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Natalie Portman and Her Banhart Boy

Natalie Portman and Her Banhart Boy

Natalie Portman walks hand-in-hand with her musician boyfriend Devendra Banhart late Thursday evening in New York City.

The cute couple was accompanied by one of Devendra‘s fellow bearded and long-haired friends.

Devendra wore a “Hecuba” t-shirt with trademark eyes from Andrew Lloyd Webber‘s musical, Cats. For more information on this band from Los Angeles, visit

The writing on Banhart‘s scarf is Amharic (Ethiopia’s official language). The Biblical quote reads, “Hulu bersu hone”, which translates to “Everything happens through Him.”

10+ pictures inside of Natalie Portman and her Banhart boy…

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  • e

    the shirt says HECUBA i think, and those are the eyes that they usually use for andrew lloyd webber’s “cats”

  • Just Jared

    Thank you so much, e!

  • Lydia

    Hi Jared,

    The writing on the scarf is Amharic (Ethiopia’s official language). From what I can see it reads, “hulu bersu hone” which means “everything happens through him.” It is a biblical quote. I hope that helps.

  • DEE

    it is the name of a band from Los Angeles. )

  • Nancy

    The words on the scarf are probably along the lines of “I support apartheid Israel and their illegal occupation of and injustice against Palestine.”

  • Just Jared


  • Halli

    I like Natalie. She’s chill

  • mcmary

    this dude is so ugly. How can they call this a cute couple? at least half of it is cute.

  • DEE

    you’re very welcome Jared!!!!!

  • Halli

    Uhhh, he aint ugly. He’s hiding under all that hair and is fighting the hotness within.

  • Cat

    he is just gross. it would be one thing if he just wan’t attractive but the guy looks like he hasn’t showered in a month. i think dating someone like this guy says a lot about what natalie is really like.

  • alene

    Eewww!! Check out the dude’s nails! (pic #10) They’re long, and girly. That is SO nasty!! Yuck!

  • js

    i guess he doesnt believe in cutting his fingernails either…

  • Jude

    They’re both insufferable. A bunch of phony, trust-funded, limousine hipsters.

  • goldend

    what’s the deal con Natalie Portman and those guys she likes to date?

  • parisgirl

    That dude looks dirty and not the good kind of dirty =/

  • -nic;

    that dude needs to shave man

  • j66

    Goldend, What’s up with the guys she dates? They are just like her! Slobs. He is good looking and probably is hot in bed, but he does not clean himself up. Most adults do not walk around looking that gross. It is obvious they are both artists. Everyone calls Natalie classy but classy really is not the right word to describe her.

  • chaka

    j66, how is she a “slob” or an “artist”? I don’t really think of her as an artist, she’s not that good of an actress really but what she IS is a high-profile celebrity and she has an army of stylists and hair and makeup people at her beck and call and rarely looks slobby, didn’t you see any of her pics at Cannes?

  • a-hole

    Yawn. Sick of hearing about these two….

  • chaka

    I may be in the minority but I think Devendra is quite good looking. I’m not really sure if either of them is all that “talented” I guess I’m not really into either of their work, but Dev actually seems like a cool dude and yeah you can tell underneath all that facial hair he’s actually kinda hott!

  • alex_p

    he has a really nice face, unfortunately hidden underneath that beard.
    anyway i don’t think he looks gross or something, the fact he’s got “hair” doesn’t necessarily mean he’s dirty… get it?

  • eeew

    looks like a young bin laden

  • share

    His long, well-manicured nails freak me out.

  • The Boy Next Door

    she looks like barf

  • V

    He should trim his beard again! Its looks nicer. I like them. They seem like a normal inlove couple!!


    Get off it a-holes.

  • LCML

    Actually if he shaved and cleaned up, he’d look like a taller Natalie Portman….I’m just sayin’….take another look.

  • kroq

    His long nails are for guitar picking.

  • Hulla

    if he shaved he’d look just as boring as every hollywood type.

    He doesn’t look dirty at all.

  • April

    i thought she was a smart atheist Jew. what a disappointment if she’s dating a bible thumper

  • UH OH

    she needs a push up bra or some implants

  • suitable

    Really nice pics. Natalie looks so confident, comfortable
    and cute. Happiness smiles on her. I like her sunglasses.
    I love her <3.

  • postwatcher

    At least he is not showing us his “man-bush”.

  • madonna


  • alberto fraga manhobravo

    Have a good birthday party, for me is your happiness that count, I think that you are in love wilth Devendra, time will tell if I am right or not. You look very happy witlh him for me that counts. I always love you and for me it is a good thing that finally you found love with somebody good.

  • rolling eyes

    hahahahaha this is funny

    what happend to everyone saying oh natalie is so beautiful, she is the epitome of class and sophistication, when she was in Cannes, not enough praise could be given to her, then the moment she’s not looking “hot” by american standards out come the repulsive comments about her and her mate.

    Hahahahahaha funny how fickle and confused the general public is,,, or just posters that come to just jared

  • offtopic

    off topic

    has anyone’s google icon changed in the address bar?
    i used to have a big G with rainbow color and now it is small g in blue
    i am wondering if anyone else has this problem


  • WelshBoy

    Agree with Hulla and rolling eyes!

  • http://justjared Victoria

    I love Devendra’s shirt. He is starting to grow on me a little, plus it seems that the feelings he has for Natalie are genuine. I hope the couple stay together, because she seems happy when ever they with each other. I wish them luck.