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Iris Law: Hey, Jude!

Iris Law: Hey, Jude!

Jude Law takes his daughter Iris, 7, for a stroll through London for some shopping and a Starbucks run on Tuesday. (Iris‘s mother is former actress Sadie Frost.)

Other pictures include Jude Law dressed in a white buttondown and jeans, hopping into his car after leaving his home in North London on Wednesday.

Last month, Jude‘s film The Day After Peace premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. The movie, which also features features Jonny Lee Miller and David Beckham, charts the campaign for a non-violence day from the beginning. On September 21, the film will be shown at a Gala screening at the Royal Albert Hall.

10+ pictures include Jude and daughter Iris

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66 Responses to “Iris Law: Hey, Jude!”

  1. 1
    sheryl Says:

    Thanks Jared! Nice pics. Iris looks like her daddy. Jude and Sadie have beautiful children.

  2. 2

    thank you for this wonderful assortment.
    jude doing his favorite thing….taking his number one girl out for a milk shake. they went to tesco a supermarket to do some food shopping. is daddy going to cook….jude’s hair is growing back …he’s starting to look like himself after the buzz haircut he got for his last film repossesion mambo.

  3. 3
    Lana Says:

    Her daugther’s beautiful :)

  4. 4
    Pole Says:

    Thanks Jared!

    Mmmmm.. he looks HOT in that white shirt :-D And cute with Iris.

  5. 5
    sheryl Says:

    Pole, I love him in the white shirt, too! Nice to see him “not in a gray t-shirt”…although he looks good in those, too…just like him to mix it up a bit.

  6. 6
    london chica Says:

    Iris is such a cute kid! And Jude finally looking cute again: thank the lord :D

  7. 7
    ericap Says:

    Hi Jude! I love you!

  8. 8
    Mike Says:

    Cute kid… :) Love seeing them together…

  9. 9
    elle Says:

    Iris has wonderful blue eyes and she is very pretty!!! And her dad OF COURSE-especially in that white shirt!!!

  10. 10
    sharyllee Says:

    beautiful Iris… She looks a little like her mother and her daddy..

  11. 11

    awww she is adorable i love her and her parents!


  12. 12

    i’m so excited to see these photos. jude’s not only carrying a shirt but a tie. where are you headed jude…somewhere to put that smile on your face. i can just imagine iris when she get’s older….a female jude law. the boys will be knocking the door down….

  13. 13
    angie Says:

    Hey, there’s my man! Hot as ever!

  14. 14
    Caroline ennis Says:

    Cute kid. Too bad her Dad is a spineless coward.

  15. 15

    how many times have you met jude law to give such an apparaisal. i always thought you needed to know someone personally before you could make an accurate judgement… if i read things about you in the tabloids i wouldn’t make a judgement unless i knew you. just my opinion.

  16. 16
    sheryl Says:

    “spineless coward”?

    Okaaaaaaay….and that is relevant how? Just asking…seems pretty random.

  17. 17
    George Says:

    I just love little Iris’s t-strap shoes. Very classic look.

  18. 18
    kristen Says:

    Wow, Iris looks so different from the last time I saw her :S. Her hair did what mine did when I was little LOL. Was SUPER blonde then turned to dark brown. I love that in the pic with the story they have the exact same look on their face LOL. Jude and Sadie have the most beautiful children.

  19. 19
    It's me! Says:

    Jude is so HOT! His little girl is cute too.

  20. 20
    P Says:

    All his kids are absolutely gorgeous. Hopefully, they won’t be stumbling out of clubs drunk off their arses 10 years from now.

  21. 21
    carolina Says:

    Thanks JJ for the beautiful pics!!! Sadie and Jude made gorgeous children!

  22. 22
    Jamie Says:

    I know that people start to lose their looks as they get older, sometimes. But Jude is not the most excellent actor in the world. He is starting to look like John Malkovich, but Malkovich has TALENT so he can get away with his fugliness. I was one of the few who had a crush on Jude years go before he became popular and one of my college friends couldnt understand it. Of course I know how to pick ‘em because he became popular later on. So, I showed that friend, who made fun of me for liking him. Now, he’s not as “dreamy” anymore. Jude needs to get back to his stunning looks and go for some movie roles that we’ll fall in love with him in. OR do roles like Heath Ledger and Johnny Depp did. RIP Ledger… what a tragedy for his baby.

