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Lauren, Lo & Whitney are Hills Heroes

Lauren, Lo & Whitney are Hills Heroes

Lauren Conrad (in Foley & Corinna), Whitney Port and Lauren “Lo” Bosworth pose for pictures at the A Time for Heroes Celebrity Carnival at the Wadsworth Theater in Los Angeles on Sunday. (Lauren toted around a metallic Valentino purse.)

Last week it was reported that Whitney is getting her own reality show that will follow her at PR firm People’s Revolution!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Ms. Port‘s Hills spin-off? Future hit or future miss?

10+ pictures of Lauren, Lo, and Whitney, the famous Hills Heroes…

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lauren conrad time for heroes 01
lauren conrad time for heroes 02
lauren conrad time for heroes 03
lauren conrad time for heroes 04
lauren conrad time for heroes 05
lauren conrad time for heroes 06
lauren conrad time for heroes 07
lauren conrad time for heroes 08
lauren conrad time for heroes 09
lauren conrad time for heroes 10
lauren conrad time for heroes 11
lauren conrad time for heroes 12
lauren conrad time for heroes 13

Photos: John Shearer/Getty
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  • rachel

    Lo’s replacing Audrinaaaaa :(
    Whitney’s awesome, but i think it’ll be kinda boring.

  • Mike

    LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  • Dd

    hey! lauren is wearing her line? or who design that dress?? luv it!!

  • o

    love lauren’s dress!! she looks gorgeous

  • Vfan

    did anyone notice that news about Lauren Conrad is posted everyday. Sometimes twice.

  • hm!

    woah hate to say this (b/c i love whitney)…but i hate her sunglasses! i’m kinda surprised she wore them..they seem so ‘LC’ ahha. to be honest , i think LO’s are the best here

    i like whitney a lot but i’m not sure she can hold up a whole show…and also if she does, than lauren will prob. turn on her too! (;

  • Rasta girl

    Whitney is soo thin and I think those shows are hideous.

  • james

    where’s Audrina? omg how cute r whitney’s shoes :-) i love whit but i agree that she’s kinda boring..

  • I’m betting on Alice.

    Lauren is so gorgeous. Is it just me, or does Whitney look better on the show then she does in pictures?

  • Alyn

    Heidi and Spencer were there too… gag

  • cait

    i think it’s time for their fifteen minutes of fame to be over.

    they’re not talented, they haven’t done anything worth caring about, so why do people make a fuss about them. it’s time to move on and focus on people’s talents, not their personal dramas.

  • Rasta girl

    I meant to say Whitneys SHOES were hideous not her show! :-)

  • oh snap!

    Dang jared you much be in LOVE with LC, she ain’t even that cute you post on her daily and she ain’t even promoting anything!


  • tia

    Ok first off I cant stand Lo. If any of them are using their 15 minutes for all its worth, its Lo. In Laguna Beach she was a bit of a cow, but she was so funny it was easy to love her, but now on the hills its like her true colours have come out and shes turned into a total b*tch! annnd this is randm lol but she was way prettier in laguna beach. i think that being a b*tch is taking a toll on her looks lol

    ok now onto whitney. holy crap her show is gunna be SOOOO boring. ahh. i dont even noe why shes on the hills cuz they like never show her. i would way rather watch a show about audrina! love her! shes turning into everyones fave and i think thats why lauren is turning her back on her, cuz she cant stand when other ppl start to ‘steal’ her spotlight….

    and yeah laurens dress so so flippin adorable, shes really pretty, but im kinda over her. i really only like audrina on that show now

  • marisa

    First off, the whole Whitey getting her own show thing is totally fake. She even said it in an interview on the red carpet for the MTV movie awards last Saturday. I like Whitney. Lo just seems like a spoiled little brat who wants all the fame she can get. And Lauren, oh gosh, don’t get me started, she thinks the world revolves around her. I liked Audrina, but now she’s gone just like the other 10 girls that used to be Lauren’s bff.

  • rae

    There’s something weird about Whitney’s face. Her eyebrows maybe? She has a great body but she’s not that pretty a girl. She does look better on the show. Lo’s outfit is not flattering at all. Lauren looks really cute.

  • Rosemary

    Those shoes look like a pair that Steve Madden has, I can’t see the heel but the front looks exactly the same. Nine West has some too, but I dont think they are exactly like that. But Steve Madden copies a lot of designers I think so they may not be.

  • london chica

    I’m only really digging Lauren’s look right here – Lo just doesn’t have a ‘vibe’ about her whilst I’m not keen on Whitney’s shades or shoes or general look in the main photo. Sucks seen as I’m Whit’s biggest fan usually :(

  • kadee

    Lo just comes across as a spoiled little sorority girl who thinks that because she was on the original show that started this off-’Laguna Beach’-that it entitles her to some sort of importance. umm no. no1 even likes her because she is so horrible and stuckup.

