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It's a Time for Heroes, It's a Time For Selena Gomez!

It's a Time for Heroes, It's a Time For Selena Gomez!

Disney sensation Selena Gomez keeps it cute at the “A Time for Heroes Celebrity Carnival” charity event at the Wadsworth Theater on Sunday in Los Angeles.

The 15-year-old Wizards of Waverly Place star took pictures and signed autographs at the event, which was sponsored by Disney and benefited the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

As well as the Jonas Brothers, Selena wears a purity ring on her left ring ringer that says “True Love Waits”.

10+ pictures inside of heroine Selena Gomez

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Photos: Michael Buckner/Getty
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124 Responses to “It's a Time for Heroes, It's a Time For Selena Gomez!”

  1. 1
    Rowee Says:


  2. 2
    Rowee Says:


  3. 3
    T Says:

    Beautiful girl

  4. 4
    penny Says:


  5. 5
    Jake Says:

    Why are you posting her Jared, it seems fishy, she is a nobody, she only matters to tweens, posting her here will not make her a star, she does not have star quality, miley became famous on her own, not because she was posted on blogs, this seems like a desperate attempt to put spotlight on a tween, very desperate, I expected more from you jared, real hollywood

  6. 6
    selenahoemez Says:


  7. 7
    Mike Says:

    She is very pretty…and she is somebody! Don’t be so mean! lol

  8. 8
    I'm betting on Alice. Says:

    She’s a cute girl. I really like her.

  9. 9
    Paulo Says:


    Ugh! She is annoying! Stop trying to make her famous. I agree with Jake, Miley became famous with no publicity, stars happen like that. When you push someone to make it big, nothing happens.

  10. 10
    jj Says:

    she is an identical twin of Rachel Bilson

  11. 11
    LOLA Says:


  12. 12
    DEE Says:

    Selena is so pretty and talented!

    For all you people sayhing that Miley became famous on her own, that’s a lie! She became famous because of her Dad!

  13. 13
    rawya Says:

    you are so pretty

  14. 14
    Lorraine Says:

    You guys need to stop comparing her to Miley. I like Miley a lot better, but I still like Selena. She might make it big, but not as big as Miley. Miley is a GLOBAL star. She’s just famous here in the U.S. While Miley is a GLOBAL star.

  15. 15
    selena who? Says:

    1. Yes, Selena is not as well-known as all the other celebs who are posted about on this site, but she’s a welcome change – I’d much rather read about her, than the ****** antics of Miley Walrus.
    2. But I agree, Selena’s hair is….. eh. Wacky. OUT THERE. haha
    3. Selena is NOT ugly.

  16. 16
    jo Says:

    She’s super pretty but those hair extentions are HORRIBLE.

    And to the idiots still claiming Miley became famous due to her dad are so ridiculous. She became famous because of the show and the music. If she would have been handed the part, she wouldnt have had to audition 5+ times.
    Common sense.
    Not to mention, her dad was nooowhere near ‘current’ when given the role.

  17. 17
    Angeline Says:

    I was about to go to this event.
    Costs a ton of money to go in though.
    But if it goes to charity.

    I don’t know about Selena.
    I don’t love her, I don’t hate her.
    I’ve got nothing against her.
    It’s just, I hate how tons of people like her.
    Like I don’t like her because everyone does.

  18. 18
    not me Says:

    What a cutie pie. Hope she will remain this youthful charm for couple more years.

  19. 19
    not me Says:

    I meant “retain” this youthful charm…

  20. 20
    rachel Says:

    i like her outfit. :D i still like miley better but selena’s cool too. she’s a good role model.

  21. 21
    1.- Says:

    She’s a fake little onw, just like all the phony girls that have come out of Disney… ie Britney Spears

  22. 22
    trish. Says:

    Selena is better than miley.

  23. 23
    Katie Says:

    Lame. Show us more Miley! XOXO

  24. 24
    trish. Says:

    What the heck.
    How is she famous for nothing? a lot of kids watch disney.
    OBVIOUSLY many kids know her.

    She’s a fake little onw, just like all the phony girls that have come out of Disney… ie Britney Spears

    How do you even compare a 15 yr old from a retarded pop star?