  23. 23
    ericap Says:

    @22, he’s already done roles I’ve fell in love with him in, even if he doesn’t make another film or one I don’t like. Sorry you fell out of love, but oh well, your loss.

  24. 24
    nan Says:

    No, I think Jude lost something… his looks.

  25. 25
    Daphne Says:

    Adorable pics! He looks happy strolling around with his little girl (though Iris has grown into a big girl). She doesn’t look much like him any more.

    I love looking at Jude even though they’re pap pics. Thanks JJared.

  26. 26
    Jude's Lady Says:

    I’m in love with this man.

  27. 27
    zhaoyang Says:

    when will we see his curly..

  28. 28

    i really can’t see the comparison to john malkovich. jude’s face is still so handsome. malkovich was never a beauty. what i see happening is jude’s hair was dyed blonde for a couple of years and he looked kind of golden but brown is his natural color and i still think his face is so handsome…there’s just something very special about his looks and the way he carries himself….

  29. 29
    dee Says:

    Jude is for the grown and sexy people.
    I just love him.

    Thank Jared

  30. 30
    ashley Says:

    Lucky iris LOL

    I have been a HUGE jude fan for six years. Still havent seen him visit Vancouver here yet. Well he was at the airport here ONCE but was gone right away. Jude looks like an amazing father and devoted Dad. Good on him! :) Love you jude!!!

  31. 31
    jill Says:

    There is my boo and his baby.
    Love ya Jude.

  32. 32
    nikki Says:

    Always the sexy dad, Jude I’m feeling you.
    love the pic. thank jared.

  33. 33
    anonymoose Says:

    cute :)

  34. 34
    rien Says:

    yes he is not that dreamy again
    but what is a dream,
    is life not beautiful enough
    to see and to hope
    his smile comes and brightens the day?

    Malkovich is one of a kind
    powerful as the wind, and soft as early morning breeze
    and Jude is a stormy weather
    you can not do anything but surrender
    to his eyes, to his power
    that can not be denied
    even on the brightest of days

    Iris, beautiful as the Goddess of rainbow
    messenger of Hera and Zeus
    if Jude was Zeus,
    I would be glad becoming Leda
    and created another Helena
    and Iris
    will build the bridge for gods and humanity
    Jude and I,
    we will disappear into eternity

  35. 35
    rolling eyes Says:

    do all forget this is the same man that found lindsay lohan attractive enough to go out on a date with, and was recently seen doing a make out session with Rod Stewarts Spawn, and not to mention nannygate mess.

    LOL, its only those perceived to be good looking by the majority that get away with stuff like that, if its an unattractive man in the same situation you would all be saying eww gross, trashy man, AND poor child look who she got stuck with for a father

    Double standard

  36. 36
    rien Says:

    @rolling eyes

    Really, what is your problem?

    As far as I know, Jude is single. He can date, go out, snog, make out, or whatever you name it. About Daisy, at least he is man enough to say sorry to Sienna, who in return, cheated on him! There are others who cheated on their wives or girlfriends, and just because the women happened to be famous, beautiful, and rich, people like us, adore the “new” couples.

    I don’t care how a man looks like, as long as he treats his children well, adoringly and lovingly, and does not neglect his duty as a father, there will not be any single bad word written about him (as a person) by me.

    And if you can not separate what Jude does as a man, and what Jude does as a father, I have nothing to say to you, except: “The Holy One, look in the mirror lately?”

  37. 37
    AnnieRich Says:

    wow, he and his daughter is beatiful. I think they have the same eyes.

  38. 38
    Pole Says:

    Jude is a complicated and comblex man – he’s not for the masses that for sure. He’s beautiful to me both on the outside and the inside. He’s flawed yes, but we all are. Jude at least keeps it real and doesn’t hide behind lies from a publicist.

