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Selena Gomez: No Sex Before Marriage!

Selena Gomez: No Sex Before Marriage!

Selena Gomez, star of the Disney Channel’s Wizards of Waverly Place, plans to practice abstinence until marriage, reports Extra.

The 15-year-old tween sensation, who’s on the fast track to becoming the new Miley Cyrus, has declared she won’t be having sex until marriage.

Selena declared, “I said, ‘Dad, I want a promise ring.’ He went to the church and got it blessed. He actually used me as an example for other kids. I’m going to keep my promise to myself, to my family and to God.”

All of the Jonas Brothers practice abstinence and wear purity rings.

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  • bardot

    oh yeah sure, it’s hard to believe disney channel kids these days…

  • terumi

    first?..idk but i think its a great thing that more and more celebs are wearing purity rings and promising not to have sex until marriage….its a very mature thing to do….or atleast i think so

  • yeahhh

    good for her, seriously.

  • ZanessaFan4Lyfe!!

    love herr….shes so much better than miley!!!1

  • a

    oh yeah right…she’s 15…of course she says that now.

  • gianna

    why does she have to tell the world that…….keep it to yourself or familt and boyfriends… stupid..

  • mileyfan

    yeah watever. i still like miley cyrus WAY better

  • katie

    She is one of my heros :D


    love her and hope she stays away from the rest of the Disney characters like prego spears and slu miley


  • sarah

    she is 15.I think If she didn’t have sex in her mind,she wouldn’t even think about it that early.

    lol.wanna bet she not only will have sex before 18 but also we all should hope she won’t have any abortion until

  • Flippo

    She’ll follow the standard Disney showbiz route, start young with everything…sex & all.

  • paige

    love selena.
    but i love miley way more like a sister.

  • eh

    Fine then, do whatever you would like to but announcing this is an idiotic idea. It always comes back to bite them in the ass. Also why does the world need to know, it’s about you, and family/friends/boyfriends keep it to them and yourself.

  • emma

    selena u rock!!!!!!!!!

  • Michi from SD

    awwww i luv Selena! shes the best! OMG i wanna meet her like sooo bad! shes amazing

  • Ha!

    Seriously, announcing this to the media is like the kiss of death. Bad move Selena.

  • I love Selena

    i love selena
    i love HSM
    i love Ashley Tisdale
    i love vanessa hudgens
    i love miley cyrus
    Yeahhhhhhhhhhh……….. ;D

  • Mary schluck

    That is a terrible decision!You can DIE from abstinence!

  • chanti

    to number 11 , sarah, if she believed in God and Jesus and was a strong enough Christian/Catholic she wouldn’t be getting an abortion because as a Catholic we believe life starts at conception. sorry i just had to go on a rant about that. Anyway I fully support this, and as a 14 year young person surrounded by the temtations of sex already, I’m glad she’s planning to stay abstanant(sp?) until marriage. I plan on getting a purity ring soon also.

  • Nando

    Yeah right… I bet she lost her virginity 4 years ago.

    Those Disney kids and their lies…

  • silentsophi

    well good for her!

  • aly&ajluvr

    okay at least selena’s better than miley..
    sheesh you people are so judgmental.

  • me

    where did i HEAR THAT BEFORE?…..WHERE WHERE WHERE…oh right! drug-alchogol and sex addicted Britney Spears said the same…nice :))

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    a year from now when this nobody becomes the new lindsay she’s be wishing she didnt say that.

  • No one.

    Okay, I like selena Gomez.
    But. Hey All the Celebs Say that now. I hope She doesnt become preggers.

    But, They always say that and They always do.

  • lola

    don’t get me wrong..i think it’s a great idea but why do all the celebs have to go public with this ??? most of them don’t keep this promise!

  • jennifer

    that’s what britney spears said, but she lost her virginity when she was 14. Kinda lame..

  • Olivia

    GO SELENA!!! hope she doesn’t become the next Miley Cyrus though(if ya know what I mean)

  • stephanie

    shes not gonna be the new miley cyrus shes going to pretty much have a career like miley but shes not gonna be the same and i think selena is very mature.

  • smdwh2

    so silly! why add all the pressure about not having sex. just leave them alone about sex, sex is a natural part of life. poor girl! always that vow to not having sex until marriage makes them a little crazy when they get a little bit older. again poor thing!

  • lee

    don’t get me wrong, I’m a christian and all but 15 is just to young of an age to announce that to the world. i graduated from a christian high school and could say half of them kids didn’t keep half the promises they made.

    i respect the decision and think its great, but like a lot of people said she could be setting herself up, no matter how strong you think your face is.

    but go selena. love her.

