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Matilda Ledger is a Sleeping Beauty

Matilda Ledger is a Sleeping Beauty

Michelle Williams and a mystery male take turns pushing her napping daughter Matilda, 2 1/2, through Brooklyn on a Tuesday.

The mother-daughter duo attended a private screening at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

Matilda‘s father is the late Heath Ledger, who will be starring as The Joker in next month’s new Batman film, The Dark Knight.

FYI: Michelle is pushing Matilda in her Maclaren stroller.

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  • yeahhh


  • SarahUK


  • bh


  • k.p.

    she’s so adorable!
    but, um, how about next time you don’t steal the title from

  • antonia aka toni

    She looks so much like her dad. It must be hard for the mom.

  • snuffy

    Um, isn’t that kid a little young to be publishing her up skirt shots???

    At least now Wino isn’t the only one to have her diaper shown in recent memory!

  • Cec

    I don’t think this child is going to be goodlooking when she grows up (as she got the looks of Heath)…I hope Matilda gets a nice peaceful life ahead and achieves whatever she wants.

  • rana

    aaaah .. 7aram ..
    what a huge loss for them ..


    awww she looks exactly like heath


  • hmm

    Well, she’s asleep, that is true.

  • lullaby

    the baby is cute but the mom isnt

  • sunnykidstyle

    Such a beautiful little girl, and just the spitting image of her dad. Just sad that he had to die so young and leave his family and a promising career behind. Wondering how Michelle feels, when she sees her daugther, she must be constantly reminded of Heath.

    Today’s featured topic on is vintage design for children: a crib & soft toys from Denmark and skirt & halter top sets. Have a sunny vintage day :)

  • ysl

    Michelle is beyond cold and mean!!!!



  • hannah

    #7 why would you say something like that about a two year old? Geez. Yes she obviously got her looks from her father. Your point?? He was a very handsome young man!!

    Anyways Matilida is the cutest thing ever :)

  • Polish_girl

    She just looke like her father.

    @13 – why us she mean and cold?

  • tagan

    manny, maybe?

  • Helena

    I really like the way Michelle dresses.





  • S

    I doubt that guy is a new man in Michelle’s life, he looks gay, gay, gay.

  • dcfa

    The mystery man is a hottie!!

  • me

    “I doubt that guy is a new man in Michelle’s life, he looks gay, gay, gay.”

    ITA! I’ve seen pics of Michelle, Matilda and him even while she still was with Heath Ledger. I think he’s just a friend!

  • Rachel

    cute child and she looks like Ledger. Ledger is no role model though and not the greatest actor too. Williams is not pretty and her films are flops.
    It is sad that Batman will be all about the Joker again because of a dead actor. Batman 89 was overshadowed by Nicholson while Keaton’s Batman was forgotten.

  • Stefanie

    omg she’s so adorable! she looks just like her daddy! poor girl :(

  • Ingrid

    The mystery male is Dan Estabrook. He’s a very funky artist. He’s also a close friend of Michelle’s.

  • Jaye

    She looks just like heath ledger. Decent actor, but frankly he wasn’t what you call ‘good looking’. His JOKER is creepy in not a good way. I think it will be compared to Nicholson’s Joker a lot. While Nicholson’s was crazy funny, Ledger’s is creepy serious crazy. I don’t think I’m going to see that movie. All I’d be thinking about is he’s dead.

  • Blackworm

    She does look just like Heath. I thought he was a great actor and so is Michelle. I thought Heath could look very attractive when he was cleaned up like in Casanova. I will definitely see The Dark Knight. I have always loved Batman. But it’s going to be the Heath Ledger show. Poor Christian Bale!

  • Tealeaf

    Little Matilda napping …how cute. I like Heath in Brokeback, he was really good in that, Michelle was too, beyond that Iam not big fans, but I think he will be a good joker.

  • isabella

    It’s sad his daughter will live without him. She is the splitting image of him.

    Heath was a fantastic actor. If you watch him in Monster’s Ball, you’ll see why so many found him to be just that. He was nominated in 2005 for an Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role for Brockback Mountain. He was FANTASTIC in this role, so real, so raw and authentic.

    Also, he was trying to bring something REAL to the Joker. The Joker was supposed to be menacing NOT funny. Nickolsen’s portrayal was for KIDS.

