of proportion!

    haven’t you all realized by now that JJ always uses a certain word from the location and puts that in the title?

    If Lauren was at a place called “Sugarpop”, JJ would title this thread “Lauren’s got sugarpop”

    It’s called a play on words dumba**es, it doesn’t actually mean he thinks she has talent.

  • ketling

    i love her dress.

  • Halli

    Her look is getting very predictable. Don’t be a one-note fashion bore like Jennifer Aniston Lauren.

    P.S. Jared: Lauren reads your blog everyday.

  • Kat

    Love her Valentino bag. Why don’t handbag designers make the drop on the handle a little longer so it actually fits comfortably over your shoulder! I am happy for Lauren. Who cares if the Hills is fake or if you think she has no talent. She has taken a fluke TV show & done really well w/ it. I am sure at 18, in her wildest dreams, she wouldn’t have realized her life would be so good. Let’s be happy for her. It isn’t like she is fake & over the top materialistic like Heidi. It has only been recently that she is wearing all these big name designers. Good for her, she has earned it.

  • 831 castro

    ok lauren is getting rich because of us….we are watching her show so stop complaining !!!!i love laurens personality but honestly she is staring to dress like a jag….especially her shoes they look like the mexicans ones…and her hair thats gotta go….looks better when is sided!!!
    and she is famous because we make her famous ……..and ppl that dont like well dont look at her…get a book and read….

  • Amy

    gorgerous as always,love Lauren

  • Ingrid

    Ticket? LOL I guess you failed French. It’s what you call an accent and some people have them on their keyboards.

  • MzZzMelliiGyaL

    heRrr dresSs iSs sOo BeauTifFullshxzZz…= ]

  • celebaddict

    Obviously I don’t know Lauren Conrad, and I am not a particular fan of hers ……. but, I read somewhere that she doesn’t use sweat shops or employ cheap labour to make her clothes. I read that all of her fashion range clothes are made in America?
    I that is true, then she definitely deserves cudos for that I guess.

  • ana

    im goin for audrina. she’s already going to be in a movie so that proves it, and i don’t think she needs that agency crap she looks like a star already and lauren, well shes boring and plain not a star. if she is she’s not shining she’s dull. sorry


    Jared – PLEASE find out where that dress is from!!!!

  • http://justjared angel

    she is so cute

  • linda

    These people are not talented. I’m sure someone else is writing Lauren’s book. ‘Talent’ seems to have low standards nowadays.