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Britney Spears Loves Low Riders

Britney Spears Loves Low Riders

Aren’t you a little too big for that car Brit?

Britney Spears gets cozy in her Cadillac Escalade low rider, while spending time with her kids in Studio City, Calif. on Thursday.

Looks like Brit is getting her act together and spending some quality time with the family! Ms. Spears has two sons, Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1.

In case you missed it
, it was reported earlier that 26-year-old singer will be making a cameo in the next Pussycat Dolls music video.

10+ pictures of Britney Spears loving her Escalade low rider…

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britney spears low rider 01
britney spears low rider 02
britney spears low rider 03
britney spears low rider 04
britney spears low rider 05
britney spears low rider 06
britney spears low rider 07
britney spears low rider 08
britney spears low rider 09
britney spears low rider 10
britney spears low rider 11
britney spears low rider 12

Credit: Cousart-Ramirez-Rios; Photos: JFXonline
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  • LuckyL


  • LuckyL

    The little tyke looks adorable and looks like his Mom

  • anon

    im SOO glad britney is finally getting her act together!

  • cassie

    the lower rider is probably the only vehicle that britney is allowed to drive without supervison

  • legs

    so cute. lol

  • vanessa

    i love her
    i think she is looking skinner

  • Mike

    LOVE HER! I’m so glad to see her with her children… :)

  • Tanda

    Besos, B. Besos.

  • Here’s The Deal

    It’s nice to see her spending time with her kid. Hopefully she stays on the right track. It seems that ever since her dad got rid of that manager and took over, she’s been getting better.

  • Megan fox rocks

    so freakin cute , i love u brit brit

  • laura

    she’s beautiful!!
    we love you B!!

  • nan


  • anonymousbyotch

    aaaawwwh. im soo glad she gets to spend time with her kids!
    she’s losing weight now…

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    what a dummy.

  • enough

    it’s nice to see her spend time with her sons. i wish her the best! #14 get a life…

  • grace

    It’s sad considering how many pictures are snapped that there’s never any real evidence of her actually engaged with or focused on her children. Even in the one picture of her touching this one, she’s on the freakin phone.

  • jay

    I agree with #16.. this is BS, you can tell she just did this “just because” .. this broad is a sad excuse for a mother.

    -Social Elitist

  • angeline

    Spending time with her kids, no accidents lately, nothing crazy happening. Britney, I’m overly proud of you. You’re a perfect example of how someone can just fall of their feet and get back right up again.

    Go Britney =]

    She looks great.

  • to grace

    my cousin was diagnosed as bi-polar only three months ago. she, like britney, has children. unlike britney my cousin is married to a great guy who’s made it clear that he is not going anywhere. the thing is that it’s very difficult to get her to focus on what’s really important sometimes. according to her doctor it can take a fairly long time to get properly medicated and thinking right. i wonder if that’s what’s happening here with britney

  • t

    cute cute, can’t wait for the radar video she’s shooting next week

  • maria


  • http://justjared Victoria

    Sad, Number #16 is right. Every picture someone takes of her near the children, she is either on the freaking phone or smoking a nicotine stick. Only in one of those pictures of her, is she touching one of her boys. In all of the other pictures, { up close } she looks bored and pre-occupied. The last visit pictures of her and the children published were the same way. Hardley any interaction. Maybe indoors, it is better. I love Britney, but she has a long way to go in the motherhood department. She only seems really happy when she is acting or dancing, which may mean, there is still some post-partum depression going on, and that is her way of coping.

  • Shonathan Hilton

    Thats so hot.
    I cant wait to hear more from her.
    i think she totally rocks.

    Britney was never gone, we just got to see another side of her.

  • tb

    so cute! that pic of brit riding the car seriously kills me. I cant stop laughing. LOVE YOU BRIT! Good luck in the UK on your video!

  • Stefanie

    awww adorable! I Love her! I think it’s cute how she’s sitting in the car! I always wanted to do that too.. haha! and the kids are soooo cute!

