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Hilary Duff is a Happy Homebody

Hilary Duff is a Happy Homebody

Hilary Duff heads back to her home in Los Angeles on Friday.

The 20-year-old Cheaper by the Dozen actress is usually seen in fashionable ensembles, but today we see her in simple black tights, gray top and yellow scarf.

On Thursday, she was out and about in Toluca Lake, heading for some breakfast.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Hilary’s new upcoming movie War Inc.? YAY or NAY?

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Credit: Stefan; Photos: INFdaily
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  • yeti

    she looks great

  • hmm

    im actually pretty excited for her new movie…the whole scorpion thing looks pretty funny! lol

  • oh snap!

    NAY she can’t really act to me but i love her songs

  • car.

    hilary duff, i love u ! xoxo, you know i love you. brazil :*

  • Yily

    When did Hilary gain so much weight? She’s so fat looking now. Her new movie War Inc. will probably bomb for sure. It was cheaply made and the production values are one to existent. She should go back to Disney and do a Lizzy McGuire reunion or something, fat biitch.

  • car.

    hilary duff, love you so much ! you know i love you hil. xoxo :*

  • http://. irene

    If she is fat then what is left for all people who wear sizer bigger than 4?????

  • jessy simmons

    I found the link to Just Jared from and I just wanted to say thank you for the great posts and awesome pictures.
    keep up the good work and thanks.

  • Lana

    i hate her :x shes ugly and her songs suck

  • Helena

    She can’t act, but she’s a decent singer, but somehow I like her, anyway. She seems like a nice person.

  • katherine

    calling hilary duff fat is like calling 80% of the world OBESE! i bet she is in better shape than you are. i think hilary looks GREAT! and her new movie is awesome as well! they’ve extended the film and are showing it in other cities now! look it up for details!

  • mari

    yily.wake up :)



  • tarly

    arent all celebs happy? oops my bad

  • anonym

    im so exited for war inc
    im sure hilary duff is
    amazing in the moie (daaa she
    is always amaizing)she is
    so cute i love her outfate
    love u hill
    from numer 1 fan xoxo

  • Hannah

    I love her I think shes a very good example how to be. She is not a train reck and is naturally pretty. I used to not like her but now I love her.

  • k

    oh, my gosh! she is NOT fat! she used to be REALLY skinny, and know she just looks healthy. i used to love her like 2 or 3 years ago…i still like her, but not as much as i used to. i used to have posters of her everywhere in my room, and i have like all of her albums, (except 2 i think) and i used to listen to them all the time! i got really hooked on her when my friend invited me to one of her concerts. i went and from then on, i loved her! but i don’t as much anymore. i just like her, though. i have nothing against her. :)

  • Halli

    Hilary can’t pull off this look properly. Ever. She needs to take her cues from Nicole Richie.

  • to yily

    if anyone is a bitch it’s you. hilary is definitely not fat she looks healthy and normal. but somehow i dont you think you understand that. and why should she go back and do a lizzy mcquire reunion. i think she has moved beyond that; however you may not have. i didnt care about the film before i read what you wrote but now i do. i hope it’s a success just o annoy you.

  • sissy

    She’s so pretty. I love her smile very much. A few days ago, I saw her at the rich dating club http :/ /www.Sugar daddy connect. c o m she posted a nice profile there. Seems she is looking for a nice guy for serious relationships.

  • Art Chick

    Texas nit-wit Hillary Duff has the intelligence of a coconut. Where is her loser boyfriend the NHL’s human punching bag Mike Comrie? He cheats on her all the time but Hillary has no self esteem.

  • KBT

    She’s so pretty and cute.
    We love Hilary!

  • vool

    everyone i know who knows hilary duff says she’s a big coke whore

  • kkcc

    Hate the shoes, love everything else (especially the lq)!!! She looks cute.

  • a

    WTF? she is not fat here, she is like a size 2. you people are so sick.
    she looks great btw and i’m looking forward to seeing the movie.


    hilary duff lets see she is a nice pretty girl i love her but after she spoke to miley cyrus forget it i think!!!!!!!!!! lol


    hilary duff is a nice girls her alfit is cute but she so killed it with the scarf around her neck !!!!!!!!! whoes with me. lol


    no offense or anything the popstars have to put more action into the pic when the poperaziez take it not only her like other people come on peolple go get a life. so u can cut the crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  • Josh

    She looks good

  • anna

    Hilary is AWESOME! she is looking great too!

  • tia

    man she is so damn pretty. its hard to believe that just a few short years ago she was where miley cryus is!! well, minus the whoreish photo’s that seem to pop up every 2 hours…

    love hilary! always have, always will!

  • Cat

    I love Hilary but she has the worst sense of fashion. The shoes are too dressy for the outfit. She should have on chucks or thongs. The Fendi Spy Bag doesn’t go w/ the oufit either although it is a great bag. The scarf would be fine but again w/ the bag & shoes it just doesn’t look great. The turquoise earning are also just too dress. Put her in flip flops w/ her Chanel Jumbo Flap, Goyard or her Prada Fairy bag & she would look 100% better.

  • Melisha

    Hillary Duff is beautifull skinny or not. She looks better with some meat on her. A size zero is not neceassarily beautifull. Everybdy loves to eat and we as fans would love to see or favourite celebs eating for gods sake.. Hillary is beautifull and she has the most cutest smile, i think girls can look up to her and she’s in great shape and she should remain that way!

  • Melisha

    Hillary Duff is beautifull skinny or not. She looks better with some meat on her. A size zero is not neceassarily beautifull. Everybdy loves to eat and we as fans would love to see or favourite celebs eating for gods sake.. Hillary is beautifull and she has the most cutest smile, i think girls can look up to her and she’s in great shape and she should remain that way!

  • Melisha

    I love her smile, shes beautifull the way she looks now, at least she has meat on her. She is not fat, she looks great……….omg i cant believe people think thats fat…what is this world coming to? Do ya’ll wanna look like thos hungry children suffering and starving in Africa? If you do..then youre insane, there are people out there who would die for someting to eat. Think twice before you judge people and call them fat.

  • kyle

    She’s a really good actress . And I have a lote of faith on her in this film . Besides she’s here today not only because she’s beautiful and HOTTTTT is because she’s talented like you or not!!!!!

  • ROCIO DE españa

    She´s simply the best lol¡¡¡ she acts she sings she does all that clothes stuff…it could be better? yes I think so because everything Hilary does is good for everybody….she´s never won an oscar but she´s so talented and recognised all over the world….simply perfect
    (PD sorry my english Im spanish lol)

  • Brittany

    Okay who the hell are you people to call her FAT… Yall can just go to hell, I think she has a really great voice, her acting is also great, but i bet you can’t stand and say all her lines, you ain’t the boss of what she does in life, hell if you don’t look up to her, or don’t like her, well shit don’t trash her, you all are sore losers!!! Leave her the hell alone. Okay, this is what you all did to Jamie Lynn Spears, well at least she has money to support her kid, you think your all that because your living the perfect life not being a teenage prenant or having a bad life, FUCK YOU… it’s hard for them, it’s their decision, so BACK OFF…I don’t give a fuck about any of yall, you can have a piece of my POLYNESIAN ASS!!!

  • Maya

    This girl is so sweet i relly like her she’s adorable