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Lauren Conrad Has an Eye on You

Lauren Conrad Has an Eye on You

Lauren Conrad peaks over her sunglasses as she spends the day at a hair salon before shopping at Urban Outfitters on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles on Saturday.

Ms. Conrad, 22, celebrated with other Hills stars at the launch party for the STRIKE Orange County Bowling Center. The cast of the “The Real Housewives of Orange County” also came out for the event! Although Lauren isn’t a bowler, she thought STRIKE was more her scene, saying, “It’s better because the others can be a little cheesy.”

10+ pictures of Lauren Conrad having an eye on you…

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lauren conrad eye 01
lauren conrad eye 02
lauren conrad eye 03
lauren conrad eye 04
lauren conrad eye 05
lauren conrad eye 06
lauren conrad eye 07
lauren conrad eye 08
lauren conrad eye 09
lauren conrad eye 10

Credit: Agent 47; Photos: WENN
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  • anonymous

    Yea, I’m first!

  • oh snap!

    SECOND !!!


  • marisa

    so sick of her. dissappear lauren.
    i used to support you. but then i realized YOU are the problem when it comes to drama and your ‘friends.’ it seems to me like you always have a new best friend. and you always loose friends. you made it look like heidi, jenn, audrina, justin bobby, spencer, ect. are bad people, but in reality, they ALL can’t be. and by the way, why is it okay when you tell your friends who they can hang out with and who they can’t, but when they give you advice, you turn them away. you think your the boss of everything. and NEWSFLASH you ain’t girl.

  • Yily

    I’m tired of this fake chick. The Hills is so fake! You know all these girls are pretending to hate each other. Lauren is so full of herself. She’s UGLY, look like my dog.

  • thankyou!

    marisa (#3) – EXACTLY what i was going to say…took the words right out of my mouth! she is the root of all this petty drama

  • supergirl

    i agree with # 3 and 5

  • supergirl

    i agree with # 3 and 5

  • sissy

    She is so beautiful. Her blog and photos were reported by magazine SEEKING GOSSIP at rich dating site —http: / / http://www.Sugar daddy connect. c o m ” —- last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is seeking on that site.

  • gossipgirl

    b i t c h fkn stole mah sandals! hah

  • Sick and tired

    Lauren is sooo fake. She is such a diva and thinks that she can boss everyone around and tell people who they can date and hang out with. LOSER!!!!

  • Lillianne

    EEEEeeeeeeewwwwwww NAZTEE FEET

  • yily

    THIS BIITCH IS SO FULL OF HERSELF!!! Audrina should get own show. She’s da best! LO is just annoying. She need to disappear.

  • jasmine

    Gorgeous girl

  • xueminn

    i kinda like her better when she has shorter and straight hair. now she looks older.

  • tia

    I used to love her so much, But I think all of this has totally gone to her head. and im so sick of her always acting like ‘poor poor me, all these ppl are so mean’ when in actual fact she ruins all thoose friendships herself. i mean, what did audrina even do to her? NOTHING! i was sooo freakin mad when i was watching the finale and she was talking to audrina and started crying as if audrina was being mean, its like, lauren cant handle the truth, it always has to be someone elses fault, never hers.

    and i think a big part of her new b*tchy aiitutide is freakin Lo. I HATE her. shes a stuck up little rich girl who thinks the whole world should bow down to her. i liked her alot on laguna but now i cant stand her and i wish mtv would take her off the show. she adds nothing and al she wants is her 15 minutes of fame to last longer than it should.

  • krissy

    ahh shut up and get over it haters! move on losers! fkn nerds, you dont even know her!

  • candy

    eww gross feet.

  • Amy

    love lauren

  • missheloise

    love lauren too. viva the hills !

  • 831 castro

    if u guys dont like her why are u guys looking at her pictures watching the show…fuck off……idiots she is getting rich bc of us…….hello…….get with the program

  • kat

    Love her, thanks for posting Jared.

  • joyce

    Oooooooooh, gorgeous eyes.

  • grace

    I love this bit@H.

  • leslie

    I love the attention she is getting, more pictures Jared.

  • Helena

    Fug and boring z-lister. Go away!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    jared loves him some fake blonde crackers

  • kkcc

    Ita marisa (comment #3) !

    Lauren does look cute here though. I love her tank.

  • Adolf Choksondik

    Let’s hope Lauren gets hit by a car and dies

  • peace

    She has such a beautiful face.

  • rachel

    lauren is a boring bitch!

  • rachel

    lauren is a boring bitch!

  • supergirl

    why are you so rude

  • Undecided

    the tide is turning. these posts used to be so positive relative to lauren. now i can’t believe all the negative comments. i am on the fence. i used to think she was really sweet. like most hills fans i was drawn to her because she was the all american girl on laguna beach who we loved & felt so bad for because she poured out her heart to stephen only to have him take her for granted. we were on her side & wanted to see her do well as she matured & moved on from laguna. i get the whole spencer thing – he lied & was playing audrina & heidi & badmouthed lauren to heidi so heidi wouldn’t listen to lauren about him. spencer is bad news & used heidi to get rich & famous & it worked. i don’t get the jen thing. why is she to be blamed for hooking up w/ brody but not heidi or brody. heidi encouraged it & brody obviously encouraged it too but lauren blamed it all on jen. also, they all just left lauren at the club the night brody & jen hooked up. i 100% don’t get why lauren is treating audrina bad. audrina is such a nice person & lauren needs to put lo in her place. lo is so mean to audrina, she treats her like a second class citizen. i was so excited lo was back & now i want her to go away. Lauren does have a bit of a power trip but it is all about her. It is her show that her “friends” want to be on & she makes them a lot of money.



  • Antrim

    Cute scarf! Does anyone know the designer?

  • J

    my friend goes to fidm with her in L.A & she said she acts kinda stuck up so maybe what everyone says about her is true.

  • vicki

    Lauren Katherine Conrad is the fuckin shitt!
    and god jesus people…
    just because you dont like her doesnt mean you be a bitch!
    talking like,
    “OMYGODD, lauren i just hate you cause all the drama between you and heidi is your fault.”
    “Lauren the figt your haveing with Audrina is ALL your fault!”
    obviously if shes fighting with Audrina…
    Audrina has a part in this fight too.
    so its not all Laurens fault!
    and the fight between Heidi & Lauren wouldnt have happened if Spencer wouldnt have interfeared in their friendship!
    so the fight between Lauren & Heidi is SPENCERS fault!

    and for all of those who like Lauren…
    keep on supporting her every second you can!


  • sarah

    Lauren has gotten so much better looking since she started on The Hills! She’s wearing those LUST jeans by Divine Rights of Denim — i bought them when I saw her wearing them in US weekly and they are seriously my favorite pair of jeans. And i have over 70 pairs of jeans…