  • Jughed


    those are pretty funny looking cars! love ya, brit.

  • sari

    Aww!! She looks soo adorable!! luv ya brit!!

  • tiffany

    her kids are so cute!

  • funnyfaceqqq

    you are my idol Briteney!!

  • nikomilinko
  • Jennifer

    god people, get over yourselves. nobody looks happy and smiley ALL THE TIME when spending time with kids. they can be exhausting, too. britney is smiling, and she looks affectionate towards Sean. how can you even tell she’s on the phone “all the time”? she’s famous, she might get the odd phone call every now and then. as if normal moms never answer their phones…

    bottom line is, I’m very very happy to see she’s getting better. I’ve always been a fan of her, and it really saddened me when she was out of control. Go Britney. you look beautiful!

  • missyj

    she is so sweet!!
    she convinced me bck after of all what she did after broke up with JT..
    if we can go bck to 2002, i hope brit n justin wouldn’t make a conclusion to brake up..and i am very hopeful if britney become herself again..

  • Microchipho

    I have a question for y’all. In that ok magazine article about her “losing 15 lbs” it said that she (being 5’4″) went down from a husy 123 lbs to a sexy 108. I would sat she looks 123 lbs, because the camera adds weight and that’s what i look like in pictures……but do you think 123 lbs is “husky” in real life??

  • sasha

    Britney is so beautiful Waiting for the videos

  • Some chick

    I think it’s pretty cool that she actually gets involved in play with her children. I don’t really see how it’s any better to be a mom who is always seen holding her kids if it’s just while she shops on busy streets for the sole purpose of showing them off to the paparazzi.

  • Soap

    I love Brit. Everyone say she is mad, but I really think she is the most legendary celebrety out there. From Baby baby one more time to Blackout, Britney is like the best singer ever. She will never die in my heart, and I love her for 9 years now! I LOVE YOU BRIT I LOVE YOUR BABIES THEY ARE SOOOOOO CUTE YOU ARE MY ROLE MODEL FOREVER JUST WAIT SOME YEARS AND YOU WILL BE A LEGEND! She will reach Marylin Monroe!

    PS: you´re beutifull, Brit, some days in the gym and you will look back to your “Baby” years :)

  • Grace

    #31 I was very clear in saying I was not basing my statement on this one set of pictures, but thank you for your helpful assistance with my comments and opinions.

  • Moviewatcher

    I am glad she is continuing to make positive steps in her life

  • Moviemadness

    Wow….I didn’t know you couldn’t talk on the phone while hanging with your kids. You HATERS are just so perfect…yea right

  • pinkrose

    number 23, do not be ridiculous.

    Britney looks medicated and half aware of what is going on around her. she is not really enjoying the children and neither are they enjoying her. Baby steps I suppose. At least everyone is quiet and composed. No muss no fuss!!

  • MzZzMelliiGyaL

    lolshxzZzz..sShezZz an idiOt….wOwerSshxzZz!…


  • Taza

    boo hoo get over brittney already…

  • Taza

    boo hoo get over brittney already…ok i mean she is so yesterday

  • Chelsie

    Can’t say that I’m fan of her insanity but I’m more than happy she is FINALLY getting her life on track!

  • jbfan


  • Cydney

    What do you mean “quality time”? If that were true, she wouldn’t always have a phone in hand!

  • sam

    Britney is a slut she should be ashamed of herself

  • http://deleted jessica

    OH~~~~~~~~that cat is so so cute!!!

  • billbob

    o Brit Brit!

  • http://google motherly

    I think Britt grew up on television and never really had to deal with reality. All of a sudden she has two kids and a divorce on her hands. She never delt with reality and I feel she didnt know how to deal with it and just kinda rebelled. She may be Bi-polar as well but I believed she rebelled because of the fact the attention was not on her and she had no idea of how to deal with real life! Im happy she is calminng down and letting th children get to know her now, but like what was said before, it takes baby steps.