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Ashley Tisdale Wears Granny Panties

Ashley Tisdale Wears Granny Panties

Check out the trailer below for the new movie, Picture This, starring granny-panties-wearing Ashley Tisdale of High School Musical fame.

Picture This is an ABC Family original movie premiere, premiering Sunday, July 13 @ 8:00 – 10:00 PM ET/PT. It’s a coming-of-age comedy about an unpopular high school senior – with an overprotective father – who gets a date to the biggest party of the year with the school’s most sought after guy, only to find herself grounded on the appointed day. So, she enlists her friends and a video phone to outsmart her dad – as well as her date’s ex-girlfriend. Kevin Pollack stars as the father.

“Picture This” Trailer Feat. Ashley Tisdale
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  • erica

    i can’t wait to see it!!!
    I loove Ashley!

  • oh snap!

    i heard that high school music is going straight to dvd ,cause none of them can act

    ashley’s nosie is looking like micheal jackson’s

  • Svenja

    Can´t wait to see it. Ashley looks great as usual!

  • Cindy

    This looks like a cute movie.

  • rey


  • H


  • katie

    she gets to kiss all the cute guys, jared, zac, drew, that cute guy

    even when shes a “geek” she is still so pritty!


    omg i cant wait
    love her

  • katherine

    HAH straight to dvd. she sucks! met her in person and she was meaaaan

  • paige

    she is so effin awsome.
    she is like one of my rolemodel :D

  • Helena

    That absolutely horrid! She can neither act nor sing. I heard about the AID’s rumours, though. I hope they’re not true.

  • cj

    looks awesome

  • katie

    the story line is very original. never been done before. very exciting. oscar worthy infact.

  • Amy

    Her old nose is so much better (as in the movie)!!!!!!!! So much more natural. Now her new nose makes her look akward.

  • Helena

    LOL, 13.

  • Mike

    love ashley…don’t be so rude…whoever said she can’t act…love her…and she is just starting to make a nice career for herself so give her a friggin break…she could probably act better than you…

  • Samantha

    2nd Comment You Made Me Laugh Coz This Was BEFORE her Nose Job!

  • vahnumba1fan

    hmm.. i have mixed feelings about this movie. it looks alright, though. i personally am not a fan of ashley, & her acting doesn’t look that good in this movie. i’ll have to see the whole movie to tell, though. … & she is a little overrated.

    ^ these are just MY opinions.

    P.S. her nose does look MUCH more natural (since it IS her old nose), but it also looks awkward…

  • morgan

    She’s kinda stuck….she makes a lot of money playing high school kids, but probably would love to break free of that and act her age.

  • chantall

    Dude is ashely really rude in person i hav heard like 1000000000000000 people say that!!!!!!!! i like her new nose better + she should stick to acting she sings through her nose!!!

  • kenza

    Ohhh I can’t wait to see i want to see now !!!

  • lizzie

    isnt that the guy from life with derek???

    neways cant wait with Him (hottie) and her it should be a great movie :D

  • Samantha

    Yeah Thats Him

  • Sophie

    Ash <3

  • katie

    that looks so corny/dumb

  • jessica

    like omigosh oscar worthy!

  • hannah

    it looks cool!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ashleytisdaleismyidol

    I am sooooooooo gonna watch this! i luv ash. ash, if u r reading this, u rule

  • ZanessaFan4Lyfe!!

    luv her!! Cant wait!! xD

  • ZanessaFan4Lyfe!!

    luv her!! Cant wait!! xD

  • manny

    that looks really cool!! cant wait to see it!!

  • Michi from SD

    OMG! i soooooo cannot wait!!!!

  • josh

    is it true tht she has HIV because of her nose job?? its going around now jared..get the not sure, it kinda fits since she hasnt been looking like herself nd she hasnt been in for HSM 3 for a while..more near her family

  • Laura

    this girl can’t even act.. or sing.. omgsh did you hear those remakes of the songs she made for Degree girl! it’s horrible.. she’s complete trash who needs to get out of this industry and let actual talented people do their jobs.. she’s such a joke.. it’s actually funny..

  • charlene

    I love her and csant wait for this movie. it looks like the type of movie i woudl love even if my favorite actress aka ashley tisdale werent in it but she is so thahts definitly a plus for me. as or the haters GET OFF THE THREAD!!!! Leave the poor girl alone. To the girl who said she met her and ashley was mean im sorry but im not going to believe that. I think you are making up stories how was she mean? what did she do? I met her once and she was the sweetest girl on the face of the earth. She couldnt have been any nicer and ive heard numourous stories of other peopel meeting her and she was always so nice so UNTRUE!!! Next about her nose first of all who cares? Its just a nose. get over it already. It doesnt effect her personality or talent in any way. Second she had to do it for health reasons. Learn the truth. ashe is a very talented singer and actor and about the whole aids thing its untrue people are just trying to start up trouble. so yea cant wai for this movie much love ash<3

  • Stephie

    i love the trailer ash the besT!

  • cj

    the AIDS rumor is just that a rumor, check her official website. Picture this looks adorable, can’t wait !!!

  • Caz

    Can’t wait for this film, she’s such a good actress :)

  • http://nowebsite sabrina

    It’s goanna suck and her nose is getting more and more like michael jackons HA..HAAA..LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL..Shes freaking ugly..And it’s the
    truth (no lies)..

  • caden jayy

    it actullly looks relle good

  • yayyyyyyyy

    go ashley ;]]

  • ashleyfan4ever

    ashley tisdale is awesome i can’t wait for this and you ashley haters stop hatin your just jealous and her nose is fine she can sing and act so shut up. for those who support her your awesome : D

  • http://nowebsite hannah

    You shut up and get a life and her nose looks like a witch and michael
    jacksons nose put in together man shes ugly..

  • lore

    she is more than perfect!

  • KellyT

    Ashley looks great! Can’t wait for to see this movie. Looks like it really shows both her comedic and serious sides. She has a great future ahead of her!

  • zanessa/jashley

    YAY !! Totally can’t wait !! And you know, to those who think that Ashley should grow up just cause she’s doing Disney Shows, Movies etc…she’s actually going to ditch Disney and act in romantic/comedies. She’s doing 2 other movies that AREN’T Disney. She’ll go far :D Ashley Rocks !!

    Oh and I have met Ashley once. She’s is DEFINETLY NOT mean. She was so nice !! She actually asked me if I wanted to take a picture with her ! I also got her autograph :D Go Ash !!

  • hannah

    a made to dvd movie? shouldn’t someone as “good” as her get involved in a movie that’s going to theaters, or at least something big like that? she has all this “fame” (none of the talent though), and shes wasting her time with movies like this? the storyline is unoriginal and overdone, and this movie has gotten almost 0 exposure to date. this is pretty embarassing, and definitely a step down from hsm.

  • ruty

    soos mi idola ash…

  • Samantha

    She Doesn’t Hav HIV!
    Cheack Her Offical Website

  • andrea v

    the movie sounds downright lame..
    but i still kinda wanna watch it.
    it looks good for a retarted time.