    Heath was headed for terrific career in film.

    IMO and Many others, he was also very handsome. He was a gorgeous man.

  • A REAL Cowboy

    Lucky that MIchelle produced a GIRL because if she had a boy he would have finished up as a ‘BALDIE’ which is right where Heathy was surely ‘headed’.
    That’s why he wore film set wigs (or Cowboy hats!) and was often seen wearing caps in publicity shots.
    You only need look at pics. of Heathy’s daddy, Kim (‘KimboMan’!) who makes like ‘Kojak’.

    At least when Matilda goes to the hairdressers in a few years time (hopefully with ALL of Daddys $$$’loot’) she wont have to say -
    “Just a POLISH please!”

    Pity (Ha Ha!) that Heathy didn’t have lots of hair like me and that nice man John Gibson (Fox News) who was attacked when he made some mild jokes the day after Heathy checked out – ‘accidentally’ – of course!
    Yeah, right.

  • Dee

    How cute are they? Matilda looks beautiful in her little dress and Michelle looks great as she usually does.

  • me

    A REAL Cowboy, why are you so angry?

  • arizon

    shes adorible. isnt that michelle’s asistant.? shes looking more like her dad. and that dress is adorible. shes the only celebrity child that wears princess dresses.

  • Annie

    Jack Nicholson had never played Joker!

  • Alison

    Aww! Matilda is adorable. Those shots of her sleeping are precious.

  • s

    i know that guy. ha. it’s kinda funny to see him on this site.

  • LuckyL


  • http://justjared Victoria

    What is so sad is that little precious Matilda will probably not remember her Father in any way. She is just too small. Even If her mother has pictures of him around, her memories will fade over time, of what little she has left. Heath adored that child, and it is a shame he died so young. I hope Michelle finds happiness with someone who can be a good role model for her daughter, without feeling overwhelmed with Heath’s past, and can get along with the Ledger family who will always be a part of Matilda’s life.

  • Polish_girl

    @ Annie sure he did play the Joker, you should check his filmogprahy first.

  • Polish_girl

    @ Annie – he did play the Joker.

  • siobhan

    that guy is the same guy she was taking a stroll with as seen in a paparazzi pic posted in
    labeled Michelle and Matilda in New York-May 27, 2007. He’s even carrying the same bag.

    Check it out here:

  • A REAL Cowboy

    Whoever he is I hope he gives Michelle and Matilda the love and support they couldn’t get from the over-rated ‘Golden Boy’!
    If they can get their hands on Lothario’s ‘Loot’ (NONE for the relatives down under!) then maybe they can all live happily thereafter.
    Maybe ALL of us can then move ON and forget about ‘Golden Boy’ who had his ’15 minutes of Sunshine’!

  • levett

    both of them are so beautiful.

  • A REAL Cowboy

    Michelle’s new guy looks OK to me because, unlike SOME people -

    1/ HE doesn’t feel a need to wear an EAR-RING – ie the traditional ‘badge’ of the homo.

    2/ HE doesn’t look like he THINKS he’s ‘gods gift’ to women.

    3/ HE looks like he might have a few brains – ie more than a 16 y.o high school ‘drop out’ who never really studied anything – except how to ‘read’ lines. Duh.

    but best of ALL…….

    4/ HE’s got HAIR – ie he doesn’t look like he is going bald ‘by the minute’ so that in a few short years he would make like KOJAK which is right where ‘Goldenboy’ Heathy was surely ‘headed’ before he did us all a favor and ‘checked out’.
    This new dude don’t need no WIGS like Heathy did and looks like the Real Deal – not some imposter/pretender!

  • shannon

    ahaa. it is so sad for matilda! all heath wanted was to see her grow up and now he cant!! ): x RIP HEATH LEDGER! complete ledgend

  • Hm

    the guy kind of looks like spike jonze…no?

  • hmm

    “real cowboy” makes me laugh.. his post sound so jealous and bitter and his grammar sounds either super foreign or handicapped. but hey, at least he has hair.. lol, real cowboy you’re a real clown.

  • Erin

    You people should stop leaving nasty statements.His Daughter and wife or ex girlfriend is none of our Bussiness none of anyone’s bussiness for that mattter.except maybe the Families.