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Ryan Phillippe & Abbie Cornish Keep Close

Ryan Phillippe & Abbie Cornish Keep Close

Ryan Phillippe keeps his arm wrapped around his leading lady, Abbie Cornish, at the Australians In Film 2008 “Breakthrough Awards” at the Avalon Hotel on Thursday in Los Angeles.

Phillippe came out to show his support as Stop-Loss director Kimberly Peirce presented Abbie with a boomerang statue of the 2008 Breakthrough Award. Both Ryan, 33, and Abbie, 25, starred in Stop-Loss, which came out earlier this year.

Abbie has been under much scrutiny in recent times, having been the rumored driving force behind Ryan and Reese Witherspoon‘s much-publicized divorce.

UPDATE: Ryan rubbed Abbie‘s back while she leaned against his shoulder. Throughout the evening, they even held hands. “They were adorable,” a guest at the ceremony told People. “He had his arm around her and they were cozy and comfortable.”

20+ pictures inside of Ryan Phillippe and Abbie Cornish keeping close…

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Photos: Kevin Winter/Getty
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  • Audi

    Ew! She’s ugly!!!

  • marisa

    Cute, but Reese and him were MUCH cuter.

  • olga

    yeah appearance is just appearance but she is not pretty and even with second chin ;p oh Ryan, Ryan…

  • J

    She is not so pretty, and she also looks chubby.

  • zOE

    This is who he wrecked his family for? What a loser. She’s average, nothing special. I think Reese was too pretty for him. This girl makes him feel like he’s the pretty one.


    EWWWW they are gross


  • s


  • Helena

    Hate to break it to you shallow idiots, but it’s not all about the looks (she’s beautiful, anyway).

    She’s also a better actress than Reese Witherspoon.

  • Ingrid

    #5, people like you annoy me. You’re way too quick to judge. You don’t know what happened.

  • Maria

    what goes around comes around! Ryan couldn’t handle Reese’s success anyways so he’s found a perfect match b/c she’s not getting to far…especially being a homewrecker…

  • mary

    They look perfectly gross toghether. This woman is pitiful looking. She looks like a man. It is a shame what he did to his family. Once a cheat always a cheat.

  • anon

    Does anyone else thing Ryan’s looks have gotten worse as the years go on? He actually use to be quite attractive, but in these pictures, it’s not looking good.

    And Abbie is not fat. I also think he’s not going to be content with being her arm candy when she goes to pick up acting accolades. I think she’s going to become a very acclaimed actress and he’s’ going to find it hard to be second banana.

  • Ivana

    Ryan always look so confused and distant….

  • anon

    Or like he’s lost his toys or something. He looks 2 seconds away from throwing a tantrum.

  • Jersey

    -Helena, you must be kidding, there is NO WAY that that fuggo is a better actress than Reese Witherspoon.

    Firstly, what did Ryan see in her? She has a manly voice, and she her acting skills sucked in Stop-Loss (not only that, but what’s up with her manly voice???) She has an overall manly persona, not the glowing, gorgeous-ness of Reese, the mother of his children. I hope Reese didn’t lose any sleep over this talentless ho-bag fuggo.

    Second, what did she see in him? What kind of person gets involved with someone who is married with children? Come on now people. I’m so glad that Reese has Jake now! She doesn’t deserve someone who would leave her for someone like that. TEAM REESE!!!!

  • Vi

    Cute girl.

  • Lynn

    Oh please nothing even says that there is anything going on here but a friendship. And if it is more then good for the both of them. Reese has moved on and so shall Ryan.

  • Helena

    Er, 15, you clearly haven’t seen Candy, The Golden Age and Somersault. Reese had talent, she was great in Election, but blew it away with the silly romcoms.

  • ClaireBabyGirl

    You Reese fans are crazy. Move on. You don’t know anything as to why they divorced.

  • Susan

    She’s cute and kinda pretty.

  • abby

    awww, they’re cute. Obviously you can help who you love. Reese (I<3) is with Jake (Good for her) and Ryan is with her. Good for them both :)

  • TJ

    lol you supposed to upgraded
    not this!!!!

  • Erin

    She looks like she would benefit from PROACTIVE!

  • Jill

    Abbie is sooo ugly..
    Ryan broke up with BEAUTIFUL Reese for this dog???


    isn’t it hilarious when ppl down cheat like if ur going to cheat at least cheat up haha it makes me laugh because Reese is with someone really hot and this is wat Ryan gets


  • Ivana

    Jake with Reese makes far more better couple, than Ryan with Abbie…
    I think the problem is in Ryan, he looks like he is afraid of her…..
    Helena i watch “Candy” she was pretty good, but Heath was better!!!!

  • L

    well I’ll hope she’ll remember what goes around comes around. Ryan can’t keep it in his pants. He won’t change. If he cheated with Abbie, he will just cheat on her in the end.

  • c

    Many beautiful women found out that their husbands cheated with uglier women. That says much about them as it does the husbands. Look alone can’t keep the men, at least not forever.

  • anon

    I think the reason he is with her is because he can be the bigger star of the relationship. He’s the name here, not her. He’s not Mr So and So anymore. This will last as long as he’s more successful than her. I’m not sure that will always be the case though.

  • le

    I think they’re cute together but when he said that she didn’t break up his marriage, that’s just something that men say when they cheat and get caught.