    Sheryl, I kind of like those grey shirts *lol* I like the peak we get that chest hair :-D But the white shirt looks very good and very sexy at him for sure. I’d like to see that again Jude!

  39. 39
    dulce mirita Says:

    My Jude¡¡ I was missing him so badly, conjeturing if he was suposely filming the rumored project Rage at LA or NY, and here he was, performing the best of his roles: bein a loving Daddy. The white shirt fits great on him, curious mixture of jeans, tie and suit (o his hands) Iris, you’re becoming a perfect double of your father…Thanks, JJ. Jude, I love you¡¡¡

  40. 40
    eve Says:

    Jude is keeping it real.
    There so many quality to love about him.

  41. 41
    Helena Says:

    What a beautiful little girl.

  42. 42
    anywho Says:

    Ever since he cheated on Sienna I lost repect for him, his looks older then what he is and he is balding, maybe it’s karma or something.

  43. 43
    Pole Says:

    @anywho – so what sort of karma should we expect for Sienna who cheated on Jude too?

    Anyway – not that you wil care – but Jude is hardly balding. His hairline is were it has always been and his hair may been thinning a bit but there’s certainly still a lot of hair – just look at the pictures! and duh! at him looking older. That happens to all of us. At least Jude hasn’t botoxed his face so he can’t move it anymore. I think he looks great for a man at 35.

  44. 44
    Blackworm Says:

    I don’t know how you can say that Jude is not balding with a straight face. Yes, his hairline has been receding for a long time but it is continuing to recede further back and there is noticably less hair right there on top in the front. It has changed noticably in the last year or two. All you have to do is look back at the JJ pics. C’mon let’s keep it real.

  45. 45
    sheryl Says:

    You name me almost any celeb, that’s been around for a good while, and I can name you a reason to be turned off by them. Even ones we don’t know much about publicly might have distateful moments in their private lives. Countless celebs have been forgiven of their “transgressions” by fans simply because they have forgiving natures and their good in the eyes of their fans outweighs the bad. It would take a lot more than what Jude has done “wrong” (at least what I find wrong, which might be different than what others do) to outweigh what’s right about him for me. If anyone else is turned off, though, go with that if it’s in your heart to do so.

  46. 46
    sheryl Says:

    Pole, I sent you a PM.

  47. 47
    jess Says:

    If you want to keep it real, here is something real
    I would do jude over and over again.
    and that is real.

  48. 48
    rien Says:

    As a hopeless fan of Jude, I can only say this discussion about his hair is soooo boring and should be done by screaming teenagers.

    Yes, talking about Jude is a wonderful song for me, which can only be compared with listening to the songs of bird in the break of down. But how many times do we have to talk about mistakes that has been done by him? What else shall he do, after he said, he was sorry? Kissing Sienna’s feet? Well, may be he did that already. Karma? Boy, what a holly Sienna! Forget that she cheated on him, too? It is easier, isn’t it?

    Let’s the time tell us what will happen. He will play Hamlet, and then other films. For me, his works are something that I am always waiting for. Will he stay insanely good looking, will he loose his hair, will he have a new girlfriend, will he make the same mistake again….I guess, we simply have to keep guessing……in the meantime, I want to enjoy loving him, the way he is. What you want to do, it is entirely up to you.

  49. 49
    jami Says:

    Finally some new pix of Jude! Well, I must say that Iris is beautiful and there is nothing I enjoy more than seeing Jude with his children. Actually, I think Iris is quite a mix of the both of her parents- I don’t think she looks more like one parent than the other.
    very cute pix…thanks Jared!

