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Orlando Bloom Raises Funds For Raisa Gorbachev

Orlando Bloom Raises Funds For Raisa Gorbachev


Orlando Bloom cuddles up with supermodel girlfriend Miranda Kerr on the dance floor at the third annual Raisa Gorbachev Foundation Party, held at the Stud House, Hampton Court Palace on Saturday in Richmond upon Thames, London, England.

I’m guessing Miranda had to use ample double stick tape for this event!

The night raised funds for the Raisa Gorbachev Foundation – an international fund fighting child cancer in Russia and to fund research to help eradicate this life-threatening disease.

Appearances that night also included: Kate Beckinsale, Hugh Grant, Kevin Spacey and Joan Collins. U2 frontman Bono also treated gala attendees with a performance.

20+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom helping to raises funds for Raisa Gorbachev…

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orlando bloom raisa gorbachev 01
orlando bloom raisa gorbachev 02
orlando bloom raisa gorbachev 03
orlando bloom raisa gorbachev 04
orlando bloom raisa gorbachev 05
orlando bloom raisa gorbachev 06
orlando bloom raisa gorbachev 07
orlando bloom raisa gorbachev 08
orlando bloom raisa gorbachev 09
orlando bloom raisa gorbachev 10
orlando bloom raisa gorbachev 11
orlando bloom raisa gorbachev 12
orlando bloom raisa gorbachev 13
orlando bloom raisa gorbachev 14
orlando bloom raisa gorbachev 15
orlando bloom raisa gorbachev 16
orlando bloom raisa gorbachev 17
orlando bloom raisa gorbachev 18
orlando bloom raisa gorbachev 19
orlando bloom raisa gorbachev 20

Photos: Daniel Deme/WENN, Splash News Online, Chris Jackson/Dave M. Benett/Getty
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  • JUC

    these peoples are stupid

  • http://msn penny

    dont give a fuck

  • lol

    he’s become so UGLY!!! :(

  • who cares

    out-of-work actor
    cheap panty model
    twit & twat show

    just like Spencer and Heidi

  • heidie and spence

    doesn’t change a thing that has happened. More of the same.
    This time Orlando is at least pretending to pay attention.

  • Lola

    you can see her nipple!

  • heidie and spence

    haha#5 i was thinking the same thing as i was typing at the same time. This is what he is reduced to now. Playing a pap game with a panty model. She must have something good on him to do this.

    don’t be fooled and fall for the hype. Wireimage lunches. Series of pap set ups. Everything he said he never wanted to do.
    Something in the milk ani’t clean.

  • who cares

    HaHa #8! Great minds think alike!

    So sad really, that Orlando’s once promising career has been reduced to a showmance with a famewhore.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    pretty lame couple.

  • Porsche

    She’s only with him to help her career!! Once she gets what she want out of it…she gone!!

  • Ellie

    they are both sooo hot!

    i hope they stay together and have a baby
    and that baby gets with shiloh or one of the twins
    and then they have a baby and that baby becomes the ruler of the

  • http://justjared hot couple

    haters are pathetic they look happy and in love he looks good

  • amanda

    “Ellie” (#12) u are such a stupi girl.

  • http://justjared happy

    there are some nasty people commenting on this two happy those pictures are driving you crazy

  • legs

    her dress looks a bit trashy. her breast is about to pop out but i think they look good together.

  • Malaka

    God you Americans have such a breast hang up!! So what if her nipple is exposed…why does that bother you? You people need to get a life, stop hating everyone prettier and richer than you are and stop pretending not to care. If you don’t care about celebrities what are you doing snooping at the articles on this site?

  • suzz

    She looks gorgeous!

  • tacky

    Not surprising that she wore a dress with her breasts popping out, what more would you expect from a s!ut like this:

  • Emmy

    I hate her! so jealous! :DDD

  • Emmy

    I hate her! hate hate hate! i’m so jealous :DDD

  • barbie

    Crikey, such vehemence over the almost-sighting of a nipple! Crazy. And Orlando Bloom is a fantastic actor. Miranda Kerr is up-and-coming; she is still so young. They look like they’re in love…good for them!

