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Mary-Kate Olsen - "Elle" July 2008

Mary-Kate Olsen -

Mary-Kate Olsen dons a silk chiffon dress from Stella McCartney with a belt from Azzedine Alaïa on the July 2008 cover of Elle Magazine. Here are some interview snippets:

On profit motives complicating or even causing sibling rivalry: “[My twin sister Ashley and I] don’t agree all the time. The way we go about business or designing or making a decision is that we come at it from two completely different angles that at the end of the day, even when we don’t think we’re agreeing with each other, we are agreeing. We’re just getting there in different ways. Unless you’re a twin, you honestly can’t know how close twins can be. There’s such a strength… It stems from love, and it stems from passion. We’re driven people. I do know I can’t work in an office. Ashley, on the other hand, loves going to an office.”

On describing her casual attitude toward fashion: “I don’t know”you’re either on the worst-dressed list or you’ve started a fashion trend. I think there’s a real disconnect between the media’s perception of fashion and the fashion world’s idea of fashion. I don’t know why I wear some of the things I wear. I like wearing crazy things sometimes. I like being playful. Sometimes I feel like I’m playing dress-up and becoming a character. It’s sort of like an art. It can change your mood or the way that people are attracted to you.”

On feeling sexy: “The affirmations you get as a child star are so different from the ones I presume one seeks as a woman. I feel like I can be sexy when I want to be. I think all women are sexy. Some may feel it more than others. I personally think the women who are the most sexy are the women who are truly themselves, whatever that may be.”

Read the full article at There’s also a behind-the-scenes video of MK‘s cover shoot here.

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  • c

    she’s so pretty


    OMG she is gorgeous i love her and the outfit she is wearing


  • jason lover

    yes, i love marky-kate. i simply can’t wait to get his issue of elle in the mail. jared, do you know by any chance when this issue hits newsstands? thanks.

  • Mike

    I love her…but I am sure there are some that do not! lol I’ve liked her for years…so pretty! :)

  • julie


  • ashley

    I don’t care what anyone says. I love Mary-Kate Olsen. I think she’s awesome.

  • JUC

    i have seen some of her outlandish outfits but i admire her for that, no matter how crazy they are. but i do believe she would be cuter with out all that dark eye makeup

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    they still famous?

    movies, albums, anything?

  • joss

    love her!

  • sunnykidstyle

    She looks great on that cover! And it is so true what she says about fashion perception. When you see something from a prêt-à-porter collection, you always wonder, who would ever wear that on the street, but then you see the Olsen twins, and they really do have a very unique sense of dressing themselves, and yes, i think in some sense her description of “dressing up” matches it really well.

    And now that you’re all style crazy, today’s featured topic on is vintage design for children: a crib & soft toys from Denmark and girls clothes. Have a sunny vintage Wednesday :)

  • rien

    wow, surprised, surprised!!

    This woman knows what she talks about. Respect to her! Even if I don’t like the way she runs around, but I think it’s a matter of taste.

    Respect, Mary-Kate! I hope you are true to yourself!

  • fresh

    she sounds like shes got her head on straight.

  • LS

    This one is famous for anorexia.

  • hanhan

    i love the olsen twins. god bless them

  • Louise g

    The Olsens were adorable little babies and young children when they found fame and fortune on “Full House”…….that set them up for life to be “celebrities”…..but do they really have “acting” range and talent.
    Ashley appears to be the “brainier” twin; MK more the “social butterfly”……amazing to see her dressed beautifully….usually she looks like a homeless hobo. Someday all they young celebs will show maturity and wisdom.

  • rae

    She is very well-spoken and seems to know who she is. I like her and Ashley a lot. She looks pretty on the cover too.

  • May

    Wow she looks really good here. I’m usually not a fan of her fashion choices, but she cleans up nicely.

  • Me

    OMG, that dress has the exact same colour as these big plastic bags … it even looks like plastic bag material *looool*

  • Caroline ennis

    Ugh. This little troll is so fugly and annoying.

  • susan

    i love the look! you can actually see her figure. MUCH better than those over grown clothes that hide her figure!

  • mE

    i love her!

  • Rosossko

    I have to say I’m kind of surprised by that little snippet. She actually sounds thoughtful and intelligent here, even more so when one considers the pablum that often spews from the mouths of actresses her age.

    And she’s pretty damn cute, too.

  • Jamie

    Well these girls really have styles of their own. You know, each and ever one of these actors who stand out… or not actors… but celebrities… they’ve made something of themselves. They’re not the norm. They don’t want to be well-liked. They have no insecurity issues… or no insecurities the way we would think. They are anti-confrmist. I mean I can understand why people would think that Mary-Kate’s style and look is like a BAG LADY. I mean, that look on the Elle cover… I have seen old ladies better looking than her on that cover. I don’t know why someone would make themselves try to look uglier. BUT, they are ARTISTS. And ARTISTS … not ALL artists… but some artists stand out with their own unique way. Angelina Jolie has more tattoos than some of the bartenders I meet at some raunchy clubs/bars.

    That’s it… I think some people like to be RAW-NCHY. They like it raw. They wanna stand out of the crowd. They WANT you to dislike them. I mean the first time I went into some goth club which was one of the worst clubs you could go to in the area… I wondered WHY my gorgeous, MODEL-like friend would EVER want to go to these places! But it’s her. It’s the way she is. She could be a gorgeous model or break-out actor and yet she does things that are anti-conformist and rebellious. I mean guys fall for her all the time… but she has a style of her own.

  • LuckyL



  • LuckyL

    I hope Americans start to get it soon!!

  • oh snap!

    they will just give anyone a magazine cover, if any of the hags from the hill be on elle i’m stop buying it


  • claire

    i like what she said. even a bigger fan now

  • remember da truth

    I agree — I really like what she was saying, and those who are smart enough will get it.

    People don’t all have to look a certain way to be beautiful. In fact, the most beautiful people are those that are very distinct and almost ugly, but who make it work with their unique style and sense of self.

    For anyone wondering if they are “still” famous — of course. Fame doesn’t just go away because someone has been going to college for a couple of years, or not acting in a movie for a while. They are famous because they always have been and with their sense of art, always will be.

  • zoe

    i thought she was ashley for a second! she’s articlate and well spoken. i like the outfit she’s wearing. now if only she could look like tht everyday

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