  50. 50
    jami Says:

    oh good I can post now…it worked :)

  51. 51
    Sandy Says:

    I don”t lknow what happened to my post from yesterday
    but let me start by thanking Jared for a great job and such speedy service. You are wonderful as usual. I’ve made up my mind not to connent on the posts I perceive to be foolish , about the hair etc.
    but only to comment on the posts that have meaning for me, As
    always rien you head the list ,another lovely and dreamlike poem about Jude and Iris this time. And such sensible words. You speak for both of us. These pictures are so lovely – the nature of the closeness revealed – a snapshot of daughter and father and
    their closeness once again. what a lucky little girl and what
    a delightfully normal and loving father who understands where his
    immortality truy exists – in his children. But he actually has a dual immortality because he has made his everlasting mark on the film
    world already and can only go to greater heights. It’s never done in a
    straight up line but by ups and downs but the line is looking upwards again now. You light up my life Jude. Your flaws are human and we
    all have them. But the goodness and the kindness exceed what we can overlook and leaves a delightful, loving, wise and totally charismatic man.

  52. 52

    #35, since we don’t know jude law personally i don’t know how you can be so knowlegable about who he is…lohan stated that she wanted to have a one night stand with jude. never was there proof that it ever happened…i could want the same thing …that doesn’t make it gospel…..i’ve met many people who know him personally. parents whose children go to school with his children. i visited the set of my blueberry nights. the crew couldn’t say enough about how lovely he was….so i don’t know that we should judge someone we truly don’t know..i wouldn’t judge you as we’ve never met.
    is a receding hairline really an intelligent topic for dissing someone. would i judge you if your hair thinned out…it’s not as if it’s one of the seven deadly sins……if you go back to the road to perdition 2001 jude had the same hairline. also something jude’s detractors probably know by now is that his fans are so loyal not because of his hairline or what is printed inthe gossip tabloids. we just connect to him and it’s a very strong emotion. i do respect your opinions but they would never change ours…

  53. 53
    mery Says:

    Daisy, Sienna, again, again… (of course, poor Rhys Ifans.

    Well, if the men loss their hair for cheating I think is very dificult we can see someone with hair.
    Karma for cheating? and for killer, for drugs, for violence, for alcoholism…

    If Jude loss his hair this isn’t for cheating. I’m sure.

  54. 54
    sunnykidstyle Says:

    Thanks Jared, great pics:) And both his children look so much like him! It’s great how he still has so much contact with his kids, they seem to be getting along very well, rather unusual in the world of celebrities. And I think even for ‘normal’ people, it’s difficult for both parents to keep an equally good relation with their children, once divorced. Great that Jude’s kids still have mom and dad around!

    By the way, today is retro-style day on design blog for children. I have picked some great retro kids apparel and toys, after yesterdays focus on vintage design. Sunny greetings :):):)

  55. 55
    rolling eyes Says:

    Im being attacked! LOL

    whatever ladies, i was just stating the obvious as to how people would react to someone in a similar situation as he was in not too long ago, can you honestly deny that there is no truth to that?

    As for Jude as a person, obviously I don’t know him and Im not saying he isn’t lovely, honestly, who isn’t lovely if they made the honest effort to be. Ever heard of being one way for the cameras and the public and another way behind closed doors?

    Im not saying thats Jude, I dont know him so i wont go there, but its interesting someone brought up his kids and how its important for me to differentiate between him as man and him as a father. BUT I ask you, is it not the man that makes up a father?
    I just think he could be a little more discrete, I’m sure Sadie is about all her escapades. as someone put it, he can date, go out, snog, make out, or whatever you name it, but he’s not some 20 something bachelor, there are other “little people” to consider.

  56. 56
    timberly Says:

    you can say alot of things about jude law, but one things for sure, he looks like a great daddy!

  57. 57
    sheryl Says:

    Yes, absolutely, #56! Great dad! A lot of the other things I say is sexy, handsome, yummy, talented…and did I say sexy? Very sex-ay!

  58. 58
    Pole Says:

    Very sexy indeed :-D

    I’m not too thrilled about his taste in women to put it mildly but I do think he’s a good father. He seems to be steadily present in their lives and he and Sadie seems to be very good at co-parenting after quite a nasty divorce and that is very important IMO. He might not be perfect but who are.