    Miley should NOT be a model to young girls. Selena should be because when miley performs she does that hair twirling thing.
    that’s what the pussycat chicks are doing, TEENAGERS WHO ARE BEING WATCHED BY KIDS FROM 5-12.

  25. 25
    trish. Says:

    What the heck.
    How is she famous for nothing? a lot of kids watch disney.
    OBVIOUSLY many kids know her.

    She’s a fake little onw, just like all the phony girls that have come out of Disney… ie Britney Spears

    How do you even compare a 15 yr old from a retarded pop star?

    Miley should NOT be a model to young girls. Selena should be because when miley performs she does that hair twirling thing.
    that’s what the pussycat chicks are doing, TEENAGERS WHO ARE BEING WATCHED BY KIDS FROM 5-12…

  26. 26
    trish. Says:

    Jared, something is wrong with your comment box.

    fckn fix it.

  27. 27
    jessica Says:

    I don’t understand why people diss her all the time. She is much prettier and more talented than that silly Miley Cyrus. I think people are forgetting that the only reason Miley is famous is because of her father. Selena actually worked to get on tv.

  28. 28
    vanessa Says:

    she is sooooooo much better and soooooooooooo much prettier than miley!!! she’ll definitely go farther!! i LOVE her so much!!! she’s amazing!!! and her hair looks awesome!!!
    haters, get a life! that’s all i have to say!

  29. 29
    chantall Says:

    Selena may b prettier than miley+ a betta actor but she can NOT sing! no offense i like her outfit in this but her hair is so wack fix it!!
    <3 u selena

  30. 30
    hannah Says:

    i agree with the person who said selenas a welcome change from miley and her idiotic ways.

    anyone who thinks miley worked to become famous is kidding themselves. she got lucky. she cant act, she cant sing, she managed to weasel her way into a show that would have been famous no matter who played the main role. why disney handed her the role, i still dont know, maybe her dad paid them off, but its not because of her so-called “talent”.

    selena may not be famous, but right now, she definitely a better role model than miley. and just because pictures of her in her underwear lying across a guys lap havent surfaced yet (if they even exsist) doesnt mean she doesnt have star potential.

  31. 31
    Nikki Says:

    selena’s awesome…love her.

  32. 32
    ange Says:

    i totally agree with hannah. miley’s only famous because of her dad and this girl has talent and seems to be very kind. i saw miley at zootopia and all she did was scream the words to her songs… she cant sing.

    anyway, i love her outfit and shoes. she looks beautiful! but im not so crazy about the highlights…

  33. 33
    kELLY Says:

    WHO CARES about this girl?!!!!!!! What’s with all the posts? WHO CARES!!!!!!!

  34. 34
    ange Says:

    my comment is supposed to say “this girl seems to be very kind” but it didnt show up and now it looks like miley is which shes not…

  35. 35
    Amanda Says:

    I’m so sick of hearing about this girl and her purity ring.

  36. 36
    Anna Says:

    Why is it all the sudden cool to tell the world your sex plans? I don’t give a crap whether she wants to wait to have sex or not. You know why? Because it is something personal that should not be shared with everyone.
    To me it just seems like she is trying to take Miley’s place by being this innocent little angel. It’s annoying and I think she should go back into obscurity because nobody cares about her.

  37. 37
    ILOVEJOE Says:

    i think shes really pretty.

  38. 38
    e Says:

    Why are so many of those Disney stars always featured here?

  39. 39
    Carmen Says:

    I am tired of her already.
    Another Miley Cyrus, no please!!

  40. 40
    stephanie Says:

    dont say those mean things selena first started acting as a kid on barney and then she became more because ppl liked her and just because u might like miley cyrus does not mean u dont need to like selena and plz dont be judgemental of her if she saw those mean comments i bet she would feel bad what if u were her?

  41. 41
    jo Says:

    Miley is extremely talented.
    Why else would she have been given the show?? Why would Disney invest thousands of dollars on someone they didnt believe had talent? Because her dad was a country singer 10 years back!? How does that make ANY sense?
    Miley is awesome. Amazing performer. Likable. Enough said.
    Selena is great as well.. but doesn’t have the voice.
    Both are gorgeous.

