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Britney Spears is a Purple Picker

Britney Spears is a Purple Picker

Britney Spears shops for furniture in a purple top at a Sherman Oaks furniture store in Los Angeles on Friday.

The 26-year-old singer will be soon hitting the streets of London to shoot her upcoming single, “Radar”.

Brit will not only be starring in the video, but she will be taking a director’s role as well! Ms. Spears‘ manager, Larry Rudolph commented, “The theme is her and her girlfriends are going to be looking all around London trying to find a boy who she met in a club. Every time they think they have him, it’s someone else!”

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Credit: Andy Johnstone/Bret Thompsett; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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    She is looking really good lately

  • mari


  • Mike

    I know a lot of people don’t like her still…but I still love her…and her music…

  • grace

    Maybe she thinks “bra” is akin to “straightjacket”. Perhaps that explains her aversion to the other undergarment she so DESPERATELY needs to embrace.

  • sherry

    I’m glad she’s doing so much to get her life back together again.

  • Whitney

    She is looking 100% better. Always will be a fan, can’t wait for her new video!

  • tayler (miley cyrus fan 4eva)

    ILU BRIT! =) Shes looking soo good now! ^^

  • Ralu

    O man, why do u have to get so close is not like ur zoom is not workin or maybe u wanna stick the camera in her face so it will be more exiting… for u…

  • laura

    i love her ,i can’t put in words how much!!
    she’s the best!

  • http://msn penny

    luv herr

  • Megan fox rocks

    lookin’ so good Queen B , love u keep the good work and we’ll support u 4 ever

  • Megan fox rocks

    oh and i can’t wait to see her new vidoe , i love radar

    london is great place for her to go

  • George

    Forever a fan.

  • le

    I don’t think she’s ready for this type of role. She’d doing great but that’s maybe more responsibility than she needs just yet. She still just getting out of the hardest part of her situation.

  • Cher

    she looks like a man

  • Godbless

    I cant wait for the new video!

  • chantall

    I love u brit!!! glad to c u bac on track!!

  • sunnykidstyle

    Her hair is looking better these days, and she seems to have outgrown her sleazy look that she had while together with K-fed and during her meltdown. So hopefully she starts bouncing back, for her and her children’s sake. Though to become the pop star and sex symbol she once was, she still needs to loose a vew pounds. But good that she’s moving forward and her dangerous and irresponsible behavior is hopefully something of the past and will not recur.

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  • t


  • sasha

    i love Radar

  • Megan fox rocks

    f.u. ck off Cher and keep you’re comment 4 ur self

  • Taylor blue

    purple picker…LOL…what does that even mean Jared?? is someone else writing for you??

  • Mandy

    is that Dustin from Zoey 101 behind Brit?

  • Mandy

    is that Dustin from Zoey 101 behind Brit?

  • Susan

    She’s looking much thinner, better, and healthier. Cute top too.

  • eric

    come on be realistic…. she looks ugly as always maybe prettier compared to another shots xD

  • http://justjared Victoria

    TO SUNNYKIDSTYLE// LOVE YOUR SITE…… Britney looks a little better now. I wonder what her real hair looks like. By now it must be at a workable length for her, and a good stylist could give her a beautiful and classic new haircut. She really needs to ditch the extensions, and redefine herself. I give her Dad alot of the credit, and she has also. Britney is still cute, and it is not too late for a comeback.

  • vhudgensbiggestfan

    omg i love britney shes my bitch love her nd her music sean nd jayden are so cutee<3
    lov ya girlie

  • NYCutie

    omg mandy!!!!!!!!! (#23 and 24) i thought i was the only one who noticed that and was like lookin for someone to say something. i think it is him but why is he hanging out with wth the britster! he looks so grown and tall!

  • chelo.hernandez

    the kid in the background is dustin from zoey 101
    omg hes so big now !! i wonder what they’re doing
    together . lol thats wierd .

  • kyle

    I can’t wait for the new video. Radar is for sure the best song on blackout…and she’s looking better these days. She needs to hire a stylist though, but I still love her!

  • sunny

    she is so ugly

  • Jaye

    I must be getting old. I don’t even think of her as a celebrity anymore.

  • D

    she looks really good these days.
    she should keep it up….

  • mAx


  • zen master

    she should by no means wear her hair like that. it emphazises her giant forehead which makes her look utterly fugly.

    just my 2 cents

  • blueberry

    she is sooooooo ugly and ı hate her. ııııııggggggg

  • dada

    i’m glad she’s doing better>>>can’t wait for her comeback

  • lovin

    it seems like her manager really was the one screwing her over. anyways, i hope she gets better for her kids.

  • enough

    i’m glad she’s doing better…#15, 26, 32, 33, 36, 37, all of you keep your comments to yourselves…if you don’t have nothing nice to say then, don’t say anything at all…radar is one of the best songs from blackout.

  • gossipgirl





    SUCH a good song.

  • jessica

    she’s looking better than ever!!! I still love her music,and hope that she will get back on track as soon as possible!!!


    POTATO HEAD!….ugly and untalent


    POTATO HEAD!…ugly and untalent


    she is no relevant anymore

  • Jamie Lynn Spears

    Britney has a spotty face and greasy hair. She also has bad BO

  • Jamie Lynn Spears

    Britney has a spotty face and greasy hair. She also has bad BO

  • Rachel

    Let’s hope Britney has a relapse. People with bipolar depression should be put to death

  • http://blah ab

    #46 Maybe you should do the same thing to yourself ..maybe you and #49 could kill each other.
    People now a days should lighten up!

    She looks good! I am glad she is trying to make an effort!.

  • Billie

    She’s a slob! Take a shower Brit Brit!!!