  59. 59
    MIMI PRISM Says:

    He is stuning! So are obviously, His genes as well! I’ll say that’s “good karma” then! (wink, wink) . What a cute gene job! She is as darling and cute as her Dad is.! ;- )


  60. 60
    ONMYOWN Says:

    Hello Rien,

    I just knew you’d be here in this thread.

    So you dig Greek Mythology ! Now we have something in common. It’s been a while since I heard those names – Zeus, Hera, Leda, Helena and Iris.

    “wish I could write poems. Poetry is almost forgotten art. Sad. I grew up in a small quaint town called New Hope, PA. And on every first Friday of every month, my granny used to attend poetry reading. Their club was called the Elizabeth Browing Poetry Reading Society. I wished I paid more attention.

    I must admit I don’t know much about the Sienna-Law-Sadie inner sanctum. I dare not to comment on that. But being a good father as you describe him to be – I believe that makes him a much better person than those who ignore their responsibility. It must be difficult to be a single Dad – that Jude is trying to be a good father is good enough redemption to whatever mistakes he made in the past.

    “is life not beautiful enough
    to see and to hope
    his smile comes and brightens the day?”

    “Malkovich is one of a kind
    powerful as the wind, and soft as early morning breeze
    and Jude is a stormy weather
    you can not do anything but surrender
    to his eyes, to his power
    that can not be denied
    even on the brightest of days”

    ” Iris
    will build the bridge for gods and humanity
    Jude and I,
    we will disappear into eternity”

    Geez Rien – where do you get that passion ?

  61. 61
    Laurie Says:

    Awww, Jude’s daughter IS cute and so is Jude. I saw The Holiday last week and can’t get over how hot he was! Gosh, I could kiss him all day long!

  62. 62
    rien Says:

    Hi Ownmyown,

    Greek Mythology is one of my passions. After poems and gossips! ;-) I know, poem is a dying art. I just love them. Since I can remember. People like to hear nice words, it is much better to hear all the curse and “dirty” words. You could give other people bad names, but if you served the words on golden tray, they would love it!

    Don’t ask me about my passion for Jude. Jude is just another name for lust and passion. Put it this way, there are so many stray dogs out there, and isn’t it lovely for one of these dogs to know that there is a pair of soft warm hands which are ready to cuddle and touch him at any time? ;-) I know, lucky dog he is!

    Not everybody agrees with what Jude did. I did not entirely agree with the way he and Kim did, either. But it doesn’t mean that he is not a good father just because he snogged a woman in public. Correction, it became public because somebody took picture of it, and sold it to the tabs. I really do not see the connection between “the snogging” and his role as father. May be the children knew that their father has been in and out with Kim. Who knows?

    I saw many pictures of Jude and his children. He looked just like any normal father. Playing in the park, Iris always jumped around (when she was younger), He visited them often enough. Be honest, there are many other fathers whose children are abandoned. We tend to ignore that facts, because they are not famous.

    Jude is not even 40. Many men do not even think about children on this age. But he has 4 children! He lives not so far from them. He could move to NY, LA or even New Orleans, if he really wanted to have free nights and loads of women, but no. He stays in good old England. He works hard, spends some times with his children…what else shall he do?

    @Sandy, thank you, my friend.

  63. 63
    Fan Says:

    I really think Jude should go for a short buzz cut. I mean 3mm, like Beckham length. A little shorter than he had for the movie. With a tan and some muscle, he’ll still be up there.

  64. 64

    you always amaze me with your wisdom and kindness….please never change. you are right. if jude were selfish he would move away from his beloved children so he could have a private life with whomever he chooses to date. that’s his privilege but because he is who and what he is he stays a mile away from his children and their mother. he is in their house more than he is in his own. that takes alot of intelligence to be divorced and still make it a complete family. when journalists say to him….”as a celebrity”….he cuts them off and says….” i am not a celebrity i’m an actor and a father….believe me he enjoys being a father more. how often has he stated…”my children make me who i am…they make me whole”

  65. 65
    sharyllee Says:

    Why no pictures in any magazines in USA? I miss you, Jude and love you very much!

  66. 66

    there were pictures in last week’s OK and Star….

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