  42. 42
    MyEyeisonyou Says:

    She looks nice.

  43. 43
    Mady from venezuela! Says:

    Omg i think that shes look like vanesa hudgens!

    but vanessa is soooo much better!

  44. 44
    CC Says:

    The new, improved Miley: better looking, better singer, and a sweet girl that’s a good role model. Selena is awesome!

  45. 45
    bebe Says:

    Stop trying to make these children out to be role models. They have done nothing of worth that should cause people follow on after them. Also she only just started into this fame, no one here knows her, in her personal life she could act like **** or at the very least not actually be the little angel that disney is trying so hard to puch onto the public. You DO NOT know anything about their lives, so stop making assumptions and comparisons on how “good” they (and in this case selena) are.

  46. 46
    wtf Says:

    Get her off this site. Why the hell do you keep posting about her. Argh and here i was grateful for the lack of Miley but now there’s more of this moron instead. lose lose situation.

  47. 47
    Bre Says:

    W00t! Selena FTW! I like her better than Miley though… dunno why…

  48. 48
    debs Says:

    all those Selena haters…why do you even bother to write? admit it you are so jealous cuz she is doing something useful with her life and you are just stuck to your computers searching to see whats the latest she has done!! face it, you wish you were her and you are not so deal with it an leave her alone

  49. 49
    michelle Says:

    i’m almost positive she’s wearing her purity ring on the wrong hand..

  50. 50
    kat Says:

    stop posting nobodies jared

  51. 51
    samantha Says:

    How much is Disney giving you to pimp her out on your site like this?

  52. 52
    Kitzy Says:

    Aahaha, i love all the arguing about her and also comparing her to Miley!
    Who cares is the correct response…they both are just teens and you should be glad you didnt have to live out those confusing years on sites like JJ.
    Hmmm, she looks like a future ***** to me! yay!

  53. 53
    Sue Says:

    Miley did not became famous because of her dad, since her dad’s not famous anymore now. Selena is just a wannabe, and trying to impress everyone with her so-called ‘purity ring’, especially Nick, since she has a crush on him and is trying to break up Miley and Nick. Her hair’s ugly, and have you heard her sing? Her song ‘Cruella de Vil’ is pure trash, she was trying to make her voice sound sexy and drawly and she sounds absolutely crappy, and Jared, she is NOT A DISNEY SENSATION! If it’s Miley, then you can write that. >:( Miley’s voice is phenomenal, she’s a wonderful actress and she’s just plain great. SUPPORT MILEY RAY! YOU SUCK SELENA!

  54. 54
    kryzl Says:

    whatever. MILEY’S DAD GOT HER TO WHERE SHE IS, whether you fools admit it or not. pshhh.

  55. 55
    anna Says:

    ok,selena has not even faced the pressure miley has! selena will never make it as big as miley. miley has the whole package.. selena is cool,but not the star miley is by far.

    MORE MILEY,JARED!!!! miley rules.

  56. 56
    Kylie Says:


  57. 57
    kayla Says:

    wowww, people argue too much (x
    thanks jared for posting about disney stars
    they complete my life, lmao (x
    selena is gorgeous
    i like the blonde hair extensions she put in!

  58. 58
    Jessika Says:

    she tries too hard to be like MILEY!

  59. 59
    zee Says:

    aww.. I love Selena. She looks gorgeous..

    and I don’t get how others say she’s trying to be Miley. The two girls are totally different and I don’t see Selena doing anything for me to say she’s trying to be Miley. And I hope she doesn’t become the “next” Miley, I love Selena and I want to keep it that way.

  60. 60
    celeste Says:

    she’s kind of boring…all the disney stars are actually. theyre not exactly hollywood blog material!