  • Liz

    Kate Bosworth was much better with him, I think Miranda is kind of a phoney…

  • @happy

    Some don’t seem to be quite as nasty people as the other people taking swipes and gloating over zero.

  • @ Liz

    Kate is doing much better without Orlando, she looks very happy, is working steadily and has much higher caliber modeling contracts than his current “girlfriend”. Orlando has gone way down hill since they broke up, no work in a year and is dating a famewhore who uses his name for attention. Funny how all that worked out.

  • Regina

    She looks like one of those alien things I used to collect in the 90′.s I always cried when mine died.

  • Kelly

    Geez girl get a dress that covers your tit. She has no class. Boy has Orlando and his career gone down the s-itter.

  • Kelly

    Geez girl cover your boob. She has no class. Boy has Orlando and his career gone down the toilet.

  • karibikqueen

    Probably because they didn’t arrive together and in the UK Miranda is not a big deal.



  • karibikqueen

    Probably because they didn’t arrive together and in the UK Miranda is not a big deal.
    i don´t understand Orlando why did he not arrive with her together

  • ac

    Looks like she had a good drink or two, haha but she deserves a break. They look like a great and in-love couple.

  • joss

    he used to be okay, but now that hes with miranda…ugh…

  • j

    That is a trashy tacky dress. Cover your breast w*ore.

  • j

    Malaka @ 06/08/2008 at 10:43 am

    We don’t want to see women walking around in public showing private parts. Some things are left private. Show some respect.

  • trish.

    are you people on crack?
    Orlando bloom is hot and he did amazing in Pirates of the carribean.

    and his model girlfriend. She’s pretty.

    what a bunch of haters.

  • Julie
    oh my god she is JUST A SLOTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    looking over those pictures and these ones, where her boobs are just out there!
    EWWWW i hate her

  • Julie

    looks at these pic! i`m embareced for her!

  • http://justjared @38

    what an idiot give it a break loser miranda is hottttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  • kkcc

    eww side boobage

  • Stellartes

    I don’t like him…I don’t like her….don’t find them attractive or interesting at all.They don’t have that extra something !

  • Gorgeous

    What a beautiful couple! They both seem happy, and quite smitten.

    I can just see all of the haters staying up all night, just to be the first to post when Jared got these pics up. Says a lot about your lives, doesn’t it?
    Sad, pathetic, jealous losers.

  • Helena

    You can actually see a little bit of her tít in the bigger pictures. She knows the photographers are there, what a media whóre.

  • Huh

    It’s a tiny bit of her areola, FFS!
    She is covered in every other picture.
    Such puritanical people!

  • andrea

    i miss kate bosworth..
    she and orly used to be so cute together
    much better than this craphole ugly kerr. eww, her face is so ugly. my, who actually wears a dress like that, except paris hilton? its just really gross.. i can see everything. lol. eeyuck.

  • Ducati

    Fro, cookie monster, you guys,

    what now? omg I just want to kick him and swear alot.

  • http://justjared @46

    please give it up you realize that you are one of the two people knowing who kate bosworth actually is

  • hmmmmm……..

    When he can go to her events he doesn’t but whenever she can join him she does.

    She talks constantly about the two of them, and he hasnt said a word.

    When theyre on his “turf” (UK) they both can manage to get through Heathrow and stay where ever they want without getting papped, in Aussi every single thing they did was documented complete with their very own picture diary. , , Orlando meets Miranda’s dad’ ‘ Orlando& Miranda at the races’ ‘ etc etc.

    Anyone who feels the same way I do; feel free to ad…..

  • raye

    They look good together!

    Lol, How could Aniston tried to snag him, when he likes his women young and really stunning??

  • lisa

    Very cute couple. Hope it lasts :)