  • Megan fox rocks

    Whitney is so ugly

  • Amy


  • amara

    whitney’s sunglasses look ridiculous… omg. And I LOVE big sunglasses but come on.. those just look like something you buy at a joke shop haha.


    lauren looks great in the pics .

  • asdasd

    i don’t like whitney’s style at all.
    she tries to be like lauren.
    & those shoes are not cute.

  • iloveshia

    definitely a huge hit!!!!!! my favorite part of the hills is them at work which is so much more interesting than the unnecessary drama of Heidi and Spencer. so a spin-off that focuses on whitney at work will be perfect.

  • jasmine

    Lauren looks like Carmen Electra. She is gorgeous

  • bee

    Yea i don’t like Lo, she totally screwed things up between audrina and Lauren, and lauren is too blind to notice that because lo’s her bestfriend.

  • bee

    and i totally agree with #15 Tia’s comment! so true

  • laurensucks

    Lo is Ugly.

  • Cat

    Lauren – looks great as usual.

    Whitney – ugly shoes. she does try but has a lame sense for what works.

    Lo – has the worst concept of what looks good on her body. she has a lot of flaws as she isn’t fat but isn’t toned. she could hide them w/ better clothing choices. she always tucks in her shirts which she shouldn’t do because she has hips & if you tuck in the shirt you need a belt. her new hairdo looks good though-she actually looks kind of pretty w/ her shorter & straight hair. she is trying… but she is a bitch so she needs to look super fab for people to be interested in her.

  • jmc

    Lauren looks cute, but that Lo totally pisses me off. I don’t know if anyone here actually watches the Hills, but she is one bratty little queen, that is for sure.

    I have no idea what Lauren sees in her – perhaps she is jaded by the fact that they grew up together, or MTV really edits Lo to be an annoying piss ant. I can’t decide. Either way, Lauren is definitely the cutest of the bunch and has the best style, IMO.

  • Helena

    Boring, fugly girls.

  • Ingrid

    That Whitney Port needs a shoe stylist. She wears the most ugliest ‘shoes’.

  • http://deleted Zara

    i love them all..but i love ‘LC’ the most..i love her hair and her fashion..she reli pretty and i think shes awesome=] love her clothing line=]

  • kit

    ‘Yea i don’t like Lo, she totally screwed things up between audrina and Lauren’

    Nonsense. Audrina totally screwed things up when she told Lauren that she wouldn’t go behind her back and hang out with Heidi. And then she turned right around and did just that. Which makes her stupid as well as a liar. Heidi treated Audrina horribly, but there she is..cozying up to her.

    I’m happy to see Audrina go. She had the personality of wet dish rag. She’s not smart. She’s not funny. She’s not trustworthy. And, oh yeah, she’s a bimbo who posed for raunchy nudie pics. And Lo is the one who is a fame whore? Please. Lo went to college. She’s smart. She’s funny and she’s a good friend.

  • kit

    Oh, and mark my words…in five years, Audrina will be doing soft core p*rn.

  • Tiziana(Italy)

    lauren is very beautiful,classy and smart.I don’t think both Whitney and Lo could reach the same attention by the media

  • line

    lauren looks good! :-)

    But the new show is gonna suuuuuck. Whitney is so boring, and i HATE the way she talks. ..and she’s not really pretty :-S

  • Q

    Kit – finally someone with some sense and maturity as well as the ability to actually construct a sentence – How refreshing!

  • Antrim

    Whitney is quite beautiful. I think she could have a career in modeling, but she’s also the smartest of the bunch, and certainly has the strongest work ethic. Lauren reminds me of “Marcia Brady” – cute, fresh, girl next door vibe.

  • Nicole

    I think Whitney’s show could be good if her work is interesting. Whitney is definitely smart and cute but she always stays neutral on everything that happens on the Hills! Which is smart on her part so she stays out of the drama but also makes her boring! For her show to be successful, she’ll need to show her personality more and state her opinions like Lauren does!

  • ili

    I’m not gonna watch The hills anymore. with Lauren’s terrible new attitud and that ugly ” LO” never gonna watch it again.

  • lc

    I like Lc, whitney and audrina. Lo is so dumb! I hope Lc and audrina will be friends again

  • 831 castro

    lo is an idiot !!! ill punch her in the face if i c her in l.a…
    lauren shes kewl…..
    whitney shes cool too….

  • V

    Lo is so unfortunate looking…

  • ashley

    Are we F ing serious with these girls..the girl in the middle looks 40 haha and they are NOBODIES!!! please stop taking pictures of themmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • http://laurenconrad linda

    c pas cool que lauren part dommage et wite on ta dore en algerie ma cherie toi et doug

  • ashleyriley

    Carnival is gonna be lot of fun.Seems like all are having fun time.Lauren Slater (KOOZA ICON) promoting the upcoming Cirque du Soleil show “Kooza” at the Santa Monica Pier in October.