  61. 61
    marie Says:

    dudde you guys need to ST0P comparing her to Miley
    it’s getting annoying!! & seriously she is very talented have you
    guys seen her in wizards of waverly place or in hanna montana
    or even in the suit life of zack and cody she’s even gonna be in a new movie call another cinderrella story!!! People need to stop HATiNG
    &&& please she is not ugly!!! she is very beautiful
    & it seems like miley fans our just hating on her cuzz
    supposely she’s gonna be the next miley please *******
    she’s not the one saying it……………

  62. 62
    ashley Says:

    i loveeeee Selena!!!!
    she’s so pretty!
    & i love the new highlights! <3
    people stop hating!!!

  63. 63
    iloveselenaomez Says:

    SELENA should have never guest starred at
    Hannah Montana because fans KEEPS COMPARING THEM .

    I TINK THAT MILEY is awesome but SELENA is the AWESOMEST

    and fans tink that SELENA is BETTER than miley, and they’re

    TRUST ME thats wat i keep doing on SELENA and DEMI’s VIDEOS!

    i love SELENA so much.

  64. 64
    hello Says:

    She is really really cute, and unlike vanessa hoe hudgens and miley **** cyrus she has pride and morals. Go Selena :)

  65. 65
    Jess Says:

    Selena is a proper role model! Keep it real girl! :D

  66. 66
    BLIP Says:


  67. 67
    Charlotte Says:

    Selena’s pretty and has a potential, but I don’t think she will be the next Miley. Miley is a phenomen, everyone knows her ! Even in France she’s a star. When you say Miley Cyrus : “The girl who plays Hannah Montana ?” but when you say Selena Gomez : “Huum who ?”

    And stop saying Miley’s famous only because of her dad. It’s totally false ! Disney has chosen Miley because she’s very talented, not because Billy Ray paid them off ! And if he did, I’m sure Miley wouldn’t play Hannah, she rather would being chosen because of her talent.
    And before Miley, I didn’t know Billy Ray ! It’s her who made him famous.
    And if Miley wasn’t talented, Disney wouldn’t earn 1 billion because of her ! They well know that Miley is their star, and losing her would be really bad for them !

    She’s a real phenomen, really talented. Media, magazines and more love her ! And she’s not a bad role-model. I see a lot of mother on Facebook who say they’re happy that their daughter have a such good role-model as Miley !

    So, stop saying Miley sucks, she’s untalented, known just because of her dad and all that stuff ! You’re all wrong and even if you hate her or if you’re jealous of her, you must admit she’s a big big star !

  68. 68
    ullis Says:

    Gosh, give the girl some time. You dont become famous over night, I mean sure Miley did since she leaked naked/underwear photos of herself.

    Give her some time and she will be the next it girl. Look at her, she is pretty, can sing, dance and has a cute face :)

  69. 69
    nda Says:

    miley might be more popular than selena…
    i love them both though..
    but i think selena is a better role model than miley..
    selena’s cuter…

  70. 70
    Anita Says:

    True love waits? Who are you to say what true love is? I hate you stupid, self-righteous Disney stars. It’s your choice to remain sex-less until marriage, why do you feel the need to proclaim it to the world. Keep it to yourself. We don’t give a ****.

  71. 71
    Sophia Says:

    she is sooo pretty!
    she is one of my idolssss=]
    and BTW these are the exact shoes that she is wearing….;jsessionid=45FA14255EA15E3212EE6B4155DEAA93.app12-node3?itemdescription=true&itemCount=10&id=14316459&parentid=W_SHOES_WHATSNEW&sortProperties=&navCount=84&navAction=poppushpush&color=61

  72. 72
    CelebrityFanChat Raph Says:

    she looks cute

  73. 73

    Selena Gomes Is Wayyyyyyyyyyyyy Better Then Miley Cyrus!
    She is so Much Prettier && a Way beter acter than Sluty Cyrus!
    ROCK ON SEL!!!!!


  74. 74

    Selena Gomes Is Wayyyyyyyyyyyyy Better Then Miley Cyrus!
    She is so Much Prettier && a Way beter acter than Sluty Cyrus!
    ROCK ON SEL!!!!!


  75. 75
    Hannah Says:

    She’s amazing. and actually talented! :)
    She does look like rachel bilson. which is cool, because i like her too!

  76. 76
    tarapink Says:

    i think she looks a bit like miley cyrus.