  • kiki

    two word: proactive b****. he neva could handle reece success and now he has someone on his level. he is the star of this relationship. won’t last long. reece upgraded and he down graded….big time. although, she didn’t look that bad with blonde hair. black or dark brown hair highlights all the imperfection in your face. btw, love reece hair cut.

  • American

    Ever considered that the two just fell out of love and there was no jealousy or other woman?

  • sofia

    She’s pretty… IMAO she kinda looks like Nicole Kidman…but, the “Reese-Ryan-Abby triangle” is pretty sad considering that there was a marriage with children in the middle!

  • Ingrid

    Proactiv? You dumb idiot, those are moles, not spots. My god, Jared, I feel sorry for you, you have attracted some real idiots on this site.

  • SATC

    You people should stop acting like you’re best friends with Reese and you know her. Same with Ryan and Abbie. You people calling her ugly, you think she’s ugly? You must be right old bitter munters if you think she’s ugly. Fact is that you people are too quick to think to believe that he cheated just because you want to make Reese look like the better person of the two. Grow up.

  • anon

    I think they believe he cheated because it certainly looks that way. This girl was accused of being the third party and now they’re together. I’m sure Reese would be accused of the same if it was the other way around.

  • JB

    She should go back to being a blonde….she doesn’t look good.

  • null

    I think she has a sexiness about her. She’s quite curvy, and her skin seems so creamy. I think she should go back to being blonde, though.

  • lol

    Woah, she’s put on A LOT of weight! I think she’s pretty, but she looked really beautiful in Somersault and Elizabeth: The Golden Age.
    Even A Good Year, with Russel Crowe and Marion Cotillard… :(

  • t

    Abby was quite pretty in “A Good Year.”

  • Anon

    I like Abbie. I think she is pretty and she is a good actress. She is very young. I don’t care for Ryan bcz he never smiles. He always looks like he has a chip on his shoulder. Always. I like Ryan and Abbie to be more public about the relationship. That way, Jake and Reese can be more public. I think Jake and reese are good together. They make an adorable couple. They both look really happy most of the time. I wish Ryan could be happier looking. He seems like a jerk.

  • jes





  • jilly

    Reese is very pretty and she’s very pretty! Just in a different way. I guess she’s pregnant, that’s why her face looks all bloated. It’s so sad that only the women are called homewrecker and wh or es. What about that douche Ryan? He was the one married, he was the one who promised to be faithfull! He wrecked his marriage with his own hands, well, maybe not with his hands…

  • original jpf

    Yeah, it’s not a great thing to realize to late that love is not enough, and the truth is that you each would probably be better suited for that once in a lifetime happiness with someone else.

    Reese W & Jake G seem to be hand in glove in love and happy, and if Ryan P & Abbie C also have found something together that wasn’t there for either in past relationships then who are we to judge?

    I wish them all the best.


  • Awww

    What an adorable couple! Thank god Ryan left frigid bitch Reese!

  • Chelsie

    Okay she’s not beautiful but she’s not ugly either and she especially don’t look better than Reese. NOTE: I’m not a fan of either one of them.

    Those aren’t pimples on her face those are simply a$$ bumps. LOL
    Once she gets bigger than him like Reese did then what? He’ll really have a reason to commit suicide then. Not that I’m saying he should have admitted that in the first place.

    Yeah I’ve seen ‘Candy’ and it was good but ‘Somersault’ NO! She practically looks like she’s having seizures on set. You call that acting? Ryan acts better than her and I don’t think that he can really act that much. I agree Anon. If it was the other way around I truly believe Reese would have been accused of the same thing.

    Lets get smart folks. She was the suppose to be reason of his divorce and now their seen together. Relationships like this never last long I promise you. If it does I will be f*#king shocked. Everytime I see Ryan the more I don’t like him. He does always look like he as a bad vibe and in these pictures it looks like he’s guilty of something. Like he knows hes doing something wrong.

    This isn’t the first time they were seen together besides on screen. I have a friend who lives in Texas and said she saw them.
    This b*tch would have a bad a$$ build ( in a good way) if she wasn’t so flabby in the arms. Ryan is ugly now sigh. His 30′s are starting to show on his face. It would be so funny if he cheats on her and she kicks his a$$. She has muscles to do it LOL! Or better yet if Reese and her become friends. Now that would be a show!

  • Chelsie

    # 34 That includes you- you dumb a$$. Think before you speak or for that matter type. You had much more time to think about it before you posted it.

  • anon

    My guess on why he said he wanted to commit suicide was the get public sympathy.

    I think Abbie is going to get burnt. She’s young, maybe she doesn’t know any better. If he’s willing to cheat on his wife of 7 years who he has 2 kids with, what stops him from cheating on her.

  • Bryan

    Do you seriously think they make a good couple? Wow you guys are weirdos! I agree this won’t last very long. oh and #45 your a dumb a$$ b*tch!Your the type who are always whining saying ” You don’t know what happened blah,blah,blah” And yet your saying he left Reese.

    To my recollection of memory I do think he said the divorce was mutual dummy!

  • Bryan

    anon i agree with everything you state. People just don’t seem to get it. Thay keep wanting to pass up whants really reality. You people need to wake up from your sleep nap times over.

    If he doesn’t have respect for his Ex wife I can’t imagine that he’ll develop it overnight for her. This broad is dumb I can tell you that. She’s bascially an opputunist in his eyes and mine!