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Jodie Sweetin is a Blogger

Jodie Sweetin is a Blogger

Former Full House sweetheart Jodie Sweetin shares a special moment with set designer husband Cody Herpin and daughter Zoie, almost 2 months.

Jodie, 26, is now raking it in with magazine covers and television appearances. She’s even entered the blogosphere, sharing her thoughts with OK! Magazine.

Ms. Sweetin shares, “Yesterday our house was filled with cameras all day. Literally, from 7:30am to 5pm we had people in our house filming for both Access Hollywood and Good Morning America.”

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  • V-fan-forever

    awwww i love jodie sweetin! she’s sooo cool! she played the role of stephanie in full house sooooo perfectly :)
    i’m sooo happy for her that she finally is sooo happpy

  • ok, I will say it

    Yesterday our house was filled with cameras all day. Literally, from 7:30am to 5pm we had people in our house filming for both Access Hollywood and Good Morning America.”


  • miriam

    i love her !
    she is so sweet !

  • http://ONTD fatale.noir

    is it just me, or is there something wrong with that magazine cover that says


    she is eating up this fame. TBQH Jared, i think she is gonna take all the money from this press and buy more meth

  • http://msn lips,tits and angie’s angels.

    Now where is Hallie baby?

  • nbccdn

    What a MESS. I mean total trainwreck, and worse yet, she OBVIOUSLY isn’t even aware of it.

    I’d guarentee 100% that her mess of a husband, just look at that dude!, is the one who’s telling her to shop the baby around for $ to all of these trashtastic celebrity gossip media organizations.

    I’m sure if she had kept her nose clean and was still with her cop ex-husband and they were the ones having the kid together, not this meth mess guy, then she wouldn’t be such a desperate media cash hungry baby mamma.

    SO desperate. SO sad. SO totally trashy.

    In that regard I wish that none of these media groups were giving her any attention, and especially money, at all! BECAUSE, I’ll tell you what:

    ………. Let’s just pray to God that she really isn’t still using METH, either her or her husband, that is, and.or both of them! And I’ll tell ya, even if she or they claim they aren’t right now, and actually, even if they truly aren’t at right now — most people DO NOT come fully clean and recover THAT quick, as quick as she claims to have. Sadlly, there is usually a great chance of relasping. More often than not the the recovering addict WILL go through difficult periods and struggle.

    The chance of her either one of them, the new mommy or daddy, of relasping is a HUGE chance. Now, is this a wise or safe idea? … to have a so newly recovering addict in the care of an infant? NO. Worse yet, if BOTH of them relapse.

    These two people are extremeley irresponsible in every possible way I can imagine: irresponsible for using meth, irresponsible for not practicing safe sex, and irresponsible for bringing a new baby into this world with such newly recent recovering addicts.

    PLEASE all people who are young and reading this: PLEASE do not follow the example of this nitwit. I hope you know she is a mess and not at all someone to look up to!

    PS: I know of what I speak re: addicts. I know these things to be true because I’m a assistant counselor at a rehab center. Now, I am not an actual counselor – I still have another year left to finish my bachelors degreee:I won’t be an actual counselor until I finish school. obviously. BUT in the meantime, on weekends and a couple nights a week I also work at this rehab center, and have been working there for the past over 2+ years. I see people like Ms. Sweetin ALL THE TIME: Recently Recovering addicts, who get pregnant and have kids anyway, with addict boyfriends, one or both they almost always DOES relapse, and then they WILL and DO lose custody of their kids! This is not the way to live your life!

  • Kirsten

    OMG be normal, be happy for her….

  • mina

    I dont get why all the necessity for press tough. Liked her in Full House.

  • galpal

    just read the blog…soooo boring.

    Meth is serious stuff, so I’m glad she cleaned herself up. She’s got a kid now, so she really needs to stay clean.


    so happy for her congrats!”


  • No Homeless

    I don’t care about her.

    Never heard of the hag.

  • msguidedmama

    poor little crack baby!

  • http://justjared Victoria

    I would hate for a cover to say ” from meth addict to mom”. Sure that is what the article is about, and I wish her luck, but come on. This is supposed to be about some encouragement and happiness. I hope their baby and her do not have any permanent damage from any past residue from her meth use. Some former users, are not so lucky. I wish them good luck .

  • Stefanie

    aww I miss full house! haha

  • Skippy

    My heavens people, get a grip! Just be happy for her! And those pictures, if she’s willing to show them then let her. I’m happy that she does, so I can share in their happiness.
    Don’t be so hypocrite as to say that she’s a sell-out while you won’t ignore the pictures when you see them on display in the stores.
    Live and let live…


  • sunnykidstyle

    She looks great in that photo! And with all the media appearances she has scheduled now, looks like she’s really in for a revival of her career. So hopefully she will stay focus, and continue to be a responsible mom and not succumb to the pressure and start with drugs again. But she seems very happy and balanced now, so hopefully all goes alright.

    Oh, and by the way, if you have a second to spare, please visit my new blog about stylish design for kids and feel free to give me some feedback. I’d really appreciate it :):)

  • Zebedee doodah

    cute baby…but i like her “twins” even more!

  • a;urf

    shes fat!!!!

  • a;urf

    k……… forget what i said she used to be pretty but shes ugly now cause she used meth, whatever that is. I llllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee full house!
    wh@t 7h3 Fuck $h3 n33d$ t0 $t0p d0in6 m3th c@us3 $h3 h@s @ b3@ut1ful d@u6t3r t0 t@k3 c@r3 0f (! $t1ll t#1nk $h3 1$ f@t

  • cynthia

    Hey nbccdn you are a fu@&^ing idiot! Listen You pig of a person, who said he does meth you idiot? Wow such a long boring pointless comment from a crazy fan that somehow knows all of her business! Married to a cop before???? How do you know all that, stalker? Anyway Her new dude is freaking hot and I am glad to see her out in magazines and doing tv work again. I mean she is on everyones tv 4 times a day every day for years now. Oh and nbccdn you seriously need to get a life loser stop commenting so negatively on people you don’t know!!!!

  • Somebody

    It takes whole lot of courage to admit a problem. She did it, she faced it and now she beat it. So I can say that I’m happy for her and I wish her and her family all the best.

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