  77. 77
    janey Says:


  78. 78
    nina Says:

    Selena’s beautiful and extremely talented young girl.
    I believe she has alot going for her.

    I like Miley, but she doesn’t always need to come up on
    a thread that has NOTHING to do with her.
    And also, just because almost every other star has not kept
    their little Disney images, doesn’t mean she won’t.
    Selena may not be all that famous right now, but I’m sure she
    will be by the end of this year, maybe sooner.

    Supposedly, Miley is GLOBAL, so Selena will never be nothing?
    It took Miley awhile to get there, and Selena barely got into the
    public eye.
    She won’t just come out one day and everything will be about her.
    I’m rooting for her. I believe she’ll go far.

  79. 79
    vicky Says:

    great job JJ….POST NOW ON DEMI LOVATO…..SHE IS PRETTIER THAN SELENA AND MILEY…AND COULD ACTUALLY SING..but i love miley and selena 2…ppl click on my name

  80. 80
    natalie Says:

    selena is way more awesome. miley isnt suckish but selena is better. i love selena. STOP COMPARING HER TO MILEY. she is her own person and is nothing like miley. SELENA ROCKS!!!

  81. 81
    anna sofia Says:

    really she SUCKS!, T HE BIGGEST FOSEHEAD EVER! .. her voice is annoying! .. im not saying THAT MILEY IS BETTER THAN HER! .. MILEY IS MILEY , SELENA IS SELENA, BUT MY OPINION IS THAT SELENA IS NOT REALLY SO AWENSOME AND SO TALENTED .. thats what the fans say cuz they dunno her! .. i mean, shes VANESSA HUDGENS WANNA BE! .. VANESSA WAS AND WILL BE BETTER THAN THAT STUPID GOMEZ! … Vanessa is SO MUCH BETTER! .. than miley, selena , ashley , demi , chelsea, raven, and all the disney stars, obiusly with brenda song and emily osment! .. so IF URE FAN OF VANESSA HUDGENS .. CHECK OUT MY metroFLOG .. =)!!!


  82. 82
    anna sofia Says:

    whatever! if u have something to say .. just add me .. or comment im my metroFLOG page, i know metroFLOG isn’t famous in the USA , but its easier than FB,MS,PICZO,Hi5 .. and those web pages .. just leave a comment if ur not agreee with me.. and if u are! WELCOME TO MY WORLD :D!xD


  83. 83
    Juuh Says:


  84. 84
    Lauren Says:

    I LOVE SELENA!<3=]

    i agree, miley is only famous because
    of her dad, not publicity.

  85. 85
    kristan Says:

    wow seriously guys.
    THIS IS SELENA. SHE’S NOT MILEY. SHE SHOULDN’T BE COMPARED TO MILEY. SHE’S HER OWN PERSON. whether you like miley or not, stop comparing selena to her! it shouldn’t be “selena will never be at miley’s level.” or “selena is sooo much better than miley!” it should be…

    selena gomez is a talented person with great potential. she’s so adorable and has great style! i love her so much (:

  86. 86
    kristan Says:

    wow seriously guys.
    THIS IS SELENA. SHE’S NOT MILEY. SHE SHOULDN’T BE COMPARED TO MILEY. SHE’S HER OWN PERSON. whether you like miley or not, stop comparing selena to her! it shouldn’t be “selena will never be at miley’s level.” or “selena is sooo much better than miley!” it should be…

    selena gomez is a talented person with great potential. she’s so adorable and has great style! i love her so much (:

  87. 87
    maaaaddiee Says:

    eww what the hell is wrong with her hair
    it looks retarted

  88. 88
    Kaio Efron Says:

    i HATE SO MUCH her!
    she’s so horrorible!

  89. 89
    heeelio Says:

    what brand re her sandals?

  90. 90
    kkcc Says:

    She looks cute. Those reddish hair piece streaks are gross though! She is skinny!!

  91. 91
    hAIYAN Says:

    I agree with DEE

    MILEY became famous because of her Dad

  92. 92
    billbob Says:

    poor girl she’s actually very cute. when Disney’s done with her she be a washed up out of work tramp smoking crack with the rest of the mickey mouse gang

  93. 93
    taylor Says:

    i kind of feel like selena is all an act.
    like.. she knows what shes doing to miley.. like shes trying to act all cool with it, but she knows she is secretly tearing miley down, or going along with it.
    too bad its not working.

