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Michelle Williams' Lazy Sunday

Michelle Williams' Lazy Sunday

Michelle Williams takes a leisurely walk through New York City on Sunday with her daughter Matilda, 2 1/2.

At the Australians in Film 2008 Breakthrough Awards in Beverly Hills this past Thursday, director Gregor Jordan announced the formation of a Heath Ledger scholarship fund to help struggling Australian actors. Each year, one young actor from Australia will be given the chance to make it in Hollywood.

Gregor, who befriended Heath after directing him in 1999′s Two Hands, said, “It’s going to involve a number of benefactors and there’s been a lot of interest already. I was talking to Michelle Williams, his partner and the mother of his child, today and Michelle has said she would be very proud and happy to be the first benefactor.”

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  • samantha

    She is one cute little girl.

  • raye

    Her kid is cute!

  • Justine

    i love seeing them strollin in NYC…
    matilda is so cute: )
    she`s just mini-walkin heath.
    that baby girl is spitting image of her daddy.
    michelle is beautiful woman.
    they deserve to be happy.
    it`s what heath would have wanted.
    when i look at matilda i feel like i see heath.

    heath, miss u so much.

  • sandy

    She is so cute. I adored Heath and Michelle, but I sure wish they would leave these two alone.

  • aly

    i can really see heath in matilda
    how cute:)

  • Shar

    She’s a cutie, she looks like she’s in charge and her mom is following her, lol!!

  • Helena

    “one young actor from Australia will be given the chance to make it in Hollywood.”
    Why Hollywood? Heath wasn’t exactly for Hollywood, was he?

  • arizon

    matilda is so beautiful. she looks so much like heathcliff

  • Ingrid

    That’s so cute, they have the same hair style!

  • Ivana

    So sweet and innocent…..
    Miss Heath so much….

  • j


  • Marta

    Matilda is so cute and so Heath look like

  • Adoring Fan

    Heath lives on in his adorable little Matilda. I want to give her a hug. Michelle too.

  • essie

    yeah michelle looks pretty pissed their photo’s being taken ><

  • LuckyL

    The child is adorable and well behaved and I love how Michelle is always with her so casually. RIP Heath

  • me

    She looks just like her daddy! Adorable.

  • fra

    I just see such sadness in both mother and child. Yes she is just adorable; but if you look closer into her eyes………….my heart just breaks. Maybe the media need to leave these two alone for a while to truly heal from their unspeakable loss.

  • Danny

    Wow she looks like Heath. Cutie pie. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww Miss him

  • P

    I honestly feel Michelle should move somewhere extremely low key. She obviously hates the attention and you can’t escape it in NYC, not even in Brooklyn.

  • jessica

    what a cutie she looks so much like her dad.

  • jessica

    what a cutie. she looks just like her dad.

  • YOuknowyouwantme

    She is the spitting image of her father.

  • Lillianne

    Poor child is going to be stalked for the rest of her life and she did nothing to deserve it. I agree she’s adorable but can’t help feeling sorry for both of them.

  • trish.

    She’s adorable.

    She has such chubby cheeks.

    JJJJJJARED, post more blake lively & Penn badgely pictures.

  • nora

    That’s what I like about Michelle Williams. Brangelina should learn from her that children have legs so they could walk on them. The way they carry 6 and 4 year old children. Sheesh.

  • meli

    As much as I love to see them I think the paps need to leave them alone.

  • morgan

    JustJared, your viewers have spoken:

    Please don’t buy any more Michelle/Matilda photos.

  • hannah

    It’s like seeing through Heath when you look at Matilida!! My heart really, really deeply goes out to this precious baby girl. So sad that her father couldn’t see her grow up, as it’s obvious that she got SO MUCH bigger since the last time they spent time together. Just makes me want to shed a load of tears :( She’s the cutest thing ever, and I hope god blesses and keeps this little girl. Same to Michelle since she is one of the strongest women :)

  • Regina

    Michelle Williams has been one of my favourite young actresses for a while now, but one thing that has bothered me is the more posts there have been on Williams and Matilda since Heath Ledger died. Why do they get snapped at the most awkward time? Because it sells. It’s a shame, but it’s true.

