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Heidi and Spencer are Barney Buddies

Heidi and Spencer are Barney Buddies

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt get in front of the camera again at A Time for Heroes Celebrity Carnival sponsored by Disney at the Wadsworth Theater on Sunday in Los Angeles, California.

Recent reports have put Speidi‘s earnings at $3 million for the past two years for TV salaries, club appearances, photo shoots and other deals.

“We are trying to entertain in every aspect of our lives,” Heidi Montag recently said. “I plan to win an Oscar. I’m very ambitious!” Spencer also added, “”My hustle is just too crazy. I’m trying to take over the world!”

More pictures of Heidi and Spencer being Barney buddies…

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heidi spencer barney buddies 02
heidi spencer barney buddies 03
heidi spencer barney buddies 04
heidi spencer barney buddies 05
heidi spencer barney buddies 06
heidi spencer barney buddies 07
heidi spencer barney buddies 08

Photos: John Shearer/Getty
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  • ThEoRiGiNaLMrS.JoEjOnAs

    I hate them!!!!!

  • ThEoRiGiNaLMrS.JoEjOnAs

    Heidi and Spencer are so annoying!

  • Mike

    LOVE Heidi…but I don’t like Spencer…

  • Rasta girl

    crack is entertaining too but its still not good for you.

  • hjfhgfjfjfhhjfjfhn

    an oscar????????? HA!!!!!!!!!!! YAH RIGHT IN THEIR DREAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Alyn

    arent they engaged again? where is the ring?

  • vanna

    good luck with the oscar

    because that is not going to happen

  • Josh

    losers !
    burn in helllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  • Bitsy

    OMG, who does she think she is with all these Hermes bags?????

  • arizon

    the wanna be’s. the wanna be, singer, actor and her pet are are out. maybe shes gettiing him nutered with barney.

  • WHY

    Why can’t people just STOP taking pictures of them? If we stop photographing them, they go away and the annoying menace is gone.

  • aly

    jared, i love you, but you gotta stop posting pictures of these two. i have no other complaints about your website except for the fact that you do post spencer and heidi pictures.
    also, heidi, the day you win an oscar would be the same day kevin federline wins a grammy and the world comes to an end.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    these two are everywhere. they definitely got that hustler (black) spirit. to bad their not making any money.

  • oh snap!

    FUGLY ALERT!!!: i hope one day the camera explodes, because they soo ugly,

    what kind of bag is that she holding hermes?? she must be renting that

  • jen

    How did she get a Birkin bag AND chanel sandals?

  • denise

    ugh, these two make me sick.

    Get over yourselves you conceited assholes, you both have no talent. Heidi…you can’t sing, Spencer, do you even have a job? You’re both spoiled brats who got on a reality show out of good luck because Heidi became friends with Lauren.

    You barely have a fan base so get a life!

  • talula

    Go Heidi. Spencer needs to be shot into space.

  • Alison

    They are hardly entertaining…… I can’t believe these 2 jokers got paid 3 million.

  • legs

    they are so annoying.

  • Sue

    Heidi’s really pretty, but she and that stupid Spencer is SO annoying :(

  • Sebastian

    they want to be Brad and Angelina so bad…poor dreamers.

  • Hi

    He wants to take over the world? God, help us all.

  • unique1316

    these people are absolutely are just simply put…ridiculous!!!! the reason there pics are always here????…they pay to have them taken and posted! Go find a chair and sit down

  • unique1316

    these people are absolutely, just simply put…ridiculous!!!! the reason their pics are always here????…they pay to have them taken and posted! Go find a chair and sit down

  • Spicylily,bkk Thailand

    Please STOP posting pics & stories of thes TWO.
    Enough already !!
    I like your website but these two are so annoying, really.

    Winning an oscar, Take over the world..
    Oh !! my goodness.
    I can’t stand it……………!!!!

  • sdfssdff

    These two sicken me 100x worse than Paris Hilton. They are like the poster children for Nazi Germany.

  • dancer

    Poor Barney!

  • JEN

    i’m just wondering if they do this stuff to be funny and ironic ,or are they really this stupid?

  • bee

    yea stop posting stuff about them. Nobody cares. Seeing their faces makes me wanna come on here less.