  94. 94
    rockkyjonas Says:

    gross i hate miley she should wear a ring 2 cause the way shes been acting who knows who she did lol i luv selena and demi!!!!

  95. 95
    Ashlin. Says:

    She’s better than Miley. She’s letting the public know this to set an example to the kids that watch her. I think it’s great. Miley can’t sing and her 15 minutes are almost over (Thank Jesus). Okay, so I’m bored now, I’m going to go get some chips.

  96. 96
    Brooke Says:

    can you say ****! I mean she totally copied Miley. Miley has a purity ring that says true love waits. She proabbaly is doing this to get attention. She needs to get a smaller head and a life. ****

  97. 97
    Mandy Says:

    I Love selenaa ♥
    she is the best
    she is very very beautifull

  98. 98
    jenna b Says:


  99. 99
    kitkat 07 Says:

    u know it’s possible 2 luv her and miley thank u very much. THEY BOTH ROCK!!!!

  100. 100
    Becca Says:

    Well Miley clearly became famous so quickly because of her dad…selena doesnt have anyone that was already famous….she got there without a famous relitive so you guys just need to back off…miley only became famous because of her dad and some of her….selena went all the way without help…you know what?? maybe she had those highlights put in her hair!! i dont see why you people look her up if you hate her so much…selena is a better role model than miley…dont get me wrong i am a miley fan too but i just like selena better and she simply is better….keep posting on selena jared!! we love it!!

  101. 101
    Nicole Says:


  102. 102
    Diana Says:

    #100 you do realize that kids from 4-10 had no idea who Miley’s dad is, till later on the show,? righht? She is absolutley not famous because of her dad, if it was about, famous relatives, then EMILY OSMENT could’ve easily gotten the Hannah Montana part, since her brother is way bigger than Billy Ray, also, It took Selena a year to become slighty notice by the media, and it just happened because of the whole Miley & VF,and then Miley is such a better singer, and Selena can’t even dance, she is awful, and tries too hard to be cool. I met her and regreted since I used to be a fan, but she is kinda stuck up, not to mention the fact that she is always stealing everyone elses style’s Vanessa Hudgens and Miley Cyrus….

    she is trying to look sexy in the pics. and her voice annoys me

    no more of slutena PLEASE JARED.

  103. 103
    wow Says:

    youre beautiful
    youre beautiful
    youre beautiful its true

  104. 104
    marY Says:

    selena isn’t just famous in the USA. She’s got a lot of fans in SouthAmerica nd Europe. For example: ME!!. I’m her fan, I’m from Spain nd I’m just 13!! So don’t say that she’s famous just there. And Miley is a global star because she star in hannah montana 4 years ago and her dad was a famous singer. Selena is alone in the “famous live” so I think that she’s better!!

  105. 105
    hannah Says:

    what the **** is wrong with you people?
    selenas awesome!
    she’s already famous.
    half the people on here, i’ve never heard of
    SO SHUT THE **** UP #5!
    she’s better then a lot of people on here.

  106. 106
    jojo Says:

    I’ve flushed better looking stuff down the toilet.

  107. 107
    jojo Says:

    Miley is number 1. She has sold millions of cds, has a sold-out concert tour, has a REAL movie in the works, etc. Selena and Demi have nothing but their pathetic handful of retarded fans. Selena has no need for a purity ring since she has a natural defense called ugliness.

  108. 108
    jojo Says:

    i agree with the person who said that selena is a bag of ****, cuz i know her and believe me, she’s a real b-i-t-c-h.

