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Carrie Underwood's Fans are Fantastic

Carrie Underwood's Fans are Fantastic

Carrie Underwood has a meet and greet for fans at the Nashville Convention Centre during Day 3 of the CMA Music Festival in Nashville, Tennessee on Saturday.

The 25-year-old season 4 American Idol winner performed at the CMA Music Festival in an orange number on Friday.

In the July issue of Cosmopolitan, Carrie admits she sometimes is very unladylike, saying, “I burp a lot!”

35+ pictures of Carrie Underwood‘s fantastic fans…

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carrie underwood fan 01
carrie underwood fan 02
carrie underwood fan 03
carrie underwood fan 04
carrie underwood fan 05
carrie underwood fan 06
carrie underwood fan 07
carrie underwood fan 08
carrie underwood fan 09
carrie underwood fan 10
carrie underwood fan 11
carrie underwood fan 12
carrie underwood fan 13
carrie underwood fan 14
carrie underwood fan 15
carrie underwood fan 16
carrie underwood fan 17
carrie underwood fan 18
carrie underwood fan 19
carrie underwood fan 20
carrie underwood fan 21
carrie underwood fan 22
carrie underwood fan 23
carrie underwood fan 24
carrie underwood fan 25
carrie underwood fan 26
carrie underwood fan 27
carrie underwood fan 28
carrie underwood fan 29
carrie underwood fan 30
carrie underwood fan 31
carrie underwood fan 32
carrie underwood fan 33
carrie underwood fan 34
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Credit: Judy Eddy; Photos: WENN
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  • XxMANAxX

    Not liking the bangs.

  • Art Chick

    carrie is so mainstream, minivan majority boring and vanilla. yawn

  • Mike

    She’s gorgeous don’t hate…

  • Haley

    The pics with the littel kids are super cute!!

    Like this outfit alot better than that fug orange shirt she wore earlier.

  • Lacie

    Carrie is dull. Kellie Pickler and Taylor Swift are far more interesting and beautiful.

  • volleyballgrl

    ok all of you people that say she is dull and ugly…youre so dont need to be fake and get a boob job like kelli pickler to be interesting and plus what hit songs does kelli pickler even have???! i am a fan of taylor swift though.but carrie is my all time fav!

  • gaby

    i was there and she was awesome!!!

    the line was soooo long, but she signed anything and everything….totally worth the trip!!!

  • heatherchantaljones

    she is amazing and such a sweetheart.and fyi,she aint boring.

  • http://deleted jessica

    I like her songs,her voice is amazing!!!

  • Brandi

    I’ve met her 3 times, and every time she’s been nothing short of amazing. Carrie is a true star. =D

  • Nicole

    She’s amazing. So beautiful too.

  • Tamara

    I love her dress. It’s so freaking cute.

  • anon

    she looks real country here lol

  • Sandy

    Carrie is dull. Kellie Pickler and Taylor Swift are far more interesting and beautiful.

    Why act like this Carrie is awesome all the ladies are beautiful and awesome so why do one have to be on top. The world is big enough for all of the performers.

  • imilky23

    she is cute!
    check out here for more:

  • Deb

    Carrie is so cute and so gracious everytime you meet her. Just love her and her amazing voice! Thanks so much for the pictures!

  • Jill

    Deb is right all the ladies are talented and beautiful. In fact all three of them went out to a hockey game together this season and the pictures are priceless on how much fun they were having.
    Carrie is so humble and sweet . She signs and talks and does pics. She is not boring at all. She has a wonderful funny personality and is very talkative to the fans. She signed more autographs than anyone at the softball game and was running around with a water gun. She is loads of fun. Some of you just don’t know her that well. I’ve met her four times and always the same very down to earth and so thankful for where she is in life.

  • Jill

    To you all that think she is “minivan mainstream” she has alot of the same fans of Taylor, Kellie, and Miranda. They are even thinking of having an all girls tour. Carrie is not as innocent as some think. She’s a grown woman embracing her curves. Check out this months Cosmo. with Carrie on the front.

  • Laura

    I love her. She’s so talented and beautiful. I’ll hopefully get to go to another one of her concerts this year. She was amazing the last time i saw her.

  • Stephanie L

    Gah, she is so flippin’ GORGEOUS. It’s not fair :P

    no seriously though, she’s so awesome! <3 And her VOICE is just. Insane (in the best of ways, obvs.)

  • Del

    Can someone tell me why it is always a Kellie Pickler Fan that has to bash Carrie–Sure doesn’t look good on Kellie.
    I guess some people just can’t help but be jealous of Carries success.
    Carrie is out there working non stop–maybe they need to try that–and I might add there is nothing dull or boring about Carrie–When you say things like that people are not going to believe a word you say.
    Carrie is Amazing.

  • Alison

    I agree with Del. Bashing Carrie is just making Kellie look like she has jealous fans. Bashing Carrie won’t help Kellie so why not take the time you would waste here typing your crap about Carrie and use it to stream Kellie’s videos or request her songs.

  • Alison

    Carrie’s amazing by the way :)

  • Halli

    She reminds me of a younger Reese Witherspoon. I think its that Southern beauty pageant look they both sport(ed). Reese doesn’t really dress like a pageant girl anymore.