  • paige

    i agree w/ #26
    it happens to every child star that has or will put under preasure.
    I’m a Miley fan but not fan of the photos.
    also i agree w/ #25
    she is going to regret saying this.
    she is going to think” F**K no. ” then she is going to take off the promise ring & well lets not get to that part..lmao. but i’m a fan of selenas but yeah.
    but i’m sorry to selena fans she won’t be able to become the next big thing. i’m a fan of hers but yeah. demi won’t be able to become the next big thing. if its anybody it should be selena. selenas more prettier than demi.
    & demi is ewww. :)
    mileys is going to be big for the next couple of years. :D :D :D

  • Laura

    this girl actually has her act together.. and i believe when she says that she’s going to abstain from sex until marriage.. it’s a good thing.. me being catholic think that everyone should abstain from sex till marriage.. but her everyone has different beliefs..

    Miley cyrus on the other hand just says that she’s going to remain a virgin.. but considering all the dirty disgusting pics that she poses of her self .. seems to me that she’s already had sex..

  • Lobo

    I hope all the people with such negative comments aren’t judged
    so harshly themselves! People speak publicly about this because
    it is a statement of faith. I applaud her and the Jonas brothers for
    having the courage to make such decisions and to speak out in a
    society that mocks them. Well done.

  • michelle

    why you have to use a ring for can got that promess??
    just promess to urself =D
    the other its EGO!

  • michelle

    and i dont hate salenaa!!
    she is awesome!!!
    i just say that the ring its a little bit stupid xD

  • Coolcat

    Just wait! Five years from now these Disney sluts will be changing their tunes. They never learn to just shut up.

  • Stephie

    selena rocks!

  • postwatcher

    Promise Ring? If her daddy is going to let her date at 15 years old, then a promise ring is not going to stop those crazy teen hormones.

    So stupid.

  • Staci

    Good for her. I hope she really means it. She is saving herself from a world of std’s and pregnancy at such a young age. Paris Hilton has herpes. EWWWWWWWWWW!

  • sharon

    Yeah yeah yeah, WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!! If that’s her belief, great! Does she need to announce it to the world? Just live your life without making any announcements about your personal life! I’m really starting to get annoyed by these “Disney” kids who declare themselves to be holier than thou. The fact is, Selena, along with everyone else, is just human. Any real person will make mistakes because frankly, that is how we learn. We make mistakes and learn from them. There is no perfect person. I’m starting to despise Disney because they put these kids front and center claiming to be this and that. Rather than making these declarations, just go about your beliefs by the way you conduct your life, and stop pretending to be so perfect! I also hate the fact that Disney is now heavily promoting this Selena because to me it’s just another way of them being exploited so that Disney can make their $$$$$! So Selena, who cares if you don’t plan on sex before marriage. You’re just setting yourself up by making these kinds of declarations. For me, actions speak louder than words, so stop acting holier than thou!!

  • bla blah

    she is 15.I think If she didn’t have sex in her mind,she wouldn’t even think about it that early.

    lol.wanna bet she not only will have sex before 18 but also we all should hope she won’t have any abortion until
    You don’t have to have sex on your mind to think about it. I’m 16, and teens and young tweens are obsessed about sex since grade 6ish. I mean even people have sex in gr 8.

  • Tweety

    yeah, whatever, we’ll see about that in 2 years or so. everytime these kids made promise like that, they’ll break it eventually.

  • Gumba

    Personally it’s great to keep your virginty until marriage, it should be hold to someone special. I like hearing that Selena wants that and also the Jonas Brothers.

    Today there are so many teenagers having sex before marriage which is absolutely wrong!!!

  • Regina

    As if, she’s probably been fúcked three ways already.


    Sorry, as nice as it is for her to have this promise it’s going to come back and bite her in the ass by the time she’s about 17-18.

    Plus if she feels this is what God wants her to do, that’s fine, this is her life. But does she really need to tell the press and the whole world?

    Do Disney stars like think this will get them more fans or something? Because sorry but I don’t look at her any different. I don’t look at her any different then I would someone who never said anything about waiting until marrige.

  • Nani

    Yeah, right. Just like Jamie Lynn said… And just what Lindsay Lohan said on drugs.

  • owen

    She’s cute.

  • kylie

    i don’t know why people are sayin, ‘oh yeah she says that now.’ or things like that. Isn’t it a GOOD thing they are doing that? It just brings them one step closer not ending up like jaime lynn spears. I don’t know why people give them crap about it.

  • kylie

    i don’t know why people are sayin, ‘oh yeah she says that now.’ or things like that. Isn’t it a GOOD thing they are doing that? It just brings them one step closer not ending up like jaime lynn spears. I don’t know why people give them crap about it.