  • Cat

    These too are just gross. Heidi has no fashion sense. She thinks she is fashionable just because she loads on all her designer sh it. Fashion Rule #1 if you are going to wear labels – like her chanel shoes w/ the big cc – then you need a chanel bag. We all know she has a lot of chanel bags. However, I am sure she is going to be wearing Birkins 24/7 now since they are more expensive than her Chanels. The girl always mixes too many designer labels all at once. Yeah she made 3 mil over the last 2 years. It isn’t like she is going to make that forever. Yes LC wears designer stuff all the time but she actually has style & doesn’t look like someone threw up a bunch of designer labels all over her.

  • Raven

    The two are finally getting it right! They belong with Barney with about the same low intelligence! LOL!!! :lol: :lol: Imbecile’s to the max! :D

  • jmc

    You know how she got that bag, those shoes, and all the other shit we see her walking around with? The manufacturers give it to her!

    Thats right, since tabloids keep posting pictures of these two ass clowns, it acts as free marketing for the designers. I wouldn’t count on these two disappearing any time soon unfortunately…

  • Helena

    My positive memory of Barney will now be ruined because of these fugmos.

  • No No No #32

    jmc #32 she is not getting free designer stuff. Uber designer labels like Chanel, Balenciaga & Hermes do not just give their goods away for free. They let celebs borrow things for red carpet events but they do not give away everday bags or shoes unless there is a well known celebrity that may wear their clothes a lot & they have a good relationship w/. I am laughing at the fact that you think Hermes gave this no name D lister an 8k Birkin for free – that bag was probably in the back & she had to ask to see if they had any Birkins not on dispaly. I can guarantee you that no high end design house would ever let Heidi (or any realty star) borrow something from their line let alone give them something – they don’t want to be associated w/ realty stars. There are mainstream designers that do give stuff away like at swag suites for events. I also think online stores give celebs stuff so they can put them on their website & then us normal folks will buy it. I have heard of some labels sending an entire line over to celebs. However, this isn’t happening to Heidi & she for sure isn’t getting any of her handbags free. I have spoken w/ SA at Barneys in LA about all the Balenciaga & Goyard stuff Nicole Richie & Hilton have bought there & I was in Chanel in Beverly Hills & saw Lindsay Lohan purchasing a bag. I think LC gets a lot of stuff for free but again nothing from a high end label like Chanel or Hermes. I bet Victoria Beckham even had to pay for all the Birkin & Kelley bags she has. I am pretty sure Heidi isn’t getting anything for fee unless she is at a gifting lounge or it is from Heidiwood!

  • jamie

    Those bags are SOOOOO courtesy of Bag Borrow or Steal, my friends. She has one it bag for a couple of weeks and then you never see it again.

  • emy

    They are ridiculous….

  • bluebell

    how on earth could they have earned 3 million dollars??? I’m really shocked!

  • Portia

    Run, Barney, RUN!!!!

  • advan

    And again with the 2 idiots. I feel sorry for the paparazzo who follows those morons everywhere.

  • nokas

    ENOUGH of these 2!!!

  • Jules

    Remind me again, why are these people famous?

  • Antrim

    An Oscar?!!!!! For WHAT?!!!!!!!!!! Most deluded 15 minutes famer?!!!! I’m SO SICK of seeing these 2 EVERYWHERE. They are the OVER-EXPOSED DUO AD NAUSEUM. I’m not going to comment on them anymore. They seem to feed on attention like piranha. Everyone, let’s do them a favor and put them back in “reality” – DON’T COMMENT on these phony, staged blog pictures. Even though the remarks everyone makes are almost universally negative, they go to Speidi’s shared brain. “No comment” is the most helpful thing we can do for this deluded pair.

  • xueminn

    seriously, why are there pictures of them every other day? i used to like heidi..till that pratt came along! heidi can be so much more successful and popular if she just get away from spencer!

  • Ratu


  • bella

    I never watched The Hills but I cannot stand these two morons. There is no way Chanel or Hermes would borrow this bimbo anything. She has no style whatsover, she has that typical L.A look plastic surgery, ton of make-up, ironed blonde hair, hardly cutting edge fashionista.

  • Katie

    Someone should tell her that in order to win an Oscar she has to be good at something and actually have fans.

  • jennyroe

    Agree with the Bag Borrow or Steal comment.

    She’s either borrowing the bags or she’s buying a bag and returning it within 30 days.

    Either way, PLEASE STOP posting pix of these two ass clowns. As long as pix are being posted, they are not going to stop annoying the hell out of us. There are already enough people in Hollywood WITH talent that are annoying!

  • lieghton


  • julia


  • kristan

    who actually likes these idiots?