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Heidi & Spencer's Day at Disneyland

Heidi & Spencer's Day at Disneyland

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt get together for another photo shoot at Disneyland theme park on Tuesday in Anaheim, Calif.

The Hills couple pimped out their nieces Hayley (pink top) and Ava (black top) as they met with Cinderella and Goofy.

Speidi was also seen wearing a variety of Disney-themed hats like bride and groom Mickey Mouse hats, sorcerer hats, Minnie Mouse hats, pirate hats, Goofy ears and Pluto ears. And what a nice couple they are–Heidi and Spencer also posed for photos with fans!

And Ms. Montag poked fun of herself a bit wearing a t-shirt that read: “I WANT MORE PRIVACY”.

15+ pictures inside of Heidi & Spencer‘s Day at Disneyland…

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heidi montag spencer pratt disneyland 01
heidi montag spencer pratt disneyland 02
heidi montag spencer pratt disneyland 03
heidi montag spencer pratt disneyland 04
heidi montag spencer pratt disneyland 05
heidi montag spencer pratt disneyland 06
heidi montag spencer pratt disneyland 07
heidi montag spencer pratt disneyland 08
heidi montag spencer pratt disneyland 09
heidi montag spencer pratt disneyland 10
heidi montag spencer pratt disneyland 11
heidi montag spencer pratt disneyland 12
heidi montag spencer pratt disneyland 13
heidi montag spencer pratt disneyland 14
heidi montag spencer pratt disneyland 15

Credit: Perkins/Symons; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • h


  • kiki

    these are the biggest idiots i have ever seen in my life

  • nick


  • lilyanne

    Did you read the tee shirt Heidi is wearing? What and oxymoron! Well, maybe you can even leave the oxy part off the word!!!!!!!

  • tiffany


  • celebaddict

    I don’t know why most people seem to dislike Heidi and Spencer, they seem ok to me?
    I think they make a great looking, cute married couple!

  • Some chick

    I think they would make great looking, cute roadkill.

  • Maria (Shorty)


  • Crissi

    OMG!! I hate these couple they are so annoying and stupid. Why wearing a “I want more Privacy” shirt but always walking there where the photographs are??? They have no talent for anything why are they popular??

  • Loisxx


  • faceit

    they are soooo FREAKEN ANNOYING!!!!!
    thirsty for FAME.

  • KK


    click here!thanks:))

  • trish.

    I dont hate them. But yea, they are annoying.
    Like seriously. They become popular because….
    they screw over thier bestfriends…….
    they’re such tools.
    what else?

    annoying as hell.

  • jess

    i don’t like heidi or anything, but does anyone else think she had MORE work done on her face?????

    i hate to admit it, but her horse face seems to have softened some making her better looking…more natural maybe? i’m think if she did, it was because of all the negative comments…

  • Raven

    Serious F$CKTARD’S to the max! So sick of these two idiot’s. They should be called Dumb and Dumber. I wonder which one is the Dumber?! :lol: :lol: :lol:


    AHA they are super lame and such camera whores


  • de Cosmos

    Their phony-baloney photo ops are disgusting.

    I wish that they just would go away.

  • ash

    heidi and spencer annoy me…i dont normally read about people i dont like but i just dont get why your posting stuff about them…they arent even celebrities…they’re just untalented people from the hills

  • christina

    heidi-hoe’s shirt is from privacywear…

  • ashley

    Ok so im totally convinced now these 2 douche nozzles have someone to permanently follow them around and take cheesy ass pictures..god i wish i saw this girl out in public so i could spit on her!!!!!

  • kors

    they are so sad. what are they going to do when they get older?

  • talula

    Heidi is looking cute.

  • Claire

    Enough of this “famous” couple! They are so faking it for the publicity!

  • WHY?

    Jared, please stop posting pictures of these two losers. I usually ignore them but the fact that they’re continuing to make money thanks in part to the blog coverage given to these two makes me sick. The less you post about them, the faster they’ll go away. Thanks!!

  • Newport beach, 92660

    whoa whoa wait, they’re married? Or are they just plain pathetic?

  • stop the madness

    It’s a small world after all!

  • Terrence

    The I Want More Privacy tee is made by the company PrivacyWear. This company gives a portion of all their sales back to breast cancer awareness programs such as funding free mammograms for underpriveledged women. They’ve funded treatment for over 600 women to date… check out pretty cool company.

  • Alison

    These two are just about the fakest around. They make me ill.

  • irna



  • 911

    I hate them….I vomit on them.

  • Jezz

    I hate them …I vomit on them

  • Lee

    Heidi’s a fucking idiot. She’s wearing a T-shit that says “I want more privacy” yet she has no problem pimping out her little family time at Disneyland with photographers. LAME! Stop posting about these idiots… back to the REAL celebrities please!

  • Alyce

    Why do they have the celebrity escort (lady in plaid vest) if they aren’t even celebrities? How much did they pay for that? If they really “wanted their privacy,” they would have walked around with no escort and no one would know who they are.

  • anonymoose

    lol… tools tools tools

  • maria

    they are a waste of time. and they’re both fucking ugly. why do you bother to put news about them up here? seriously they’re fucking suck at life. talk about a waste of egg & sperm, you’re looking at it right now.

  • JD

    I really think you need to stop posting about these two. This is just getting to be ridiculous. They need to be stopped!!! They’re making money off of these “candid” photos!!! And you’re contributing to it!!!

  • frazzled

    i love how the kids arent in like half the pictures,who seriously takes little kids to Disney and ends up in more pictures then them?&where are they when they went on that ride w/o them & when the took all of the pictures that there not in, if there is someone else w/them why arent they in the pictures?wtf & why all the hats& where did they go?w.e enough is enough stop with the photoshoots and live your lives.

  • Annie

    hahahah, some chick.
    yeah, i don’t get it why shes wearing a shirt, “i need more privacy” or whatever, and they are both smiling at the photogs. ugh, i don’t get it.

  • advan

    i cant take this anymore. those two are the biggest idiots in the whole world. they are so fake … acting all the time. And that guy is the second biggest gay in the world. Right after Zac efron .. hahaha

  • jasmine

    I love heidi and spencer. They did nothing to LC. Speidi make a great couple. LC just wants to blame them.

  • L0g4n

    Damn, this couple is so stupid. They just want attention… but the attention there getting… is makin them be hated…. EVEN MORE! dumb people aka HEIDI AND SPENCER….. they r stupid heidi use to be ok now…. she lost a good friend for that that……. JERK. welll she needs to reconsider…. no wait. ….. she cant……dumb ass hoe