  109. 109
    damian Says:

    i just wanna ***** elena she so fine

  110. 110
    l**izzie** Says:

    okay, seriously! miley is really big because people like her! disney did produce her show but it was her that made it big! she is huge right now and everyone make mistakes like those pix she took but if selena keeps getting bigger im sure she will make mistakes too. people like her because of who she is not because of miley! i dont get what you ppls problem is! you seriously need to quit comparing them to each other! they are different ppl and they are trying to make the best out of what they have! who is bigger doesnt even matter right now. . . selena is trying to get her career going and ppl comparing her to someone who has a LOT more experience probly just makes it harder! she said so herself that she doesnt want to replace anyone and i dont think she can replace miley because of how big miley has gotten. and concerning how pretty they are, its your own opinion! you cant change what you look like. its not like ppl choose to be pretty or ugly! so you guys honestly need to chill!!!!!!

  111. 111
    Selena,Demi,Jonasbrosbiggestfa Says:

    Hey ppl back off selena is way better than miley,miley isnt a good role model selena is and selena looks awersome however

    -i love you selena im your biggest fan

  112. 112
    ASHLEE Says:

    i agree miley is not a good role model especially 4 little kids and selena is wayyyyyy prettier than miley.u rock SELENA

  113. 113
    Silvana Says:

    Where are her jeans from?

  114. 114
    dickspitz Says:

    Its a time for Selena Gomez to spread her creamy lil butt cheeks open and take my sodomy loving co ck up her fuc king teen shi thole!

  115. 115
    dickspitz Says:

    It’s a time for Selena Gomez to tongue fu ck my filthy ass hole after i take a sh it then beg me to fu ck her in the face so she can show me how proud she is of her deep throating skills on my big, pulsating horsecock!

  116. 116
    dickspitz Says:

    It’s a time for Selena Gomez to stick her purity ring wearing middle finger up my ass as my co ck blasts out ballistic missiles of steaming hot, jizzycum that go SPLAT as they impact on her slu tty babyface!

  117. 117
    dickspitz Says:

    It’s a time for Selena Gomez to invite Demi to join us so i can tandem fu ck their tight teen turdholes and watch in shock as they happily take a deep sniff of each others ass hole stink on my cornhole craving c ock before sucking one anothers sh it off my ****** reamer!

  118. 118
    dickspitz Says:

    It’s a time for Selena Gomez and BFF Demi to grab straws and felch my splooge out of each others ass holes after i erupt 2 huge cumloads, 1 in each tight, teenaged shi thole!

  119. 119
    dickspitz Says:

    It’s a time for Selena Gomez to watch as me and Demi’s man Kreeper take turns sodomizing her awesome ample ass! Finally Demi feels the ultimate stretch as we stick our horsecocks in her ass hole at the same time and fu ck the ever loving sh it out of her hot, gaping bunghole!

  120. 120
    dickspitz Says:

    It’s a time for Selena Gomez as “Alex Russo” to conjure up a guy with however huge a co ck she needs to snake the literal sh it out of her bottomless bowels. The ratings would soar if “Alex” had a 2 foot long snakecock pulled out from so deep in her ass hole that the head is coated in sh it which filthy ‘lil “Alex” sucks clean!

  121. 121
    dickspitz Says:

    It’s a time for Selena Gomez to eat more beans and other gassy foods so her noisy tootin’ pooper fa rts even more before, during and after wrecking her rec tum with my shitasscock! Before, I want her to let 1 go in my face so i can smell her nasty ass! After, she blows more cumfarts outta her ass hole while cumshitting in Demi’s face!

  122. 122
    dickspitz Says:

    It’s a time for Selena Gomez to admit to her mother that she’s a teen anal loving cockwhore and invite her mom to ***& watch me stretch out her daughter’s wicked ‘lil ass hole with sodomistic pleasure. If she wanted me to, i’d f uck her up her big shi tter too!

  123. 123
    dickspitz Says:

    It’s a time for Selena Gomez to not be afraid of Demi fisting her ******** ’cause when me & Kreeper both stuck our coc ks in her shi thole at the same time, that big, roomy pooper of hers got stretched as wide as it would be with Demi’s forearm half way up her ass!

  124. 124
    dickspitz Says:

    It’s a time for Selena Gomez to open all 3 of her hot, juicy fuc kholes up as me, Kreeper & new guy Cannon, give Sel her very 1st T.P.! Then we run a train on her caboose, assfuc king her shi thole with lustful abandonment before spraying & splattering Selena head to toe in sticky cumspit!

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