  • Jill

    Carrie loves Reese Witherspoon and Katherine Heigl’s beauty and fashion style by the way. Carrie and Kellie are best of friends and get together whenever their schedules allow them to.
    In person Carrie is so stunningly beautiful, she takes your breath away.
    Not is a starstruck kind of way but more like oh my goodness how could God make anyone that is that gorgeous. Carrie looks in the mirror and doesn’t even see it. She makes fun of herself and says she a big ol dork.
    She is just too cute some of the things she comes up with.

  • Tara

    The entertainment world is a sea of craziness and Carrie is a pearl.
    I can see why Tony Romo is still talking to her. Jessica Simpson and her
    whole family are the algae at the bottom. He needs to put on a diving mask so he can see clearly.

  • Christine

    Carrie is amazing! I went to her concert in May for the first time, and she was awesome!!

  • Wishfulone

    Why is she getting sooo much press? I am really jealous.

    especially since I really didn’t like her song (the cheating one).

  • Emily

    She deserves the press because she’s great.

  • kRYSTY

    Carrie is amzing and not dull or boring at all, and I agree with Dell too. I love ehr voice I wish I could go to see ehr at her concert in San Diego on November. Im not much of a Kelly fan I like her voice nad I think she is talented, but Im not into her, But I do love Taylor Swift too, and I don’t really see why any of their fans would be trying to bash Carrie, she is really sweet, and such a beautiful girl …

  • isjustme

    she has an amazing voice why should something else matter? even though she looks good

  • sunnykidstyle

    I don’t think her dress is all that great, especially the black bow. But other than that, she looks as pretty as usual. Can’t quite imagine her burping a lot. But who knows, maybe she drings a lot of Coke.

    If you have a second to spare, I’d like to invite you to my new blog about stylish design for kids :):) Today I focus on cute and colorful nursery decor, toys and clothes.

  • http://justjared Victoria

    I think ALL of the young ladies that performed in Nashville for that benefit are beautiful. Carrie is a sweet young lady,and she knows how lucky she is, to have success at such a young and fast pace. Kelli and Taylor are Awsome also, and I wish them all luck. Hopefully they won’t follow the same trainwreck path that young stars seem to jump on. These young ladies seem to be different.

  • Michael

    Carrie looks amazing!!! She is so much prettier then taylor swift or kellie pickler- they are not even in the same league as her.

    Moreover- Carrie Is NOT boring so stop the hating!

    Carrie sings circles around taylor AND kellie– though kellie has a decent voice. Taylor can’t sing her way out of a paper bag.

    I was at the CMA fest all weekend- and I saw both taylor and carrie’s performances. Taylor sounded pitchy, off key, weak, and completely horrendous. She has no range or power.

    Carrie– sings to the rafters– and has a voice like an angel. Plus– she is not arrogant, like taylor is…

  • Billie

    Carrie ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! She’s the best singer out there and is beautiful inside and out! What a great person. We should all take a lesson from her.
    Taylor and Kellie aren’t even in the same league as Carrie.

  • Diann

    Carrie is simply fantastic! She is a fabulous singer and person. Her humility raises her to the next level! While I tend to agree about Taylor not having any vocal ability, I do think she has a great writing talent. I see her having a really long career in songwriting! Kellie is a really good singer too & her personality is funny. They should all be honored for their accomplishments. Can you imagine achieving so much at such a young age?

  • Chelsie

    Hey.. I luv carrie she is super sweet and she is just so cool.. I didnt get to go see her in Cape, i was so mad becasue i was planning on it then when the time came my gma was in the hospital, but i plan on meeting her 1 day.. I dont no if itll ever happen but thats been my dream since she 1.. I hopw 1 day i could meet her and David Archuleta……i luv carrie bunches adn bunches adn lots and even more..=]=]=]=]=]

  • paige

    carrie is really a great singer :D
    i don’t see anything dull about her
    she loves her young fans
    she really is a great person that a lot of young girls can look up to
    :D :D :D

  • Hasina

    Taylor is just an ok kid. She’s cute but I don’t see much else going for her. Having been a musician and taught voice for over 40 years, I do believe that I am well qualified to make these statements. Nothing mean. Just not impressed.

  • Hasina

    Carrie Underwood is a musical genius of sorts. She has it all, beauty and grace, so talented and gentle and kind. She never puts anyone down unlike some others (we all know who, Taylor) Taylor is very jealous. Taylor is cute but Carrie will always be # one with me. God Bless you Carrie

  • Hasina

    Carrie Underwood is a musical genius of sorts. She has it all, beauty and grace, so talented and gentle and kind. She never puts anyone down unlike some others (we all know who, Taylor) Taylor is very jealous. Taylor is cute but Carrie will always be # one with me. God Bless you Carrie

  • Hasina

    Carrie Underwood is a musical genius of sorts. She has it all, beauty and grace, so talented and gentle and kind. She never puts anyone down unlike some others (we all know who, Taylor) Taylor is very jealous. Taylor is cute but Carrie will always be # one with me. God Bless you Carrie