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Jennifer Aniston is a Custom Cat

Jennifer Aniston is a Custom Cat

Jennifer Aniston shops at JJ Custom Upholstery for some home interior decorating in Beverly Hills on Thursday.

On Wednesday, Jen, 39, was seen leaving the Sunset Tower Hotel in Los Angeles while boyfriend John Mayer was hanging out with Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz.

And on Tuesday, Janiston hung out with former Friends co-star and BFF Courteney Cox and Jennifer Meyer (wife of Tobey Maguire). Looks like the life of the party!

Just Jared on Facebook
jennifer aniston custom cat 01
jennifer aniston custom cat 02
jennifer aniston custom cat 03
jennifer aniston custom cat 04
jennifer aniston custom cat 05
jennifer aniston custom cat 06

Photos: Flynetonline
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  • ashlee

    Jen Fan you’re such a loser! lol

  • WTF

    This one is better than the previous pic. but she still look old .
    Those tanning and chain smoking are rapidly enhance her aging process. Even with those multiple plastic surgeries, repeated botox and restylane, she is not aging well.

  • LuckyL

    Mrs. Boring

  • -

    she looks old and tired in pic # 3.

  • Okay?

    She looks a little tired here but other than that, well, meh. I wish her and John Mayer well.

  • WTF

    She had done something on those boob, like her nose, so fake. it’s either breast implant or breast augmentation. Believed me, I’ve seen a lot of those breast implant.

  • pinkydoo

    She really doesn’t look like anything all that remarkable. If it wasn’t for Friends, or the fact that she was married to BP, we wouldn’t even be posting anything about her. On the otehr hand, she does have an amazing body.

  • anon

    she’s been working too much. back to back filming does not suit her.

  • Trisha

    Guys be nice, Lets stop all the negativity. Jen is ugly yes we know already. I mean when is all this gonna end.

  • meangirls

    botox and plastic surgery queen

  • tabbie

    I think she looks good. She’s absolutely gorgeous when she smiles, but what normal person would want to get those loser Middle Eastern paps the satisfaction?

    I just don’t get the ‘ugly’ comments. What do you people get out of degrading another human being. Please explain it to me. It’s beyond my comprehension.

  • takeabreak

    Sorry meant to say ‘give satisfaction’.

  • isla

    butta face

  • inga

    She is kind of slutty looking now…

  • to trisha

    lol @ trisha

  • E L E N A

    She looks like either been crying all night or having sex all night. Looks tired, old, bloody old & she’s not that old. :S

  • ohwell

    i really hope her heart is not going to be broken again……i really think john mayer is too immature for her….. actually , maybe that’s what she wants( happy go lucky guy) ….she’s been lost and lonely since her divorce from brad…with more babies for brad, it’s gonna hurt all over again for jen :(….

  • Hello jello

    oh i think the haters will be on here soon so before that i wanna say jen looks good regardless of what all u haters think!!!

    she has one of the nicest bodies!

  • yipee

    love that dress

  • oh snap!


  • sarah

    She just look like a regular Malibu mom.

  • well

    She looks exausted and annoyed at the pap..

  • ha

    Jennifer Aniston shops at JJ Custom Upholstery

    That’s funny, JJ are you in the interior design biz?

  • nan


  • ghost

    Jen lovers can praise her all they want, but when a woman goes to a public store with a black lace bra on, barely hidden by a dress like that. What can anyone say. I’ll tell you What a tramp !

  • LL

    I hope she’s happy.

  • the truth is this

    ohwell @ 06/05/2008 at 9:56 pm

    What makes you believe that her heart was broken by the divorce?

    You have no proof that this is true. This is what you think based on your own life experiences not hers.

    If you truly love someone you know that compromise is critical to the success of the relationship, and if your partner says he wants and needs something for years that is essential to him, and you ignore him for years, do not even explore alternate ways to meet your partner’s great need, then you do not love him enough to have your heart broken.

    Harsh truth but the whole truth nevertheless.

  • You/Me

    Wow! Jen looks good, I’m loving the dress :-)
    You can really see her Greek heritage here, gorgeous.

  • hmm

    haha for all the people who are saying she’s ugly. I’m really curious as to how “hot” you guys are.

  • You/Me

    Wow! Jen look good, I’m lovin the dress. :-)
    You can really see her Greek heritage here, gorgeous.

  • boo(real)

    She looks all of her 39+ years. The Urinator will soon be looking for young fresh meat.