    That being said, I always like seeing these two together in NYC. Matilda obviously means the world to her and it shows in the pictures all the time.
    I always get the natural and real vibe from them two unlike those Hills girls or Brangelina.


    Wow she loooooooooooks exactlyyyyyyyyyyyyyy like her daddy Oh my gosh lol! She is sooooo cute!

    R.i.P HEATH<3

  • Amy

    First of all I have to say I do like your website but I do think it is in poor taste to show photos of celebrities children.

    Their parents have made the decision to become famous and being photographed comes with the territory bur their kids didnt so their pictures should not be plastered over the internet for everyone to see.

  • Irene

    very cute girl. Michelle makes me wonna puke.

  • Adam


  • laura

    Matilda is the cutest little girl. Exact copy of Heath. Love Michelle.

  • justme

    Awh <3 she is too adorable…She has such a lovely face, and she looks like her daddy..
    It makes me feel so sad when I see pictures of them :( poor Matilda and Michelle… The media should stop making money from their broken hearts…

  • http://justjared Victoria

    Matilda is one adorable cutiepie!!!. Every picture you see of her, with Michelle, she is always so well mannered and happy looking. Plus, Matilda is heart-breaklingly like her father Heath also, whom we all miss. Her tiny face is the exact same image. I hope that brings some comfort to Heath’s family back home, and to Michelle.

  • just passing by

    Both mom and child are cute. Michelle has done a great job raising a little adorable girl.
    Wishing them the best in life !

  • cataz

    ok….. i loved heath and michelle together a lot….and i was saddened to hear about them breaking up. but they were seperated at the time of heaths death right? so i understand that Gregor Jordan called her the “mother of his child” but was it wrong to call her heath’s “partner”? i mean technically isnt she an ex? and wasnt he dating someone else when he died?

    RIP Heath Ledger

  • sammmy

    Aw Matilida is so freaking adorable!!! She does seem like a well behaved child. Carbon copy of Heath holy freaken sh&%%t !!!! May his soul rest in peace and bring this little girl the world she deserves.

  • rae

    Matilda is obviously a very well-behaved child but I agree with the poster who said there is something sad about her. I feel for Michelle. She obviously hates the attention and doesn’t look for it.

  • madonna


  • Mary

    Love Michelle and Matilda Rose.

  • sammmy

    Lmao at some of your people’s comments. Especially number 42, like why waste your time? A two year old is just roaming the streets with her mother? Get a life.

  • sammmy

    Correction…. I meant comment number 41 lol

  • courtney

    I think Michelle needs to go back to having longer hair! Matilida is a very, very adorable girl who looks just like her late father .

  • remember da truth

    Michelle looks like she’s saying WTF? Can’t you even let us walk down the street?

    It’s like Gavin Rossdale says in an earlier post. We don’t need to see actors going to Starbucks, and no, being an actor doesn’t include this kind of harassment. Just because we see these people perform their job on a screen doesn’t mean being treated like this “comes with the territory”. In fact, it ruins the ability for them to do their job, which is to be another character to tell a story to us. If we know the intimacies of their lives, even what coffee they drink, that makes it more difficult to see them as an actor on screen.
    People on here act like they have a right to see celebs’ babies, or couples together, and all sorts of other private aspects to a person’s life. You don’t.
    I enjoy the pictures of people I like, but when someone as private as Michelle Williams is being harassed because the father of her daughter died in a sensational manner, and her small daughter as well, it’s time to draw the line.

  • hanna

    Justine @ 06/08/2008 at 3:11 pm

    they deserve to be happy.
    duh! Most of us deserve to be happy.

  • Jaye

    Matilda walks like a little lady.

  • legs

    matilda is so adorable. :)

  • Maria

    matilda is soooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuute!
    she also seem to have an old soul to her.