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Selena Gomez Phones Home

Selena Gomez Phones Home

Selena Gomez, star of Wizards of Waverly Place, gabs it up on the phone while walking around the studio lot during her lunch break in Hollywood on Friday.

Looks like S, 15, loves Cokes over Pepsi! She was stylin’ a Coke vintage T-shirt while learning her lines and eating some candy.

Ms. Gomez is also pictured with co-star David Henrie.

Earlier today, it was reported that Selena plans to practice abstinence until marriage!

More pictures of Selena Gomez phoning home after the jump…

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182 Responses to “Selena Gomez Phones Home”

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  1. 26
    charli Says:

    selena is way better than miley in everything.. singing, acting and IMO she’s more gorgeous than Miley.

    oooh and David Henrie is looking mighty fiiiine :P haha

  2. 27
    jason lover Says:

    david henrie is hot. post more on jason castro!

  3. 28
    Laura Says:

    If you don’t know who she is and if you don’t care.. then skip the freaking thread idiots! god some of you haters try to act all mature and “this girl is just a wannabee” where your the stupid one making yourselves look bad ..

    she’s a cute girl .. As for her show.. i agree concept is dumb. but i think she’s got talent.. her other friend Demi has for sure got talent ..

    go to youtube and type in Demi lovato “forget” and listen to her sing.. Those two are a million times better than half the stars that come out of disney

  4. 29
    amy Says:

    SELENA ROCKS!!!!!!!!

  5. 30
    amy Says:

    SELNA RULES!!!!!

  6. 31
    Kim Says:

    I actually think it’s alittle annoying how much she is like miley… like seriously? It’s just kinda weird.

  7. 32
    sweetie Says:

    I have no idea who she is but she’s absolutely adorable.

  8. 33
    Agu Says:

    I can’t see what’s the big deal with her..she’s not tha special..

  9. 34
    missyj Says:

    yeah..she’s way better than miley & jamie lynn spears..
    i love her the way she is..
    she’s cute, sweet, a nice teenager & have a good moral personalities..
    i hope she hold of what she said until she’s married..
    i hope she’s not going to be like lindsay lohan, jamie lynn spears and the others too..goodluck selena!

  10. 35
    anonymousbyotch Says:

    OMG.. i love selena!
    she’s such a cute, sweet girl!!
    stop hatin on her!!

  11. 36
    Emily Says:

    When I saw her face, I thought she looked like Rachel Bilson

  12. 37
    an Says:

    oh great, i guess this means she’s a regualr feature now? no talent

  13. 38
    Jay Says:

    OMG! Are selena and David dating?? Also, Selena way better than Miley she is a better acter better singer and prettier i love wizards of waverly place!!

  14. 39
    Becky Says:

    What a doll! :)

  15. 40
    linday Says:

    omg selena is soooo pretty!

  16. 41
    Izzyy Says:

    Selena Is AMAZINGGGG (:
    Wayyyy Better Than Miss Mileysss (:

  17. 42
    Shonathan Hilton Says:

    She is defintely better than that Miley-the-monkey.
    Uhmm i just dont get why people report about Disney Channel stars.

    I dont think papz should follow them around until they start their trainreck.

    you know what i mean?

  18. 43
    Sally Says:

    Shes hellla pretty.
    they would make a good couple :))

  19. 44
    [☆I n F a m o u s☆] Says:

    jared, who the fcuk is she?

    what are you… some kind of fcuking perv???

  20. 45
    katherine Says:

    SO CUTE!!!!!

  21. 46
    maria Says:

    why does everyone make a huge deal about abstinence? everyone makes a huge deal about the jonas brothers’ promise rings and now selena too, it’s ridiculous. maybe if people had respect for themselves they’d practice abstinence too, but no in our world it’s all about “getting some” which is a tad bit ridiculous. i practice abstinence as well and I’ve worn a promise ring for five years, get over it.

  22. 47
    izzie Says:

    david is hot

  23. 48
    sophie. Says:

    I agree – she is pretty, caring and talented. but, i hate it when people compare her with Miley! does anybody else? Miley has done nothing wrong for people to hate her. Did you ever think that maybe it was the paparazzi that made her a bit.. you know! She’s a normal kid and everybody else takes photos like that and worse – but just because she’s ‘Miley Cyrus’ everybody makes a big deal about it. i LOVE selena, but personnally i like Miley more. I like her more than every celebrity for some reas on. People concentrate too much on the person and not enough on the talent.. thats why your downing her. She’s a tripe threat. She can dance, sing and act! All wonderfuy. I think she’s beautiful too! The point in this message is just to say stop comparing them. They’re good friends! It’s like just the same as you comparing Demi Lovato to Selena.

  24. 49
    Erica Says:

    “She’s a normal kid and everybody else takes photos like that and worse – but just because she’s ‘Miley Cyrus’ everybody makes a big deal about it.”

    I make a big deal about it even with people I know or go to school with. I would react the same regardless of who she is. So, no, it’s not just because she’s famous.

  25. 50
    peach Says:

    i think she’s a gorgeous little girl.

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