  • isabella

    the truth is this @ 06/05/2008 at 10:54 pm

    You wouldn’t know the truth if it was printed on your forehead. You can only ASSUME… because you don’t KNOW them personally. You KNOW nothing about what their relationship entailed…….. only what LITTLE you’ve read in gossip mags and gossip sites like this…. it’s called GOSSIP for a reason.

    Other than that…. I LOVE JEN”S DRESS, and the black bra. She looks refreshing and cool as usual.

  • truvy

    I love that dress. It’s fantastic.

  • Katie

    Jen is so beautiful and sweet.

    You haters are just jealous freaks!

    Hope Jen has all the best in life!!

  • Katie

    Jennifer looks lovely, I think she looks younger than her age, her body is to die for…..we love you Jen!!!

    can’t wait for your new movies!

  • lol

    She looks like a 45 year old soccer mom. she looks like she should be the mother of teenagers


    Love her dress and she looks good. Luv ya Jen.

  • ghost

    All your hope,and wishing, doesn’t change the fact she looks like a cheep hooker. What’s worse is the fact she acts like one . Only someone with a narrow mind and small maturity level would think this is fantastic.

  • Katie

    Are you all crazy? have you seen what Brad Pitt looks like now??? lol, he is all ugly and wrinkly, while Jen is gorgeous and hot…..Brad only looked good when he was with Jen…he looks like crap now. It looks like he aged 10 years in only a couple of years, I guess that is what happens when getting involved with Elvira Skeletor Jolie…lol. Even fug Billy Bob ran away from that freak.

    Poor Brad, must suck having to take care of a whole herd, and Elvira Jolie…..he’ll never recover now.

    and in the meantime, Jennifer is enjoying life…..Yay!

  • FAKEasHELL-HUVANEstrikesagain

    Just curious…are most of you people that think she’s attractive of her same background. Sometimes I get this image of other beady eyed, big nosed, thin lipped, low short foreheaded women, who workout 5 hours a day to and take drugs to keep their ethnic wife hips at bay, are sitting home, behind computers talking about how gorgeous she is. She’s a man in these pics. She barely approaches decent when pulled, yanked, tucked, plucked and made up and then plastoc surgerized. When she’s got no makeup on, she looks like David Spades older brother. But my guess is, David’s brother is more attractive, AND he’s a NATURAL blonde. Bahahaha! What an ugly homely no talent TV sit-com HACK this bish is. I wish she’d pack up Mayer and move to Alaska. Why does she keep trying to be a movie star?? Variety already said she’s a big fat failure at it. Just guest star on your pal Botox Cox Arquettes cable access show, let Mayer pizz on you, and call it a day. I don’t need Aniston, Mayer, or Hedi MontHAG on my TV or in my face. They bore and are useless.


    She looks really nice with that dress. Nice color. Looks a little ticked with the paps. Well she always said if she doesn’t notice them, then it is o.k. but if she can notice them and they get in her face it is not.

  • Katie


    did they let you out of the mental ward for dinner????

  • nyc

    Teren @ 06/05/2008 at 11:20 pm and in the meantime, Jennifer is enjoying lifeā€¦
    I agree. She is enjoying being peed on. Yaaay!

  • American

    Why are you so cruel, judgmental and overlycritical?

    She’s beautiful and I’m betting none of you look as good she does.

  • Chrissi

    To me she looks old and haggerly in the face. I would guess her to be 42. I wish she could hook up with a more classy, mature man than John Mayer. I don’t think he can be trusted. He seem to have his own personal agenda. Look how he courts the paps. That will work against them in the future.

  • Katie

    nyc…..bye bye!

    and poor little wrinkly braddie boy!

  • ghost

    Trina. Are you twelve? Reads like it. Do you actually know what she does for a living? The only way miss Jen garners recognition for her movies is through the the press . If your idol Jen was smart she would be smiling and begging them to take her picture. The only way she pays her rent is through public approval. If she keeps this up, there won’t be any.

  • Jenfan2

    I like Jen Aniston, and even I know she’s no great beauty. You don’t have to be Cliniqua to know that. Sarah Jessica Parker has a nice figure and yet you don’t see HER fans making out like she’s Grace Kelly. I say embrace your uniqueness and the age that you are Jennifer, and stop cutting up your face, you’re starting not to look like Rachel anymore. I don’t know what she’s after, but everyone knows what she looks like, so it’s silly to try and turn yourself into an Olsen twin at 45.


    @ghost: Are you 12? She is an actress. She makes movies. It does not give paps the right or anyone for that matter to follow her all over the place and get in her face. Where I live it is called stalking!